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  1. A woman is suing a rape charity for being trans inclusive. It is a shame when people try to use their trauma to legitimize their bigoted attacks against a marginalized group. Fuck she doesn’t even mention the trans woman doing anything directly to her or any of other women. Just their mere presence is offensive enough to demand condemnation. Also she mentions “sex-based rights” which is a term mostly pushed by terfs and their far right allies who love to feign incredulity to mask their bigotry.
  2. Fox News headline: woke mob tries to cancel Trump for sending his family to heaven.
  3. If the prayers were about asking god to protect queer kids from persecution instead of requests to win a football game, he’d be called a groomer.
  4. You know if this was a prayer to anything but the Abrahamic god, conservatives would be screaming Religious matters/instruction should genuinely be left up to each individual set of parents and agar Agents of the state shouldn’t be push them on any child
  5. I think this is answers this The tories are the most ready to promote nonsensical culture wars—it’d be funny if it didn’t actually lead people to ignore their incompetence and corruption because they fear the dread woke gaining power
  6. Many Republicans both in high office and on the ground have freely, explicitly, condemned democracy as a concept. Its not just a matter of many of them thinking democrats are subverting it.
  7. Yeah I mean terfs groups or figures propped upin the U.K is largely funded and coordinated by far right Americans. Thats partially why terfs like J.K Rowling have literally not condemned the overturn of roe.
  8. If the main/sole reason for supporting labour is just hating the tories—who are deserving of it for their hate for their country ngl—that seems a very shaky foundation for support even if labor gets in power. The tories will always get support from a certain segment of the population due to them(tories);starting meaningless culture wars.
  9. She might as well have gone “so what type of deadly acid are you going to throw on the people trying to get past your picket line?”
  10. The republicans cry “this awful thing that’s happening while we’re in charge would happen in a world where democrats are in charge!” In America.
  11. Yeah but do you have to complain about their incompetence and their corruption and their immorality all the time? Don’t we have more important things to do like fear monger about trans people?/s
  12. The republicans in Texas, and any currently solid red state absolutely. because they in general don’t like democracy and are fanatics for their culture war grievances.
  13. It is my experience that the people who most complain about Twitter are the most eager to introduce it as a topic of contention. Which is silly.
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