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  1. Varysblackfyre321

    Is there anything that points to what is Qyburn’s heritage?

    You didn’t read past the third post of this thread before submitting a reply.
  2. Varysblackfyre321

    Is there anything that points to what is Qyburn’s heritage?

    Note the word typically. Bringing up Pate doesn’t detract from my point. Peasants typically are not educated enough to endure the citadel. Most are not even literate. You might as well point to Ser Duncan the tall in response to someone saying the Kingsguard is typically made up of people of noble blood. To be clear someone has already brought up Pate. I’ve already acknowledged and addressed them.
  3. Varysblackfyre321

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    I know this is super-nit picky but I have to say the thing that most bothered me throughout the season was Chidi’s American accent. Like it appears his nationality is so inconsequential that it should have never really been brought up in the first place.
  4. I just have a feeling there’s little way for it to improve upon the cartoon.
  5. Speaking of classic X-Men villains, I’ll be honest, the one up side I could see in the X-men being apart of the MCU is the chance the Juggernaut and hulk can fight. That is always awesome in my book.
  6. I have to say I do sympathize to a degree. I genuinely don’t like the TLJ or FA but I get the impression a lot people aren’t judging the films solely by their own merits but the perceived politics behind the film. And while I still haven’t seen Solo I’ve seen a couple of reviews of it and a very troubling thing I’ve seen brought up is this idea of a droid character who wants Droids to have rights(fair given the level of intelligence and feelings they’ve displayed), is an unironic SJW and the people behind the film thought she was cool or whatever.
  7. Like all the shows(enterprise, Discovery) and movies, since have gone pre-original series.
  8. I don’t get why he’d be thinking on the lines evil Targyen standards. Their standards shouldn’t count to someone like him. Meh, I always felt Robert’s supposed love for the woman was feigned to a degree. Or at the very least he’s convinced himself she meant more to him than she initially did. Because she’s integral to the glorious tale of him wagging a rebellion. Him being totally in love with her adds romance and tragedy(something all great adventures have). I’m not saying he cared nothing for her but he didn’t immediately charge into KL like Brandon did to confront Rheagar, nor do we hear of him doing anything on the immediate aftermath of Lyanna’s supposed abduction. Either he was fine with the notion of his betrothed, and beloved getting raped,or he suspected Lyanna fancied the Dragon prince and simply ran off on her own accord.
  9. Varysblackfyre321

    X-men the last stand; gays need a cure?

    You really don’t see anything wrong with the X-men forcefully curing a mutant while the saying forcing curing mutants is immoral? It’s not even a little bit contradictory to you? You contend such a sentiment ridiculous. I get that. But you could at least try to explain why the attempt to cure Magneto was fine, and went along with the X-men’s stance against such behavior. You haven’t done so yet.
  10. Varysblackfyre321

    X-men the last stand; gays need a cure?

    I did not say it was. I said the heroes committing genocide goes against their stance of genocide is wrong. If the heroes lambast their foes for committing genocide than commit genocide it’s a contradiction. Is forcefully curing mutants with the justification of them being a threat wrong? The X-men appear to say yes. The X-men forcefully cure a mutant with the justification of him being a threat. There is a contradiction here no? If not please, explain why the X-men forcefully curing Magneto is keeping true with their stance of it being wrong to forcefully cure mutants in general? How are they not doing what they say they’re against? I don’t exactly hear self-interest. More he actually realizes he’s made a mistake. Like the question “What have I done” shows him revaluating his actions imo.
  11. Seriously? You have that low an opinion on Rogue? It’s worse than the Phantom menace? Like it’s not the best film in imo(kinda feel it failed in some cases), but I found it serviceable.
  12. Varysblackfyre321

    X-men the last stand; gays need a cure?

    And as has been pointed out, Magneto knew how dangerous Jean was throughout the movie. He encouraged her to delve deeeper with her powers. Her going beserk again was always a real possibility. It’s only after he’s “cured” does he realize his mistakes. The X-men forcefully curing a mutant because he is a threat is like if in Original Star Wars’ trilogy the rebels built their own Death Star to beat the empire. The rebels could say such weapons are abominations, but if they themselves made such weapons and its shown to lead largely to the empire’s defeat, the rebels’ action send a very different message than whatever proclamation they put forth. Forcefully curing mutants is wrong. The X-men do this very thing and Magneto finally gets why trying to control was foolhardy. There is a contradiction here. Either it’s never ok to forcefully cure mutants or it can be justified at least sometime. The curing of Magneto by the heroes suggests the latter.
  13. Varysblackfyre321

    X-men the last stand; gays need a cure?

    Instead of admitting you were wrong and conceding Magneto hadn’t become more enlightened upon his curing. Or at the very least, explaining why his expression of dismay at Jean going beserk does not show such a thing.