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    Debate topic: would you qualify some American shows such as Avatar:the last air bender or Boondocks as anime?
  2. Yeah Robb started fighting to free his father. Then Ned died, and his main priority became avenging his father. To which he was willing to sacrifice his sacrifice his sisters for. Point other than Robb is so much more awesome than Viserys? How does this specifically relate to Robb’s decision to abandon his sisters to keep his rebellion alive? To Viserys his doteful father, wasn’t raging pyromaniac anymore than Ned Stark was a traitor to Robb. To Viserys he wouldn’t be avenging an evil man, but a morally just man, who was a good father. Robb’s major flaw is he never truly wavered in his desire for vegence. It doesn’t really what evidence the enemies that killed them presented their view would never change. The difference is that Robb so happens to be right about his father. No, he simply refuses to trade Jaimie for her and Sansa as it seemed to be the end of his quest for vegence. For all he knows, pinched nipples is a type of abuse she would endure at the Redkeep. Though, just Sansa was beaten, and publicly stripped. No? He doesn’t need her to be, nor does he pretend, her input is a major factor in the decision of who she marries. Don’t you think it’s a little ridiculous to pretend abandoning your sisters to keep your army and trading your sister to get an army are so different morally? Don’t you think if the author wanted to portray the act of selling family members for political/military strength an act only done by really bad guys, we wouldn’t see decent guys like Robb like Robb do it and instead just scumbags like Viserys? You specifically cut off what reason he gives for why he’s wrong: "I should have traded the Kingslayer for Sansa when you first urged it," Robb said as they walked the gallery. "If I'd offered to wed her to the Knight of Flowers, the Tyrellsmight be ours instead of Joffrey's. I should have thought of that." He’s admitting he’s wrong because he could have sold off Sansa to get an army. Not because now regrets he would probably never see his sister again. I can’t see Robb doing a lot things Viserys did; but I did see him sell out his sisters for the blood-feud just as Viserys did. You take Viserys’ doing so, as solid proof that the Targyens are so unreasonabley obsseuvive, but when Robb sells his sisters out for his blood-feud, that doesn’t matter to you. In that they’ve both basically sold out their sisters in their quest for vegence. Most of your points are just in support of the idea of Robb being a better guy than Viserys. Something I wasn’t disputing, but it’s apparently far easier to argue against that straw man, than to explain how Robb didn’t sell out his sisters for his war-effort.
  3. You’ve literally put forth his instance of trading Daenerys for an army in contrast to the Starks as proof the Targyens are unhealthily obsessive. Yes, a house arranged a marriage that is in alighn with strengthening or maintaining it’s military/political power-how weird. Honestly, though you’ve acted as if the Starks would/have never done this thing. You’ve also refused to acknowledge Robb basically selling his sisters to keep his army intact-just so he could pursue his war he’s primarily fighting for vegence. You’re condemning them for yes, doing what everyone else in their caste has done.
  4. Also, upon re-reading the scene where Jezal tells Ardree he plans to quit, I see Ardree as acting a bigger dick than I initially thought. Jezal really isn’t doing anything by professing this sport he’s not really interested in, and has pressured on him by authority figures his life.
  5. Anyone else find Glocka thinking Ardree would be better off if she married him odd? I mean the prospect of marrying the publicly known devious, hideous, feared and altogether despised cripple, probably shouldn’t make her more popular than she’d currently be. Hell, I don’t even she her unwed status as that much an issue given whose the sire-giving birth to a son of a king, isn’t exactly the total end to all prospects for the woman-quite the opposite-she could very well guilt trip Jezal into providing their child with a nobleman’s upbringing.
  6. Fair enough in regards to Dragoska. But I don’t see him torturing or killing because he could in Red country. He tortures and kills for what he tortures and kills for-money. Either to save it or procure it.
  7. Varysblackfyre321

    A spin-off thread

    I think a good spin-off is one that does allow a unique character to develop. Jimmy and Fraiser weren’t just interesting, they were challenges and a setting that specifically catered to what made them so interesting in the first place. Contrast shows like them with say the Cleveland show-there wasn’t anything there to start with, he nearly a blank a slate. To which Seth made another Peter.
  8. I’ve literally used the words “House” and “family” interchangeably in the very post your quoting. You might as well have gone “words mean things”. You wouldn’t be wrong-but it’s a point you’d be making apropos to nothing. I think when examining a House that spans centuries it’s irrational to take one male at the latest generation as a basis to generalize the House. The supposed differences you’ve highlighted between the Starks and Targyens are absurd. I have no problem recognizing differences between different groups-it’d be insane to suggest House Martell is as patriarchal as House Stark- But not all differences brought up are valid. Portraying the Targyens as instriscily nobler than everyone else even when they’re acting like a typical house would is bad, but the exact opposite-portraying them as demons incarnate is also bad. Again Robb did basically sell the girls out for his blood-feud. He would not trade Jaimie for the girls because he thought it would be the end of or at the very least really his war-effort. And to be clear he’s not really acting particularly callous. As lord, he’d eventually marry them off to those who’d better secure, or advance House Stark’s power. This is the main reason he gives for why he eventually regrets not trading Jaimie for the girls-they could have been used to secure the alliance of Great houses such as the Tyrells. And you’ve provided little evidence for your line of thinking. Aenys is one example out of literally dozens we see throughout series we see that that don’t fit the type of being particularly more obsessed with their specialness, or keeping power, or even their dragons. Seriously, I you’ve read F&B you could have missed all those descriptions of various members of House Targyen, who deviated substantially from these stereotypes as much as Aenys did. And wasn’t the only person I named. I pointed to Aegon III was from Viserys’ character. Aegon II was so revenged obsessed he would have never have allowed the bethrothal to commence between his daughter, Aegon II. I would say in terms of fantasy writing, a house that consists of mostly of members who follow a really dense negative or positive stereotypes. Yes, if the Targyens aren’t understood to be particularly more obsessive than other houses then we could not criticize political dynasties all together. Because obviously simply not thinking a single member is particularly strong evidence of a trend, means all criticisms or praises of certain groups can’t be done.
  9. Varysblackfyre321

    A spin-off thread

    Recently watched an episode of American dad that parodied a typical spin-off series. I kinda thought it showed why MacFarlane’s Cleveland show failed so spectacularly. Got me thinking about other spin-offs I’ve seen both good and bad. And it got me thinking what makes a good spin-off. What do you think are good spin-offs? What do you think are bad spin-offs? Is there any spin-offs you’d like to made?
  10. I think Barristan’s frank willingness to work for Joffery, who was worse than Viserys with little of the man’s problems, shows something. I suspect Barristan’s view of Viserys was tainted by Aerys’ doting of the boy. It’s clear Aerys could be seen naming Rheagar his heir, even while Rheagar is alive. Rheagar should be King, thus, the one who seemingly posed the most risk of taking what should be Rheagar was demonized. I think Selmy didn’t demonize Robert because Robert was able to win Selmy over through sparing the knight’s life, at the risk of Robert’s own health. Honestly, out of the two, Rheagar does appear the most mad. I mean a man who thinks he’s the messiah, or will sire the messiahs, probably isn’t all there in terms of sanity. I mean he may be right, but he appears to have accepted this notion way too quickly and was willing to risk a lot in pursuing it.
  11. Yes, he a Prince of 22, was vain, proud, and changeable. Quite honestly man those traits, far from being atypical, to noblemen in general are pretty common to find. You could probably say this of most of the nobles we see-especially when looking at the youths-have those traits in spades. Kinda natural to develop when you’re raised being told you’re apart/the top of a special caste in your society. Which shows Viserys would probably be as other said-a mediocre king. Aerys lived a life of pure luxury and for much of his life he didn’t actually have a care in the world. Honestly, if Viserys was of the same mental state of his father, or looked to already have his psyche crumbling by age seven he’d be stark raving mad by the time we see him in AGOT(as his father was) given the intense pressure that’s been placed upon him at a young age.
  12. To be fair Robb did care for his sisters a lot. He would certainly have saved them barring giving up his vegence and he could reasonably expect they wouldn’t be killed-the girls could after all be married off to some good lions. But yes, he would sacrifice them for his vegence. As he as Ned Stark’s son, and ruler of the North was expected to do.
  13. This is a off. Slynt had a significant following in the watch. He is not hated in story by the brotherhood as much as he is near universally hated by the fandom. To many brothers at least at Castleblack he wasn’t a despicable piece of shit. And many did have less than positive reactions towards Jon’s proclamation. It was a very tense situation because of that. There was clearly not a consensus of Jon’s action being right. Not to say if there was Jon’s action would be. Same if the opposite were true-that everyone thought Jon wasn’t acting Justly doesn’t mean he wasn’t.