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  1. Esmenet

    Assassin's Apprentice Opinions?

    Only Hobb I've read so far is AA, I loved it. Plan to jump back in soon enough. There is a lot of character dynamic throughout the book that really made it seem suspenseful and added mystery and depth. Would recommend to anyone. I can see how Hobb has kept the story growing. Fitz is just a teenager in the first book and the world seems to have so much to explore.
  2. Esmenet

    Bernard Cornwell - warlord chronicles and beyond

    I just finished the Warlord trilogy, a few days ago. The best Author story I've ever read. Derfel is one of my favorite characters in literature, period. Loved what happened to Lacelot, wanted that to happen from the moment Derlel met him. Galahad, Aelle, Issa, Merlin and well I could go on and on were all excellent characters. Nothing I didn't enjoy about these books at all. Going back to some scifi/fantasy for a bit, but which of his other series would you guys recommend the most? I'm leaning towards the Saxon chronicles. I trust advice here, as this is where i got the itch to try out Warlord.
  3. Esmenet

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Great rebuttal. That all does make sense. I just thought that @Sci-2 made a great point that at some point, your previous statement in that thread, would've ultimately happened at some point. Also, we dont really have any "hard" data to say it didn't either. I agree, really is no real life evidence that whale mothers would be even possible. Look, I get it, and not really defending the whale mothers. I agree with you, I hated them, and thought it was really poorly done. But, we really have no idea as to how it come about. We dont know for certain that they didn't accept that fate, for the better of the Dûnyain goal to reach the Absolute. Sincere question. Would lobotomy lessen the mental and physical pain of being what they were? I have no clue, just asking. Would them being chained, also be to keep them out of sight? I'm sure. It's all awful for sure. And, I agree, having "normal" women would've probably been a better idea.
  4. Esmenet

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Bakker's theory, or what have you, on how our brains work. I can barely understand most of it. My layman take from it, is basically we are blind to how our brain works - biases, thought process, etc, etc.. What I meant in that post is this. There could be several reasons on why the Whale Mothers are what they are. Could have been forced into it. Could have accepted that it was indeed what they needed to do for the Dûnyain to reach the Absolute. Multiple angles. Yet, through our subconscious biases, biases for the other reason and so on, we inevitably make it what we want. And, most refuse to accept any other possible explanation, than the one they want, because it conforms to the biases they have created on the subject and in this case the author. Sort of like meaning of the books. Maybe Bakker wantednto create a series that had no meaning, and therefore have you questioning just what meaning is. Yet, I feel that meaning of any book is different for all of us. We all take away different meaning from any book. Regardless of what the author sets out to do. Who are we to discount what any of us find in a book, and what we take away from it?
  5. Esmenet

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    BBT and all that. What you want it to be...it'll be.
  6. Esmenet

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    From Reddit AMA: Concerning the bold part (mine) of Bakker's answer, it certainly seems that revelations are to come via TNG. It also, would lend credence to the idea that Bakker did indeed mean, burning questions would arise from TUC. Lmao, that the simple fact you can find months of reading material on the meaning of LotR, would suggest that the meaning is entirely up for debate... Seeing as a third of this series is still not finished, I'd reserve judgement on its meaning and intentions of the author until we have received the last installments. I'd also assume that if the author has always maintained a 3rd series to finish this story, that indeed he has an idea where the "meat" of the story is going. And, find it very plausible, that that can be true, along side the fact that the details of which are fuzzy. I find it very hard to believe that such a great series is essentially devoid of meaning. Either in intent from the author, or the meaning of which the reader ascribes to it. After all, I don't believe there is a clear cut consensus on the meaning of LotR. And that's just from googling "the meaning of Lord of the Rings".
  7. Esmenet

    The Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover

    Love the flashbacks. Finished last night. Moving on to Law..
  8. Esmenet

    The Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover

    %75 through Caine Black Knife, and I'm digging it. Still has the dark tone and usual escapades from Caine. Yet, not the torture porn of book 2. Thanks for urging me to read.
  9. Esmenet

    The Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover

    Yea, I really enjoyed the 1st two books, until book 2 and Caines imprisonment in the tunnel of felons/whathaveyou, that he escaped through in the first book. It just took a a really far depressing turn there I found hard to read. Don't get me wrong, I can deal with rape, horror, degradation and so on. Just certain settings give me the chills I don't like. That book did it on multiple levels. Most new books in the fantasy genre have all of it, usually to the point where I seriously believe it's becoming a trope. I had a conversation elsewhere about Codex Alera, and how in the world could I like it. The good guys are clearly good, the bad, same. Well, I think that the majority of new fantasy, is nothing but grey characters, it's definitely the trend. I replied, CA was refreshing, in that I found it nice to read some straight forward "B.S.". Sorry for the tangent. But, I picked up both and thanks to the thread here and positive thoughts on books 3 & 4, I feel they will be excellent books. Thanks for talking me into it.
  10. Esmenet

    The Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover

    Give 'em a shot. They are both significantly shorter than BoT. Picked them both up. Hopping into them after 2 more books.
  11. Esmenet

    The Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover

    Feel the exact same way, and the 2nd is where I stopped. Though, I have recently thought about picking up, because of the positive posts about books 3 and 4 in this thread. After all, I am a Cnaüir fan, oh my!
  12. Esmenet

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Right, just like how Akka dreams that Anaphaxous and Seswatha never even use the Heron Spear and the No-God is defeated. Heron Spear is just a red herring. That tapestry probably illustrates another with TJE that undoes the No-God.
  13. To the 2nd question, I think Melo and another 3 and D guy and Houston is right there with them. I really think Melo will be a different player around Paul and Harden. A lot said the same.about playing with Russel, but Paul is a great facilitator along with Harden, and I think he can be the outside threat we see in USA teams. I just think it's a way better fit than OKC for Melo.
  14. That makes no sense whatsoever. Butler.is established and a way all-around ball player than Wiggins. What others is said about Wiggins is spot on, high volume guy, but not close to a superstar. Butler is a top 15-20 player easily.
  15. You know though, I think Denver will be a great fit for him and give him a chance to earn that contract he was after. He can be himself on that team, and an extra year for the hip might do some good. I like IT and wish him the best, and knew for a fact he'd never co-exist with LeBron, too ball dominat.