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  1. What was the true nature of Garth Greenhand and his children? We have three options, they were either a pantheon of gods (real or otherwise), extraordinary humans living in mythical times, or simply notable humans (without magic) who have been re-worked and mythicised through the ages. In my opinion they were semi-magical humans who lived during the dawn age allowing them to be developed into a pantheon that was worshiped in the Reach. This is interesting because it's rather exceptional evidence of an 'old gods' esq religion with a named and developed mythos and divine figures. Garth himself and some of his children fit mythological tropes. Garth is clearly a Green-Man figure, an earth 'father' which is an interesting spin on the 'earth mother'. Florys the Fox reads as your typical trickster deity, Gilbert of the Vines could be a Dionysus esq figure or a god of agriculture. John the Oak reads as a war god, and Harlon the hunter as quite obviously a god of the hunt. It isn't as clean cut as each god residing over different aspects of life, rather a race of divine beings who fall in and out of patronages by region perhaps. I enjoy these stories a lot because they add regional identity to the Reach, something I find underdeveloped in the world building.
  2. Curious to see what geographical comparisons we all use to imagine various regions of Westeros, or the wider world if you want to. The North - I usually think of GRRM own comparison to Scotland and Scandinavia. Beyond and towards The Wall I think of the taiga. The Riverlands - I think of an Ireland/Germany combination. The Vale - I think of the European Alps. The Westerlands - The coast line sort of standard Northern European look, the hills I see something like the Appalachian mountains. The Reach - The northern half of the Reach I see France, the south more like Italy. The Stormlands - I see the American north-west/Irish forests. As a side note, the humid warm climate sounds awful lol. Dorne - The north coast of Africa, Tunisia Algeria etc. The Crownlands - My bland old native England, north of France. Typical oceanic European climate/landscape. The Ironlands - A warmer Shetland isles.
  3. Having slaves on Dragonstone wouldn't make any sense for them. Taking over the island gave them a population of smallfolk to use economically and for servitude, they no longer needed slaves to work the land etc. Keeping their slaves as just that would only piss everyone else off. What I find more interesting is how much of the aforementioned actions of building a Sept were just face value. We know that Visenya conducted a traditional wedding for Maegor and his second wife, so obviously knowledge of Valyrian religious customs and ritual were still being passed down generations later. How active were the Targaryens in maintaining their own culture in the face of Westerosi assimilation?
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