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  1. What was the true nature of Garth Greenhand and his children? We have three options, they were either a pantheon of gods (real or otherwise), extraordinary humans living in mythical times, or simply notable humans (without magic) who have been re-worked and mythicised through the ages. In my opinion they were semi-magical humans who lived during the dawn age allowing them to be developed into a pantheon that was worshiped in the Reach. This is interesting because it's rather exceptional evidence of an 'old gods' esq religion with a named and developed mythos and divine figures. Garth himself and some of his children fit mythological tropes. Garth is clearly a Green-Man figure, an earth 'father' which is an interesting spin on the 'earth mother'. Florys the Fox reads as your typical trickster deity, Gilbert of the Vines could be a Dionysus esq figure or a god of agriculture. John the Oak reads as a war god, and Harlon the hunter as quite obviously a god of the hunt. It isn't as clean cut as each god residing over different aspects of life, rather a race of divine beings who fall in and out of patronages by region perhaps. I enjoy these stories a lot because they add regional identity to the Reach, something I find underdeveloped in the world building.
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