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    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    I dont think Sansa would recognize his face, especially in the emotional state she was. She didn't care much for Arya or whatever she was doing at this point of the books and think that she was never properly introduced to Syrio (I honestly dont remember if she was or not). Also this is something to count. Bravosi swordsmen are not used to fight with "knights" weapons. Even if he picked up the swords of the guards he wouldn't fight to the full of his skills. Besides he fulfilled his narrative purpose: Introducing Arya to the bravosi culture and religion. This role was picked up by Jaquen H'ghar later on.
  2. Petyr Lannister

    A thought on the Iron Throne

    Very interesting point and you presented reasonable evidence. This is a major counter-evidence in my opinion. I think Targs, especially, but Valyrians in general didn't really know much about their magic (dragon stuff included). This is my impression at least: They know they have magical powers, they know what works and how to make it work, then they just repeat it. They don't seem to really understand how far they can actually go, what are the consequences and the foundations of their magic. Visenya is the best candidate to have infused the throne with magic but she couldn't know, at that time, that her son would be a ilegitimate ruler so maybe this is why the throne killed Maegor, considering he is indeed magical.
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    Jon Connington

    This. He will probably be sacrificed due to narrative purposes sooner than later. Will accompany Aegon through Arianne perspective for sometime and maybe we will be introduced to a new POV later on (Rolly Duck is my bet or maybe Aegon himself). I think GRRM will do the same with Barristan; he will die as soon as Tyrion (my bet) or Victarion enters Dany service.
  4. Petyr Lannister

    Joffrey becomes King unopposed, what does his reign look like?

    Nailed it. For what we know it's possible that Tywin might have had a hand on the purple wedding. Or at least he deliberately looked the other way while the plot was thickening. Based on this I doubt he would let Joffrey rule for a long time. His final objectives in life would be: Block Tyrion access to Casterly Rock; somehow eliminate Joffrey from both the Throne and his own line of sucession and, finally, groom Tommen to be both King and Lord of West.
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    The Doom Of Valyria mystery

    Exactly. I have the impression that Valyrians never fully understand their magical powers and by the time of the Doom they were surely abusing them for a long time. The situation of constant fight prevented them to see that a problem was brewing and the faceless man added more fuel to this combination.
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    Chance for Benjen to return alive to the wall

    As I said on another post (the one discussing if Benjen could be south of the Wall) I do think he is alive. I think his "disappearence" is more actually a rescuing by the CotF. In my mind his party was attacked by Others during the ranging but the CotF somehow saved them but Othor and Flowers died nonetheless. The Children then proceeded to enlighten the other four about the Others and everything that is happening and they are now doing some errands for them, somewhat akin Coldhands does. Othor and Flowers bodies were taken back to the Wall by the party or by Coldhands (most likely) as a way to make the Watch 100% sure that "Winter was coming" and the dead with it. My bet is that Benjen and the others are on a mission in the Heart of Winter or some other place very very far north.
  7. Petyr Lannister

    Would Robb have married Jeyne if she was lowborn?

    Taking into account what happens in the show (he falls in love and THEN marries) maybe he would in this conditions: But in the case of Jeyne he is somewhat forced to marry because she is highborn. If she was a peasant he would probably take her into his service and raise the child to be a retinue considering he was raised to be honorable.
  8. Petyr Lannister

    Poll: Aurane Waters' Endgame

    I agree. He is very ambitious and dont seem to be very concerned about what's happening on Westeros. He will raid, raid and raid and will eventually be defeated by Euron or Salladhor
  9. Petyr Lannister


    Why you have this impression? Would like to hear your mind about this because I think Manderly is acting honorable with Davos. He has no reason to support the Boltons, quite the opposite actually considering everything that happned with his sons. Having Rickon would be a a card up his sleeve to rally the northern lords against the Boltons. He could even became Regent of North or something like this while Rickon is growing. Also he would be in good terms with Stannis as after Jon's refusal to come South, Stannis needs someone with legitimacy to be named Warden of the North and Rickon would be perfect. A much stronger claimant than both Jon or "Arya" Poole and with a strong regent too (considering that Manderly would ask for something like this). About Wex I think there's no explanation yet for how he became Manderly's guest. My guess is that he stranded from Osha and Rickon and was eventually found somewhere on the coast by a White Harbour merchant ship or something like this and eventually made himself be understood that he knew something of importance thus gaining Lord Manderly attention. About the Unicorns: Considering the quotes above I think Martin take on unicorns is that they are not majestical or beautiful as normally descibed on fantasy literature. They are ugly and strong beasts, most used to ride rough terrai, in war or to carry heavy cargo. I would imagine them as ugly as goats but bigger than average horses. Big, strong, shaggy, smelly, ugly, stubborn and rough beasts with a pointy and sharp horn that could easily impale a man and with a natural inclination to do so.
  10. Petyr Lannister

    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    Don't expect Martin to direct confirm much about the series. Actually I wouldn't even expect him to keep his word about things he already said. But anyway... Syrio is quite certain dead. If I remember right he fought Merryn Trant (a decent fighter) and 3 (or was it 5?) Lannister guards using a wooden sword. Even as he was able to defeat the guards is not confirmed that he killed them, so they possibly regained ther feet sometime and ganged up on him with more caution. When he attacked Merryn, his wooden sword broke leaving him unable to attack and to parry. Considering Merryn history of cruelty, the possibility that the Lannister guards woke up and ganged on him AND that is certain that Merryn survived the encounter is very unlikely that Syrio is still alive.
  11. Petyr Lannister

    Is Benjen south of The Wall?

    Very valid theory as we have no clue whatsover about Benjen's fate and something will certainly happen on God's Eye sonner or later, but I dont think it would be possible to Benjen to travel south unnoticed. Both the North and the Riverlands are very torn up by the war at this point and would be very dangerous to travel to the Gods Eyes alone. The dangers of travelling on a war torn south are very different than the ones north of the Wall. Besides he could be recognized while travelling through the North be as a Watch deserter or as himself. My fist guess is that he found the CF and 3ER while ranging, actually is more possible that they were expecting or "fetched" him somehow. They probably enlightened him about what was happening and he is still North of the Wall, doing some kind of errand for them just like Coldhands does. My second guess is that he actually died. Even very able rangers as Benjen wouldn't normally be ready to fight Others when caught by surprise as you need Dragonglass or Valyrian steel. Valyrian steel is obviously very rare and I may be wrong but I think that rangers don't normally use dragonglass weapons anymore as the Watch have forgotten about its real purpose.