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  1. Kandrax

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    Probably to avoid any monetary lose.Giving lordship is cheaper.
  2. I doubt it, especially for Jaime. Even if Cersei wanted, she knows that thanks to the Faith it would be impossible.
  3. Maybe i am wrong, but Elaria Sand's father House(can't remember its name) had broke guest right multiple times.
  4. Kandrax

    Will Arya end up marrying Jon?

    She will end up with Walder.
  5. Kandrax

    Joff saved Gregor's life

    Me too. I would myself behead Gregor in his place. He is useful, but not neccesary. Any vassal can be ordered to pilage.
  6. Kandrax

    If the Starks did the RW to the Freys?

    Aggree with you. Personally, i think that children, not Northmen are biggest victims of RW. North always can regain its power, but Frey children, no matter what they do, will be looked down because of what their ancestors did.
  7. Legally, Joffrey and his siblings are Baratheons, so he would need to kill them Yes, i think. There is also wife of Danwell Frey.
  8. First,he didn't exterminated House Baratheon. Second, we don't have any evidence that he wanted to exterminate Darries.
  9. Kandrax

    If the Starks did the RW to the Freys?

    I can't aggree with that. This way of thinking never brought anything good. Does this include innocent children? Using that logic, are all Germans (even children) outlaws thanks to Hitler, or Croats thanks to Pavelic, or Serbs thanks to Milosevic?
  10. Kandrax

    Joff saved Gregor's life

    Well, english isn't my first language. True. They still can demand gold from Casterly Rock as compensation, though.
  11. Kandrax

    Joff saved Gregor's life

    Confused? Well, let see. If Ned took black, Robb and Northern lords would stop waging war against Lannisters. But that would be meaningless to Riverlords, since Robb wouldn't be their lord, so he can't stop them from continuing war against Tywin. They will ask for compassion (hope spelled right), and it would be Greg's head.
  12. Kandrax

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    When will trailer be?
  13. Lady Roxane never gave Dunk S&B, yet a septon still criticised her for slapping him. Also, i found hypocritical when people say that all Frey must die because some of them commited sin, yet never want for Tyrion to be punished for kinslaying.
  14. You don't need to kill kids. They can be reduced to peasants or take mothers's surnames.