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  1. Everyone knows the pattern of prologues. Odd numbered ones take place Beyond the Wall, while even numbered take place in southern part of Westeros. In the books 1&3 povs were Nigthswatchmen, but in the book five pov is a wildling their enemy, their opposite. In the books 2&4 povs were maesters. Maesters are man of science. And what is opposite of science? A magic. We know that Jeyne Westerling will appear in prologue. And who is connected to a person that is connected to Jeyne and has magical abilities? Thoros of Myr Of course this is only if prologue would indeed be rescuing mission. Someone expressed a doubt about it. Prologue could be from perspective of a septon, man of religion, from Westernlands. About ending. There is one thing that can be noticed about even numbered books. Book 2 beginns with a maester death and ends with a maester death. Book 4 beginns in Oldtown and ends in Oldtown. If Winds prologue is really rescue mission, than it would involve Lady Stoneheart. By using pattern of even numbered books, last chapter will involve her, and it will be Red Wedding 2.0.
  2. Kandrax

    Who is Daven's Frey bride

    "Some woman, no doubt. Most of them are."
  3. Kandrax

    International News Thread

    What Ethnic, National, Racial or Religious group he wants to eliminate?
  4. She will put a mask of good fairy in front of her grandchildren.
  5. Kandrax

    Scenario: How to quell Robert's Rebellion

    Well, in comparasion to other Kingsguards he is still green.
  6. Kandrax

    Scenario: How to quell Robert's Rebellion

    Why him? He was still green during the rebellion.
  7. Kandrax

    What to ask GRRM?

    Why did he use Balkan custom of bread and salt? What would happen if two minor Houses from different parts of the Kingdom declare war on each other, or a minor House goes to war against one of Free Cities?
  8. Can we be sure that Brandon shouted for him to come out and die? Perhaps he just accused and said that Rhaegar needs to be punished for his crime in front of Aerys.
  9. Kandrax

    Did Roose actually think Ramsay was dead

    In my opinion Roose became aware that Ramsay is alive only after sacking of Winterfell.
  10. Originally, Sansa was supposed to birth Joffrey's child. What kind of father he would be? Good? Or 7k would soon needs social service?
  11. I believe it would be Daenerys. And for ADOS Bran and Sansa.
  12. Kandrax

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    Even within the framework of 7K's justice system, everyone have right of trial, which wasn't granted to Ned's household or Robert's bastards.
  13. Kandrax

    The Lord of Crossing Game

    One thing to remember. Big is the little, Little is the big.
  14. Kandrax

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    Whom did Hitler, Stalin, Zedong, Pavelic or Milosevic kill with their own hand? Yes, Arya killed people but i don't think that would qualify as serial killing.
  15. Kandrax

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    Nope. But they wouldn't kill every Lannister's soldiers.