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  1. I meant ancient orient states, not medieval and post medieval.
  2. It would be hypocrital to wipe out the Freys and spare Darries and Mootons
  3. Hanging is among the least horrible deaths in the books, when you take in consideration Vargo's death, Lorch's death, burning people, Ramsay's hunts or antler men.
  4. Kandrax

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    Well, according to Robb, Olyvar wanted to stay with him.
  5. Kandrax

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    Ehm... Perwyn, Olyvar and Alessander
  6. Kandrax

    What will Florents do when Shireen is roasted?

    Prepare table for dinner.
  7. Kandrax

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    Robb would stop warring with Lannisters. However, even if Ned wasn't executed, that wouldn't guarantee stoping conflict between RL and WL. Riverlord would want Gregor's head.
  8. Kandrax

    Are There any Unicorns in Skagos?

    No there aren't. Shaggy ate them all.
  9. Kandrax

    How would you react if you were Walder Grey?

    Close the gate of Twins and send Hosteen to smash Robb's fucking head.
  10. Kandrax

    Did LF encourage Joffrey to beat Sansa?

    I doubt it. He wouldn't gain anything from that, and i think that Sansa was planning to ecsape since Ned's execution
  11. Kandrax

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    I was just kidding.
  12. Kandrax

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Is there any problem if someone likes Hot Pie and Moonboy?
  13. Kandrax

    What does Jaehaerys II Targaryen hide in his painting? 

    Finished TWOW
  14. Kandrax

    Will Theon`s wounds ever heal?

    I am the board
  15. Kandrax

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    He wouldn't happy about it, but what if he had been forced to choose between his family and loyalty to king.