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  1. Bloodstone Emperor

    Joke ending for series

    I was just thinking about how perfect it would be if GRRM was on his last book, and everyone was on the verge of battling the Others at the Wall, and then he just ends the book by saying “Jon wakes up”. I would be so angry but cracking up at the same time.
  2. Bloodstone Emperor

    R+L=A evidence

    Ok I know this theory has been made but I just found evidence that cannot be denied. Aegon was supposedly born on 281AC or 282Ac, the same year or following year that Rhaegar won the tourney at Harrenhal and crowned Lyanna. During the sack at Kings Landing, Elia was said to not be protecting Aegon but her daughter, showing how she loved him less. Rhaenyra was the older of the two siblings, and Elia was said to have a very hard time in labor, making her probably unable to have another child. Rhaegar probably gave Aegon to Elia in order to keep him safe. Tell me what more ideas you have about this and I also feel like I am missing something because Aegons face was unrecognizable, and that must be for a reason, but I don’t know yet.
  3. Bloodstone Emperor

    Winterfell Dragon

    I know that this theory has already been created, but I couldn’t find any really good ones and wanted to hear what you think. I reread the chapter when Winterfell was burning and how Bran saw from Summer a winged snake with breath of fire over Winterfell for a second. Winterfell has hot springs that could be a cause of the dragon and the fire could have birthed it similar to the way Daenerys birthed hers. I also find it interesting that Bran didn’t see it but Summer did so it may be mistaken and something else and that Summer only saw it for a second. Tell me what you think about this theory.
  4. Bloodstone Emperor

    Which minor character's death hit you the most?

    Probably Ser Gregor, the Tickler, Polliver, Rorge, Biter Actually though I would choose Ser Rodrick, Hazzea, and Lommy also thinking of bad characters that died I realize that so many good died while bad lived
  5. What were the others before they were Others is Bloodraven a greenseer singer that skin changed into Ser Brynden who is Quiathe (and then I would put on sunglasses and ask) what is hidden is stygai whag is the oily black stone what was the comet
  6. Bloodstone Emperor

    forshadowing in first Bran chapter in aGoT

    I was rereading the first chapter in aGoT and noticed how when Robb found the dead dire wolf and the pups, he said the mother had died from I think this symbolizes Eddard’s death, and how after Roberts death , similar to how the antler has broken off (stag), Cersei and Joffrey were free to kill Eddard. If anyone finds anymore foreshadowing in this chapter, which I’m sure there are more of, or has an opinion on my perspective, tell me.
  7. Bloodstone Emperor

    If not Jon who?

    Creating a lord of the north as king, unless he is a stark with the blood of the king of winter, will cause civil war throughout the north. All lords will feel equally deserving of kingship, and also Karstarks are very distant bastard cousins of the Starks, while Jon is a son of the newest dead lord of Winterfell.
  8. Bloodstone Emperor

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Although Robb Stark is my definite favorite character from the war, I wonder if more experienced leaders like Stannis and Balon may be better than Robb would have been. What do you think?
  9. Bloodstone Emperor

    Do you think Roose Bolton would be a good king?

    Although ppl like Tywin are cruel and merciless, and do terrible things, it is all for the greater good of their realm or the king that he serves. Roose, on the other hand, is the opposite. He does things for his own interests, such as raping the miller’s wife, and shows that he does not do things for the greater good of the realm by keeping Ramsay uncontrolled and allowing him to torture and kill the people he is supposed to protect. He is not loyal to his King, which was shown when he betrayed Robb at the Red Wedding. This would have been redeemable, if it was for the greater good of his realm and people, but it was clearly not because now all the northern men were at the mercy of Ramsay and betraying Robb was in his own interests so that he could gain the north and not deal with consequences for aiding a rebel. Kings like Tywin, on the other hand, are horrible merciless people, but everything they do is for the greater good. For example, te sack at Kingslanding saved hundreds of people who would have died from Aerys’ fires and his threat to destroy Dudkendale showed that he did not suffer traitors.
  10. Bloodstone Emperor

    What is Quaithe really?

    Throughout ASoIaF Dany is guided by a hooded shadow binder Quiathe who claims she is from “the shadow”. I was recently seeing that Quiathe never actually interacts with any other characters, and that in one scene Quiathe states that nobody would actually see her if they were to walk into Dany and her conversation and says that she is not actually there. I’m wondering if Quaithe was ever really in Dany’s presence at all, if she is broadcasting herself to Dany and is real but somewhere else, or if she is a figment of Dany’s imagination. Sorry for the confusion I see I was wrong but outside of Qarth Dany only sees her in dreams and hallucinations. So I she is real, but I am still not sure about her general influence and who she really is.
  11. Bloodstone Emperor

    What good can come from Dany coming to win back her family's throne?

    If she still believes that she can never have children, something that I can picture her doing is destroying Feudalism in Westeros and creating a council to rule and create new rulers. Also in Meereen she showed that she always would listen to the people and do things for the greater good like locking up her dragons after the death of Hazzea. She would be a better leader than Cersei, Robert, Joffrey, Stannis, Tywin, Renly, Balon, Euron, and even Robb.
  12. Bloodstone Emperor

    What happens after death?

    There is good evidence to support the views of there being an afterlife and there not in ASoIaF. For Beric, he claims that every time he is resurrected, he feels more and more hollow, and Thoros claims resurrecting him is more difficult every time he dies. The reason for this may be that every time he dies a little bit more of his soul goes to some heaven and cannot be retrieved back by Thoros. However it may also be that when Beric dies, more of his brain deteriorates. However, I lean towards the view that there is a heaven in the world of ASoIaF. This is shown with Lady Stoneheart. After being dead for days, she is resurrected by Beric and is a ghost of who she used to be. All of her loving characteristics are gone and she is now just full of hate. This can be because when she died, almost all of her good qualities went away into her heaven, and her bad qualities were left to rot. Dondarrion also freely gives his life to Lady Stoneheart. This may because he has a longing that he cannot control to leave his hollow life and go to heaven, which he has seen and he will have all of his good qualities back. If Jon is resurrected, I do not believe that he will have seen any of this. His soul is transferred to Ghost upon death and he never really died for his soul to go to heaven. However, when Varamyr was dying he said that you mix into the wolf and become more wolf, so I think Jon may not be the man he was upon his resurrection (if that even happens). Another view is that when dying, a persons soul can be transferred into the weirwood network, and become part of the entire network and be able to see similar to the way that Bloodraven and Bran can. This is supported by the Children of the forest. I don’t think that the weirwood can absorb a soul unless the dying person is near the weirwood, so although that idea seems very likely, that type of after life will no happen to everyone.
  13. Bloodstone Emperor

    Heresy 203 and growing suspicions anent the Starks

    If Jon was to be half Stark and half Targaryen (which is still a theory) , then is it not possible that upon his death he may be able to become a dragon and an Other, or maybe even an ice dragon.
  14. Bloodstone Emperor

    Heresy 203 and growing suspicions anent the Starks

    If an other was a stark’s soul, it is still not plausible for them to want to kill other Starks such as Jon. It’s possible that souls absorbed into the Weirwoods would become part of a network of Others, similar to the way that the weirwoods allow Bran and Bloodraven to see through a network and through crows and other animals. In one scene Bran sees a man sacrificed to the weirwood. What if, similar to the way that Crasters sons were sacrificed and turned into others, the men and children feared the weirwood and the others that they can use, and sacrificed to them to ensure their safety. It is also strange that the wights are seen first by Jon at the heart tree beyond the wall, where the souls may be absorbed and given to the network. Also, I know that wights are different than Others, but it still plausible to think that the Others may have better control of Wights near weirwoods or that the souls of the men may be retained inside of the hearts tree. If the Others are controlled through the weirwood network, who else would control them besides... Bloodraven! And who controls him... The children of the Forest!!!
  15. How was Dany sadistic. She freed hundreds of slaves and locked up her own dragons when she thought that it killed a child. Sure, she allowed Yunkai to continue slavery but it was all for the greater good, because with her death slavery would also return to Yunkai. When she killed the wise masters in Astapor, she had literally watched them cut off the nipple of an Unsullied. It is the same as killing a torturous sociopath such Ramsay. When she killed the Wise Masters of Meereen, it was for the justice of the slaves and too stop rebellion by the slavers.