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  1. Dohor

    ASOIAF Jokes

    Why did Jon Snow walk into Rolex store?
  2. Dohor

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    Whoops my bad, I meant that I believe fAegon to be Illyrio's son with Serra.
  3. Dohor

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    I subscribe to the theory that Serra and Varys were siblings and the last remaining Blackfyres, who, like other Targs, practiced incest.
  4. Dohor

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    I thought more about the fAegon/Joffrey parallels, and here's what I got out of it. fAegon=Joffrey: both are bastards with highly incestuous backgroud who believe to be royal blood. Rhaegar=Robert: The boy kings' supposed fathers. Jon C=Tywin: JonCon's character development is constantly heading towards Tywin Lannister. Both are also in same position as the boy king's Hand. Illyrio=Cersei: I honestly think Illyrio might end up playing Cersei. He seems to actually care about (his son) fAegon and could very well be the one trying to keep the boy safe during battles. Varys=Tyrion: This is a bit of a strech, but if Illyrio is Cersei, Varys is natural Tyrion. For outsider, they seem to be working together but they might start having some kind of feud with each other. Tyrion=Littlefinger: Pretty obvious, if we believe that LF gave Joffrey the idea to execute Ned. Tyrion telling fAegon to go west mirrors this pretty well. Lysono Maar=Varys: Two spymasters from Lys, they'll probably be similar Rolly Duckfield=Sandor: Guy who gets elevated to Kingsguard by the boy king against all objections. Not sure by Arianne, who is currently coming to Griffin's Roost, but I think she'll be Margaery to Doran's Olenna. That's all I got out.
  5. Dohor

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    About who are Cersei and Tyrion, I have no idea. However, we've spent very little time with fAegon, so they might appear in Winds. And I agree with you, fAegon is nothing like Joffrey, and that's not what I was suggesting. Right now I see fAegon as a foil for Joffrey, with them being different people put in more or less same situation. (Just a crazy thought, if Illyrio really is fAegon's dad, could he be Cersei?)
  6. When I first read the series, I was just twelve years old, and somehow, for the entirety of the first book, I did not notice that Renly existed. When we met him again during ACOK, I was just wandering who the hell is this guy. I also thought for years that Baratheon is spelled Baraethon. Also, I have a little theory that I'm quite surprised I haven't seen anywhere. I think the Baratheon magic gene does not exist and that there are non-blackhaired Baratheon babies. This means that Myrcella and Tommen might well be Robert's children (Joffrey's nature was little too similar to Jaime in earlier books), but it doesn't really matter. What matters is, that all the characters think they are Jaime's.
  7. Dohor

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    17. Not really sure, there are wights trying to attack his cave, which would imply against. But on the other hand I really doubt CotF are really fine with going extinct because of humans, and I find it interesting that Others and CotF are same species. One thing is sure though, Bloodraven definitely doesn't have Bran's well-being in mind. 18. 3EC is future Bran trying to warn himself about Bloodraven. I wrote an entire theory about this, and expect it to be confirmed in TWOW. (Just had to answer these two, this is my favourite plotline in the series)
  8. Dohor

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    Even though fAegon has some similarities with Robb, I think Martin is trying to draw some kind of parallel between him and Joffrey. The Duckfield incident strongly reminds me of Joff raising Sandor to Kingsguard, JonCon is currently aspiring to be Tywin, and of coure, if the Blackfyre theory is correct (which I believe) both Joffrey and fAegon are bastards who other characters believe to be royal blood. Because of this, fAegon wanting to lead the battle reminds me of Joffrey at Blackwater. I don't remeber of Joff himself wanted to lead his troops as king, but at least Tyrion wanted him to do that. Because of Cersei interfering, Joffrey never led his army, and thus came back alive (to Sansa's disappointment and Tyrion's relief). I wonder if fAegon leading his own troops while still being too young to do so could result in his death, not necessarily at Storm's End but in some other battle. Joffrey and fAegon could work as literary foils to each other, both being boy kings, one bravely leading his armies and other hiding behind the castle walls, but both still dying violently. The message is; no matter what kind of people they are, children have no place in war and politics, and boy kings are dumb idea.
  9. Dohor

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I wonder if this was intentional, but it's a great pun anyway: She turned her back on him, her skirts swirling. I cannot bear to see his face. (ASOS Daenerys VI)
  10. Dohor

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

    1. It doesn't matter, she's important only in Tyrion's past. 2. Lyanna 3. Green Grace 4. Lyanna, because that's the only way Ned's actions concerning Jon make any sense. Also, Rhaegar is Jon's dad. 5. He's Illyrio's son and his mother is Serra, who is Blackfyre and Varys' sister. Otherwise Varys and Illyrio make absolutely no sense. 6. I'm not sure, either Big Walder or the Hooded Man. 7. Ramsay, because Stannis doesn't know about Mance, and Mance himself has no motive to lie to Jon but still reveal his survival. 8. Probably just some random corpse that Bloodraven skinchanges to. 9. Not sure, I'll go with Harwin. 10. I don't think there will be any kind of "true Azor Ahai" but if it's anyone, it's probably Dany. Maybe the Dragons are Lightbringer. After all, they hatched during Dany's Nissa Nissa moment with Drogo. Also, Jon is TPTWP and Bran is the Last Hero. 11. I'd like to think he's just dead and his killers hid/destroyed the body once they realized they had killed Tywin Lannister's relative. Varys knowing of the riot in advance and having him hid somewhere would totally destroy the thematic purpose of the riot. 12. Absolutely no idea, he seems to want Cersei back in power but that might be just because she gave him power. 13. Full? What is there that we don't know? 14. They are going to Jaime's trial with Lady Stoneheart, although Jaime thinks they are going to save Sansa. 15. He's dead and has absolutely no importance to the story. 16. Right now I think he's dead, but wouldn't be surprised if he appears from somewhere. (But he isn't Coldhands, Hooded Man, Euron or Daario!)
  11. Dohor

    The three-eyed crow is future Bran

    I checked both threads, and yeah, our 3EC-is-Bran-theories had pretty much in common, basically only differences were my expansions to Coldhands, Jon and Jojen. About 3EC being Old Nan, even though you have found a wonderful amount of evidence for this theory, I don't really like the idea of Old Nan having any kind of secret identity. She is really important part of the Stark children's innocent childhood in Winterfell, memories of which I'd like to stay sacred and pure (I'm taking this fictional series kinda seriously :D). On more rational level, how could she even enter dreams; her mother was lyseni which makes her unlikely to be a greenseer, and Bran probably would have noticed Old Nan having a glass candle (which Quaithe presumably is using).
  12. Dohor

    The three-eyed crow is future Bran

    Nothing in the books has indicated that "three-eyed crow" is a title of any sort. In fact, Bloodraven and CotF don't even know what it means, which originally led me to believe that Bloodraven isn't 3EC. But isn't she the moon in Jon's dream in ADWD Jon I?
  13. Dohor

    The three-eyed crow is future Bran

    I fucked up the book quotes, sorry about that. How does the quoting work here?
  14. First of all: Yes, I know how crazy this sounds, and yes, I also know that introducing time travel always can very easily lead into weak deus ex machina writing, but I'm not talking about that kind of time travel here. My theory is, that Bran (and all greenseers in general) have an ability to "travel back and forth in time" inside their own bodies, similar to what they can do inside weirwoods. But of course, I have to explain where this theory comes from, and it started when I noticed how GRRM is pretty obviously dancing around the idea of Bloodraven not actually being the three-eyed crow. Leaf doesn't seem to have any idea about such creature existing: The three-eyed crow?" asked Meera. "The greenseer." And with that she was off, and they had no choice but to follow. (ADWD, Bran II) And of course, there is Bloodraven's infamous answer to the question about whether he's the three-eyed crow. "A … crow?" The pale lord's voice was dry. His lips moved slowly, as if they had forgotten how to form words. "Once, aye. Black of garb and black of blood." The clothes he wore were rotten and faded, spotted with moss and eaten through with worms, but once they had been black. "I have been many things, Bran. Now I am as you see me, and now you will understand why I could not come to you … except in dreams. I have watched you for a long time, watched you with a thousand eyes and one. I saw your birth, and that of your lord father before you. I saw your first step, heard your first word, was part of your first dream. I was watching when you fell. And now you are come to me at last, Brandon Stark, though the hour is late." (ADWD, Bran II) This answer also tells us that BR was in Bran's coma dream, but as a tree instead of a crow. He saw Winterfell as the eagles see it, the tall towers looking squat and stubby from above, the castle walls just lines in the dirt. He saw Maester Luwin on his balcony, studying the sky through a polished bronze tube and frowning as he made notes in a book. He saw his brother Robb, taller and stronger than he remembered him, practicing swordplay in the yard with real steel in his hand. He saw Hodor, the simple giant from the stables, carrying an anvil to Mikken's forge, hefting it onto his shoulder as easily as another man might heft a bale of hay. At the heart of the godswood, the great white weirwood brooded over its reflection in the black pool, its leaves rustling in a chill wind. When it felt Bran watching, it lifted its eyes from the still waters and stared back at him knowingly. (AGOT, Bran III) The weirwood and the crow are the only things in the dream that can actually see Bran, and since Bloodraven only mentions watching Bran's fall, he's more likely to be the weirwood. But why is the crow future Bran then? First of all, it's a known fact that Bran has a metaphorical "third eye", him being a greenseer. Also, these two quotes seem to connect Bran with birds. Jon lowered his eyes. She was cradling one of Bran's hands. He took the other, squeezed it. Fingers like the bones of birds. "Good-bye," he said. (AGOT, Jon II) Bran was staring at his arms, his legs. He was so skinny, just skin stretched taut over bones. Had he always been so thin? He tried to remember. (AGOT, Bran III) Then there's the fact that none of the three-eyed crow's lines... Not cry. Fly. (AGOT, Bran III) That won't do any good, the crow said. I told you, the answer is flying, not crying. How hard can it be. I'm doing it. (AGOT, Bran III) ...have any quotation marks in them! It's almost as if Bran is just thinking these things to himself. There's also the puzzling detail of Bran not noticing the crow's third eye until this moment: Bran looked at the crow on his shoulder, and the crow looked back. It had three eyes, and the third eye was full of a terrible knowledge. (AGOT, Bran III) I can't think of any way how this detail could make sense (regardless of the crow's identity), but the best I can come up with is that future Bran's "dream avatar's" appearance changes according to how Bran sees himself during that time, and AGOT era Bran only starts to see his third eye after having the Heart of Winter vision, and thus becoming a greenseer (don't know why he'd see himself as a crow though, maybe something to do with the actual crows at the top of the broken tower?). Btw, if my theory is correct, Bloodraven won't be good news for Bran, given the similarity between these two places: There was nothing below him now but snow and cold and death, a frozen wasteland where jagged blue-white spires of ice waited to embrace him. They flew up at him like spears. He saw the bones of a thousand other dreamers impaled upon their points. He was desperately afraid. (AGOT Bran III) "Bones," said Bran. "It's bones." The floor of the passage was littered with the bones of birds and beasts. (ADWD Bran II) The connection between these two description hints at two things: 1. Bloodraven is constantly killing animals possessed by skinchangers (notice the use of similar words between next and previous quotes). Supposedly the greenseers also had power over the beasts of the wood and the birds in the trees. (ACOK Bran IV) This doesn't necessarily indicate any danger towards Bran, since the animals are probably just ones whose skinchangers are already physically dead and only live inside their animals (perhaps to get more lifeforce, who knows?), but the second thing gives the coma dream a whole new sinister quality. Future Bran/Three-eyed crow is trying to get his past self to fly, so he doesn't fall into some place full of bones. Could this mean that the dream is a warning to not go to Bloodraven's lair? Bran knew. "She's a child. A child of the forest." He shivered, as much from wonderment as cold. They had fallen into one of Old Nan's tales. (ADWD Bran II) The quote above indicates so, and it probably also tells it's too late now. Perhaps once TWOW is out, there'll be a chapter where Bran discovers Bloodraven's true intentions, and desperately tries to warn his past self to not come north, only to understand that he caused the whole thing. Perhaps he'll try to burst his own third eye in desperation (crow pecking Bran's foreskin, not to open but to destroy the eye, or perhaps to even kill the boy (hehe) to prevent his role in Bloodraven's plan). Perhaps the thing in the Heart of Winter is Bloodraven's plan and Bran's role in it fulfilled, and Bran "must live" to not go north and so prevent this from happening. In AGOT Bran VII, both Bran and Rickon have a same dream about Ned dying. The mention of dreams reminded him. "I dreamed about the crow again last night. The one with three eyes. He flew into my bedchamber and told me to come with him, so I did. We went down to the crypts. Father was there, and we talked. He was sad." (AGOT Bran VII) "Shaggy," a small voice called. When Bran looked up, his little brother was standing in the mouth of Father's tomb. With one final snap at Summer's face, Shaggydog broke off and bounded to Rickon's side. "You let my father be," Rickon warned Luwin. "You let him be." "Rickon," Bran said softly. "Father's not here." "Yes he is. I saw him." Tears glistened on Rickon's face. "I saw him last night." (AGOT Bran VII) However, only Bran dreams of the crow, which indicates the crow could not come to Rickon. Which leads us back to my original theory; Bran can only travel within his own mind, on in others. Out of all the evidence I've seen, this one finally convinced me about this. Meera's gloved hand tightened around the shaft of her frog spear. "Who sent you? Who is this three-eyed crow?" "A friend. Dreamer, wizard, call him what you will. The last greenseer." The longhall's wooden door banged open. Outside, the night wind howled, bleak and black. The trees were full of ravens, screaming. Coldhands did not move. "A monster," Bran said. (ADWD Bran I) Coldhands is literally in the presence of a post-Bloodraven greenseer, so it doesn't really make sense to call Bloodraven the last one. Unless Bran will be the last greenseer, and Coldhands is actually talking about him. The question is how the hell does Coldhands know this, but given the constant ice-fire symmetry in the series, and seeing that the fire side already has their own weird prophecy-spouting undead guy (Patchface), I don't think it's too far-fetched to see Coldhands as someone similar. His sanity just has remained, since ice preserves. By the way, Bran saying "A Monster" can be taken two ways. The obvious interpretation is that he's calling Coldhands monster, but there might be a double meaning. Monster could be seen as an addition to Coldhands' list of things the three-eyed crow is, which, especially accompanied by Coldhands' answer makes Bran's future seem kinda... hopeless? The ranger looked at Bran as if the rest of them did not exist. "Your monster, Brandon Stark." (ADWD Bran II) Now that I've managed to make myself want TWOW a little less, let's talk about two questions that all of you are probably thinking right now, two questions that both relate to Jojen Reed. 1. How does all this tie into the Winged Wolf dream? Jojen's eyes were the color of moss, and sometimes when he looked at you he seemed to be seeing something else. Like now. "I dreamed of a winged wolf bound to earth with grey stone chains," he said. "It was a green dream, so I knew it was true. A crow was trying to peck through the chains, but the stone was too hard and his beak could only chip at them." "Did the crow have three eyes?" (ACOK Bran IV) The characters interpret this as Bloodraven (the crow) trying to open Bran's (winged wolf) third eye, or make him walk again, or some stuff like that. But tell me one prophetic vision from this book series that came true the way the characters thought it would, because I can't think of any. I think Jojen's interpretation is wrong. According to my memory, there has never been any wolf-related symbolism surrounding Bran (other than Summer and the fact that he's a Stark, but that applies to other kids too). And the wings representing greenseer powers seems kind of odd, since they are usually represented as a third eye. Who is the winged wolf then? Well, other than birds, what creatures have wings? Dragons! And dragon + wolf=winged wolf. This means that Winged Wolf is Jon, who has wolf mom and dragon dad. The green dream probably hints at something that'll happen in the early parts of TWOW, when Jon is living his post-stabbing second live inside Ghost. Jon and Bran might communicate during that time, and the dream will come true by crow-Bran trying to convince winged wolf-Jon to break the stone chains of his reluctance to warging and embrace his nature. According to the dream, Jon won't be convinced (thank god, at least he'll stay out of this). Just as a sidenote, I don't think this dream was sent by future Bran or anything, it's just ordinary green dream. The second question question is the only direct evidence against this theory: If all this is correct, then how was the three-eyed crow in Jojen's dreams? "When I was little I almost died of greywater fever. That was when the crow came to me." (ACOK Bran IV) I'll fill this plothole with Jojenpaste. If Bran really ate Jojen's blood in that cave (his currently last POV chapter), perhaps it gives him some kind of access to Jojen's dreams also. Maybe he'll go there accidentally, maybe Bloodraven instructs him to go there so Jojen will get green dreams and help the current situation to form. Perhaps Bloodraven even makes Bran to send Jojen the visions about his death and tell Jojen it will only awake Bran's powers. It's pretty ambiguous right now, but currently I totally believe in this. Please tell if you agree, or if you disagree, tell why is that :)
  15. Dohor

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thanks! I agree that this was either a mistake or strange choice of words. It's not like all the characters need to be related to each other.