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    Real life Cultural/Geographic parallels to GRRM's world

    The North: Scotland/Northern England (climate, geography, mindset, accent) The Vale: Switzerland (mountainous, pretty and neutral) Riverlands: Germany during the Holy Roman Empire period (flat lands located between important rivers - the Rhein and the Elbe - in the center of the continent, and the stage of numerous wars and invasions, i.e. Thirty Years’ War, Napoleonic Wars) Iron Islands: Viking age Scandinavia/Iceland (great navigators and fearless warriors/raiders, who carved out domains on the continental mainland) Westerlands: England (wealthy, cunning, ambitious, ruthless, self centered); The Reach: France (large and centrally located territory; mild weather; powerful; massive food and wine production, home of chivalry and sophistication; the Mander = the Loire); Stormlands: Wales (coastal, mountainous and rainy; one of its natives unexpectedly won the throne by force and began their own dynasty (Henry VII/Robert Baratheon); Dorne: Medieval Spain/Al Andalus + Medieval Sicily (weather, landscape, architecture; southernmost location in the continent, with its northern regions having a closer resemblance to the rest of Europe/Westeros; spicy foods, lots of citric fruits; the famed Dornish temper, akin to the Spanish “Black Legend”); King’s Landing: London + Rome Oldtown: Paris + Oxford/Cambridge Braavos: Amsterdam + Venice Lys: Sardinia Free Cities as a whole: Italian City-Republics with a touch of post-Ottoman Balkans (huge power vacuum and plenty of conflict after the doom of Valyria); Valyria: Ancient Rome Slavers’ Bay cities: ancient Near-eastern and Egyptian kingdoms + Carthage; Qarth: Byzantium Dothraki Sea: Central Asian steppes Yi Ti: China Leng: Japan Shadow Lands: India (very ancient, evoking mystery and mysticism; “Saffron Straits”; even the shape of the peninsula itself) Sothoryos: Africa Summer Islands: a Medieval version of the Caribbean