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  1. Just watched S1E01 again. First we see Will and two other members of the Night's Watch go scouting beyond the wall. When those two other members are killed, Will deserts and winds up near Winterfell, before he is beheaded. How did he get there? Wouldn't he had to have gone back to the gate and taken a path that would lead him through the wall to the other side? "Well, that's what he did!" you say. "He went back to his brothers, and THEN deserted". Nope. To Ned, he says, "And I know I’m a deserter. I should have gone back to the Wall and warned them." So, if he is beyond the wall - the same wall that protects WFell, and K.Landing, and everyone else from the W.Walkers and the Wildlings -, and doesn't go back to the wall, how does he wind up near WFell? I am sur he didn't go around the wall. Didn't occur to me the first watching, but it has now. Any explanation for this?