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  1. I forget which ep - 2, perhaps? When she stands in front of the mirror, and takes off her necklace, we see her for what she really is - an old woman. Was that an actress, or CGI? IMDB has nothing, so I assume the latter, but does anyone know for sure?
  2. Hi all. I realize this is concerning S1, but as it isn't episode specific, maybe posting here is best. I just started watching GOT, and I am at the beginning of S1 E3. I had to stop, b/c I am very confused. This isn't really so much a Q about plot (and I am certainly not looking for spoilers!) - this concerns locality. At the start, we are in Winterfell, and we are introduced to Ned Stark and his family. The king comes to town, with Cersei and Jaime and asks that Ned returns with him to be his right hand. His wife doesn't want him to go. Brun falls, after seeing Cersei and Jaime together. For me, all is fine so far. In E2, Ned is on the way to KingsLanding, with the King. Cut to Neds wife back at WFell, discovering that Brun's fall may not have been an accident. "We must get word to Ned", which makes sense, as Ned is on the road with the King, on the way to KLanding. Again, all is fine so far. Then we have the incident by the lake, with Ned's two girls, Joffrey and the butcher boy. Which leads to the scene in which the King interrogates Ned's children, and decides a wolf had to die. Is this not happening in WFell? Right here is where I start to lose it. Next, Ned kills a wolf and Brun wakes up. End E2 At the start of E3, Ned enters KLanding, but with his daughters (he brought them, but not his wife?), and without the King. I thought they were travelling together.... they had lunch where they discussed Daenerys Targaryen's marriage. Ned then has a confrontation in the church with Jaime... so Jaime was traveling back to KLand with the King? And why did this confrontation not happen in WFell? I am a little lost, and am hoping someone can set me straight here. Thanks in advance.