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    Is Robert to blame for Joffery being a bad king?

    Yeah It's 50 50 for me. On one side I would believe the way he was raised made him so cruel but I also feel because his mother and father being brother and sister it could lead to some form of mental problems.
  2. LordMilner

    Is Robert to blame for Joffery being a bad king?

    You are right in saying Robert could have been a better role model. In essence I believe Joffrey's mean and cruel nature originated from his father( Yes I know his real father is Jaime but he grew up believing Robert to be his father) never spending any time with him. Robert would either go whoring and leave his son alone with his mother as well as going off hunting and the fact that he never brought Joffrey with him to any of the hunting trips made Joffrey feel he needed to do something to win the approval of his father. He tried to mimic everything his father did(As many sons do while growing up). Treated women like filth and killing or torturing animals because that is what he believed right as his father was his role model. I believe that had Robert been there for Joffrey and taught him right from wrong than Joffrey might have still become a madman but he would probably descend into madness much slower like Aerys II and only truly become mad when he mas much older and wouldn't be as cruel. Aerys, Steffon and Tywin had been good friends at court when they were younger and maybe Joffrey would have been nicer with the Stark children and even try to forge a friendship with Robb ,Jon and Bran just like the mad king did in his youth with Steffon and Tywin . He may even have treated Sansa with respect and his true colors would only emerge when he would become much older. I know this sounds far fetched but please tell me what you think of my theory?
  3. LordMilner

    Create your Westerosi house

    House Name: House Southmond Founder: Jonothor Southmond "the seashell knight" House Words: "Greatness in small deeds" Sigil:A Golden trident in the middle of a white field with three blue seashells on each side Castle: Smallport ( a modest keep on a cliff) Ship: The Brazen Shell " A dromond with 100 oars on each side Ancestral Sword: Moon's Lament, a Valyrian steel long sword with a golden pommel and a green ruby in the center, given it's name as the blade has a light blue glow to it as the result of spells worked into the sword. Location: The Crownlands, south of Claw isle Sworn to: House Celtigar of Claw Isle The Southmonds are descended from the Andals who landed in the Crownlands. Their founder, ser Jonothor faithfully served the Celtigars of Claw Isle and helped the them put down a rebellious house from a small isle by taking the Isle with only 20 men and 1 ship. House Celtigar rewarded him by giving him the very land he won from the First men who had inhabited the Isle and also gave him the Title of : Lord of Smallport and defender of the South shore. He would raise a modest keep and take the Trident surrounded by three Sea shells on both sides and he chose the words "Greatness in small deeds" to remind his succesors that Greatness can be gained in small deeds such as winning a small Isle for a greater house. He also believed that the ocean ruled the house and not the other way around meaning he encouraged fishing practices that could be sustainable. House Southmond followed their overlords in fighting for Aegon when his Conquest began and it is said that after Aegon's conquest Aegon I himself offered Ser Jonothor's son : Ser Vyman a place on his newly formed King's Guard after seeing his skill with a blade but Vyman refused because he was the only heir and he would have to give up his claim to any land if he wished to join the Kingsguard although he did promise Aegon thathis sword would always be his to command. During the Dance of the Dragons the Southmonds declared for Rhaenyra and recognised her as the true monarch of Westeros. With only three ships, Lord Colin Southmond terrorised any green ships entering his or his liege lord's waters. House Southmond stayed loyal to the Targaryens even during every Blackfyre rebellion and some of their ships were part of the blockade of Duskendale during the Defiance of Duskendale. Ser Axos Southmond failed in capturing Robert Baratheon on his ship while he was crossing from Gulltown to Storm's End. After Robert was crowned king and King Aerys II was slain the Southmonds were forced to give up some of their prized ships to the newly formed Royal navy under command of Stannis Baratheon as part of their punishment for siding with the Mad King. During the Greyjoy Rebellion the Southmonds were part of the force under the command of master of ships, Stannis Baratheon and fought the Greyjoy's at near Fair Isle helping to smash the Iron fleet. It was here where Lord Onor Southmond died and his son, the new lord of Smallport, Hugor was knighted for his bravery and for killing the bloodthirsty Harren Goobrother who was famed for his skill with an axe. At the tourney of Lannisport Lord Tywin offered him his weight in gold for his famlies Valyrian steel sword, Nightfall. Yet Lord Hugor refused saying: "My lord of Lannister could offer me the Rock or even promise me your daughter's hand in marriage but I will never sell the sword my father died fighting with." After the death of Robert Baratheon Lord Hugor answered the summons of his lord and was answered to defend his waters from any Lannister ships and forbade his sons from going off to fight but his eldest son Onor would defy him and sail off with the Brazen Shell to Dragonstone. Yet after seeing the Seven idols being burned in favor of a red god he protested and killed five men before being captured and burned by Queen Selyse Florent. Lord Hugor locked himself inside his chambers and fasted himself into an early grave. His succesor, a 15 year old, Axos (named after his uncle) became lord and planned to build a new ship that would be twice the size of the Brazen Shell after she was destroyed in the battle of the Blackwater bay. House Southmond are strong believers of the faith of the seven and have a sept on their Isle who's idols are built out of seashells. The sword Nightfall is currently still on it's stand waiting for Lord Axos to earn his spurs ,pick it up and find "greatness in small deeds" : words engraved on the pommel. For the sword only passes from father to son after the son has earned his knighthood. Lord Axos currently squiring for a Redwyne knight after his father had saved the knight from being killed by Harren Goodbrother and Ser Milner Flowers, a bastard of Paxter Redwyne promised to take any of his sons as squires. Ser Milner has knighted Onor and is currently considering to give Axos his spurs for "a lord should not be made to still squire for a bastard." As he put it in his own words.