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  1. Forest Lass

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Same. They should hook him up with a chef job hahaha. I was disappointed with the curtness of her reunion of Hot Pie. And Nymeria. I'm hoping any future reunions for her aren't as cold
  2. Forest Lass

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I wouldn't be surprised if D&D decide to scrap it for time, but I would die of happiness if they were to give a few pairings some happy time with each other before fighting the Night King. Some catharsis sounds a little nice lol
  3. Forest Lass

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I think his role is more than just fanservice at this point. It's possible he'll forge new VS weapons for the Great War, but I don't see how he'd have the skill to do so. Even if he was an apprentice for Tobho Mott. Maybe he'll inherit Storm's End, but this seems unlikely too considering his derision for highborns. And his lack of knowledge on how to rule a kingdom. It doesn't seem like something he'd want either, even though he's sort of proud of his parentage now. I think his role has more to do with Arya. Season 7 really seemed like it wanted to convey how the Stark girls are growing up, coming into their own and being more open to new things. Such as romance possibly? Not a lot of people seem to think there is room in Arya's arc for romance but I definitely believe it's a possibility. There are romantic undertones between them in the books that the show left out, for good reason considering Maisie was underage. It wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen on the show, it just makes a lot of sense to me. Arya and Gendry already know each other and have established a close friendship, even share trauma with each other. They have a smaller age difference then a lot of other pairings and aren't closely related by blood. We all know the show isn't the books, but if they were to both survive the war I don't see why they wouldn't link up
  4. Forest Lass

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Grand Maester Pycelle is in Episode V of Star Wars
  5. Forest Lass

    Want to have an avatar/user pic? Read this thread.

    I'm new here and I'm not seeing my avatar in my profile... my emails synced up to the gravatar I made though