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  1. Wight_wolf

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    I really want Jon to be tied to the daynes/dawn in some way. But I don’t thinks it’s too likely. My first read I was certain and still really hopeful he will become sword of the morning.
  2. A question I keep having any time I hear a theory about benjen knowing something important about Jon, is why was he at winterfell for the feast anyway? He is first ranger in the nights watch, having basically given up his family. I could believe they are more lenient these days, and would allow someone such as benjen to still have communication, but is it really as simple as that? Or do you think he had other motives for returning to winterfell at that time? sorry if this has been discussed already, just had it in my head and wanted other opinions.
  3. I believe the 7 kingdoms will rule themselves again. If there is one ruler/elected leader, I think it will be tyrion. Daenerys will never be queen in my opinion. Of course my theories change all the time, so who knows.
  4. Wight_wolf

    Best Targaryen Fighters past 300 years

    I agree with tptwp timmett, rhaegar, to me, never proved himself a warrior at all. And as far as defeating barristan and arthur dayne, they were kingsguard, sworn to keep the prince from harm. Why would they risk unhorsing him themselves? Rhaegar is way overrated. Just my thoughts
  5. Wight_wolf

    Did Rhaegar have dragon dreams?

    This is my understanding of Rhaegar also.
  6. Wight_wolf

    The Clinking of Coins

    My thoughts are it would just be more convenient to keep it the same. Would kinda be like changing our currency with each new president.
  7. I also believe rhaego's death was a coincidence, mirri maz durr had nothing to do with it. Targaryens have been known to have reptilian/disfigured babies in the past.
  8. My confession: I cant understand the obsession with daenerys, or targaryens in general. People get upset that the throne was taken from them, but how do you think aegon conquered westeros? Dany just seems like a terrible person to me, only concerned with her "birthright" and vengeance. Just my opinion.