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  1. Peyton10

    An Anti-Magic Conspiracy at the Citadel?

    I think GRRM was trying to portray how humans naturally try to deny magic and basically anything that they can’t wrap their heads around. The people of Westeros are scared of magic or magical beings like destructive dragons or brutal white walkers. Even though these magical things exist, the present citadel seems to enjoy being ignorant of such things and dismiss these reportings as false. Us readers has certainly witnessed the magic in this world. This is, after all, a fantasy novel, so magic is expected. Eventually the Maesters’ denial of magic will catch up to them. This is demonstrated by the growing threat of the White Walkers.
  2. Walder Frey is probably one of the characters in the series who has literally no honor and whose terms and promises are almost worthless. He likes to win and survive, subsequently gaining rewards from the Lannisters, for example one of the Freys gains control of Riverrun after hosting the Red Wedding. Walder Frey intentionality stays out of conflict until the point where he can finally completely sway the results. With Robb breaking his vow, it just made Walder Frey all the more happy to turn against him.