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  1. dragonlords

    Do D&D hate feminity?

    What I "place emphasis on" is altogether unimportant and was not the main argument. I only reverted back to this because apparently I "only" think Dany and co. are badass because they blow stuff up, which isn't true. I merely said men in scenes like these are also frequently thought of as badass, no more no less (e.g. Drogo's considered a badass for his fighting skills and killing all these men without ever being harmed himself, so I don't see the argument here; I'd say the same if Dany were a male character and from Targaryen history you can tell that many men were like this with their dragons so I don't understand what's upsetting about the writers having Dany do this as well!?). And not all strong female characters are like that either. Whether you like it or not, women were seen as property of men in the past and especially during wartime, rape was an everyday occurrence and in many cases men did with them as they pleased. Granted, we will never have exact numbers or anything from reality and it might all pale in comparison to how it is portrayed on the show. I don't agree with all the changes that have been made from the book either, but the way the show deals with issues such as these still feels realistic to me because that's just the setting and the context of this story we were given. Maybe I'm in the minority, but that's the way I personally see it.
  2. dragonlords

    Do D&D hate feminity?

    At the very least more realistic for women in that time than women having risen to an equal status as men, yes. Except for those in power positions of course, like queens or ladies (i.e. Cersei, Catelyn, etc.)But that wasn't even the point so much as that it was realistic for the setting that the GOT reality has. And I don't understand why so many people seem to have such a problem with this. And what's your point about burning stuff and so on? A lot of men are considered badass too because they're in scenes like these. Arya isn't physically strong but she's clever and a dancer after all. It's just a different style of fighting and obviously quite an effective one, as seen with Syrio and Jaqen.
  3. dragonlords

    Do D&D hate feminity?

    I am a woman, but I think that's a strange thing to ask in relation to the context of the story. ASOIAF has a very historical feel to it, like it could actually be part of medieval history and you wouldn't be surprised about the portrayal of women in that setting either. I'd find it very unrealistic to portray it any differently just because it's expected these days to show things in the most respectful way. It's just the way it is in that setting and that's okay, actually a lot more interesting than adhering to PC guidelines. I don't think that's anything you should hold against the writers. Besides, at the very least you have women in Brienne, Arya, Dany, Cersei, Olenna and more recently also Sansa that really kick ass so there's that.
  4. dragonlords

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I don't think the show went wrong anywhere. It's been established that, at this point, the novels are one thing and the show is another, especially since two volumes are still unpublished. The most common complaint I've heard about season 7 is pacing. The journey in previous seasons was great. It was elaborate and paid great attention to detailing every step of the way. But, fact is, we're approaching the end, have been since the past two seasons. Obviously, they'll have to speed things up and cut out travels and stuff, especially considering that the final seasons are shorter than 1-6. There isn't a lot of time left to wrap things up so at some point the show has to head down that road. Of course you notice a difference, but it didn't bother me personally. I understood some of the criticism "Beyond the Wall" got, but after closer examination I think a lot of it can be explained (like them not being killed because the army of the dead wanted a dragon to come close enough to them, or them probably waiting on that lake for at least a day or them not freezing to death because they had the flaming sword, etc). Yes, I think we can all agree that it was stupid of them to go there in the first place but, you know, life is full of errors, and the wall would have come down one way or another. What I don't understand are the "fan service" complaints. First people go, ugh the good guys never win and can never catch a break and then they get a few moments of victory and it's "fan service". I mean, how can you complain about the Lannister/Drogon battle? Jaime seeing the dragon for the first time was one of the coolest things on the show. I personally like the show more and more every time I see it, and definitely not any less after season 7 than back then after season 1 or 2 or 3.
  5. dragonlords

    The best of GOT music

    I agree about Light of the Seven, also Winds of Winter from where Daenerys sets sail to Westeros at the end of that episode. Winterfell is also amazing, love the intro before the Stark theme sets in.
  6. Unless episode 6 is strictly for showing what comes after the wars and how the story pans out for everyone, I see no reason why not both Cersei and the Night King should survive until the end and maybe both be defeated in the same episode. I'm guessing King's Landing will be the setting for the final battle, and it could very well become a clash of three parties. It's hard to say with only 6 episodes left because if either one of them gets killed off early it's probably gonna be about halfway through, if not earlier, which only amounts to like 3 episodes tops, which, again, doesn't seem like nearly enough to wrap up either of these two villains' arcs. But then again, I loved season 7, and I'm pretty certain I won't be disappointed by season 8 either.
  7. dragonlords

    The best of GOT music

    What do you guys think are the best musical pieces created for and/or used in the TV Show?