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    This is how I would've fixed the Ice and Fire meeting

    It would give Bran something to do for a start, and yes, they shared some scenes but they didn't talk about each other at all. There was one attempt at REAL bonding when Dany asked him about the knife in the heart but Jon shut her down. They didn't know anything about each other. The sex scenes basically came out of nowhere.
  2. So in the show, Jon and Dany's relationship seems rushed. Nothing really happened between those two in terms of bonding. So if you want it rushed, just make it a political alliance not "love at first sight" bullshit. So this is how i would've fixed it. - Have Bran influence Jon and Dany into meeting each other. For those who haven't read the books, Boodraven (The-Three-Eyed-Raved) supposedly wargs a NW raven and influences Jon's decisions. We could've had something like this happen to Jon in S7, Bran warging a raven or show him dreams of dragons destroying the White Walkers. or even show him Dany, how she saved the salves or smth like that. Same thing for Dany too, Bran could've done the same thing to her, show her dreams of White Walkers or Jon. He could've warged a raven or even a person. What do you guys think?