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  1. oakbloodthesap

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    for what tho? balon knew far to well what the starks had turned his son into. "most men would rather deny a hard truth then face it"( or something along that line ) if balon saw before hand what his son had become he would have had no choice but to disavow him this would mean braking the kin-slayer taboo one way or another ( wanting openly for his son to die ) this would have opened up the wound between Victorian and Euron one that would result in a civil war ( those loyal to Victorian against those loyal to Euron )
  2. oakbloodthesap

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    sorry not trying to derail but. Victorian's reaction to the measters complaint that some of the ironborn used him like a women was to offer him a 'dagger' "here's how to put a stop to it" when the measter declined to use the knife to protect himself or take revenge against the crew . Victorians reaction was something like then don't complain and get use to it. ( the difference being was kind enough to offer the measter a knife to defend himself rather then for example just tieing him over the rails and offering him to the crew ) as for Theon he was destined to return to the iron-islands after his father had died most likely at the head of a army to secure his throne and put down any claimants of a kings-moot. Euron, Asha, the damp-hair. ( no evidence of this just highly doubt that theon would be aloud to return home by himself ) Theon Greyjoy was basically a groomed tyrant-to-be. ( i doubt king robert would allow any kings-moot to elect a lord of the iron-island other then theon greyjoy )
  3. oakbloodthesap


    all characters can be reduce down to a single characteristic. the books does this itself "Ned is honorable", the only difference is it "strokes dead Ned dick" and the other is characterized as a "hate" thread ( to say otherwise ) sorry not quite following. the series as a whole forms a in universe character that apon review is shown to be overrated (opinions can differ). what is a out of universe character?
  4. oakbloodthesap


    what are some of the most over rated characters of asoiaf? ( in no particular order ) Jon Snow , Tywin Lannister , Tryion Lannister , Ned Stark and Stannis Baratheon, the hound and littelfinger reason = Mary sue, over exaggerated strategist, hypocritical drunk, not so honorable, delusional, whiny, relies on luck . also who do you guys think is the most over rated in asoiaf?
  5. oakbloodthesap

    What to ask GRRM?

    ask grrm if the "dept" that king Robert Beratheon had with the iron bank. was... 1 .. to show that the king was bad with money 2.. that Robert had pumped westeros economy with ( amount of dept here ) ( pumped into the economy ) 3.. to show that Ned was hording gold? ( something that well be found out latter ) ( Jon makes note that wherever Ayra is sent to she well need money to support herself ) -------------- why does Jamie lack any reaction to the fact that his father ordered the slaughter and rape of the people of kings landing of which he had just killed the mad king to protect ?( wild fire plot ) ------ what fucked him over more the five year gap or the Meereenese knot? -------- why does pyke a ironborn captain with his own ship and crew stay at the wall? why do the iron born who are said to belong to a land with 10,000 kings follow a king? what brings them together wouldn't a king be more beneficial to the "Greenlanders" ? do the coastal house's pay the Ironborn off? how did the Ironborn build so many ships ? why are they feared if they only had one victory ? ( burning of the Lanister fleet at Lannisport ) ? did the Ironborn pay tribute to the Targaryens ? ( the same or more ) ---
  6. oakbloodthesap

    How aware is Sansa of Jeyne Poole (TWoW spoilers included)

    true she may not directly blame her for her rape and torture at the hands of Ramsey, "training" at the hands of little finger, however like arya stark she might view her as 'part of' in the same light as the real arya starks list. ( but fake arya doesn't have 'needle' or she doesn't have the drive to seek personal vengeance the way the real ayra stark does, true however she now has two things. power as the last living stark and opportunity she would never have other wise ) it would fit in with g.r.r.m's narrative of half-truths. that being said Chekhov's gun? she did survive the purge. yes to be sold off to the boltons but why. to paint little finger as evil dany could have run into her in the slave city of meereen for the same effect. why north, why the boltons when the lannister's didn't have to give the boltons anything, why have her survive Ramsey she could have easily ended up in one of his 'hunts', to be burned alive at the wall? so the red witch wouldn't be able to tell she doesn't have any kings blood and even so the last living stark to be burned alive at the stack to what bring back some bastered boy of ned stark. ( which would destroy any rallying cry behind the stark banner not to mention no northerner would join them afterword. why have her survive the escape from winter-fell but to tell the tale ) ( also as the last living stark the north would rally behind her to retake the north from the boltons word of which would reach the vale and sansa )
  7. oakbloodthesap

    How aware is Sansa of Jeyne Poole (TWoW spoilers included)

    correct little finger, Ramsey, the Lannisters, Sansa stark as a direct quote? no look at it through her point of view after witnessing the lannisters, massacure the northmen, she hides only to have her door smashed in by the hound where she is taken to sansa in the maiden tower, " they're killing everyone" is the first thing she screams when they throw her in confinement with sansa. sansa for her part is a on off again emotion crying one moment to geting tired of jeyne constant sobbing about her father. ( in the spaine of two days ) throwing out some half hearted "im certain your father is well" and "i'll ask the queen to let you see him" jeyne in response " but the other girl just looked at her with red, swollen eyes and began to cry all the harder" it should be noted that sansa remarks of the endless sobbing of jeyne poole " the only sounds were jeyne poole's endless whimpers and sobs" and knowing sansa she more then likely didn't hide her annoyance of jeyne sobbing, ok so i just reread the sansa chapter so i was wrong she doesn't read a book during the purge she and jeyne cry and fall asleep in each other arms on the bed " like sisters" however the last time jeyne see's sansa stark she is frendly and courtesies with ser boros " you look vary handsome and splendid this morning, ser boros" this is after they come for sansa to take her to the queen. unfortunitly this undoes most of the theory however this isn't the only time jeyne witness how cold sansa is. during the tournament of the hand knight of the vale is killed in-front of her and well jeyne is panicing sansa is uneffected simple staring at the man that is dieing. ( actually when sir boros and the guardsmen come for sansa stark jeyne isn't mentioned so she may or may not have heard sansa friendly demeanor more over this can be looked at as the first time sansa starks cognitive dissonance appears ( when she and jeyne are in the tower ) add that with grrm statement that sansa is a unreliable narrative and that whole in each others arms like sisters might be a disillusion. ok to salvage this jeynes insights into the events of what transpired before ,during and after might paint sansa in a different light then what she her self believes what happened. leading others to question her loyalty to her father and name. game of thrones page 543-546 Sansa
  8. oakbloodthesap

    How aware is Sansa of Jeyne Poole (TWoW spoilers included)

    who do you think she might hold responsible for her torment, after all it wasn't long till sansa got annoyed by her crying. that led to her being given to littelfinger. and now that she is free many well ask what happened, i doubt she has forgotten.
  9. oakbloodthesap

    The mystery of Robb’s letter

    to Theon greyjoy asking why he betrayed him , burns the letter after words. to the karstarks explaining why there lord father was executed, demanding they return to the fight, threatening them, demanding hostages, burns the letter warning roose bolton of the pending danger of house karstark host, and weather or not to spare the hair , threatening the freys to return to the war a last attempt at getting aid from his aunt and her vale army, and or letting them escape throw the mountains and take passage to white harbor in order to retake the north to king joffery sueing for peace.. burns the letter to the frogmen's lord of the neck explaining what he needs / plain of attack ext to dorn to seek aid..burns the letter to his wifes father asking forgiveness for beding and weding his daughter with out his approval. burns the letter to Jon snow ordering him to raise a host from what he can and drive the ironborn out of the north in his name his kings name in his fathers name . burns the later afterword i always thought it was a letter to theon greyjoy that he a couldn't find the words or didn't think it would matter soon.
  10. oakbloodthesap

    How aware is Sansa of Jeyne Poole (TWoW spoilers included)

    This brings up a point that Im surprised hasn't been made. What well jeyne poole say of sansa stark now that she is free, remember that her last encounter with sansa was after the 'purge' and that while she was crying and asking for her father, sansa was sitting quietly reading a book by the fire ( how does that look to someone that witnessed the killing of the stark house hold ) this I think well ruin sansa stark when word spreads of her cold behavior (icey )..Betrayal of house stark, and if jeyne is sent to bravos this side of events might spark Arya Starks return to westeros to hunt for her sister ( combine that with word of Jon snows assassination )( the designing factor in leaving the order, regaining the identity of Arya stark.) but to answer the op question this might be another example of Sansa stark cognitive dissonance. (so yes & no)