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    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    ..............According to free folk legend, Lord Brandon Stark, the liege of the north, once called Bael (The King beyond the Wall) a coward. To take revenge for this affront and prove his courage, Bael climbed the Wall, took the kingsroad, and entered Winterfell under the guise of a singer named Sygerrik of Skagos. Impressed by his skills as a singer, Lord Stark asked Bael what he wanted as a reward, but he requested only the most beautiful flower blooming in Winterfell's gardens. As the blue winter roses were just blooming, Brandon Stark presented him with one. The following morning, the maiden daughter of Lord Stark had disappeared, his only child, and in her bed was the blue winter rose. Lord Brandon sent the members of the Night's Watch looking for them beyond the Wall, but they never found Bael or the girl. The Stark line was on the verge of extinction, when one day the girl was back in her room, holding in her arms an infant: they had actually never left Winterfell, staying hidden in the crypts. Bael's bastard with Brandon's daughter became the new Lord Stark. Thats how the Stark line continued, by a bastard child from the King Beyond the Wall, says the legend.... The first time Jon Snow meets Ygritte in A Clash of Kings, chapter 51, she tells him the story of Bael the Bard and the Blue Winter Rose: “North or south, singers always find a ready welcome, so Bael ate at Lord Stark’s own table, and played for the lord in his high seat until half the night was gone. The old songs he played, and new ones he’d made himself, and he played and sang so well that when he was done, the lord offered to let him name his own reward. ‘All I ask is a flower,’ Bael answered, 'the fairest flower that blooms in the gardens o’ Winterfell.’ "Now as it happened the winter roses had only then come into bloom, and no flower is so rare nor precious. So the Stark sent to his glass gardens and commanded that the most beautiful o’ the winter roses be plucked for the singer’s payment. And so it was done. But when morning come, the singer had vanished … and so had Lord Brandon’s maiden daughter. Her bed they found empty, but for the pale blue rose that Bael had left on the pillow where her head had lain.” (Jon VI - A Clash of Kings) Right next, in the following chapter 52, Sansa has her first flowering. Thats the chapter where Sansa gets her first period and is finally fit to bear children to the king. “The blood is the seal of your womanhood. Lady Catelyn might have prepared you. You’ve had your first flowering, no more.” Sansa had never felt less flowery. “My lady mother told me, but I… I thought it would be different.”“Different how?”“I don’t know. Less… less messy, and more magical.” Queen Cersei laughed. "Wait until you birth a child, Sansa. A woman’s life is nine parts mess to one part magic, you’ll learn that soon enough… and the parts that look like magic often turn out to be messiest of all.” She took a sip of milk. “So now you are a woman. Do you have the least idea of what that means?” “It means that I am now fit to be wedded and bedded,” said Sansa, “and to bear children for the king.” ……. Do you want to be loved, Sansa?“ "Everyone wants to be loved.” “I see flowering hasn’t made you any brighter,” said Cersei. “Sansa, permit me to share a bit of womanly wisdom with you on this very special day. Love is poison. A sweet poison, yes, but it will kill you all the same.” (Sansa IV - A Clash of Kings) In the end of chapter Cersei warns Sansa about love and how dangerous it can be. The following chapter of the book is also JON VII. George really wanted us to picture Jon, Sansa and the Blue Winter Rose tale all together. Now, by the end of season 8, we have Jon Snow, marching North to stay with the Wildlings and be the King Beyond the Wall and we also have Sansa, the only Stark daughter left in Winterfell. Her only brother left cant father children, This is pretty much a repeat of the events that were told in the Song Bael and the Bard. So I would not be surprised if Jon and Sansa do have an an afair and she gives birth to a bastard child. This theory of Jon and Sansa upset a lot of people in the fandom, but I dont think all this foreshadow is just coincidence.
  2. Juligen

    Red Flags: Dany = Meereen Nobles

    There are several red flags, wayy from book 1. Daenerys is furious at Mirri for killing Drogo and her child, yet never realize that her desire to conquer Westeros was the reason hundreds of women in the Nazare village lost their husbands and children. She has a blind spot for the pain her actions cause to people. Sometimes she can only see the pain caused by other monsters.
  3. Yes, she should have it. For her family an the future of her dinasty, letting Jon take the Throne would be the best decision, but Daenerys would never do such thing. I know that a lot of people here in this tread believes that the easiest answer would be a marriage alliance between Jon and Dany, but this idea would be a disaster and in the end, also bring House Targaryen to an end. If you believe Dany would sit in the Throne and rule happily Westeros for years to come you havent payed attention to her character at all, she is a conqueror, tahts what excites her. Its the war, the battles, the violence, she has a lot of Robert Baratheon on her. Dany would be bored to death after 6 months on the Throne. She was already planning to force the entire realm (to Winterfell to Dorne) into submission and once this was done, she would move on to the next target. Jon Snow would be stucked as a consort king to a barren women, who plns to conquer the world. Thats not what Jon Snow wants at all, he wants peace, he doesnt want to fight war after war; he wants a home and a family. He would probable kill himself after a few years as Dany puppet. For me, the best ending would have been Dany realizing no one wanted her in Westeros and that Essos was always her home. Going back there to continue her conquering mission and leaving her nephew on Westeros to rule the kingdom. Jon could marry a high born lady and have children in order to continue his line. I still believe Jon and Sansa were the best match for this ending. She would be a great queen for him. We would have two Targaryens ruling the world. But I guess, this would be too perfect.
  4. Juligen

    What was the point of r+l=j

    Maybe the point was always make Daenerys more paranoic, and it was us, who made the mistake of imagining all the other possibilities.
  5. Juligen


    wow, thats a very interesting comment.
  6. to make up for this mess, George better have Tyrion eaten by wolves. Hand of the king, after bringing the Mad king's daughter to Westeros is a fucking joke. I am still hopefull for WINDS, lets see what happens
  7. oh boy. they are cousins. its ok on westeros.
  8. BTW, if this is George ending, I am trully lost for words and I am not sure if I want to read the rest of the books. Lets see it. BRAN KING - I am sorry, why would the Iron Islands follow Bran as King??? or the Reach? Or Dorne?? or all the other kingdoms? He is no hero, has no charisma, no armies or dragons. Am I supposed to just accept this? TYRION HAND OF THE KING - Should I just forget he is kinslayer??? wich is a pretty big deal in Westeros? He is the reason House Lannister is falling into pieces after kiling Tywin. The Westerlands probably despise him for making their kingdom weaker. He was the one who brought the Mad king daughter to Westeros and its also a traitor (giving Varys to Daenerys) WTF IS THIS?? JON IS SENT TO THE WALL - The fucking hero who saved th realm from a tyrant who wanted to burn people alive??? he is the only one punished??? THE NORTH GETS INDEPENDENCE, BUT NO ONE ELSE- Yet, no other kingdom wants to be independent too??????what?? Why would Yara Greyjoy bend the knee to Brandon Stark???????? WHY THERE IS STILL A WALL???? - why?????????? I was speechless after the finale. I had no words. This makes no sense. If the books ends like these, it will be a big dissapoitment.
  9. Juligen


    I change my mind, thats easy. I am not gonna say I like the ending. But if this what George wants as his final story than there it is.
  10. Juligen

    The Queen of Ashes foreshadowing

    I told you they planted the seeds since season 1.
  11. Juligen

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Did Daenerys really threatened Sansa in front of Jon Snow ? not only once but twice?? And told Jon that Sansa needs to start treating her as a queen??? I was bafled, she really is going crazy isnt? I thought it would take more episodes but she is going crazy in the first epsiode.
  12. tell me about it. Daenerys the victim is just insanity. She is the monster of the story.
  13. Juligen

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    hummm, I am still on reddit.
  14. Juligen

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Yes, we do believe it. Its in the books and you will see it in season 8. Since book 1 George has bene telling us that not only they will get married they will be king and queen.
  15. Juligen

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    LOL, of course SHE will say this. Its called propaganda. The truth is that Westeros bend the knee to House Taragryen and in return, the Targaryens promised to be fair and just rulers, which IT DID NOT HAPPEN. It was them who broke their promises. The Targaryens may be great conqueros but they are a disaster as rulers. They last two centuries with dragons, ruling by fear and terror, the momment the dragons were gone they lost the control of the Kingdom. The Starks have been ruling the North for 8 thousands years; House Lannister ruled the Westerlands for also thousands of years. They dont need dragons. Daenerys stroyline in Essos is a mirror for this. She was able to conquer as long as she had dragons, as soon as she decided to lock them and actually rule as a regular queen, she started to lose control of Meereen. Its only after she releases the beats again that she is able to find some peace. But that only shows what disaster as a ruler she is.