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  1. to make up for this mess, George better have Tyrion eaten by wolves. Hand of the king, after bringing the Mad king's daughter to Westeros is a fucking joke. I am still hopefull for WINDS, lets see what happens
  2. oh boy. they are cousins. its ok on westeros.
  3. BTW, if this is George ending, I am trully lost for words and I am not sure if I want to read the rest of the books. Lets see it. BRAN KING - I am sorry, why would the Iron Islands follow Bran as King??? or the Reach? Or Dorne?? or all the other kingdoms? He is no hero, has no charisma, no armies or dragons. Am I supposed to just accept this? TYRION HAND OF THE KING - Should I just forget he is kinslayer??? wich is a pretty big deal in Westeros? He is the reason House Lannister is falling into pieces after kiling Tywin. The Westerlands probably despise him for making their kingdom weaker. He was the one who brought the Mad king daughter to Westeros and its also a traitor (giving Varys to Daenerys) WTF IS THIS?? JON IS SENT TO THE WALL - The fucking hero who saved th realm from a tyrant who wanted to burn people alive??? he is the only one punished??? THE NORTH GETS INDEPENDENCE, BUT NO ONE ELSE- Yet, no other kingdom wants to be independent too??????what?? Why would Yara Greyjoy bend the knee to Brandon Stark???????? WHY THERE IS STILL A WALL???? - why?????????? I was speechless after the finale. I had no words. This makes no sense. If the books ends like these, it will be a big dissapoitment.
  4. Did Daenerys really threatened Sansa in front of Jon Snow ? not only once but twice?? And told Jon that Sansa needs to start treating her as a queen??? I was bafled, she really is going crazy isnt? I thought it would take more episodes but she is going crazy in the first epsiode.
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