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  1. @Ran Did you just confirm that Sam is back at the Wall?
  2. He might be able to meet the Halloween deadline after all!
  3. He made a couple of updates this summer. He talked about chapters he wrote, and his progress.
  4. Doesn't it take months to create a cover? I thought they had one then!
  5. @Werthead You are my go to for publishing questions. We know that GRRM's publishers were gearing for a 2015/16 pub date for TWOW. We know about the Halloween and New Year's deadlines. So, since the publishers were gearing for that deadline, we can assume that they were working from their ends to achieve it as well as GRRM. My question is do we know of the cover they were planning to use? Who made it?
  6. Does this hints at a huge book? After nine years of writing, and currently he's on roll (6 chapters within a month), does the long long hint at a long long book? Food for thoughts!
  7. What is your recommendation for reading both books? There is an overlap between both book. So, should I read F&B and skip the reign of the dragons up to Aegon III in WoIaF. Or must I read WoIaF or miss something important?
  8. How much time do you think will be covered in TWOW?
  9. The Prophet was in AFFC probably you ment a different chapter
  10. I hope you are wrong. I hope we get completed arcs rather than a number of pages they can print.
  11. Are Tyrion and Ser Barristan back in Westeros? GRRM said: He did said "Westeros" not "Westeros and Essos." Are we done with Slaver's Bay?
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