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  1. It started last April. He was replying to winds comments, albeit sourly. But, during world con he was more positive. This likely means he moved from another knot similar to the Meereenese Knot. And @Ran stated that GRRM was writing winds in April. It all fits together. Winds in nigh.
  2. Apparently F&B reignited him. He's no longer in a slump. @Ran Isn't that the case?
  3. I read it as if it will be after the show. I guess he'll announce the book around S8 (maybe a 2-3 weeks before it starts, or just after the last episode), and 4-5 months later we'll get the book. *fingers crossed*
  4. Looks like the book is coming after season 8.
  5. I don't know why, but I think you know something good is coming soon.
  6. I hope the cabin helps him finish.
  7. Wait. What happened to the DOS computer that he cannot work without? Strange! I thought he does not like laptops! Now I'm more hopeful that winds is coming.
  8. Would you care to elaborate? Do you mean new content or rewrite?
  9. Quaithe from Asshai

    WSJ: GRRM writes seven days a week, six during football season

    By this time next year we would've read TWOW and we'll be speculating about ADOS That's how I read this interview
  10. TBH I think he meant that he is editing TWOW. With all of the rumors of cover art and translations, I think he's done with the plot.
  11. Apparently its coming next year not 2020 https://winteriscoming.net/2018/08/22/chinese-source-claims-winds-of-winter-could-be-released-in-2019/
  12. Quaithe from Asshai

    SF in SF interview

    Here is a recording of the SF in SF interview http://joannalannister.tumblr.com/post/177040612806/if-you-want-to-listen-to-the-audio-from-grrm-at
  13. Quaithe from Asshai

    Dark Sister

    Is there a video or a recording of that event?
  14. He never said 2019, he said 2016! I asked him if Winds will be out before or after the next WorldCon. My comment did not appear, and the comment section is now closed. I guess he doesn't want to answer that. I guess he might be following up the arcs of most of the characters. I guess he changed his plans. Years ago he said a lot of the characters would die in Winds. TBH not all of the deaths in the earlier books were emotionally impactful, Arys and Quentyn for instance. I guess he'll add more "filler" to develop the characters before killing them in the last book.
  15. It doesn't look like Winds will be out next year after all.... GRRM was asked if he has any scheduled readings in the future and he replied: If he thinks he might be reading from WINDS next August, that's pretty much scraps my hope that the book is nearly done Source: http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2018/08/06/worldcon-time/