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  1. Ser Arthur Brightflower

    Dawn and Jon

    So the hot gos around Westeros used to be the little baby Jon-Jon was the son of Ned and Ashara. If this is what the wide majority of people believe, do you think it is likely that he will be embraced as half-Dayne leading him to wield Dawn before finding out his true(?) parentage?
  2. Ser Arthur Brightflower

    Cersei will know about Aegon

    I think Cersei is going to know that Aegon is in fact Faegon. How she’ll use this to her advantage idk, but we’ve already seen that she makes wild assumptions about appearance (see Aurane Waters) and she will correctly assume wildly he isn’t rhaegar’s son.
  3. Ser Arthur Brightflower

    The Prince of Dorne (no leaks)

    Who do we think it is? I honestly have no idea, but why bring him up and quickly brush him off if he isn’t going to play a role.