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  1. The South Forgets

    Meereen and the Great Skahazadhan

    1)Giant Pyramids of Giza 2)The Rhoyne. Gotta love water magic
  2. The South Forgets

    How big is an endorsement for a book by GRRM for you?

    Have you read the wildcards?
  3. The South Forgets

    No fleet at all after Brandon the Burner??

    Fanon. Isn't the Neck something like a 100 miles across?. Also, the terrain would be not conducive for any sort of construction. And Westeros hasn't got modern technology.
  4. The South Forgets

    Why is the North talked about as if its impossible to invade ?

    Nice name! Seriously, if somebody wants to take the North, they're gonna have to be bigger than the Iron Islands
  5. The South Forgets

    Fat Walda's Future

    This isn't the show, show!Ramsay is an evil badass, book!Ramsay is an evil idiot, almost cartoonish. I don't see him surviving the Battle of Ice
  6. The South Forgets

    Why is the North talked about as if its impossible to invade ?

    IMO, a Roman level of logistics and organisation would be required to conquer the North. I don't think we've seen any army establish a supply line, armies in Westeros tend to live off the land, except in small cases( Ryman Frey in the siege of Riverrun) . And that's not counting the inevitable insurgency following the conquest. And when winter comes, well,....
  7. But he was. It's just that a lordship is a greater title than knighthood, so he assumes the title of a lord, the same way Jaime is referred to as Lord Jaime, not Ser Jaime
  8. The South Forgets

    Its not gonna be a rescue mission prologue

    2 is a rather small dataset for any inferences. Now if only we had 50 ASOIAF books....
  9. Most lords south of the Neck are knights also, therefore we see them knighting other people. IMO, only knights can knight other people
  10. The South Forgets

    Secret Targ - possibly crackpot

    You forgot the tinfoil that Lysa killed Jon Arryn
  11. The South Forgets

    Word Association Game Vol. VI

  12. GRRM would be forced to rewrite the story from ACOK, and the slim hope of ADOS seeing the light of the day will be lost
  13. Do highborn brides take on the house name of their husband in Westeros? We see Catelyn and Lysa being alternatively being referred as Tully and Stark/Arryn, Elia Martell, Margaery Tyrell, and Cersei Lannister retaining their maiden names, and Barbrey Ryswell and Alerie Hightower being known as Dustin and Tyrell respectively
  14. The South Forgets

    defensive robb stark

    Not sure how he would feed his army
  15. The South Forgets

    Your Top 3 "to murder" list

    Littlefinger- because he is Littlefinger Cersei & Joffrey- to give Robert a decent heir, Tommen. This also prevents Cersei from spoiling Tommen as she did Joffrey