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  1. FictionIsntReal

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    I the poison not having enough time to dissolve makes a bit more sense, but Cressen doesn't seem to think that was the case. Milk must come out of some animal's teats, and those aren't large faucets through which a big chunk of solid matter could easily pass. The production of milk and said teats evolved concurrently.
  2. Melisandre seems to disagree: She is blurring the difference between the original Azor Ahai and the "reborn" one, but she still calls his sword Lightbringer like the old one.
  3. We don't know precisely where Edric is, or who is currently at Starfall. We know he was previously with the Brotherhood Without Banners under Beric, but is not with them now that Lady Stoneheart is leading them. Anguy is also missing, and as he's from the Dornish marches of the Stormlands like Beric, that does suggest a possible direction for them both to be heading after leaving Stoneheart's group. The name "Dawn" seems significant to me in contrast to the Long Night, as does the "Sword of the Morning" title. The sword is supposed to be ancient, as was the Long Night. It's supposed to be made from a falling star, and we know that a comet is tied into some Azor Ahai prophecy. It doesn't sound like Lightbringer, as Beric's flaming sword fits that description better. But of the non-mythical swords in this series, it does seem to stand out as the most unusual and likely to be tied into the larger mythology.
  4. FictionIsntReal

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    A chemical solution typically permeates the entire liquid. Even a colloidal suspension like milk is fairly homogenous throughout. A poison that quickly settles into a precipitate doesn't sound like a very good poison to be used in that particular solvent. Magic is real in this book series. Melisandre killed a skinchanged bird with fire, and sent a shadowbaby which killed Renly.
  5. FictionIsntReal

    R+L=J v.166

    Rather than saying Lyanna wasn't important, I would say it's mostly that Jon is perceived as unimportant. Bastards don't have noble surnames, hence putting them beneath the notice of the nobility. Robert was effectively the figurehead of the rebellion, and after those marriages came the Trident with his men fighting for him as king rather than just an aggrieved lord. The new king-to-be would be the most eligible bachelor on the rebel side and would definitely be made part of a marital alliance if it were feasible. In Eddard VII Robert recalls that he didn't want to marry after Lyanna's death, but that Jon Arryn then suggested marrying Cersei. During the year Robert was crowned Arryn had been busy pacifying Dorne, and announcing a betrothal in the middle of that would have made things more difficult. Jon cited the necessity of having an heir should Viserys try to take the throne, and Oberyn had been trying to rally men to Viserys prior to Jon going to Dorne. The absence of Arthur and his fellow kingsguards at the Tower from battle was noted during the war. It's a matter of historical record that the other kingsguard save Jaime were at the Trident, and of them only Barristan survived. The fact that Ned told Bran is relevant because Ned has kept his children from hearing about much of that history, like the Harrenhall tourney and of Ashara Dayne. The fight with Arthur isn't some secret that Ned told Bran to keep in confidence, it's relevant to the ongoing relationship between houses Stark and Reed. The "single combat" bit is incorrect, as Ned told Bran Howland Reed's intervention saved him. That part is the "rumor", and if you examine the section you quoted from Yandel, he first states that Arthur's death alongside his brothers as fact and then characterizes the single combat with Ned as rumored. Ned does speak of it, he told Bran about Arthur nearly killing him. And if you're willing to treat Ned's delivery of Dawn to Starfall as historical fact, why not the deaths of Arthur and his kingsguard brothers? Do you think Ned showed up with the sword and said "Don't ask me how I got it, or what's up with Arthur"? The deaths of all three kingsguard is treated as historical fact. It's just the single combat which is a rumor. You have to dismiss parts of the text as "error" because it doesn't fit your interpretation. I go with the interpretation which is actually consistent with all the text. I can make up any theory I want if I ignore enough of the text. That's not a quote of what Ned Stark said, that's her telling "Reek" the things important to her. She doesn't care about the other men who died. There were nobility among those men and their families would all insist on knowing what happened to them. Homicide is considered the most reliable crime statistic today because it's so much harder to ignore a body or missing person than most things. If someone's death does go under the radar, it's typically because they're lower-class and thus considered relatively unimportant. The nobility are the important people in Westeros. Cairns are built specifically to mark a place in a visible manner; Renly's grave does not have one because Loras wanted to keep their shared spot private.
  6. FictionIsntReal

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    The poison doesn't sound that effective if its potency mostly lies in the dregs.
  7. FictionIsntReal

    f/Aegon's Fate, Reborn

    The Golden Company isn't going to permit him to put their conquest at risk of losing via a single trial by combat. I doubt even Young Griff thinks of himself as the best combatant available to him.
  8. Who's the tall warrior with blue eyes traveling with Edric and Dawn?
  9. FictionIsntReal

    Is House Blackfyre really extinct on the male line?

    There are no "supposed children of Aegor". GRRM was asked about them and responded that he didn't think Aegor had any.
  10. FictionIsntReal

    R+L=J v.166

    Brandon was reckless and quick to confront Rhaegar, but that was based on something he saw himself rather than the word of someone who just challenged him to a duel and lost. Cat herself thinks that the captain of the ship that brought her over spilled the beans, since he recommended the inn where she was found. When she announced she was going to give a silver stag to all his men, he tried to get her to give it to him so he could "hold" it for them until they returned to Tyrosh and could give it to their families rather than wasting it at dice, so she figures he tried to get his coin another way. Gerold Hightower was Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, so his personal connections to the two Kingsguard with Rhaegar may have helped him. We also don't know that they were all at the tower at that point in time, or if they moved there later, as corbon pointed out. I really don't think there was a maester there because the Citadel has a monopoly on them and they decide on all the assignments. You can't just hire a random peasant, like Wylla the wetnurse. The only named daughter of Daemon was Calla, who was married to Bittersteel. According to GRRM, Bittersteel had no children. Varys being born into slavery just moves the question up a generation. How close are the main line of Blackfyres to his branch if they've permitted his mother to be a slave? Would they accept someone born into slavery as a Blackfyre, or take any claims to such descent as big talk from someone of the lowest birth? I find the argument that there was a wetnurse there plausible. Jon had to feed on something. I disagree that nobody would remember Lyanna. The Starks are one of the most important families in Westeros, she's their only daughter, and she's betrothed to another Lord Paramount. That war developed into something much bigger, but people remembered. That's why Robert didn't have to get married when Ned and Jon Arryn did. The reveal of her death is what resulted in Robert marrying Cersei. Lyanna would be remembered alongside her father and older brother as casualties of the Targaryens. People appear to remember Ashara Dayne having some connection to Ned Stark, and she's far less important to the rebellion than Lyanna. As noted, Robert's eligibility to marry was very much a public matter. The reveal of Lyanna's death was important news, although Ned certainly had leeway in exactly what he let out. It's not just a rumor. Ned has told Bran about fighting Arthur, and how Howland Reed saved his life. On the other hand, Ned hasn't told Bran about the Harrenhall tourney that Howland attended where he first met Ned, even though that's common knowledge. It would not be a "mistake" for Barristan to write about Eddard killing Arthur, it's common knowledge. And it is in the World of Ice and Fire, attributed to maester Yandel. Ned also built cairns around the tower for the men who fought and died there. Barbrey Dustin certainly knows about them due to her late husband occupying one of them.
  11. FictionIsntReal

    R+L=J v.166

    The theory about Littlefinger doesn't sound plausible. How did Littlefinger come to know about it before Brandon, and why would Brandon pay attention to what Littlefinger told him? Varys has spies, but they're concentrated in King's Landing, although he also has Illyrio's network in Pentos. Even then, it appears he didn't know about the wildfire beneath King's Landing. We've gotten no indication that there was a maester at the Tower of Joy either. Maesters are sent by the citadel to castles where noble families reside. The Tower appears to have been something on a smaller scale which was not intended for anyone's permanent habitation. Varys took care to ferret Gendry out of King's Landing, and he's indisputably a bastard without a real claim to the throne. He's been keeping tabs on Viserys and Daenerys for a while, as they're part of his plot. He claims to have smuggled Aegon out of the city, as he would later do for Gendry. If he knew that Jon was Rhaegar's son, that would definitely seem like a loose thread he wouldn't want to leave to chance. One problem I have with theories that Varys is a Blackfyre: if the Blackfyres are still around and plotting to take the throne, why would they permit one of their own to be sold into slavery and castrated? They've lost so many male descendants of Daemon that his line died out, you'd think they'd be more careful with him. And if Varys' family did sell him into slavery, why would he grow up to be loyal to them?
  12. FictionIsntReal

    R+L=J v.166

    Littlefinger was basically a kid recuperating in the Fingers when this was happening. He has a number of people working for him now, but there's no reason to believe the few people likely to know are among them. Even Varys I'd be skeptical about. We catch a couple of instances in which he says what he really thinks, and while Targaryen succession is important to both he gives no indication of interest in Jon Snow.
  13. FictionIsntReal

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    Ned was too late. She died because of Rhaegar, despite Robert having already killed him. The conflict started with Rhaegar's abduction of Lyanna. Viewed along that lens, Brandon and Rickard failed to obtain justice for her, and everyone who fought in their name after them also failed to correct the wrong that was done, even if Aerys and Rhaegar received punishment one way or another. Robert doesn't feel like he won, so by his logic Rhaegar must have.
  14. FictionIsntReal

    The whole "Tower of Joy" story is flawed

    Brandon is yelling for Rhaegar to come out and die. He's not acting like he's simply ensuring that a family alliance is adhered to. And it's not the case that a noble family regards the man alone as being responsible for an affair and broken betrothal, her father would seek to harshly discipline Lyanna for doing such a thing. I think it is something like that, in a sense that I'll elaborate on below. Robert contrasts the absence of Lyanna with the presence of Cersei. He and Cersei don't love each other, but as a married couple they have each other whether they want that or not. Lyanna is dead as a result of Rhaegar's actions, so by similar logic Rhaegar has her whether Lyanna would want that or not.
  15. FictionIsntReal

    How did the Starks aquire the sword ICE?

    There have been multiple swords named Ice.