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  1. I stand corrected, aside from Bittersteel having good reasons for revenge my point is still valid. If they would have kept Bittersteel a captive like Daemon II he might have suffered from some "untimely" death as well.
  2. Well Aerys didn't execute or imprison him. Considering the options for a man like Bittersteel, a traitor who rebelled against the throne three times, the wall was the worst possible choice. Maybe Aerys plainly didn't care what happened to him as long as he didn't have him around Kings Landing.
  3. He could've kept him hostage as Bloodraven did with Daemon II who later died. Could there be other reasons than convenience of the story leading to future blackfyre rebellions? Did Aerys for some reason want him to escape?
  4. Read the topic again please
  5. He had him right there, why did he spare his life? Sure, killing him might not have prevented the Ninepenny war but seriously come on? He was like a thrice timed traitor? At least throw him in the dungeons if it's kinslaying he was worried about, instead of sending him half across the realm waiting for the right opportunity to escape, which he eventually did.
  6. SerClout

    Was Aerion Brightflame really mad?

    He was not smearing-yourself-with-feces crazy, but yeah psychotic to some degree.
  7. Reminds me of that chapter when Davos is present with Robett Glover and Wyman Manderly while about Ramsay's deeds they are wondering if a Snow ever was so black. But yeah you can always find that dude who's worse and over the top.