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  1. Unacosamedarisa

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    Have Joffrey, or Tommen later, or the High Septon, alter the laws/rules and allow Jaime to stand down from the King’s Guard, or to bend the rules and permit Jaime to take a wife while remaining a member of the KG. He didn’t act upon it while Joffrey was King because Jaime was in captivity and away from KL throughout Joffrey’s reign... but he broached the subject with Jaime as soon as he returned to KL. Tywin got mad at Cersei for dismissing Barristan because he didn’t need Barristan as an heir... Barristan would better serve the Lannister cause as an honourable and distinguished member of the KG serving a Lannister king.
  2. Unacosamedarisa

    Who killed Jon Arryn?

    It was Lysa, on the instructions of Littlefinger. Here’s what she says in ASOS before taking a trip through the Moondoor... As to what Varys tells Ned in AGoT, this is the quote... Apart from the last part, about him looking gallant in his armour, that could be a description of LF... it was Jon Arryn who gave LF status in the Vale first, and then brought Him to King’s Landing and helped him rise to Master of Coin. Varys can’t just come straight out and say it was LF, he doesn’t know who could be listening, but he’s trying to give Ned enough of a hint to start looking in LF’s direction. Either that, or it actually was Ser Hugh who did it, at the behest of Lysa, in return for his Knighthood.
  3. Just to add to what everyone else has said, there’s this from Littlefinger in ASOS... Also, the way I see it is, if the honourable Ned Stark is admitting or claiming to have a bastard, people are going to take it as the truth... otherwise why would he lie about it and besmirch his own honour?
  4. I think we can all agree that the man in the cave, that Bran and the rest meet, is Bloodraven... he’s called Brynden, the birthmark, being a brother of the Watch, thousand eyes and one etc. The ADwD appendix describes him thus... So, Bloodraven is the Brynden in the cave, and the Brynden in the cave is the Three-eyed Crow.
  5. Copper is for History. Bronze is for Astronomy. Silver is for Medicine. Gold is for Money and Accounting. Iron is for the study of War. Black iron is for Ravenry. Valyrian Steel is for the Higher Mysteries. The Citadel has 21 Archmaesters however, so the above list is far from complete.
  6. Unacosamedarisa

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Also, which map? The map in my copy of AGoT has Harrenhal directly on the banks of the Gods Eye... Hell, the dot for Harrenhal is 90% in the lake. Also, it's called the "God's Eye" on the map... it's only ever called that once, in an Arya chapter, and called "Gods Eye" (no apostrophe) every other time. https://atlasoficeandfireblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/agot-original-north-map.png Later maps show a small distance between the Harrenhal dot and the Gods Eye, but for me that's just a stylistic choice to keep the dots for locations away from the lines for roads and rivers etc.. My AFfC map shows the same distance, if not more, between the two dots used to represent the two castles of the Twins... but, the Twins aren't 25 miles apart from each other. It's done so we can see the two castles, one on either side of the river. You can see it in the map above... there's a small distance between the two dots for the Twins. Similarly, in later maps, Harrenhal's dot isn't overlapping the Gods Eye, but that doesn't mean that it's not directly on the banks of the lake... it's just given a little space to make it clearly separated from the lake.
  7. Unacosamedarisa

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    I'll take the text over the map.
  8. Unacosamedarisa

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Is there a source for that? I don't think there's anything absolute to point to Harrenhal, or Harrentown, being on the banks of the Gods Eye themselves, but they're repeatedly described as being very, very near to them... certainly not 25 miles away, I don't think. Harrenhal is described as having been "raised beside the waters of Gods Eye", or "Harrenhal beside the Gods Eye". Yoren's plan is to ditch the carts his group are using, find boats and, "Gods be good, we'll find a wind and sail across the Gods Eye to Harrentown", implying to me that Harrentown, at least, is on the banks of the Gods Eye. Also, perhaps not the most accurate of sources, we have this from Meera and the Tale of the Knight of the Laughing Tree... And then we have this... So, the tourney is happening under the walls of Harrenhal. Combine that with this from TWoIaF... So, the tourney is described as taking place "on the shore of the Gods Eye" and "beneath the walls of Harrenhal". To me, that implies that they're the same thing. As for why Harrenhal was built, and why it was so big... ACoK Catelyn I says... Harren wanted a large, imposing castle (the largest in Westeros) to cement his authority on the Riverlands. As for its location... Proximity to the Gods Eye, and what that affords the Ironmen is one thing. It's a reasonably central location in the Riverlands, perhaps closer to the Stormlands than being right in the middle of the Riverlands, but that makes sense because the Storm Kings contested those lands. The lands surrounding it are also of high value... Also, it allows GRRM to tell a story of Harren's hubris and folly, and how the arrival of the Targaryens and their dragons upended the order of things in Westeros... Harrenhal, a castle that would otherwise be impregnable, unconquerable and all that, is completed the day Aegon lands on the mainland, and is destroyed in a night by dragonfire.
  9. Unacosamedarisa

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    No. Summer didn't see a Dragon. If he had, Bran would also have seen the Dragon (Bran was warging Summer at the time, it's Bran's POV chapter), and Bran would have rather excitedly told the others (Meera, Jojen etc.) about the Dragon he had just seen. We've seen previously with the Bran-in-Summer POV passages the personification of inanimate objects (the chains being seen as a snake for example). This is just a further example of that... the burning of Winterfell produces something Summer/Bran sees as a winged snake. Also, we have no mention of anyone else in the North seeing this mystery Dragon, at any time. And, I find it quite difficult to believe that this Dragon was living under Winterfell for how ever many years, but wasn't known about... what was it eating? Where was it sleeping? Why wasn't it trying to escape and making a noise?
  10. Unacosamedarisa

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Jon didn't execute Slynt for what he had done to Jon's family... he specifically thinks about punishing Slynt for those things, but then ignores those thoughts and gives Slynt several chances to serve the Watch. It's Slynt's refusal to obey orders, thus jeopardising the Watch, that leads Jon to execute him. Similarly, Jon doesn't punish Thorne when he becomes LC, he instead offers him a chance to work under him, which he accepts, albeit grudgingly. Jon is concerned with the safety of the North and the 7 Kingdoms in general, and not with revenge for past deeds, when all is told. Also, Jon doesn't want to go after Roose Bolton for betraying Robb, but he does want to save Arya from Ramsey. If his resurrection changes him, then maybe he'll be focused on vengeance in the future books. But he hasn't acted on those desires, yet, aside from giving Stannis advice. Though I can see him making a claim, not to punish those who wronged his family, but to take charge of the 7 Kingdoms to direct their attention North.
  11. Unacosamedarisa

    Sansa really is Alayne

    No. Absolutely no chance that Cat slept with Baelish to produce Sansa. We get Cat's POV, not once does she think about Sansa as being any different in parentage to her other children. Never once does she think about her shame (and it would be a grievous shame to Cat to have cheated on Ned). She even says she hasn't seen Baelish since the duel with Brandon. If there was any hint to this inanity, it would have been in one of Cat's chapters. Just you. If you read Sansa's Feast chapters, you see the definite progression and blossoming of her intelligence. And, she's learning to play the game under Littlefinger. In her first Feast chapter, she's able to answer LF's questions about the meeting and the Title given to Nestor Royce, with a little nudging from LF (that LF signed the deed giving Nestor Royce the Gates of the Moon in perpetuity, thus if Nestor wants to keep it he needs to back LF, thus tying his support to LF). In her second chapter, we first see her prepare for the visit by the Lord's Declarant, and she shows her smarts in the arrangements of the chairs... she sees it's going to be the 6 Lords on one side, against LF and Nestor on the other, thus arranges the chairs that way. After the incident with Lyn, and LF is given a year to show his worth by the Lords, Sansa is immediately able to deduce that Lyn was working for LF all along, and that the meeting was a set up from the start. In her third chapter, she's able to see through the confusion of Harry's ancestry to figure out that he's Heir to the Vale.
  12. Unacosamedarisa

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    Didn't the current Lord Paramount (Roose) get his position by plotting behind the previous Lord Paramount's back? I'm gonna go with the mutineers and obstructionists in the Watch. Not realising Jon was talking sense when he wanted to get the Wildlings South of the Wall is, perhaps, a forgivable idiocy. But the assassination of the Lord Commander is catastrophic, for the Wall and Westeros as a whole. Ser Godry Farring, for his fanaticism, arrogance, vanity, and generally being an insufferable arse. I hope Jon finally finds the time to answer his challenge, and puts an end to him. Euron Greyjoy, an animal in the skin of a man, though I don't think he's going to remain a minor character. I'm struggling to think of a fitting death for this child rapist, so I'm trusting GRRM's imagination will prove sufficiently satisfying. Darkstar, for a) trying to kill a 10 year old girl, b) fucking it up, and c) leaving her scarred for life. I hope he cuts himself on all his edge (or trips and cuts himself on Dawn), and slowly bleeds out somewhere where no one can hear him call for help. Mago and Jhaqo for what they did to Eroeh. Sybell Spicer for using her daughter as she did, for power and prestige.
  13. Read Sansa's Feast chapters again... Sansa's not stupid. She's able to work out the games that Littlefinger is playing, both with the granting of the Gates of the Moon to Nestor Royce, and later with Lyn Corbray working for Baelish and his outburst being planned to give Baelish the upper hand in negotiations. Even her arranging of the seats for the meeting with the Lords Declarant shows her smarts. Sansa's not stupid... she's naive, and innocent. But now she's losing that naivety and innocence, and is learning the Game of Thrones from one of the best (Littlefinger).