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  1. I’ve always put down Bloodraven’s mild confusion over being asked if he was the crow down to the way that greendreams work, and the way a greendreamer sees themself compared with how they are seen by others. That is, a person’s appearance to others in greendreams is symbolic. So, Jon sees Bran as a talking weirwood, while Bran sees Jon in the guise of Ghost. Or, Jojen sees Bran as a winged wolf chained down... but Bran never appears to himself as a weirwood or a winged wolf. From Bran’s perspective he’s a boy or a wolf in his dreams. Bloodraven has long been associated with crows and ravens... he’s called Bloodraven, he has the raven birthmark, he led the Raven’s Teeth, he (most likely) skinchanged a lot of ravens to spy on people, and he eventually became a crow as a member of the Night’s Watch. It’s the animal he’s mostly associated with, and so, in the weirwood net and the dreams, it’s how he appears to others. But to himself, he appears as a man. Thus he’s a bit confused when Bran asks if he’s the crow (because to Bloodraven he’s appearing to Bran as himself in the dreams), and says he was a crow once (but not now) because he no longer considers himself a brother of the NW.
  2. No, she didn’t. She was an orphan, at least as far as Tyrion knew...
  3. The dagger was never Tyrion’s. And, as Tyrion says, he would never bet against his family, so he would never have lost it in the way Baelish describes (Tyrion betting against Jaime, for Loras). Baelish just makes this up to inflame the situation between Starks and Lannisters. The dagger was instead won, from Baelish, by King Robert, who would gladly bet against Jaime. Joffrey took it from Robert’s armoury and gave it to the Catspaw.
  4. The Dornish were never promised Gregor specifically, they were promised “Elia’s killer”. When it came to honour that promise, Tywin thought he could get away with claiming Amory Lorch was responsible, and that he’s already dead (which he is), and thus he could keep Clegane in his service. That’s why Oberon goes to see Tyrion in the cells and offers to be his champion... because he knows it was Gregor, and Gregor would be Cersei’s champion in trial by combat. Tywin only promises Gregor’s head, specifically, after the trial, after he’s announced his guilt during the fight, after he’s been poisoned and is close to death. At that time Tywin can’t deny that Gregor was responsible, and him being poisoned makes him useless to Tywin.
  5. I guess we’ll have to disagree on this... he was the King’s Hand, he tried to make peace with pretty generous terms for both Stannis and himself. Stannis viewed it as treason, Alester saw it as just being realistic. Regardless, I don’t think it was deserving of a death penalty, and certainly not death by being burnt alive.
  6. Probably Renly, but only because he died young and didn’t get the opportunity to do anything truly terrible. Robert was a wife beating rapist, who beggared the realm, and was either too drunk or too distracted by his whores, such that he failed to see the disastrous state he was leaving the realm in when he passed. Stannis is an unbending authoritarian, and a kinslayer, who’s happy to stoke the fires of religious zealotry if it serves him and his cause. He’s burned priceless and ancient cultural artefacts, and holy sites, forced religious conversion on entire populations, burned his uncle alive for suggesting peace, and would have burned his entirely innocent nephew if Davos hadn’t stolen the boy away.
  7. Money, or value. His boat full of onions would sell for much, much more at Storm’s End than it would at King’s Landing.
  8. Tyrion’s thoughts on the situation... Tyrion wants reciprocal love, and, though he knows he’s deluding himself into thinking she could ever give it to him, he wants it from his wife, from Sansa.
  9. Of the current/recent Daynes, whose eyes are described, all are described as being purple or violet, or close to that. Edric Dayne’s are “big blue eyes, so dark that they looked almost purple”, Gerold’s are purple or dark purple, and Ashara’s were violet. While Arthur’s eyes aren’t described, the evidence we have points to them being similar to the other Daynes... dark blue/purple/violet. Qhorin’s eyes are grey. Not conclusive, by itself, but certainly another piece of evidence against this theory.
  10. Nightswatch gets its recruits 3 ways: Criminals who take the black; People defeated in a war or similar; and volunteers. The stream of criminals coming to the Wall hasn’t changed much, but the other avenues have. Peace throughout the 7 Kingdoms, which came with the Targaryen conquest, means fewer wars in Westeros, which means fewer warriors and knights and the like being defeated/captured and taking the Black. We know from the Shieldhall at Castle Black that there used to be a lot of Knights that did take the Black, but those numbers have dwindled. I’ve always thought that this is largely due to the lack of wars, an unintended effect of the Targ unification of the Kingdoms. A further consequence of this, is that what little esteem or honour there was in taking the Black has also dwindled, especially in the South, and so fewer people are willing to volunteer. Volunteers are no longer going to be serving alongside respected, “honourable” men who were defeated in battle... they’re going to be serving alongside criminals, which is where the majority of the Watch’s members come from nowadays. So, volunteering is less appealing.
  11. I think some are being somewhat disingenuous with their interpretation of Wildling customs. But, if you view them that way, they’re not any worse than, say, Westerosi customs. Westerosi Lords barter away their daughter’s wombs for power or influence or money or alliance... the daughters get no say in the matches, whether they consent or not is irrelevant. The daughters are then forced to perform some sort of ritual, in front of multitudes of people, to give their coming rape some sort of religious blessing, and then to feast and dance, as if their coming rape is to be celebrated. In the moments before the rape, the daughter is stripped, humiliated, and sexually abused before the entire congregation, before the rape is witnessed by members of that congregation. Sometimes, a Lord will even have the cruelty to introduce his daughter to her future rapist months or years in advance of the actual rape, when the two are betrothed.
  12. After Ned was killed, and his head put up on the walls of the Red Keep, Tyrion was able to have his bones collected and sent to Riverrun and Lady Catelyn. I think that, even between bitter enemies, there is some respect given to corpses.
  13. Not according to Jaime, who was there, and who gives the only account of the encounter that we have... Dayne used Dawn to kill the Smiling Knight.
  14. I’ve never assumed that. I assumed that Rickard, being summoned to KL to answer to a mad king for the crimes of his son, wisely left it behind in Winterfell, so it wouldn’t fall into anyone else’s hands. I don’t think he did. Pretty sure I read GRRM saying somewhere that, especially for more recent Starks, Ice was largely ceremonial and not used in combat. It is absurdly large, and Ned, not expecting to ever inherit it, probably had little training or experience in wielding something so large.
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