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  1. Because, Littlefinger and his Machiavellian machinations are a major, major part of the story... Would Lysa have poisoned Jon Arryn without LF's influence? Would Ned have trusted someone that wasn't LF with his plans, considering Catelyn told Ned he could trust LF? Would the Purple Wedding have gone down without LF working with the Tyrells? Who would take Sansa from King's Landing and where would she go if not with LF to the Vale? Who else would Cat trust about the catspaw's dagger, that would also have a reason to deceive Cat and frame Tyrion? Littlefinger's influence would be minimal at the Wall, and GRRM wanted him to be influencing and working within the Westerosi court, not the Night's Watch. GRRM conceived of this character, whose deceptions and schemes were the cause of many of the major dramatic moments of the first three books, culminating in the big reveal/reveals at the end of ASoS, when it's revealed what LF has been doing. So, GRRM probably didn't even consider having LF sent to the Wall for the duel... because he wanted LF at King's Landing, not Castle Black.
  2. Unacosamedarisa

    The hidden agenda of Impotent Jon Arryn

    No, we didn't. The Rebellion lasted a pretty long time, it wasn't over in a few short months... plenty of time for Ned to go North, assemble his bannermen and march South. GRRM may have (accidentally) introduced some sliver of confusion somewhere, but that's because he isn't precise with things like times, and distances, and heights... He didn't plan out exactly what every character/army/region was doing every single day of the Rebellion and make sure everything lined up perfectly. Doesn't mean that everything we've been told is a lie... Put away the stopwatch, and enjoy the story. Evidence for? Book quotes suggesting that Jon and Hoster cooked something up and deceived Rhaegar? Seems like a really bad plan, relying on far, far too many uncertain things (Brandon's reaction, Aerys' reaction, winning what was a pretty evenly matched war, Lyanna not surviving, Robert not dying, Tywin (or someone else) not intervening and fucking everything up). I seriously doubt Hoster and Jon would have risked everything like that. And for what exactly? Oust the Targaryens? Why? They weren't putting a Tully or an Arryn on the throne. Depose Aerys? I could get behind, but there were easier ways to go about that, like a Great Council, removing Aerys, putting Rhaegar on the Throne. So no, this didn't happen. Unless you have text evidence that can change my mind.
  3. Unacosamedarisa

    Why No Lord of the Causeway?

    This is how I've always seen it. You can, perhaps, guarantee the loyalty and fealty of a second son, or some other individual, and grant them the fief. But, you can't guarantee the loyalty of their sons, and their sons, and their sons, and so on. Thus, granting them the door to the North (as Moat Cailin is) could be catastrophic in the future. I think it's the same reason the Knight of the Bloody Gate and Keeper of the Gates of the Moon in the Vale are honorary titles, and not hereditary.
  4. Unacosamedarisa

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    None of what you say provides a case for it being Ned. Aside from being full of logical fallacies ("Why would Jon Arryn visit a brothel if his wife is there?" as an argument is so dumb it almost pains me. "Tywin... had not cultivated the kind of reputation for honor that Ned had" but had shown the world his disdain for whores), it's also peppered with falsehoods (Ned is happy to walk through the front door of LF's brothel when looking for Robert's bastards, for example, or when he goes to see Cat). But ultimately it provides no evidence for it being Ned... you can use most of your arguments to "make a case" for it being Tywin as well. We have Ned's POV (as well as Arya and Sansa's) during the whole time Ned is in KL. Never once is the tunnel or the construction work on the tunnel mentioned by any of these characters in their POVs. Construction would be noisy, something Arya and Sansa would pick up on and think about... Ned never thinks "Damn, I wish my tunnel was finished so I can get my rocks off"... We don't have Ned speaking to masons or builders, or hiring some unspecified craftsmen... There's no gossip or rumours around KL or the Red Keep about what the new Hand is doing with his renovations of the Tower of the Hand. Never once does Ned think about visiting a brothel for any reason other than finding Robert's bastard. We don't have Ned disappearing suspiciously, or being absent all through the night. Also, again, Ned was in KL for a few months at best, and had some pretty weighty matters to deal with while he was there. Having a tunnel built to a whorehouse was not one of his priorities, and we know this, because he never once thinks about it... but he does think about other things, like Jon Arryn's death, Robert's bastards, assassinating Dany etc..
  5. Unacosamedarisa

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    Care to provide that case? Remember, Ned was only in KL for a few months, and we had his POV throughout... never does he think about the tunnel to the brothel that he's supposedly having built.
  6. Unacosamedarisa

    Tywin didn't have affair for 27 years

    Highly unlikely. Shae is described as short, with dark hair and eyes. We never have Joanna appear on page, except for Jaime's dream of the vigil over his father's corpse... in that, Jaime first mistakes her for Cersei, and then she's described as... So, very much the Lannister look... blonde, green eyes, graceful, slender figure. Assuming that this is his mother that Jaime's seeing here. Also, no one ever comments on any similarity in appearance between the two... Cersei never thinks that Tyrion's whore looks like their mother, Jaime doesn't see her at the trial and think "who is this woman that looks like my mother", no one comments that Sansa's maid bears a striking resemblance to Joanna. There's no clue, or hint or anything to suggest they look alike.
  7. Unacosamedarisa

    Dothraki effective around dragons?

    Simple... The Dothraki horses will become accustomed to the dragons, probably from Drogon's scent or whatever, from Dany spending time with the Dothraki. Dothraki horses won't be affected much by the dragons. Any cavalry that Dany faces, however, will be affected.
  8. Unacosamedarisa

    Would Robert marry Elia if Tywin didn't kill her?

    Stannis isn't Rhaegar though. Just because they have the same title, doesn't make them comparable in terms of marriage.
  9. Unacosamedarisa

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

    Yes, he's looking for a replacement mother... remember, he was still breastfed when he was 8 years old. He was treated as an infant by his mother, and has not developed beyond that infantile state. It was a big part of he and Lysa's characterisations. As he himself asks..
  10. Unacosamedarisa

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

    Robert Arryn is 8 years old. His infatuation with Alayne is yet to develop any sexual aspects. So, there's no sexual tension between the two... just an infant's clumsy attempts at affection.
  11. Unacosamedarisa

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

    Yes, it's just you.
  12. Unacosamedarisa

    Joff saved Gregor's life

    Tywin wouldn't have given Gregor up like that. Just like Tywin didn't give Gregor up to secure the Dornish alliance, but tried to fob them off with just Amory Lorch, who had already been eaten by a bear.
  13. Unacosamedarisa

    The Meereenese Knot started at the Tower of Joy in 2005

    If it were the real world, sure. But it's not. It's a book series, with a narrative. Why would Meera, narratively speaking, not have a pet Direwolf, when all of the other Stark children do?
  14. Unacosamedarisa

    The Meereenese Knot started at the Tower of Joy in 2005

    But the Direwolf is the sigil of the Starks, not Ned exclusively.
  15. Unacosamedarisa

    The Meereenese Knot started at the Tower of Joy in 2005

    That doesn't explain why Meera didn't get a wolf, when ALL of the other Starks of the current generation did get a Direwolf to bond with. What is the reason, in universe and narratively, for Meera not getting a wolf, thus being unique among the Stark children? Also, where'd she get the green eyes from? Simple explanation is that Meera isn't a Stark, hence she doesn't get a pet Direwolf. And, she's a Crannogman, hence the green eyes (and the other physical features matching the Crannogmen).