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  1. Unacosamedarisa

    Question: Do we know Val and Dalla's family tree?

    Or, Sam is saying that the boy is the actual son of Mance Rayder and, because he is being raised by Gilly who is Craster's daughter, the boy will be something of a Grandson to Craster... But ultimately, he won't be a craven like Sam. Sam is trying to distance himself from the boy as much as he can, trying to see the boy as the sort of son his own father would have wanted, with a warrior's heritage, and not Sam's craven attitude. The boy isn't literally Craster's grandson, but spiritually, through being raised by Craster's daughter.
  2. Unacosamedarisa


    No, it was after. This is the first time, chronologically, that we're told Viserys was Aerys' heir. Before that, it was only rumours that Aerys meant to disinherit Rhaegar, or that people around Aerys were pushing him to name Viserys his heir. As to the theory... there is none. There's no evidence to support it, nothing from the text to suggest it happened, nothing to make us think that Dany is not the product of Aerys raping Rhaella the night he had Chelsted burned. This is just a random idea that someone had, because R+L=J is a thing and some readers think that nothing is as it appears and everything GRRM has written is a lie in some way, and they thought they'd throw it out there so they can make claim to "the next big theory".
  3. Unacosamedarisa

    Jon Arryn and The Truth About Cersei and her Bastards

    Yes. It's why she fled to Casterly Rock just before Jon's death... she feared that Jon was about to reveal what he knew to Robert.
  4. That doesn't make it true. A Targ restoration is not guaranteed, thus the title of the final book doesn't have to reflect a Targ restoration.
  5. Where did this assumption come from? GRRM hasn't revealed the ending, as far as I know. And, as far as I know, hasn't revealed anything about who will sit the Iron Throne (if anyone) once the series concludes. Also, the last book being called "A Time for Wolves" wouldn't preclude a possible Targaryen restoration. Why would it? "A Dance with Dragons" had a lot more to it than just Targaryens, "A Game of Thrones" had more to it than just the court in King's Landing.
  6. Unacosamedarisa

    Why Does Cersei Want To Be A Man I Mean Be Jaime?

    Westeros is a Patriarchy, and Cersei wants power.
  7. Unacosamedarisa

    Dead signs

    No, just because they have similar burial practices does not mean they're connected. Like you say in your post, several cultures have similar burial practices to each other... Dothraki burn their dead on a pyre, so do Targaryens, but the Dothraki have no direct connection to the Valyrians.
  8. Unacosamedarisa

    Kyle the Cat and Glendon Ball

    These two things don't go together. What would being descended from Glendon have to do with ensuring a Rhaegar victory? We know next to nothing about Glendon's later life, there's nothing to suggest he even had descendants, or is even going to appear again in the D&E novels. And, we know who won the Tourney... it was Rhaegar. Not the KotLT. And, how did the KotLT ensure a Rhaegar victory? He didn't... KotLT appeared and disappeared mid-tourney, and he only challenged the 3 Knights whose squires had attacked Howland, none of whom appear to be notable jousters or Knights, because they're never named. KotLT defeating those 3 didn't help Rhaegar in any significant way. Why would someone hired to ensure Rhaegar's victory only challenge the 3 knights whose squires attacked Howland? What does that have to do with helping Rhaegar win? There's absolutely nothing connecting Glendon with the KotLT. And besides... The KotLT did not give Lyanna the Blue Roses. This is indisputable, I reckon... the whole scandal at the Tourney, was when Rhaegar gave Lyanna the crown, and named her QoLaB.
  9. Unacosamedarisa

    Kyle the Cat and Glendon Ball

    I kind of hope that Glendon takes Dunk up on his offer and goes North with him, and makes a name for himself in that conflict. After his torture and maiming at Whitehalls, I can see him losing any "cockiness" he might have had, making him even more determined to prove himself than he was before. The Mystery Knight (Knight of the Laughing Tree) at Harrenhal unhorsed 3 competitors and had them chastise their Squires (for attacking Howland Reed). Rhaegar Targaryen won the tourney at Harrenhal and gave Lyanna the crown made from blue winter roses. They were not the same person, unless Rhaegar was the Mystery Knight. Which isn't very likely.
  10. It may have contributed to it... but Westeros generally attaches a stigma to bastardry. They're said to be "born from lust, lies, and weakness", and are seen as treacherous and wanton. Also, in a feudal system of hereditary inheritance, they can cause problems. Ned bringing Jon home and raising him alongside his trueborn children is an exception, rather than the norm. Catelyn's dislike of bastards doesn't need any more explanation than "she's a noblewoman in Westeros". If you want to go a little further, "she's a noblewoman in Westeros, whose husband brought home a bastard son roughly the same age as their first trueborn son". Any influence from her father's dislike for Walder Frey, and the fact Walder had a lot of bastards, is unnecessary. Walder keeping his bastards around isn't even the only thing Walder does that could explain Hoster's hostility/dislike towards him.
  11. Unacosamedarisa

    How many bastards do you think Tytos, Tywin & Tyrion have?

    That better life isn't a guarantee... especially with someone like Tywin, who has quite the reputation for brutal and merciless acts. All he'd have to say is "If you conceive a child, I'll have both of you drowned/sold into slavery" and I can imagine any women he's with will make sure to take their Moon Tea the morning after. Also, if Tywin was sleeping with whores, not a word of his actions got out and about... so either he was fucking them then killing them, or he knew how to choose women who could be discrete, or he paid a hefty sum for that discretion.
  12. Unacosamedarisa

    The Sphinx: Quaithe and Alleras / Sarella

    Really not seeing the connection, or how Sarella is Quaithe. Like you say, it's logistically possible, but I don't see it being probable or likely, and am really struggling to see what the evidence for this theory actually is. Quaithe seems to be established in Qarth, as someone important or notable... hence being part of the trio sent to greet Dany. Whereas, all we've been told about Sarella is that she's playing a "game" (not a "great game")... If she'd been apprenticed to Marwyn, learning all of this magic nonsense, travelling halfway round the world, several years in advance, to become established in Qarth as some 15 year old or whatnot, then I think Doran would have a little more to say about what she's up to than just "leave her to her game". GRRM would give us some textual hint to suggest that Alleras had, say, visited Qarth, or was familiar with Dany and her Dragons. There's nothing to connect the appearances of the two characters... Quaithe is masked, so we only have her eyes described, as wet and shiny, but that doesn't match with Alleras, who has large black eyes. If Quaithe's eyes were black, I think that'd be mentioned, to give us some sort of physical similarity between the two characters. Alleras/Sarella already has a secret identity, I don't see there being a third introduced. I always took Aemon's line about the sphinx being the riddle, not the riddler, as showing us that Targ dreams have to be taken seriously. The reader reads that line, looks at the character called the Sphinx, realises there's more to them, connects Alleras = Sarella if they haven't already.
  13. Unacosamedarisa

    Starfall...or Starkfall? The fall from grace of House Stark

    What about Starpike, the seat of House Peake? Starpike = Starkpike. Could it be where some legendary Stark caught some legendary fish? Or just where they get their favourites from. Always thought it was just a Mervyn Peake reference, but now I see there's more to it. Similarly, Starfish Harbour = Starkfish Harbour. This must be where the Starks favourite, non-Pike fish could be found. The Pike was obviously special to them though, if it was separated from other fish in this manner. The Qartheen trading vessel the Indigo Star must also be the Indigo Stark... So we must have an offshoot Stark branch in the east somewhere, if it was named after them.
  14. Unacosamedarisa

    Did Old Gared Know About the Black Gate?

    Always been my headcanon that Coldhands, at the direction of Bloodraven, guided Gared to the Black Gate. In exchange Gared let the pregnant Direwolf through, and into the South.
  15. Unacosamedarisa

    Repopulating the New Gift?

    Ned literally calls it "a dream for Spring". Here's the relevant passage... I think the idea is that, new Lords, occupying the holdfasts and the rest of the Gift, along with their subjects, would be invested in protecting the Gift from Wildling raids. More people there in general makes it harder for Raiders to move about unseen. The Lords would have a Household guard or similar, or would organise levies, and could patrol the Gift, or ride out to confront Raiders. In addition, if these new Lords pay their taxes to the Watch, the Watch is in a better state financially. And, you might also get more volunteers and recruits for the Watch from the families moving to the gift... 3rd son of a farmer decides to sign up to keep his mother and sisters safe from Wildlings, or similar, for example. Lords would be easy to find... you'd be offering someone with no (or very little) prospects of inheritance a Title and lands to pass on to their sons in perpetuity. Tenants would probably also be easy to find... You'd be offering land and prospects to people with neither.