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  1. Unacosamedarisa

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    Except, they're limited in their environment... North of the Wall, in the cold, with humans competing against them. It's easy to imagine, just like the Children of the Forest, that their numbers never truly recovered from what happened to them in the past.
  2. Unacosamedarisa

    Question about the NW's knowledge on Others.

    The whole of Westeros knows about the Others... It's just that they've slipped into the realm of superstition and myth for most people. But a seasoned Ranger of the Night's Watch might have heard rumours and tales from Wildlings or other Rangers, or might just be wary, considering they are in the wintry abode of the White Walkers, being North of the Wall and all.
  3. Unacosamedarisa

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    We don't know anything about Giants' reproductive and life cycles. Probably, like the Children, they live for a long time, but are not particularly fecund. As Leaf states... I imagine it's similar for Giants, small numbers but long lives.
  4. Unacosamedarisa

    Incest Deficiencies, or lack thereof

    George is writing a series of fantasy fiction, not a hard-science story. Things like genetics, and the effects of inbreeding, are written about and handled with the story in mind, and not with real-world realities as the primary driver for them. The Targaryens are supposed to be some sort of otherworldly, beautiful, superior, perhaps-not-quite-human group of people. Them being all hunch-backed freaks would interfere with what GRRM is trying to convey to us. Instead of physical defects, the "price" of their incest is the whole "the Gods flip a coin when a Targaryen is born" thing, and their propensity for madness. As far as Craster and his family, there likely haven't been enough generations for them to end up looking too horrific. The Habsburg Jaw, for example, came about after many, many generations of inter-marriage and breeding.
  5. Unacosamedarisa

    Smudge: Martin's latest POV

    An alternate identity for one of our current characters... Like Arya has chapters as "The Blind Girl", "The Ugly Little Girl", and "Mercy". I can easily imagine it being the name of an identity Arya will take on, makes me think of a coal-boy or something in a castle. Either that, or it's all that's left of a character after encountering some Dragon-fire. As in, Victarion pisses Dany off, and ends up as a smudge of grease and charred bone.
  6. Unacosamedarisa

    Is Jon older or younger than Robb?

    Catelyn explains it herself... Jon being legitimised starts a splinter Stark branch that may, one day, challenge Robb's line.
  7. Unacosamedarisa

    what really caused the doom of valyria?

    Except, there's a Targaryen Queen, with 3 Dragons, in Essos. There's at least 1 secret Targaryen at the edge of the world. There are pockets of Valyrian blood all over Essos and even some houses of Westeros. Tywin and Jaime betraying Aerys didn't doom the Valyrians... it ended Targ rule (for a time?) but didn't eliminate every root and branch from the Valyrian tree.
  8. Unacosamedarisa

    who would Rickard stark remarry

    Because GRRM said so. Besides begetting Ned and his siblings, she's a non-entity, with no role to play in the story. GRRM, I believe, seemed confused when people, assuming she had some major secret or part to play, kept asking about her.
  9. Unacosamedarisa

    Shiera Seastar's whereabouts

    Tyrion also has two different coloured eyes, one green, one black. As an aside, does that make Tyrion a half Targ bastard?
  10. Unacosamedarisa

    Is it allowed for women from Asshai to become shadowbinder?

    Of the 2 Shadowbinders we've seen in the books, both are women (Mel and Quaithe). Of the 2 people known to have studied with Shadowbinders (Mirri Maz Dur, and Marwyn), one is a woman. So yes, women are allowed to become Shadowbinders.
  11. Unacosamedarisa

    Identity of Quaithe

    Maester's get a Silver link for studying medicine and healing. I'd assume the Grand Maester of that discipline, if there is one, would have a ring, rod and mask made from silver.
  12. Unacosamedarisa

    Identity of Quaithe

    Got a quote for this? As far as I recall, Acolytes have to forge their chain as they learn, a link for mastering each field of study. The Ring, Rod & Mask are what the Archmaesters have to signify their Arch-ness. I can't remember anything saying that Acolytes have to fashion rings, rods and masks. As for Sarella/Alleras being Quaithe, I highly doubt it. Firstly, it's the same problem as the Daario = Euron "theories"... Location. How is this character able to get halfway around the world, and back, in short time, without anyone commenting on their absence? Alleras is studying at the Citadel, and doing very well at that, but then, if this theory is correct, she up and leaves, for months, maybe a whole year, to go wait in Quarth, to be cryptic to Daenerys. Then she goes back to Oldtown, but no one comments on her absence, the Maesters don't kick her out, or question her dedication. If Alleras had been absent like that, wouldn't Pate perhaps have commented on it in his POV prologue? Secondly, there's her connection with Marwyn. The way I read Pate's prologue, the acolytes we later see in Sam's last AFfC chapter attending Marwyn, aren't associated with Marwyn at that time. Lazy Leo has the gossip about the Glass Candle, but everyone seems to treat Marwyn with scepticism and disdain, question his trustworthiness. Certainly no one in that prologue mentions to Alleras "hey, didn't Marwyn send you away, somewhere, for 10 months? What's he really like?". I just don't get the impression that Alleras (and the others) have been taken under Marwyn's wing by this point. Thirdly, the two characters aren't described as being anything alike. Quaithe has wet, shiny eyes, beneath her mask... Alleras has black eyes. Alleras/Sarella is said to be curious and inquisitive, Quaithe is cryptic and esoteric. There's no feature that they share, that we're told about. As for it being Marwyn... How would Marwyn, the Mastiff, with his thick neck, strong jaw, short and squat stature, enormous hands, thick chest, and large ale-belly, appear convincingly, to one and all, to be a woman? Sure, you can say "glamour", but it doesn't seem like other glamours we've been shown. And even if we answer how, there's still the question of why. Also, why would Marwyn leave Dany, to return to Oldtown, only to return to Dany? Why not just stay in Essos? There's just no evidence, no text, that can make the connection between Quaithe and Marwyn/Alleras, aside from the mention of the glass candle. But Marwyn isn't the only person to have a glass candle, and Quaithe even mentions plural candles to Dany in ADwD.
  13. Read Sansa's Feast chapters again... Sansa's not stupid. She's able to work out the games that Littlefinger is playing, both with the granting of the Gates of the Moon to Nestor Royce, and later with Lyn Corbray working for Baelish and his outburst being planned to give Baelish the upper hand in negotiations. Even her arranging of the seats for the meeting with the Lords Declarant shows her smarts. Sansa's not stupid... she's naive, and innocent. But now she's losing that naivety and innocence, and is learning the Game of Thrones from one of the best (Littlefinger).
  14. Unacosamedarisa

    A bride for Raeghar from Volantis? No... only a fool.

    Rhaegar had no sister to marry, Targaryens wed brother to sister to keep their line as "pure" and Valyrian as they could, so Aerys wanted a bride for Rhaegar with Valyrian blood, to keep the Targaryen bloodline "pure". Volantis is the "First Daughter" of Valyria, and it's said that the "Old Blood" of Volantis are Noble families who can prove unbroken descent from old Valyria. It was the best bet for finding a bride for Rhaegar who had the blood of Valyria in her veins. As to why Steffon... During the War of the 9Penny Kings, Aerys, Tywin and Steffon became very close friends. Tywin had duties, as Hand of the King, and couldn't leave for such an extended period of time. So Aerys sent his other trusted friend on the mission.
  15. Unacosamedarisa

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    This whole argument, that Jon has broken Guest Right because of the actions of Mance, is too "Lawyery" for Westeros. And that's one thing Westeros is lacking... Lawyers. No one's going to be holding Jon accountable for violation of Guest Right due to what Mance does, and arguing for Joint Enterprise laws to be applied... they'll hold him accountable for other crimes, as they see them, perhaps, like letting Wildlings through the Wall, or playing politics. But not for Guest Right violations. And I seriously doubt that, as readers, we are supposed to view Jon as having broken Guest Right. We aren't supposed to see him as some sort of villain, as terrible as Walder Frey or Roose Bolton.