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  1. iliescu

    Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    Nice gallery from 2018.
  2. iliescu

    Small things you hate

    Small things of hate would be forgetting to watch Game of Thrones, this happens often and instead it is just models and gaming side of this A Song of Ice and Fire saga branch.
  3. iliescu


    Hey, thanks for accepting to this forum - Game of Thrones is a favorite for a while just never delve in it more as should until recent. Now can, about something personal...some of a favorite things is Cycling the Bicycle is something am fond about so guess that can be the introduction a little about this profile. So far so good.
  4. Yea we might hear the White Walker language at some point.
  5. iliescu

    Dothraki Forum

    Kan-dash friend - this forum is a perfect idea from this perspective.....
  6. iliescu


    Entire 6 phrases, write it with the Dothraki alphabet both English and not and that is darn huge dude.
  7. iliescu


    Wow this thread is a keeper.
  8. iliescu

    Wouldn't it have been cool if...

    Yes it would have been very cool for that to happen.
  9. iliescu

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    What does aSolaF stand for?
  10. iliescu

    Twenty-One Years... Wow

    Please post a date on when to when this time span is as it is confusing for new members to jump into.
  11. Pouring gold one someones head kills the other guy and not you.
  12. Except in basis have never put touch to any of these written. So as of yet the book series is unread in any shape or format. Sad thing since there are models and Game of Thrones video televised on this series. So am exciting to have one of these in the hand some day.
  13. iliescu

    How do you picture all the characters?

    About how the characters are envision.....most of all after the model or figures of them. Personal favorite 5 is what such far is there but certain would be fine with finding the rest if time comes or stuff.
  14. iliescu

    Discussing the Successor Shows

    That is great news, it resolves the survival of the series. Long live Game of Thrones gosh though eh. Without it the series would bring a gap which might mean less of Game of Thrones. Seems to have sense, read it clear it is perfect that the topic is in survival if not full development as of still.