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  1. Dany's Red Comet

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    The bible is popular in the forums today. I see. Okay so the shining star in the bible arrived during the birth of the christ. But what if the red comet arrived during the death of Rhaego. Rhaego would have been powerful within a few years. He would have been the most powerful person on planetos. He would have all of the khalasars working for him and possibly his own dragon. The red comet began its journey in time to arrive during his birth. Instead he was dead by the time it arrived. It was meant to herald his birth. We have to assume Illyrio, Aegon, and other noteworthy people would make their pilgrimage and pay homage to the khal of khals like the three wise kings did in the bible.
  2. Dany's Red Comet

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    So the bible is popular today. If Jon is comparable to anyone in the bible it is John the Baptiste. Salome (Ramsay) asked for his sister. Jon will disobey and Bowen Marsh delivers his head to Salome. Tywin is Julius. The war commander who defeats all of his enemies only to be killed in the privy.
  3. Dany's Red Comet

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

  4. The Daynes may have their own criteria that have nothing to do with what is commonly believed chivalrous. Andal values dominate the qualities that make a good knight. The Daynes may have their own checklists. You know they have always remained loyal to the Targaryens. The exception being Ashara who has to be the black sheep of the family for not hating the enemies of the Targaryens.
  5. Dany's Red Comet

    Dany and child murder

    The world has always been brutal. People are always competing for everything. I hope George Martin is not so naive as to suggests we should follow the way of the people of Naath. The ever victims are the people of Naath. The game of thrones pretty much require that the ones on top regularly remind the rest what can happen if they are challenged. I can see the sound reasoning behind killing the Astapori of a certain age because they are a potential threat. I can also see the reason behind Tywin doing what he did to the Reynes and Aerys doing what he did to the Darklyns. Robert turned out not so different because Micah died under his watch because of his ineptitude. Thousands of families died because of Ned and Robb choosing the choices they made.
  6. Dany's Red Comet

    So who is The Harpy?

    The Harpy cannot be kind. That is not possible. Yes the Harpy can show outwards signs of good manners to her social class or her betters. But do not mistake that for kindness. The Harpy is the symbol of the Master Class and she supports the owning of slaves. I agree with your assessment besides the kindness part. The Green Grace is indeed the Harpy.
  7. Dany's Red Comet

    The Others "inside" man

    I like this explanation. This is uncharacteristic of the Starks. They have been shown as selfish people thus far. I don't foresee them making a U-turn and putting what's best for other people ahead of their own interests.
  8. Dany's Red Comet

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    The scent of the rose is an attractant. The rose, through the death of Jon, will draw Daenerys to the wall. Bran will have to play a part here and use a dream to bring the vision to Daenerys.
  9. Dany's Red Comet

    Quaithe Farman?

    I like the irony. She stole those eggs to finance her exploration and unintentionally saved them from Egg's folly. Her act of theft gave them the chance they needed to be born rather than buried beneath the ruins of Summerhall. Things have come around in a circle and those eggs have hatched for the promised Targaryen. I can now understand her interest in the Khaleesi and the three dragons.
  10. Dany's Red Comet

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    1) Mago 2) Stannis 3) Bowen 4) Edmure 5) Khal Jhaqo
  11. Dany's Red Comet

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    Drogo's spirit is inside Drogon. He would take his wife to a place where he knew she would be safe. The prophecy also says Khaleesi should go east to go west. I take that to mean to go back to the past before moving forward. Drogo will never realize his dream of uniting the khalasars but he sure would want his Khaleesi to realize that dream for both of them. Rhaego is gone. It is up to Khaleesi to make Drogo's dream a reality. Aerys, Rhaegar, and Viserys are gone. So it falls upon Princess Daenerys to take Westeros back for the Targaryens. Drogon took her back to the Dothraki Sea because she needs to face the dosh khaleen again and win control of the khalasars. Balerion took Aerea to Valyria because he wanted to. Aerea wasn't mentally strong enough to bend Balerion to her will. Their bond was not yet strong. Balerion was homesick. He wanted to see Valyria again before he dies.
  12. Dany's Red Comet

    Doran's shameless manipulation of Arianne

    Tywin was planning to marry his daughter to Balon. That's sending your daughter to hell. Doran's is not so bad.
  13. Dany's Red Comet

    New Theory: Dany has a super stomach!

    The Dornish sand steeds are the Arabian types. Real world these are less than 16HH. Hardy enough to go the distance in the hot desert sands of their country. The knights rode heavier horses. Farmers used heavy plow horses. The Dothraki horses should be medium size. Say 16HH. Dany's silver horse was strong enough to carry a big dude like Selmy on a fast gallop. She had to have been sufficient in size to do that. I'm guesstimating 16HH or taller.
  14. Dany's Red Comet

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    The living are given the will to survive. Living creatures are programmed to resist death. We can't help it. That is how we're programmed. To live is to struggle. Life cannot continue without the desire to live programmed deeply in our brains. The very first specimens of the species would have given up long ago and life ended shortly before it began if we were not strongly programmed deep down to value our lives. It is this instinct to survive that allowed life to continue. Death is the enemy of life and we are programmed to resist it.
  15. Dany's Red Comet

    Poll: 10 actions of asoiaf

    Yes No No No No Yes. He knows his brother very well. Knew he would be a sorry king. No Yes No No