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    Music of GoT

    You did a good job, keep it up!
  2. Ser Ironbeard

    Why is GoT so popular yet...

    By Werthead. But Game of Thrones started in 1996 as the book series not the tv show. So it's a year older than Harry Potter and 30 yrs younger than Star Trek. But even then those other things were catered to families and their kids and were obviously limited to the mature censorship filter of those times. Flash forward into the 2010s, you don't need to cater to families and cookies and creme to make big bucks, you just cater those who are grown up and can deal with realistic scenarios instead of relying on nickelodeon and disney themed G-rated stuff.
  3. Ser Ironbeard

    Why is GoT so popular yet...

    Why is GoT so popular yet it is not as popular or mass consumed as other famous franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, LotR, Harry Potter and many other franchises that are legendary within pop culture or the general public. Now I know you may have different opinions that may have their merits but what I am saying is that compared to the aforementioned franchises, most people outside of the GoT fandom or fanbase aren't familiar with the world building, history, characters, and in-jokes that are common in GoT related circles. In comparison, I am not a Star Wars fan at any shape or form and only saw 2 movies of the entire franchise yet I know darn well most of the characters (i.e. Luke Skywalker, Jar Jar Binks, Poe Dameron, and even Greedo), I can name some the world building (Tattooine, Hoth, Mos Easley Cantina), the history (clone wars, battle at endor), and many other stuff despite not even being a casual SW fan. Same for Star Trek, Harry Potter, and LotR to some extent (Though I think you have to be a engaged researcher to understand LotR). In GoT and ASOIAF, I would never be able to name any of the characters, world building, history and other stuff without doing basic research and becoming a fan in the process. I wasn't a GoT fan until the 5th season and just bought the books but I became a fan because of me doing research of the series and trying to understand what is so appealing to the franchise to begin with. How is GoT and ASOIAF so popular with a large global fanbase yet we get scant recognition frpm outsiders compared to the other franchises I've mentioned?