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    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Cersei will send the Mountain and the Golden Company to Winterfell under the guise of helping defeat the WW. In reality, she has sent them there to assault Winterfell and return Jaime to Kings Landing. Upon discovering that the Mountain is camped outside the walls, Arya will sneak out at nightfall and attempt to remove him from her list. She will fail and be injured severely. Luckily before the Mountain finishes her off the Hound heroically jumps in to save her life and give us the Clegane bowl this world needs. After being taken hostage and returned to Kings Landing, Jaime will kill Cersei and Euron will become king. King Euron will eventually chop off Jorahs head and send it to Daenarys. This will prompt her to burn all of Kings Landing with dragonfire. including the innocents. Her murderous rampage will make her death easier for the viewers to stomach. Blah blah blah Jon kills Bran to defeat the White Walkers. Arya and Gendry hook up as foreshadowed. Honestly though... I have no idea