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  1. JaimeLannister;

    Unpopular Opinions?

    I always thought about Daenerys as a boring character, not on Jaime, Jon, Stannis, Roose, Sansa, Tyrion, Arya, Tywin's level. Everything about her just bores me and reading her chapters is way harder because of that apathetic feeling I get.
  2. JaimeLannister;

    Rethinking Saint Jon and Winterfell

    I agree with all the deep analysis written so far. Jon has nothing to do with the classic hero's figure. He is way more negative and his character is all about controverse emotions and melancholy, which drives him on his path since the beginning. That doesn't means he has a villain turn planned just a few step forward. It's only to say that when you take a deeper look at him, you'll find out he is far from that stereotype.
  3. JaimeLannister;

    Doran Martell & Petyr Baelish. Are they working together?

    And I think that's the key behind everything. There's no way Littlefinger would work to place another man up there. And there's no way a guy like Doran, who possess one of the greatest analytical mind of all aSoIaF would buy his tricks or be unaware of them. Even when it comes to just use one another.
  4. JaimeLannister;

    Would Lady Stoneheart kill Roslin?

    Lady Stoneheart has no conscience left anymore. That means everything is put to its extreme side. Anything can happen when it comes to this. She has just one thought: avenge, kill, avenge, kill. There's nothing holding her back from that dark, twisted point of view.
  5. JaimeLannister;

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    I think people used to hate the theory because of what it would mean for Jon's characters: be a classic hero, some kind of King Arthur going up for his legacy. But if you take a deeper look inside his mind, you'll find out he is not that positive and has not a good willing attitude. Jon is a grey character, just like many Martin's characters.
  6. JaimeLannister;

    Is Robert Baratheon another Mad King?

    I think Robert's just lazy and coward when it comes to politics and responsibility. He is incapable of dealing with hard thinking and to truly take the blame of himself when it's needed. He's just a broken man who longs to look away and not place an eye on what he has become.
  7. JaimeLannister;

    Favorite POV Character

    Definitely Jon and Sansa. His chapters are written pretty good; his character is not less complex than Jaime if you put an eye on it's negativity and melancholy.