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  1. Yeah it would be better for littlefinger if Tyrion just died. But even if the marriage was consummated, an annulment would still be possible seeing as Tyrion is a kinslayer who murdered the king and his own sire, whilst also being a dwarf which gives him minus points. I somehow dont see the Faith complaining if the marriage was annulled.
  2. Well you know their are many different ways that a women can have sex. And I am sure Cersei has explored many of them.
  3. The Young Maester

    Tywin's Choice for Heir to Casterly Rock

    Whatever son Sansa and Tyrion had, whilst the second son inherits Winterfell.
  4. In George's world it could be.
  5. The Young Maester

    Davos Seaworth as Admiral of a war fleet

    Been brooding recently whether Seaworth would be a capable or a great admiral of a war fleet. I know he has commanded a ship or maybe various ships throughout his time serving Stannis. And since my knowledge of sea warfare isn't as good as my knowledge of land warfare. Im curious how a former smuggler like Davos would fare as an admiral of an entire war fleet. Im aware Davos is a great sailor, and this is demonstrated when he managed to slip through the Redwyne fleet blockading Storms end. But still dont know if these stealth and sailing skills would make him one of the best Admirals in Westeros.
  6. The Young Maester

    Robb? Why Not a Fleet of Sellsails?

    Or maybe he didn't know that the manderly fleet was partly ready. But we will never know, since we got no information whether their was any contact between Robb and White Harbour after the taking of the Crag.
  7. The Young Maester

    Robb? Why Not a Fleet of Sellsails?

    Robb already had a fleet at his disposal. White harbour just started building a fleet for the North during ACOK. I reckon at least a third of this fleet would've been done by ASOS. In one of Catelyns chapters Robb tells her that he sent ravens or letters to Lysa, asking for permission to march his army to Gulltown, and sail to White harbour. But whats the point of asking for fleet basing rights from your bash crazy aunt when you can simply use maidenpool and saltpans as a harbour for transporting your armies (or at least a force strong enough to retake Moat Cailin).
  8. The Young Maester

    The Sack of Darry

    Would've have been interesting to see how Robb would have done if he led the foot under Roose Bolton. His sense of honour and naivety would've had him starve his army in the Green fork.
  9. The Young Maester

    What happens if Euron sacks Oldtown?

    Yeah if Euron sacks Oldtown, he will probably head for the citadel and take all sorts of forbidden books and potions etc. Whilst also killing half of the Maester's of Oldtown. He’ll probably leave the western coast alone, and go sack another great city. Maybe Bravos.
  10. The Young Maester

    The Sack of Darry

    Couldn’t agree more.
  11. The Young Maester

    The Sack of Darry

    Its what i first thought. George wanted the little lord dead for plot convenience. Whilst at the same time logic was thrown out of the way by the writer.
  12. The Young Maester

    The Sack of Darry

    I agree. Edmure should have set up a base of operation with his full riverlander force. Somewhere west of Harrenhall to prevent Tywin from destroying their fields. Somewhere near Roose as well so that they can both coordinate defenses and come to each others aid. This way Tywin would've been trapped between two opposing armies.
  13. The Young Maester

    The Sack of Darry

    After the liberation of Riverrun and the crowning of Robb, all the Riverlords were allowed to return home in order to defend/retake their lands. But it still bugs me why was the little Lord Lyman Darry allowed to return to his holdfast, despite the fact that Castle Darry is rumored to be located somewhere between the ruby ford and Harrenhall. Now let's not forget that this was the height of the WOT5K. Roose bolton was positioned north of the ruby ford and Tywin at Harrenhall, this was a war front between these opposing armies. You had skirmishes, looting, plundering and all sorts of dangerous things in which a little lord has no place in. Let alone a little lord whos the last of his house. A week or 2 after Darry soldiers retook Castle Darry, the Mountain's men sacked Castle Darry and slaughtered all its inhabitants (including little Lyman) like it was a common village. Later Helman Tallhart and his Northmen also sacked the castle. My question is why was the little lord allowed to march with the darry soldiers, despite the fact that Tywin Lannister the most hated man among the RiverLords was but a mere miles away from Castle Darry. I am surprised that Edmure or Robb didn't think of keeping the young darry lord in Riverrun for his own safety and maybe appoint a castellan to retake the castle. Of course, that castellan would be soon dead because the mountains men would have sacked the castle anyways, but at least little Lyman would still be alive and well at Riverrun.
  14. A tournament is very different to an irrigation ditch. Ned dosent like tournaments, simple. He sees them as a waste of money and blood. Especially when the crown is on debt, Ned dosent want to spend more money on an expensive tournament. You can clearly see Ned spending money on recruiting more men for the Gold cloaks. A character like Ned will only spend money on things that will help the crown (financially), not on tourneys held in his name. He is complaining about the green boy knights. Summer knights. Those that have never seen war and act as if they were Aemon the Dragon knight. Its the same thing in the North. When Robb called his banners, most of the northern lords werent taking him seriously and were challenging him. Robett Glover and Roose Bolton were bold enough to demand command. All this because Robb was a green boy playing at war. Likewise in the South, they see worshipping and kneeling to trees as stupid. One of the reason why northman are considered savages is because they worship trees. This is GreatJon Umber talk. The same one that proclaimed Robb king. Although the greatjon is a fearsome warrior and commander of men, he aint smart and he probably thinks a single umber can take out 10 southerners. The Greatjon dosent represent the entire North. Yeah kings in the north probably did beat armies ten times their size, but at moat cailin. Everyone thinks themselves as to whats on their House sigil. The lannisters consistently compare themselves to lions. boltons to their flaying, baratheons to their stag, targaryens to their dragons. All these houses think themselves as whatever is on their sigil. So technically all the nobility in Westeros are arrogant The difference is that as the readers we know who was innocent or not. Ned was innocent but to the eyes of Westeros he was guilty and deserved his death, but to us the readers we can clearly see that his cause was just and moral. Its the same as how everyone in Westeros thinks Brandon and Rickon are dead but in truth we the readers know that they are alive and breathing.
  15. The Young Maester

    How did the Starks aquire the sword ICE?

    Probably took it from some Iron born lordling. And the Iron born most likely acquired it from some merchant vessel in the far east.