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  1. Martins military knowledge is quite shit tbh. So whatever Martin throws into his universe most not be taken for granted.
  2. From what I remember of my westerosi geography. There is a massive forest between flints finger and Seagard. And seeing as that’s a massive amount of land (probably disputed idk) with likely a very small population. It would be too easy for some iron born ship to land with some labourers and begin chopping.
  3. This is interesting. I never realised this, and it is actually possible he thinks she ran off. Because within that same chapter, Robert proceeds to regret allot of wrongs. His eyes seemed to have finally open in a moment where he realised all his mistakes and faults.
  4. All you have to do is figure out how many men Ramsey and wyman sent into the hornwood lands. From their you can use simple maths to figure out how many men are needed.
  5. Exactly. He already thought he won the war.
  6. The way a I see it is, two separate books means more money for certain peoples pockets.
  7. Try doing that in a fist fight, see how long you’ll last. Look up Michael pereira, his an MMA fighter that does exactly what you want. Acrobatic, flips all that bullshit. Now you’ll notice him doing all these silly tricks costs him allot. Because it zaps his energy, and you’ll find that stamina is the most important thing in a fight because once you run out of it, you already lost.
  8. Yeah I can see your point. Obviously winterfell is safe in a more short term situation. But if it was for the long term (blacks defeated and hunted down), than it makes sense.
  9. Tbh pentos is literally right there, and it was considered safe. Although sending them north to winterfell would’ve been a much better alternative.
  10. My good man. Imagine being in the middle of a busy metropolitan city (new york, london), during rush hour. Now try to do a backflip or even attempt some stretches. You shall see that all these stock brokers in suits are taking up much of the pavement in their urgency to go to work/home. Meanwhile you are there in the middle trying to do some sort of acrobatic move whilst your also pissing off a fair share of men/women in suits because you are literally kicking/hitting them in the face because you decided to play spiderman in the middle of a horde of people.
  11. Just gonna have to presume. Their is no accurate way for us to know. I don’t think we even know how much gold the lannisters mine. We only know they are filthy rich.
  12. Instead he gave his hand to Ramsey because its the polite thing to do.
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