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  1. The Young Maester

    Time for the Vale to enter the fray....

    Probably after Alayne is revealed as being Ned starks daughter. They might try to put Sansa on Winterfell, or the Vale might just get involved in the conflicts between the Golden Company and the Iron Throne.
  2. The Young Maester

    Tywin's Master Plan - On the Eve of the Purple Wedding

    Tywin definitely had big plans for House Lannister. But these plans wouldn’t come through until absolute peace and stability around Westeros is accomplished.
  3. Theon was obviously a hostage and having him become friends with the heir to Winterfell wouldn't have been all good and well if Ned were to die. Everyone knew that as soon as Balon rebels (which was going to happen as soon as Westeros plunged into war) Ned would have to take Theon's pretty head in order to show everyone in Westeros that he and Bobby B weren't bluffing. Theon himself said that Ned didn't show much affection towards him, my guess is cause Ned was preparing for the day that he might have to swing the sword. Therefore having your heir and hostage/ward become besties won't end well if Balon rebels whether Robb or Ned are Lords of Winterfell. Theons raid of Winterfell proved what this friendship did, and in my opinion Ned should have thought what would happen if he was dead and Robb was lord of Winterfell, and whether this friendship would alter Robbs decision to obey his Kings order.
  4. The Young Maester

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    The North is so big that I am pretty sure that some parts of it most have some lands that are somewhat fertile. The North those have a lot of lands covered with mountains and forests, however in contrast to this, they should have a lot of empty grasslands that should have no trouble for farming during the summer, enough lands to rival the production rate of the Riverlands.
  5. The Young Maester

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    I might have included the marshes of the Neck in my statement which is a very unfertile land and impossible to grow crops in. But still the neck is half the size of the Vale, and if you add Flint's finger and cape Kraken you have a kingdom the size of the Vale of Arryn. After that split the white knife in two and there you go, you have two other kingdoms the size of the Vale of Arryn, with the western part of the white knife being at least a third bigger than the Vale. I was going to say previously that most of the population likely lives off the land around the coast and near rivers, which is why Dorne has the smallest population of the kingdoms (forget the Iron islands, they are a nuisance). Much Like Australia
  6. The Young Maester

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    The Riverlands even tho is always plagued by war, are still highly populated and are most likely the 2nd most populated of the kingdoms since it's not just a battleground for warfare, but also a centre of trade between 4-5 kingdoms. Not to the forget its fertile lands which are no doubt due to attract many foreign farmers from maybe the Westerlands into migrating. The Riverlands united under a strong leader can be a force to be reckoned with. If the North and Riverlands managed to part away from the Iron Throne, with some years of recovery they could have easily raised a force that could challenge the might of Renly's host.
  7. The Young Maester

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Since Dorne is a desert, their economic production might be low in terms of crops, they most likely rely on food imports from the nearby free cities. It is possible that the North has a similar economic production to the Vale. Even tho the Vale is the 3rd most fertile of the kingdoms, the North is 3 times the size of the Vale, and can no doubt meet the standards of the Vale, on the yielding of crops.
  8. The Young Maester

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Imagine raising an army from a kingdom the size of the USA, during mid/late medieval society. With a population that is scattered throughout the countryside due to the lack of cities and towns. Imagine sending your riders to find any available men, how hard could it be to be able to knick pick every available men throughout the land especially when every major lord of the North holds lands that are equal in size with France. Imagine how hard it is to find these men with the lack of roads and infrastructure, along with all the mountains, forests, and wilderness of the North. The North is one of the poorest of the seven kingdoms, most possibly poorer than the Ironborn since they do so much reaving and plundering. With winter always approaching, a House such as the Karstarks cannot waste precious food on fielding so many men, especially when its harder to find these men.
  9. The Young Maester

    Lords and Kings of Westeros after A Song of Ice and Fire

    It really depends if all of Westeros unites against the others, which I see as less likely. My theory is that the North, Vale, some riverlander houses, along with some aid from Bravos, will fight the others. The Vale is untouched by war and no doubt they'll be a key factor against the others. Whatever happens, I believe peace will be settled however every kingdom will be acting independently without calling themselves Kings (except the North and Iron Islands) for a while. The lands beyond the wall will be populated by the Others as I don't believe that Men can kill off an entire race that easily, especially such magical race. The Vale will be ruled by Harrold Hardyng with Yohn Royce pulling the strings. In the Riverlands, Edmure will likely be executed at Casterly rock, after Red Wedding 2.0 kills off many Freys, and Lannister bannermen. Therefore if Roslin has a son I see Blackfish returning and retaking Riverrun and ruling as regent for little baby Edmure. In the North, the Boltons will be killed by many angry Northmen (watch out for Big bucket Wull). With Brandon due to become a tree. Rickon will be made Lord of Winterfell, with either Sansa being his regent or a block of northern Lords such as ambitious Wyman Manderly becoming regent. These three kingdoms (North, Vale, Riverlands) will work closely together as if they were one Kingdom. With Sansa possibly marrying the lord of the Eyrie uniting these three kingdoms by blood. In the Westerlands Tyrion is likely to have a go at being its Lord, but he will be overthrown, since a kinslayer that murdered the former Lord of the West will not do for these lords. Most likely Jamie will make his father proud and finally take the Rock. The Reach will likely be ruled under Willas, as I don't see Mace lasting that long . I see Randyll Tarly making a power play dividing the Reach, and either Tarly or Tyrell shall rule. Dorne, I'm unsure but most likely Arianne will become its Princess. Allot of Sand snakes will die tho. The Stormlands is very tricky, but I see some ambitious stormlord attempt to take power. Each crownlander house sworn to kings landing will act independently. And the Iron islands will likely be ruled by Asha whether the ironborn like it or not. Once they feel that they have lost allot with Euron they will flock to the more caring Asha.
  10. The Young Maester

    GRRM: Some folk got it right.

    I have a feeling that he already finished the book. My guess is that he will announce the release once all translations available for the book are done.
  11. The Young Maester

    Which Freys deserve to die for what House Frey did to House Stark?

    I've been reading this argument for a while. In the end, we gotta admit that Robb was a poor strategist, a poor logistics person(or whatever you call that), a proud and stubborn fool. But we most all agree he was one of the best Tactical commanders Westeros has seen. Give Robb 2 more years of warfare experience, and he probs would become the next Alexander the Great. Robb being naive and young caused his downfall.
  12. The Young Maester

    Which Freys deserve to die for what House Frey did to House Stark?

    To the Northmen and all those lords who lost kin in the Red Wedding, it makes no difference to them. The characters have no idea who did what during the Red Wedding, so it's certain that many innocent freys such as Olyvar are due to be butchered. The women will be raped and the children will be thrown off the towers of the Twins. It won't be a pretty sight, anything that breathes and moves that contains the name Frey, will die regardless of their participation in the RW.
  13. The Young Maester

    Robb and the Hornwood crises

    I like this idea. I always imagined that Rickon would grow up to be some badass Northern Lord with a thick Viking beard. Fucking wenches wherever he went. Something akin to Brandon (older), but much more badass with a touch of clansmen culture.
  14. The Young Maester

    Robb and the Hornwood crises

    Grant the castle to one of Berena's sons, and split the land between Manderly and Bolton. This situation everyone wins except for the Karstarks and Glovers. In this situation, Robb has given his two most powerful and ambitious vassals even more power, and in turn he has shot himself in the leg.
  15. The Young Maester

    Lord Walder Bolton

    I definitely agree that the Freys will survive as a house, and the entire North along with the Starks have a higher chance of going extinct when compared to Walder's lot. One thing I'm sure is that the Freys will go through a stage where at least half of the family members (around 80 Freys) will die either at the hands of angry Northmen and rivermen or by killing each other which is likely to happen when old Walder Frey dies of old age. With Edwyn as heir and Black Walder no doubt desiring the lordship. This brotherly rivalry will be the start of Frey civil war, in which similarly to the war of the five kings, different Frey factions will emerge and fight each other, such as the Crakehall Freys, the Rosby Freys, and many others.