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  1. No doubt Targaryen was a respected name throughout both Essos and Westeros. The heirs of valyria you can call them.
  2. Can see your point. But after securing a male ruler the lords will still rather choose an uncle over the daughter of a king. Depending on who the uncle or the daughter is. If it was Stannis and Myrcella, than most lords would go for Stannis over Myrcella since he is a proven commander, and much older and experienced. It is also possible that Robert wouldve inherited the throne peacefully if all of Aerys’s descendants died. Making Robert next in line.
  3. The Young Maester

    The Frey civil war

    Tbh its all down to what black Walder and edwyn do. They both dislike each other and no doubt black Walder would feel entitled to the lordship. If they both start bickering or fighting over the Twins, is likely Lothar would step in, whether he’ll put his own claim through I dont know. We will definitely see daggers in the dark. The Frey branches will have a go at each other. And eventually someone is gonna come on top of the succession crisis. It is implied that when Walder dies a lot of Freys are going to be kicked out by the new lord. So we will see the number of Freys living in the twins drastically reduced.
  4. The Young Maester

    The Frey civil war

    The Red wedding was masterminded by Lothar Frey and Roose Bolton. All the others just followed orders like any other courtier and soldier would do. Their will defo be a succession crisis when Walder dies, and their will be blood since many other Freys will feel that they deserve the twins more than whomever succeeded old Walder. If Edwyn inherits the Twins, Black Walder has command of a garrison army in seagard. So it is likely that he might take action. Remember tho that Walder is the one that keeps all his descendants in line. If he dies you have no one respectful enough to keep them on line. Whilst you have Frey branches within the family, those that share the same mother will likely see eachother as close kin and see everyone else as an outsider. Lothar will feel that he deserves the lordship as its castellan. Him being the brains behind the twins, and also having Walders ear, will make him feel as the rightful heir.
  5. The Young Maester

    Could any pre-conquest kingdom unite southern Westeros without Dragons?

    The Hoares could possibly conquer the storm lands. But it takes a smart king. And harren the black isnt a military genius unlike his ancestors whom conquered the riverlands. Even if the storm lands were conquered thats where the iron born empire ends. They can barely field a 15k force of iron born, and the levies from the river lords are not very trustworthy. Theyll be overextended and their empire would either end from the inside or from exterior forces.
  6. The Young Maester

    Could any pre-conquest kingdom unite southern Westeros without Dragons?

    Imagine some European king tried to unite all of Europe or at least Western Europe. Its almost impossible especially with all the different cultures and customs. If the Durrandon line ended. The storm lords would rather choose a king amongst their own or whoever is next in line which is likely to be a storm Lord. Its the same for every other kingdom. Theyd all rather choose a king amongst their own.
  7. The Young Maester

    Was the drowning of the Reynes justified?

    I believe it was fully justified. The drowning as well. It is war after all, and during a siege the enemy would use any method necessary to storm the castle. A quick siege is always strategically great.
  8. The Young Maester

    Are there any blackfyres alive

    My own theory is that Varys was Saerras brother. And his main goal is to put his nephew on the throne for the glory of house Blackfyre. But I might be wrong. Its quite a wild theory.
  9. The Young Maester

    I hate Roose Bolton

    Nah, I remember seeing it in another thread. Some guy referred to someone as sweetie and that person had a go at him for calling her sweetie. So he doubled back and said that he was calling Robb sweetie.
  10. The Young Maester

    I hate Roose Bolton

    Well dont forget Roose was responsible for about 80% of northern casualties. The other 20% are his own levies.
  11. The Young Maester

    I hate Roose Bolton

    Dont see the point of this thread but at least youre relieving all that anger for Bolton.
  12. Yes combats are indeed romanticised. And if Martin wanted Dayne to defeat Robert, than fair play. Same goes for Robert defeating Dayne. But when the readers decide to debate on how the circumstances would turn out. Than we use realism since we aren’t asoiaf authors. Fact is westerosi armour is inspired from late 13th century armour. And after the 13th century swords stopped becoming a tool for war since most knights and lords would have full plated armour. And Swords cant slash at an armour effectively, only stab. Thats where maces, pole axes and war hammers came into play. The force of the impact is strong enough to dent the armour and break bones and kill a fully armoured knight. Thats where Robert becomes a deadly warrior. If you add his unnatural strength along with his overly heavy Warhammer. One full blow from his Warhammer should disarm a shield or a sword from a regular knight and most likely Rhaegar, since he wasnt described as a robust person. If that Warhammer catches you on your armour, you have no chance of surviving. Whilst a sword slash and even a stab wont guarantee penetration, especially against expensive armour that rich lords use.
  13. The Young Maester

    Strategic marriage for Catelyn

    Bronze Yohn Royce. The books dont really say much about his wife. She might have died on childbirth, since he has numerous sons and daughters. If Catelyn married lord Royce it would really put allot of pressure on Lysa. But without Lysas consent I dont know whether Yohn and his supporters in the vale would decide to march with Robb.
  14. It’s possible that Rhaegar decided to engage Robert due to the battle turning against the loyalists.
  15. Ugh that’s a bold claim. Duels in asoiaf are heavily romanticised by George. If Robert and Rhaegars duel was realistic, Rhaegar would be dead by the 3rd swing of Roberts hammer. In a realistic scenario Robert can definitely match each of the kingsguard on skill. However he can’t fight all 3 of them at the same time. But on a one on one scenario, the odds would be quite even.