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  1. I think in most instances the husband is of a much lower status than the woman. Which explains why women like lady waynwood and oakheart still rule their own lands. They married a man of lower status to prevent them from seizing power. That’s atleast how I think it is since I don’t think we are told about the husbands.
  2. Anyone know what the trailer qoute “history dosent remember blood it remembers names” mean. Like I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and still can’t wrap my head around the meaning or if it has any meaning whatsoever.
  3. Probably why hbo went the safe route and decided to have a show about the badass dragon battles.
  4. Yeah Star Wars and realism never work together. i Have tons of problems with some aspects of Star Wars, but most are unanswerable. And dont know what to say about Vader and obi wan meeting before a new hope (if it happens).
  5. Black valyrians dont really bother me. It is to be expected these days. And atleast they don’t look so out of place like that black dwarf queen on that lord of the rings tv show. Like she looks more like some 21st century character. She dosent even have the beard that female dwarfs are famous for.
  6. I do hope the first season isnt all dark and serious with everyone on edge and walking around with straight faces.
  7. I liked the customs and how everything looked. But I did not like how it looks very dark. Definitely dosent resemble viserys reign at all. The guy was lively with feasts, tourneys and no doubt decorated his keep with all sorts of lively Colors. First season of GOT looked colourful and nice. I do hate this current norm that movies/tv shows based on older times must be dark.
  8. The visuals looked great. Although very dark for some reason. I guess thats the norm for medieval movies/tv shows nowadays.
  9. Can we agree tho that catelyn took out her resentment of neds betrayal on a child that had nothing to do with it. Cats biggest problem with Jon is that he is evidence that Ned loved jons mysterious mother enough that he would raise his bastard alongside his trueborn children. Other lords dont really do that.
  10. Stannis always compares himself with Robert on his mind. From his point of view he has the moustached ugly wife from a different branch of the florent lords. Whilst Robert gets the most beautiful women in Westeros, and the daughter of a great lord. If he had a pretty wife he probably would visit her more.
  11. In the case of alysanne and asha is that theyre women that walk around in chainmail and lead men into war. That would probably irritate stannis a bit. Dosent alysanne claim her children are fathered by a bear like her mother. Although it wouldnt stop Robert. Seeing as they are the only women in the army (I think). Wouldnt put it past Robert to make a move for either of them. Weeks on campaign without a women would drive Robert mad. One can say selyse thinks she failed as a wife because she couldnt give her husband any sons. In this world we see how noblewomen emphasis on giving their new husband many sons. Noblewomen probably take pride on being able to have many sons. Both catelyn and fat walda wanted to give their husband sons. Cat mentioned she wants to give Ned another son, and fat walda wants to repopulate the dreadfort with many little Boltons. And yeah selyse definitely likes him to a degree which is weird. Her and davos would probably be the only people that like stannis. Not even stannis likes himself tbh.
  12. Yeah I can definitely see stannis thinking that way. I remember stannis interaction with alysanne were as if her presence bothers him. Definitely george trying to portray stannis as the opposite of Robert. If Robert was there he probably wouldve bedded alysanne before they arrived at crofters. Maybe she’s in denial that she isnt attractive enough for her husband. If stannis never comes to her bed it must’ve come across her mind that stannis dosent find her to his liking.
  13. Stannis is similar to walder frey in a way that he sees imaginary slights in his head. Selyse definitely reminded him of how Robert insulted him when he took delena to bed. Lol Robert was one dickhead of a brother.
  14. Maybe a nice redhead is all stannis needed so that he would use his pecker.
  15. Being married to stannis must drive a person crazy. One can blame the loveless marriage and the years of being treated like you were dirt by your own husband. I love renlys qoute of how stannis goes to his wife’s bed as if he were marching to war. Also the fact that stannis wanted to outlaw brothels tells you how much he dislikes sex.
  16. @Week Sending me a private message saying I don’t care just shows I’m right. Don’t understand the need to be so negative and trying to argue in bad faith. But its fine I’ll leave it at that then.
  17. Ok but I don’t involve myself this much on other political forums. I now understand that your tired of talking about a topic. But as I said calling or accusing people and not giving input on why you think they are wrong is not gonna help. Its a discussion, you can easily sway people into why you think your right. Or just link a forum that already talked about it.
  18. Just because your trying to highlight your older dosent automatically mean your right. Surely someone as experienced as you would know that in a democratic world other people deserve to be heard.
  19. That’s better, I don’t really involve myself on politics forums in here so I don’t know what people are talking about here. Neither do I take politics to heart, but I really dislike people being disrespectful in general. I like the topic op started since it talks about whether it’s moral to defend yourself. Which I find an interesting topic to talk about. Your comments riled me up a little because is this how people react when meeting someone of a different opinion? I’ve seen cases in both real life and internet of people shitting on someone because they have a different opinion. I see this as a bullying technique (not calling you one and neither do I think you are one anyways). But I really find this undemocratic and unfair. I’m quick to defend that person that’s getting shit on even if I don’t agree with whatever their opinion is. Let me use an example. One time in college I was in class and some people had watched the new black panther movie. I have not watched it yet, but everyone in my class that watched it loved it. One guy disagreed and said it wasnt that great in terms of writing. Everyone was quick to absolute shit on him, one of my friends even called him racist, funny enough even the teacher was kinda shitting on him. I felt bad for the guy so I was quick to defend him even tho I never watched the movie, and told them to shut up and let him have his opinions no matter how much you disagree. I believe people that have different opinions deserve to have their word on the table. Because this is how democracy is born, is it not? When you start shutting people down it becomes unhealthy and you have situations were sometimes is undemocratic and everyone deserves a chance to have a say in what they believe (as long as it’s reasonable of course).
  20. Who else was it that invaded crimea and afterwards the rest of Ukraine? Who was it that angered the Russian speaking population of Ukraine, further distancing Ukraine from Russia? Of course it’s putins fault his biggest mistakes were invading, when he shouldve been more diplomatic. Hence why I say it was an emotional reaction when he invaded crimea. Instead of assessing his options.
  21. My recollection of the event is that their was talk of Ukraine joining NATO. Russia proceeds to put troops on Ukrainian border. Hence why I reckon its what made putin act rashly. From their he started making demands which both Ukraine and the US refused to accept. The soldiers at the border were there for a long time by February and we received reports that Kremlin or whoever are putins advisors told him that he should either act now or call it a day and call back the soldiers. So because putin blames it on nato that makes me as someone that’s ‘making excuses for russian imperlism’??? That is genuinely my opinion on why he put troops on the border. I thought this is a forum to discuss things not laugh at peoples opinions because you think so. And It really hurts that you would put me in the same sentence as “excuses for Russian imperialism”. Why not try to make your point through instead of laughing at my face and then accusing me for being a sympathiser or whatever it was you insinuated. The whole point why discussions exist is to talk about certain topics with people and come to the same conclusion in certain things. And also let me add that even if someone in here came here with their own opinions of defending this guys invasion or whatever. As long as he isnt a troll, they should be treated the same as if you were to treat other people that share the same opinion as you. Laughing at people because you believe their opinion to be garbage and coming to quick conclusion is a bullying technique and its not healthy because all it does is create an echo chamber.
  22. Because isnt it true that putin invaded because Ukraine was willing to join nato?
  23. So how did that comment associate with making excuses for putins war?
  24. I don’t understand what it has to do with what I said. As I said I did word it wrong. By accelerating hostility I mean that it accelerated or more like it made putin invade Ukraine sooner.
  25. Well sorry if you found my comment funny. Now I realised that I worded it incorrectly. English isnt my mother tongue after all.
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