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  1. The quote from the book: "My lady, this is no way to bring you to your wedding. I am sorry for that. And for making this so sudden, and so secret. My lord father felt it necessary, for reasons of state. Else I would have come to you sooner, as I wished." He waddled closer. "You did not ask for this marriage, I know. No more than I did. If I had refused you, however, they would have wed you to my cousin Lancel. Perhaps you would prefer that. He is nearer your age, and fairer to look upon. If that is your wish, say so, and I will end this farce." I think he's telling her the truth here. I know that's not always the case in Westeros. It's entirely reasonable that Tywin ordered him to not let anyone know, probably to stay a step ahead of the Tyrells. As for offering to let her choose Lancel instead, I think he was sincere. I think one of the reasons she didn't pick Lancel is that she remembered when he backed up Joffrey's assertion that Robb warged Grey Wind to murder their uncle. That was one of the times Joffrey had her humilated in front of the court. (I'm sorry this isn't formatted right. I've lurked for a long time but I'm 99% sure this is my first post.)
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