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  1. Mooncalf

    The Mysteries of the Nights Watch and the Wall

    I'm working on a similar theory about legends like Florrian the Fool and Symon Star Eyes. They're said to be knights who existed during the Age of Heroes, long before knighthood or the Seven existed in Westeros. What if they were Andal conquerors and adventurers who helped to end the Age of Heroes and they're claim to fame is being responsible for killing off many First Men warriors, taking down their kingdoms, and killing off the last of the Children of the Forest south of the Neck, cementing Andal dominance. I don't have any text foreshadowing to support this though.
  2. Mooncalf

    The Wars to Come...

    My thing with Victarion vs Euron and Vic rescuing Aeron is that I think they're just too far apart for that. Maybe it will come down to Vic vs Euron eventually, but Aeron is gonna need someone else to save him. As soon as Euron deals with the Redwyne and Hightower fleet (assuming he wins), I don't think he's gonna waste any time laying siege to Oldtown. No clue what his plans for the Damphair are but I could see the Reader trying to get him out. At this time, Vic's probably gonna still be in Essos. Then with Dany vs Aegon. The last thing I want to see is Dany waste a single second in Westeros fighting Aegon or even going after the Iron Throne. by the time she gets there, I think the situation up North is gonna be so bad she just has to go straight up there and deal with the Others.
  3. Mooncalf

    The Mysteries of the Nights Watch and the Wall

    Not exact quotes: "the water dripping down was salty as a tear." - Bran "This wall is made of blood." - Ygritte I've been working on a theory were Bran the Builder was a murderous evil man who forced generations of Wildlings, or at the time, just people living North of the Wall, into servitude leading to many deaths to create the Wall. The Wall in turn forced them to become the savages they are. The blood of the dead and the tears of the living still forced to work went into making the Wall. i can't think of anything for the talking door right now though. I think a big part of the next book is going to be characters like Bran, Mel, and Davos discovering this.
  4. Mooncalf

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    I have a hunch Jamie and Brienne are going to get separated pretty early on. I'm predicting Stoneheart and the Northern outlaws/freed prisoners will take Jamie North for his judgement, possibly to Greywater Watch. meanwhile Brienne runs into Edric Dayne and whatever's left of Dondorian's host and they'll want to go to the Reach and Stormlands to protect the smallfolk from Jon Connington's wars. I picturing Brienne joining them and being in a Wenda the White Fawn type role.
  5. Mooncalf

    The Four Battles in TWoW

    I'm hoping Garlan Tyrell takes the Sheild Islands and becomes a factor in the Oldtown siege. I just see no way Oldtown is not going to get completely destroyed unless someone else joins the picture. This would of course leave Highgarden mostly open to attack. Maybe Jon will take the opportunity. I'm trying to predict whether he'll go straight for King's Landing, or take out a place like Highgarden or Casterly Rock. But I'm really looking forward to any Same/Aeron chapters accounting Oldtown
  6. Mooncalf

    Predicting the Future of Characters

    anyone think Justin Massey will become Arya's contracted target for whatever reason? Maybe Littlefinger wants those sellswords for himself or something. That could be the catalyst for Arya leaving them and going her own way.
  7. Mooncalf

    The Stannis Plan and why he wrote the Pink Letter.

    I also think Ramsey wrote it. Also, I think Ramsey believes what he wrote was true, but parts of it are not, specifically Stannis being dead. I'm hoping Ramsey is on his way to Castle Black, with a host of his own men, leaving Roose to take on Stannis and all the enemies within Winterfell.
  8. I like the idea of Jamie and Bran meeting at some point. I'm really hoping Jamie's arc takes him North. One thing I don't want to see is Jamie back in King's Landing or reunited with Cersei. Bran seems a little preoccupied with Theon at the moment but I could see him using his weirwood visions to see Jamie. One thing I was wondering is where will the outlaws bring Jamie. I was thinking Greywater Watch, but now I'm thinking Raventree. Either location seems ideal for Bran to influence Jamie's fate. One potential path that I think would lead Jamie North would be if Lady Stoneheart and the northern outlaws want to return there and decide to bring Jamie with them. Either to force him to join the Watch or something else. Leverage of some kind? or something darker like giving him to the Night Queen. maybe Cat spent too much time dead and now they're influencing her. I was working on this theory where when you die, the heart trees judge you and if they deem you bad, you spend eternity as a thrall for the Night Queen. that's hell. it's possible Bran might have to save Jamie's life. I love this potential theme of Bran saving those who've wronged him. first, Theon, later maybe Jamie.
  9. Mooncalf

    Will the Wall Come Down?

    Anyone think Roose might get the Others to invade from the crypts in Winterfell? That'd be a sure way to beat Stannis. Also anyone think their might be other ways for the Others to break through the Wall besides blowing the horn? Maybe if one of Mel's shadow assassins takes out the 3 eyed crow or something. are the others capable of building ships for that matter?
  10. Mooncalf

    The Four Battles in TWoW

    same here with Storm's End. But I am looking forward to all of those other battles. I've heard the upcoming Ironborn battle referred to as the Battle of Blood. It's not so much the battles themselves I'm looking forward to, but the aftermaths. Lets say Euron wins, then what will happen to Oldtown? I'm imagining horrible stuff. after the battle with the Freys, what'll happen at Winterfell? Then there's dealing with whatever's left of the Ghiscari Empire after the Battle of Fire. Something tells me they need to just be destroyed.
  11. So as of ADWD, Khal Pono has thousand's of Dothraki just outside Volantis. The customs officer in Selhorys says they give them gifts and they leave, but they don't seem to be going anywhere. Tyrion thinks they could feign an attack on Selhory's and ride hard to take out Volantis itself. Meanwhile, Khal Zekko is making for Qohor. Everyone thinks Qohor will just give him a gift and he'll leave, like he's always done. What if he doesn't though. Anyone think he'll sack Qohor and why. If so, does the Dothrai want a place with so much magical influence gone or could he be in league with a force that wants a place associated with magic gone? (the Oldtown Maesters or maybe Euron has been to Qohor and wants his tracks covered) Then with Volantis, what reasons are there that Pono would want it destroyed. An order from the Dosh Kalasheen or does he think it's easy pickings with so many fighting men going to Slavers Bay. Anyone think he'll strike Volantis. Perfect timing to take advantage of a potential slave uprising. What consequences could this have on other characters if this were to happen, and how could it affect the story for the Merennese crew of viewpoint characters?
  12. Mooncalf

    Question regarding Clash of Kings and Qarth

    I'm with you there. I think Euron's lying. That armor could have easily come from Qohor. I could see him sailing up the Rhoyne into Dagger Lake, making some pirate allies, and going to Qohor from there. He's already playing the ironborn like fools, don't see why he wouldn't lie to them also. I really have no idea what to say about Quarth and don't know how much abroad reaving he did before his exile. Something tells me we'll be seeing more of Quarth and maybe get to the bottom of this Urrathon Night Walker. hope we'll see some phantom tortoises too. As for the warlocks, I'm not completely sold that Euron captured them in the first place. I think it's possible he made a deal with Pyatt Pree; Pree just gave him some of his warlocks to use for his own messed up ends in exchange for something. When the warlock in The Forsaken was saying Pree over and over, i think he was cursing Pree for selling him out. Not saying Euron isn't a huge threat, but I don't think he has the understanding or discipline to comprehend the magic he claims to be using. He definitely believes his own bullshit, but lets see how things go when an uncontrollable kracken appears. unless he gets the horn by then.
  13. Mooncalf

    Stannis army losses and future battles

    I have no doubt Stannis will crush the Freys. If you had asked me directly after reading ADWD, I'd have thought stannis was fucked. He seemed completely lost and doomed without Davos or Mel. Meeting Theon in Winds seems to have reinvigorated him and especially with the Maderly's riding right behind Ser Stupid, he should beat them. As for Ramsey, I don't know. Winterfell is another story though. It's highly possible there'll be a mutiny against Roose and the Northern Lords will let Stannis in while he rides past Rosse's flayed body. Roose is seriously gonna have to pull something out of his ass to get out of this alive. Maybe the idea of Mance still being alive will turn most Northerners against Stannis more than Roose, but I hope not. There's always the possibility that Roose is some kind of servant to the Night's Queen and whenever stannis arrives at Winterfell, he'll find nothing but old stone undead Stark kings and Wights guarding it. I also have a feeling that the Weeper will smash through the Shadow Tower and invade the North. Perhaps Allister Thorne has tipped him off at how poorly manned the NW is and how Stannis has left with most of his strength to campaign towards Winterfell. With Wull lands so poorly guarded, the Weeper could send Reavers into the Bay of Ice to invade the clans lands. They could catch Stannis right in the rear. I also have a far fetched theory that Mel's sorcery has gone rogue, infected Stannis, and is now spreading through his army. The sorcery keeping her so young has to cause someone else to age rapidly. I have a feeling as soon as an important battle ensues, it will be revealed that Stannis and all his men are weak, feeble old men. This war was already most of the Northmen's final hunt regardless. Any combination of these could happen
  14. Mooncalf

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    As a huge fan of a dance with dragons, I don’t think the mereen plot line or northern politics need to be wrapped up anytime soon. In fact, those two locations made dance my favourite book. After 4 books mainly focusing on kings landing/crown lands/ riverlands, it’s nice to see other regions get fleshed out more. also don’t think Danny needs to go to Westeros anytime soon. There’s still a lot to get done in essos, and some potiential roadblocks on the way west. Plus the journey s gonna take a while. The war with the others can be well underway before she even gets there. I’m picturing her first action being going straight after the others. “Save the kingdom to rule it.”-Davos looking at other long series like Harry Potter and memory sorrow and thorn, there’ll already be chaos in a given area of climax long before a central arrives to make the difference. I see Danny showing up at the last moment to fight the others and not wasting any time going after Kings landing.