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  1. My problem with Howland being the Mad Mouse is, what took him so long. Rescuing the daughter of your best friend is a nice quest, but she's been in captivity for a long time now. Honestly, for all anyone knew Sansa could've gotten executed anytime after Ned's imprisonment til she escaped on a whim. It seemed very likely before Tyrion showed up. Then Illyen Payne would've killed her if the Tyrells/Tywin didn't drive Stannis off. Joffery also made it very clear he was going to rape her soon in ASOS. Even in the Vale, Sansa came close to Lysa killing her. If Howland was gonna rescue her, he would've started the journey as soon as word got to him that Ned was imprisoned, especially with Tywin focused on Rob's army. Then he could have been in King's Landing sometime in ACOK. Not saying she's safe in the Vale now. Littlefinger will kill/rape her just as easily as Joffery could have. But he would've showed up near King's Landing sooner to come to Sansa's aid, not after she's been taken away. I still think he may be the Hooded Man. He must want to know what's going on with his kids. If not, it is past time his men become a huge factor in what's going on. Roose probably left Moat Callin in charge of Freys and Dreadfort men. With him so focused on Stannis to the North, and the rest of the Frey's occupied with the Riverlands/untrustworthy vassals/outlaws/infighting the crannogmen have probably already captured Moat Callin. This seems like a good place to prevent any Lannister/Frey reinforcements from marching North. If Howland is not in Winterfell, regardless of what most of his men are doing, I think we'll see him in Jamie/Brienes arc. The Brotherhood without Banners is probably seeking refuge in his lands. Greywater Watch seems like a good place for Jamie to stand trial. With the old gods so prominent there, Bran may become a factor in this. Whether or not he'd be pro Stonehearts any means necessary quest for vengeance or uneasy with it like Thoros is up in the air. But regardless of how this trial turns out, be it combat or court, he's probably headed north afterwards to join the fight against the others.
  2. I really hope Jon isn't actually dead. Just grievously wounded and warging into Ghost. But if he is dead, fuck him, hope he stays that way. We've already had two characters return from death, one multiple times and the other had already started to decay. A third would be a bit ridiculous and kinda ruin Martin's narrative where character death's are supposed to have an impact. Plus we've already seen the extent of what human sacrifice brings. Mirra Maz Durr killed Dany's son, just so Drogo could stay alive in an unresponsive, feeble, and pathetic state. Beric gave up what was left of his life to revive Catylen. And she rose to be a hateful creature who only want vengeance, even against the innocent and doesn't care how many lives it cost to get it. Can't imagine Mel sacrificing Shireen would have a much different outcome. Maybe Jon's soul being preserved in ghost would let him keep his strength, rationale, and personality when he returns, as opposed to Beric forgetting almost everything and everyone to do with his life before he died. Or Drogo being defenseless and Stoneheart being cruel. But the idea of a main character dying and then no being dead just doesn't sit well with me. Plus it seems so un-Martin. maybe he'll live on as Ghost and play somewhat of a role in taking down the Great Other if the human Jon Snow is destined to be dead. on to Shireen though. probably doesn't live to the end of the next book. doubt Stannis would consent to this, but Mel/Selsye probably wouldn't object to her sacrifice. doesn't have to have anything to do with Jon either. She left the Shieldhall before his speech was done. Hopefully to set Ghost free, but I doubt she thinks much of Jon at this point, ignoring all her warnings.
  3. It's really up to Brienne. At the moment, those outlaws are just going to hang Jamie as soon as they see him unless she does something to persuade them to give him a trial of sorts. Whether by combat or hearing, I feel like Greywater Watch is the place to have it. The cranogmen are definitely in cahoots with the Brotherhood and I really want to see if any of their magic is becoming more powerful. I think they may have already used it to take over the Bolton run Moat Calin while Roose is occupied with Stannis. Plus the old gods are so powerful in Greywater, maybe Bran can interfere, for good or bad. Good-influencing him to take the black, leading to him going North to become the white lion slashing through ghost grass in Dany's vision. Maybe putting Stoneheart to rest peacefully, which is for the best. If he can reach Theon, maybe he can reach her. Bad-wanting to make him suffer himself, leading them to bring him North. Be cool if more characters went North and one thing I never want to see is Jamie return to King's Landing and reunite with Cersei. Think Bran is important for this arc. But for him to get a trial in the first place instead of just executing him, Brienne would need to do something more for them. Hopefully Thoros would be on board with this trial to. She could assist in freeing the Red Wedding prisoners. Ned Dayne and the other group of outlaws can be a factor in this to. Something tells me the Freys are already openly warring against one another over succession instead of just scheming and allowing outlaws to hang there own. The road to Greywater Watch might not be so tough if so. Of course, this is still Stoneheart. She still might want to kill Jamie no matter what. It could fall to Brienne or Thoros to take her out. This could lead to a bloody battle between outlaw factions. As for Littlefinger, I'd be a little disappointed if he goes into the Riverlands. He mentioned going north at the end of AFFC. plus we've had a lot of Riverland chapters, especially in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th books. Might be time for characters to get out of there. Brienne vs Stannis is something I don't see ever happening, especially after witnessing what revenge has done to Stoneheart. Plus he could be dead or onto other matters (trying and probably failing at destroying the Night Queen/great other) by the time she gets near Winterfell.
  4. not sure if sad is the right word for this next one.but going back to Hodor, Bran's final aDWD chapter affects me a lot pertaining to Hodor. the way Bran is so willing to warg into him for his own pleasure and the way Hodor cowers deep inside of himself at the presence of Bran is the most haunting and unsettling thing to me in the whole series. plus all Hodor's done for Bran for him to use him like that id disturbing.
  5. think I found the perfect Jamie song. mainly for his AFFC arc and possibly his future. song kinda gives me goosebumps listening to it and thinking about his part in the next book. almost wonder if George was listening to this song around the time of writing his chapters. Someone is sitting there Someone who doesn't care Someone who only stares -About Illyn Paine No one is on your side you've got nowhere to hide there's no white horse to ride...away -About so many people thinking of him as a rogue with no honor or morals. also the theme of white horses just fits so well with being a member of the kingsguard. but now (and him killing Arys was the final nail in the coffin then how progressively sadder the kingsguard has become and what state its in at the end of AFFC is just the dirt burying the Kingsguard's coffin) that means absolutely nothing. No more white horses for you to ride away No more white horses so you must stay where you are but maybe these white horses don't just represent the kingguards fall, but how low knighthood in general has fallen. plus all the titles in Westeros aren't gonna help Jamie in his current situation. unless his soldiers find him, Brienne is his only hope. and something tells me that the Freys and other Westerners are going to look back at how passive Jamie was in AFFC, and see that as weakness. Even rejoicing in not following Jamie anymore and being much more content under a more ruthless leader, like Devan or Strongboar or one of the Freys.
  6. This is reminding me of this theory I had a while back about Bran the Builder and the Wall. The catalyst is just one cryptic line from Ygritte in Storm of Swords. "This wall is made of blood." I think Brandon the Builder was a tyrant who forced generations of wildlings into thralldom and worked most of them to death building that wall. They're bodies were put into the wall after they died. and maybe some sacrificial magic was involved. afterwards he forced the survivors and those who disproved into exile in the harsh deep north and forbid them to come south. history has painted Brandon as a hero, but he was really evil.
  7. This is something that I'm not sure ever needs to be determined in the series. One thing I get out of this saga is that your blood and where you come from means absolutely nothing. It's all about what these characters choose to do with their destiny and how they go about it. Let's say he is a Targaryen. Who cares? Vicerys and Eggs douche brother were just weak and cruel men. Maybe he's a Dayne. Coward Darkstar tried to kill a little girl, and couldn't even do it right. Fuck origins and prophesies. The sistermen might have the right of Jon's parentage. Jon can achieve greatness through his actions regardless of a not so significant birth story. Unless he's dead now anyway.
  8. Another song that reminds me of the viewpoint character (Bran, Jon, Mel, Davos) plot lines in both ASOS and ADWD is Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath. "Nobody will ever let you know, when you ask the reasons why. They just tell you that you're on your own. Fill your head all full of lies"-Jon. "The people who have crippled you; you want to see them burn"-Bran.
  9. The Enfields "Im for things you do," kept popping into my mind for the ADWD plotlines in the north. (Jon, Bran, Stannis, Theon, Mel)
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