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  1. Mooncalf

    Saddest chapters in ASOIAF

    not sure if sad is the right word for this next one.but going back to Hodor, Bran's final aDWD chapter affects me a lot pertaining to Hodor. the way Bran is so willing to warg into him for his own pleasure and the way Hodor cowers deep inside of himself at the presence of Bran is the most haunting and unsettling thing to me in the whole series. plus all Hodor's done for Bran for him to use him like that id disturbing.
  2. Mooncalf

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    think I found the perfect Jamie song. mainly for his AFFC arc and possibly his future. song kinda gives me goosebumps listening to it and thinking about his part in the next book. almost wonder if George was listening to this song around the time of writing his chapters. Someone is sitting there Someone who doesn't care Someone who only stares -About Illyn Paine No one is on your side you've got nowhere to hide there's no white horse to ride...away -About so many people thinking of him as a rogue with no honor or morals. also the theme of white horses just fits so well with being a member of the kingsguard. but now (and him killing Arys was the final nail in the coffin then how progressively sadder the kingsguard has become and what state its in at the end of AFFC is just the dirt burying the Kingsguard's coffin) that means absolutely nothing. No more white horses for you to ride away No more white horses so you must stay where you are but maybe these white horses don't just represent the kingguards fall, but how low knighthood in general has fallen. plus all the titles in Westeros aren't gonna help Jamie in his current situation. unless his soldiers find him, Brienne is his only hope. and something tells me that the Freys and other Westerners are going to look back at how passive Jamie was in AFFC, and see that as weakness. Even rejoicing in not following Jamie anymore and being much more content under a more ruthless leader, like Devan or Strongboar or one of the Freys.
  3. Mooncalf

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    This is reminding me of this theory I had a while back about Bran the Builder and the Wall. The catalyst is just one cryptic line from Ygritte in Storm of Swords. "This wall is made of blood." I think Brandon the Builder was a tyrant who forced generations of wildlings into thralldom and worked most of them to death building that wall. They're bodies were put into the wall after they died. and maybe some sacrificial magic was involved. afterwards he forced the survivors and those who disproved into exile in the harsh deep north and forbid them to come south. history has painted Brandon as a hero, but he was really evil.
  4. Mooncalf

    "The Ice Dragon" (1980 book by GRRM)

    love this novella. read the version that appeared in dreamsongs a while back. got the vibe that they could live in a northern province of Valeria that was at war with a freehold/region that decided to succeed from the empire and has been lost to time, since the enemy was from the north. this rebel territory was probably defeated shortly afterwards. there have been some theories that Adara becomes the Night Queen who takes the 13th lord commander in her thrall. I kinda want to believe that, but I also really like the idea of Nissa Nissa becoming the Night Queen. Like Azor Ahai saga was a self fullfilling prophecy. He killed his wife to forge a sword to defeat a great enemy. but the woman he killed ended up rising as an aspect of the Great Other. Without the sword being forged, there is no great enemy to defeat. And without the enemy to face, there is no need for Lightbringer. It'd be interesting if Adara and Nissa Nissa were connected somehow, but I think Valeryia would've still been in its infancy when the Long Night happened. Plus if the five forts have anything to do with the Long Night, and the end of Essos and end of Westeros are connected like Alaska and Russia used to be, this Land of Always Winter would probably be north of Yi Ti. this is getting convoluted but maybe Adara travels northeast to become a seperate Night Queen from the original one (Nissa Nissa), or their the same one.
  5. Mooncalf

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Tywin didn't give a shit about Tyrion. He only made a big deal about his abduction because it stained the honor of house Lannister. I have a theory about the invasion of the Riverlands really having nothing to do with Tyrion's capture though. Earlier in the book, Ned got reports on Tywin gathering a lot of soilders and sellswords to Casterly Rock for some unknown reason. for the amount of time it would take for a messenger to get from the far side of Westeros, across the narrow sea, and to Qohor to hire The Brave Companions, Tywin would have to already have them at the ready well before Cat kidnaps Tyrion to have them with him. I think he anticipated invading the riverlands and was waiting for an excuse to do so. I look forward to finding out what motives Tywin has for his rebellion. He must have been very confident something was gonna go wrong with Ned or had something else in mind for afterwards.
  6. Mooncalf

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    I think he'll go west to. At first I though the Reach was kinda boring compared to the rest of Westeros, but after reading The Sworn Sword and The Mystery Knight, I'm seeing how much potential that region has. Their lords are probably the most fickle I've seen. They suffered more losses than most by following the Gardners, submitted to Aegon, probably resented the Tyrells quite a bit for becoming wardens, and most of them were quick to join the Blackfyre rebellion. When they finally are loyal to the Targaryans, they lose to Rob. I'm wondering how much these "friends in the Reach" resent the Tyrells still. Now is prime time for Highgarden to fall. If Mace is defeated in front of Storm's End, no doubt a lot of Reachmen will flock to Aegon. Garlan is gonna be busy driving the Ironborn out of the Shield Islands. Highgarden may not have as much defenses as usual. And if the Dornish army waiting in Princes Pass join this faction of the Golden Company and Reach lords, the city wouldn't stand a chance. The best way to deal with Kings Landing is probably to just leave it alone and let that shitshow implode on itself. I love the addition of Aegon and Jon Connington to the story, but I view them as antagonists in the series. No matter for what cause, bring an army of sellswords to Westeros is not "for the good of the realm", especially with an impending winter with many people now having their resources taken from them. Plus there's them theme of "Lord Tywin being the Shrouded Lord." Jon Conningtons the one with greyscale and his narrative says he'll be more like Tywin. I look forward to his chapters just to see him become more ruthless. Aegon might as well be the Jamie to Jon's Tywin. young, cocky and charismatic who could win a lot of people to their cause.
  7. Mooncalf

    Theon’s death?

    I really think the only way for Theon to get out of dying is if Jeyne sincerely begs Stannis to spare him. But it's still Stannis, and he's already decided he'll be executed. No idea what would even come of his afterwards if he is spared.
  8. Mooncalf

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    Like every story for the next book, I have no idea where Martin is gonna take it. But secret heir living in a reclusive area until his destiny is unraveled is just too perfect for these novels. kinda like the Aegon story. plus I kinda don't like the idea of a bunch of armies rallying behind a child. Not that I don't like Rickon but the time for figureheads is over (if it ever existed) and the time has come for an actual leader to lead people. His future also teeters heavily on Davos and Skagos. I get the vibe Skagosi have disdain for Starks and other mainlanders that might border on hostile. more info will probably be spread on their rebellion in this arc. Osha might have to keep Rickon hidden or disguised, and even if Davos recognizes the Direwolf, revealing Rickon would put him in danger. Another factor I think will play into this arc is Hardhome. Davos will probably know of this by now (Nightswatchmen driven aground on Skane may have made it to Skagos) and want to help them because he's Davos. think I read something about the Starks denying Skagos sea travel after the rebellion. As hand of a king, Davos can cancel that (given they're not hostile towards him to) and they could be building ships as of the end of ADWD to take to Hardhome to save the Wildlings. Also we gotta think on if Davos would really bring Rickon into this game where children get murdered all the time. he's definitely not safe on Skagos, but depending on how well Osha is to him and if the natives there don't want to kill him, he's safer there than he is as the top threat to the Boltons. There's a chance Davos could path up any anti-Stark feelings there to. I could see Davos just leaving Rickon there rather than make him an even bigger target to flay happy psycopaths.
  9. Mooncalf

    The Stone Dragon of Skagos

    Love talking about Skagos. it actually makes me wanna get another Dunk and Egg story over anything else. I would love to see some more light shined on the Skagosi rebellion that took place a little before they're time. The causes and aftermath. If those two are headed North, we'll probably get insight on that in their next story. Just like the Mystery Knight was necessary to foreshadow the Jon Connington/Golden Company plot in ADWD, I feel like a Dunk and Egg story taking place in the North and revealing the consequences of that rebellion will be necessary to foreshadow Davos' arc on Skagos. probably a lot of anti Stark feelings up there. This is a long shot, but maybe Sheepstealer or Cannibal were involved in that rebellion. The Skagosins getting their hands on a dragon and possibly thinking it'll help them could've been what triggered the rebellion. And its defeat (possibly from both sides taking it out) may be the best kept secret in Westeros. But I don't want another dragon in A Song of Ice and Fire. that would lessen the factor of Dany's 3. I like the idea of Stone Dragons being Volcanoes though.
  10. Mooncalf

    How are they gonna get outta this one??

    my take: Jamie and Brienne Stoneheart probably wants to hang Jamie right away. Brienne could ask for an actual trial to take place in exchange for some favor. maybe she helps free the Frey's prisoners or delivers Jeyne and her mom to Stoneheart. Thoros could have a part to play in freeing both Jamie and Brienne, considering how rational he seemed in AFFC. Thoros or Brienne could request that Jamie be sent to the wall. maybe the other group of outlaws (Edric Dayne, Greenbeard) get involved in their arc Theon I'm fine with Stannis beheading him. Theon's down for that to. viewing his sample chapter as part of his ADWD arc, that whole arc was just too perfect. it should really end at this point rather than go on and overstay its welcome. if Stannis wants someone dead, there's nothing Bran, 3EC, ravens, or a heart tree can do. I got a feeling we'll see Theon executed from Brans viewpoint. nice parallel to Bran visiting him in the Winterfell heart tree with Bran using his powers to manipulate the story in a huge way, but now he's powerless to save Theon if he even wants to. At the most he can give Theon closure before he gets beheaded. Asha wouldn't do anything to save Theon even if she could. Really don't like the idea of Theon returning to the Iron Islands, and think the last thing this story needs is another puppet for someone to rule through. just feel there is nothing for Theon's character at the isles. if he does survive to see another chapter, I think the only one who can get him out is Jeyne. She'd have to beg Stannis to spare him, and he might oblige, but Theon joining the watch if that happens. would fit with the last conversation him and Luwin had. probably gonna stop being a POV at that point and have less impact on the story just because there is no way to get his arc any better Arya don't know if killing Raff really pisses off the FM that much. she has an alibi. he was talking about killing the dwarf in that troupe. she was technically just defending him. think she'll stay an assassin long enough to get another contract. then something will happen to move her arc back to Westeros.
  11. like the idea of Cannibal still being around and can't wait to see what impact Skagos has on this. but a theme im getting vibes of in this series is prophecy, sacrifice and sorcery screwing the ones who believe in it over. What if the Others manage to get Cannibal in their thrall right after he wakes or he has been their's this whole time, and now Mel and others are doomed because he's awaken. If Shireen gets killed, I was guessing Val would have a part to play in that, and possible flame visions showing a greyscale outbreak to Mel that she interprets as Shireen being the reason for. Jon Connington would probably be the real threat in that though.
  12. Mooncalf

    How far south will the Others get?

    feel like if the Others get to powerful, nothing is gonna stop them from taking everything over. Hoping some northern holdfasts will keep them from getting south. think they won't get any farther than Moat Calin or Greywater Watch at the most. I'm picturing ancient Giants burried in the Barrowlands rising from their graves and fucking shit up. the South is fucked enough. We got Ironborn reaving the reach. The riverlands are a warzone. Probably a massive greyscale outbreak in the Stormlands. Cersei and the Faith militant will do all they can to destroy King's Landing. The Vale's gonna have to deal with Timmett and his Burned Men. maybe a squisher invasion in the crownlands? sure something is gonna happen to Westernlands and Dorne.
  13. I could see it being like Lord of the Rings, where there's a book one and book two, each focusing on different characters. the first can be the AFFC crew, the second the ADWD crew, but it's in one book. that would at least make it easier to follow. think we're looking at 19 viewpoint characters, each with a very interesting arc to go through, so that could make it flow better. maybe it will even be two separate books in that format, hopefully released within a year of each other. Either way this is gonna be a long and epic story.
  14. Mooncalf

    Sam Tarly Appreciation Thread

    Think that's just Leo being a dick. He would've known him back when he was fatter. Sam's probably just more on the stocky side now, but he's in a world where most people are skinny, even to the point where its unhealthy. I love Sam to. Really felt good for him when he got laid. "No trees here, only water." look out Euron, if anyones gonna kill you it might be Sam. He seems to be getting decent with a bow.
  15. Mooncalf

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    What I think would be cool is if the first Bran chapter is him watching an trying to manipulate whatever goes on with Theon and Stannis in front of the heart tree they mention at the end of Theon's preview chapter. Now I don't think all the magic in the world could stop Stannis from beheading someone he wants to kill, nor do I think Bran has the means to do so, but it'd be interesting to see this go down from Bran's viewpoint. We got the good outcome from Theon's perspective when he sees Bran's face and decides to do help rescue Jeyne. now we could get a different outcome from Bran's viewpoint were at the most, he could give Theon closure before he dies.