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  1. Mooncalf

    Do you think the night' queen will return?

    I can only think of the last line in ADWD's prologue. She sees me! I've always thought that was referring to the Night's Queen, and when the "heart trees were weighing his deeds," they decided he was fit for hell, and hell for him is being delivered to the Night's Queen to become her thrall. This makes me believe the Night's Queen very much still exists, and has been looking for a vessel to become her king. Some speculate towards Euron or Roose. Could be she's looking for a female vessel to merge with also to spread her power.
  2. The prologues and epilogues are usually among my favorite part of the books. Especially ADWD. I feel that Martin has kept good on his word to not have any major power player POV's. Cersei was always littlefinger's piece until AFFC when she unwillingly became Vary's piece. Even before her imprisonment, it seems to me she has very little power and what she is doing is not benefiting her at all anyway. Dany's rule is filled with doubts and struggles and she is not holding many secrets from anyone she's in contact with so she's not a major schemer like Illyrio or anyone. Mel's chapter was interesting. I wonder what the book would have been like with a few more of her chapters. (imagine sheildhall and Jon's stabbing through her perspective) No greater plots were revealed. We just got more insight on her. Maybe she was a major player in the first three books, but I feel like her scheming days are almost at an end because of how it was revealed about her struggles with her powers and her doubts in those like Stannis and Jon that she has been consulting. Looking forward to more of her chapters. Kevan was a great chapter. I don't put him in the player group because of how straightforward he was with everything and I feel like there's some stuff he's not in on. He doesn't appear to have any clue on the "outlaws shouting halfman" killing Tristine Martell, for example. I don't see any major players like Doran or Varys getting prologues/epilogues but I could see someone who is kind of in on schemes getting chapters and those plots getting revealed.
  3. I could see this playing into if Lady Stoneheart gives Jon the kiss of life. It's a long shot, but if Jamie trying to flee from her takes them north or if she wants him to take the black, this could happen.
  4. I hope not. Jamie losing his hand made him smarter. Instead of rushing into every situation with a sword swinging, he has to think, "what would tyrion do." I prefer reading about the more cunning and tactical Jamie.
  5. Mooncalf

    Justin Massey

    I do see Jon's death playing into Arya's arc, but I see it going somewhere else. At the moment, Arya's still probably beside herself about if she's ready to give up her Stark identity and might balk about killing certain people for the faceless men. Bran and Rickon are dead to her, but she still has Jon. When she hears of his death, she could think, "Arya has nothing now," and be completely down for dedicating herself to the assassin's. As to who the target would be, I don't know. My guess is that it could be someone in Slaver's Bay. Dany has a lot of rich enemies.
  6. Mooncalf

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    That was a big problem I had with season 6. Why did he even want to go back the the islands? all that is there for him is the people that convinced him to forsake his true family, the Starks. I'm hoping he manages to head north to.
  7. Mooncalf

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    While I'm not as invested in the Aegon/Jon storyline as other plotlines, I'm still very interested to see where it goes. I'm definitely okay with it being omitted from the show though. My biggest problem with Aegon comes from a line very minor in "the Lost Lord," that I haven't been able to forgive him for. "If my aunt (Dany) wants slaver's bay so badly, she can have it." fuck you Aegon. she doesn't want that awful place, but the people she has freed need her to stay. She's doing what's right as a queen. As it stands, at the moment, him, Jon and the Golden Company are just bringing war to one of the few places in Westeros that isn't in ruins, the Stormlands.
  8. Mooncalf

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Kids

    Big fan of the ironborn arc. I feel like Vic's gone through a lot of character development in his 4 chapters. still has a long way to go but I'm pumped for what he'll do next. Don't know why, but I have a feeling this Theon/Asha reunion won't last long. If I had to take a shot in the dark as to how Theon's saga ends, I'm thinking Bran really saved his life back in the Godswood, maybe Theon can return the favor given Bran's current condition. It would only need to be a one way trip. No clue where Asha's going. I'm most excited for Damphair chapters. I'm noticing a pattern in this series where they'll be an unlikable POV character who has been imprisoned for a while, and in this book he manages to distance himself from what's going on and redeem himself. Jamie in ASOS and Theon in ADWD. let's take a look at his character. he's intolerant of other religions and callous towards greenlanders. could this arc change him and make him better? can he escape Euron and be significant in bringing him down. I also think that when the "Drowned God" was speaking to him about who should sit the seastone chair and what could make Euron's kingsmoot victory null is actually himself, not Theon.
  9. Mooncalf

    Am I the only one who really enjoys ADWD?

    I love ADWD. I've heard slaver's bay referred to as "where plot goes to die." But I'm intrigued by what's going on there. People may be bitter about how long it took to publish. It was worth it for those 4 amazing Barristan chapters. Quyntin may not have been for everyone, but I love Victarion's arc. As interesting as tyrion's chapters were (the world building, Jon Conn, GIANT TURTLES, stone men, and Moqorro) his self loathing and jadedness grew tedious. thankfully he gets his shit together in those last two chapters. lots of fans turn on Dany, but she's in a pickle and there are no easy decisions for her. some fans think she's going to become the mad queen, but i'm confident she will make the right choices. Then again, as much as I like Essos, King's Landing kind of bores me, so I get why people wouldn't like it. That's another plus for ADWD, only 3 KL chapters, and they're all (especially the epilogue) great. loved everything in the north, especially seeing the downfall of Roose through Theons eyes. some nitpicks i have is Bran and Davos disappearing half way through when i loved those chapters. Another problem is Jon getting stabbed/ dying. Where does Martin go from here? Does he kill off a character he's been developing for 4 books, or abandon his writing style where deaths are supposed to have major consequences and impact like the show did and just bring him back.
  10. Mooncalf

    What will the armies of the Vale do in the books?

    That sounds like a cool idea. my only problem is the Vale liberating the riverlands and helping them survive the winter. That would be a great thing for the Vale to do, but they have littlefinger ruling them, and I don't see him doing anything decent for humanity. They'd have to get rid of him first, and i don't know if that'll happen.
  11. Mooncalf

    The battle of blood

  12. Mooncalf

    What will the armies of the Vale do in the books?

    I'm gonna talk about season 6's Battle of the Bastards. They had the Vale knights gloriously save the day at Jon Snow's hour of peril. It was a pretty kick ass fight, but it did not feel like a proper Game of Thrones battle. No battle is ever that romantic in Martin's work. I don't see the Vale knights doing anything like that, especially with Littlefinger calling the shots. There ideas of retaking Sansa's homeland will probably be invading the lands of those lords supporting either Roose or Stannis, taking advantage of almost all of their fighting men being out to war, and razing them. As far as all of Westeros is concerned, Wyman Manderly is believed to be a Bolton loyalist. If LF can get the sistermen on his side, they can go back to their pirating ways and sack White Harbor. Best tactical area to capture. From there, they can make their way towards the dreadfort or Karhold. I made a comment about Sansa becoming the new Dany. witnessing the horrors of these places getting razed could be the catalyst that drives her away from LF, like when Dany witnesses the Dothraki's deeds.
  13. Hi guys, going into the Davos thing, I believe it was his intention to keep Mel and her tricks well away from the Battle of Blackwater. Don't quote me, but in ASOS Mel was telling Davos that if she had gone with them towards King's Landing, instead of staying on Dragonstone, the battle would be won and his sons would still be alive. That's probably malarkey, but according to her, it would have been Davos fault for Stannis' loss whether he willed it or not, leading to him deciding to convince Stannis to go North.
  14. Mooncalf

    The dragontamer and the arrow

    I strongly believe that the Tattered Prince was playing the Dornishmen the whole time to get close to the dragons and possibly kill them, severely weakening Dany's forces. He would still have been very much on the Slaver's side at that point and Qynntin gave him an opportunity to take advantage. Later on, when Barrastin proposes a deal, the Tattered Prince might cooperate, because Barrastin isn't giving him an opportunity to take advantage of him and because a deal from Barrastin means more than a deal from Quyntinn.
  15. Mooncalf

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Another song that reminds me of the viewpoint character (Bran, Jon, Mel, Davos) plot lines in both ASOS and ADWD is Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath. "Nobody will ever let you know, when you ask the reasons why. They just tell you that you're on your own. Fill your head all full of lies"-Jon. "The people who have crippled you; you want to see them burn"-Bran.