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    Future Centers of Power in a Democratic Westeros/Systems of Government

    I do not believe westeros would ever be able to have a functioning democracy or any other government form with elections. There is just no administration to hold elections for so many people spread out over such a large area. There would be no way to see if someone votes twice or where someone even lives. I might be able to see a system in which minor lords get more power due to the power vacuum and the death of members of major families (as they would be registered in the area in which they hold land), but the smallfolk have no chance at ever choosing a national representative. There is also no precedent in the world for people to even think of a democratic system (Volantis would be the thing coming closest and even there only landholders may vote).
  2. BlackWhiteCavias

    Does anyone find Meereen plot entertaining or interesting?

    Just a theory which I enjoyed reading that is related to this subject: https://meereeneseblot.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/untangling-the-meereenese-knot-part-i-who-poisoned-the-locusts/
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    Robb Stark

    House Royce (Lorra Royce married to Beron) and house Blackwood ( Melantha married to Willam and Alysanne married to Cregan) are not as southern as most other houses, both are first men houses and at least house Blackwood kept the Old Gods (possibly house Royce did the same, but I don't see a confirmation of this on the wiki either way).