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  1. Given that even while ouy of prime, fat, drunk and gored Robert still killed a giant boar with only a small knife, I have no doubt that even if Daemon cut him open clean, Robert would still break Daemon's neck with his bare hands and end him before going down.
  2. Tywin's other vassals might be worry that their liege that also has the duty to protect them is turning them around to be killed after they obeyed his commands. This sets a dangerous precendent if carried.
  3. Renly cannot use them as Paxter son's are Lannisters hostages at KL. But I do belive that Renly would take control over the navy of Stannis after defeating them. I think this would remain the same, whatever was the result between the Baratheons Tyrions logic for sending her away does not change. He still would want the support of Dorne as Renly had not approached them, Myrcella would be more secure there that at the city besieged. Just like I belive that he would also send Tommen away when the battle was close. I think LF would not risk dragging the Vale into the war, they would be very divided among themselfs and if even Jon Arryn was not capable of unifying the Vale from the start against the Mad King, I don't belive Lysa could, and they fighting among themselfs is bad business, with Stannis out of the picture LF wins whatever the result between the Joffrey and Renly.
  4. The Florents were under Renly already, they turned to Stannis after Renly died, and they were the biggest support to Stannis. Without them I don't belive anyone would press the claim of a sick and shy child like Shireen over a health young inspiring leader like Renly, even more after a huge defeat. If Stannis dies this early his faction is gone. I don't know what Renly would do with Shireen, but she would be no threat to him. Near all the chivalry of the south had come to Renly’s call, it seemed. The golden rose of Highgarden was seen everywhere: sewn on the right breast of armsmen and servants, flapping and fluttering from the green silk banners that adorned lance and pike, painted upon the shields hung outside the pavilions of the sons and brothers and cousins and uncles of House Tyrell. As well Catelyn spied the fox-and-flowers of House Florent, Fossoway apples red and green, Lord Tarly’s striding huntsman, oak leaves for Oakheart, cranes for Crane, a cloud of black-and-orange butterflies for the Mullendores.
  5. Thats how Tyrion describes their presence at the dornish marches. Once Myrcella was safe in Braavos, he had pledged to move his strength to the high passes, where the threat might make some of the Marcher lords rethink their loyalties and give Stannis pause about marching north. It was purely a feint, however. The Martells would not commit to actual battle unless Dorne itself was attacked, and Stannis was not so great a fool. Though some of his bannermen may be, Tyrion reflected. I should think on that. Just used the terms the books presented.
  6. Maybe you're right, but I don't belive that is that impossible task. I mean, Robb send Catelyn to Renly, even though she would have to pass through a huge war zone controlled by hostile forces with a few knights. Kevan and his own 200 knights might be enough to grant him a safe escort into the westerlands.
  7. Robb is in the West but he does not have full control of it. The Golden Tooth still under the Lannisters. With Stafford dead I belive that Tywin needs a trust commander or at least some kind of reliable leadership to deal with Robb there. Kevan is the first name to come in mind, but could be other bannerman or lord.
  8. Just like Tywin mercenaries turned their cloack against him and went to Robb, after several defeats, I belive Stannis mercenaries would do the same, but Renly might see below him to relly on pirates like Salladhor, and unlike Stannis he is not in dire need and can hand pick his men. The lords would for sure bend the knee to Renly, another question is what happens to Shireen at DS.
  9. Just like Tywin mercenaries turned their cloack against him and went to Robb, after several defeats, I belive Stannis mercenaries would do the same, but Renly might see below him to relly on pirates like Salladhor, and unlike Stannis he is not in dire need and can hand pick his men. The lords would for sure bend the knee to Renly, another question is what happens to Shireen at DS.
  10. Too much players and so it will lead to too much expeculations. For example, Tyrion already had send the deal of the bethrothal between Myrcella and Tristan. Does Dorne still give the Lannisters nominal support? If they do how does Renly react when he find this? Does the faint they made against Stannis work against Renly? What Tywin do from there? he can't go after Robb in the West and leave KL open to Renly. For pure expeculations of my part I belive he would send Kevan to prepare the West against Robb and keep his army at HH to relieve KL if needed(not that I belive he is capable of it, but Tyrion conversation with Cersei suggest this). “The city will not fall in a day. From Harrenhal it is a straight, swift march down the kingsroad. Renly will scarce have unlimbered his siege engines before Father takes him in the rear. His host will be the hammer, the city walls the anvil. It makes a lovely picture.” Tyrion was also counting on Stafford but that cleary went wrong. Have no Idea what Robb does here, if Tywin isn't comming against him his plan is kind of pointless, but at the same time is a huge oportunity to deal real damage at Tywin's reputation, lands and resources.
  11. For me is Catelyn, she feels kind of real, she is a noble woman that was raised as heir uo to a certain age, she has political knowloge but she also makes huge mistakes, she is entitled to some degree and elitist but this makes her more belivable, she is a mother and cleary loves her children, she is in a political marriage but was confortable in her situation and came to love her husband, but did not overcome his own secrets and still hold a petty grudge, but unlike other characters she is not a radical and deals with the situation by avoiding the "problem", the only trouble that I find on her character is that she is too much confident on Robb even though he is a teenager. I find Theon also very belivable, but the problem is that the characters he interacts are not. Ramsey is just too batshit crazy, Roose is too steryopital cold, Asha is just too easygoing over everything and Aeron is a Zealous cartoon. With the exeption of his interactions with the Starks and Dagmer.
  12. I have not been really active, or here for too long compared to other users, but I never saw those... kind of sad, I like them both, but Edric is my favorite.
  13. We do have examples of loyal bannerman keep fighting after the death of said king or lord. Like I said before, we have Brotherhood without Banners that kept fighting on Robert's name. We have the Mountain Clans fighting on Ned's name. We have the Blackfish and Blackwoods still fighting under the Stark Banner, Renly's men did not just leave, they went to his enemies (being Joffrey or Stannis makes no diference).
  14. The Freys are you bar of good faith here them...the ones that the surname becase a curse word on Westeros... good to know. It's like be trying to quote Cersei to show a goo decision... And the books never develop or show any of such love... Renly is not potrait in good light in the books and the only two characters that praise Renly are Loras and Brienne, usually with a counter argument being made right after said praise.
  15. This ignores your own previous argument. If Renly knew of Stannis letter he knew that Stannis was putting his claim foward and no one defends Renly's claim, not even himself. It was beyond foolish to think Stannis would join him. Where did I claim they badmouth him? I asked you to show me who badmouthed Robb besides the Freys, you still haven't. What I said was that unlike other kings Renly's bannerman changed sides without looking back. Stannis men deserted him when the battle was lost, thats what I think. We also have examples of man cursing Joffrey before being executed while crying Stannis name. Same goes to you, show me any character having something positive to say about Renly. The Lannisters hold the capital that he claimed to be his... Tarly was wrong as yourself agree before.
  16. Go back to ACoK then, the Martells did mobilized as they were ordered at Tyrion request, as I said before, no one belived that they would fight for the Lannisters, but the did declare support for Joffrey, they did gattered their armies and they moved on the Stormlands. ". So far Doran Martell had done no more than call his banners. Once Myrcella was safe in Braavos, he had pledged to move his strength to the high passes, where the threat might make some of the Marcher lords rethink their loyalties and give Stannis pause about marching north. It was purely a feint, however. The Martells would not commit to actual battle unless Dorne itself was attacked, and Stannis was not so great a fool. Though some of his bannermen may be, Tyrion reflected. I should think on that." And later on his movements were made acording to what was asked from him. Doran Martell has called his banners and fortified the mountain passes. His Dornishmen are poised to sweep down onto the Marches. And Highgarden is far from spent
  17. She complains about Renly not bringing his supplies with him, not that he didn't had enough numbers... Renly was more than willing to march against Stannis in a heart beat, but he was dragging himself against the Lannisters. He was presented two options to fight the Lannisters or Stannis and choose to march against his own blood. Stannis was a selfish prick and is a kingslayer, but Renly would be the same in my eyes if he had won. Renly business were jumping over Stannis claim, and Renly was arrogant enough to think that his brother would still suport him, without even speaking a word with the man. This is a argument made on bad faith. Unlike Stannis Renly would not have to worry about the Tyrell vanguard crushing his army. Renly was at war, there is nothing bloodless on that. If he starved the city more and more the death ratio could be much higher than the storming of the city, his own man were eager to go to battle, but he again choose to stay put and died. Robb send him Catelyn to negotiate, his homage is the biggest card that Robb has, of course he would not offer it at the start if Renly isn't willing to do anything of him either. Who insults Robb besides the Freys and the bitter Stannis? Like I said previous unlike Renly, Robb's man were still fighting for him name even after he was dead. No I'm not... Tarly comes barking at Catelyn complaining that Robb isn't on his knees begging for Renly to be king... Catelyn gives him the back handed slap with “King Robb is warring, my lord,” Catelyn replied with icy courtesy, “not playing at tourney" Tarly is not praising Renly, he is insulting Robb on piss contest with Catelyn the text is clear...Again, take Loras and brienne from the picture and no one has anything positive to say about the man.
  18. Blackfish entered in the war together with Robb, he wasn't on the Riverlands at the start, he was in the Vale. Blackfish had no son, his only family was Edmure and he was more than willing to let the Freys hang him before he surrender his castle. Blackfish had all the reasons to surrender, a lost cause, his family was hostage and he still kept fighting. Renly didn't know that Stannis was crowed as he was just as surprise as Catelyn to hear the knews of Stannis marching against him. “Your Grace.” The rider spurred his mount closer. “I came swift as I could. From Storm’s End. We are besieged, Your Grace, Ser Cortnay defies them, but . . .” “But . . . that’s not possible. I would have been told if Lord Tywin left Harrenhal.” “These are no Lannisters, my liege. It’s Lord Stannis at your gates. King Stannis, he calls himself now.”
  19. I thought that you wanted to avoid comparisons between Stannis and Renly... If you wanna my view on Stannis i'm happy to present you here: https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/156471-which-of-baratheon-brothers-you-respect-the-most/#comments The Brotherhood had nothing to gain from keep fighting in a dead man's name, but they did out of loyalite, Robb's bannermen in the Riverlands were only his bannerman because Robb brought their fight and made it his fight, Renly does not have this kind of loyalty or compromise with his bannerman, they all either went to Stannis or Joffrey without blinking an eye. He cleary did “I have twice that number here,” Renly said, “and this is only part of my strength. Mace Tyrell remains at Highgarden with another ten thousand, I have a strong garrison holding Storm’s End, and soon enough the Dornishmen will join me with all their power. And never forget my brother Stannis, who holds Dragonstone and commands the lords of the narrow sea.” The negotiation started when he was alive, and the Martell did declared support for the Lannister and did mobilized their armies, Renly just died before. The Martells never entered in a battle and even Tyrion doubt that they will, but this still shows that Renly was making big mistakes and was over confident, counting with forces he did not had and would at least on name, declare enemies of him. “Your chain was a clever stroke, and crucial to our victory. Is that what you wanted to hear? I am told we have you to thank for our Dornish alliance as well. You may be pleased to learn that Myrcella has arrived safely at Sunspear. Ser Arys Oakheart writes that she has taken a great liking to Princess Arianne, and that Prince Trystane is enchanted with her. I mislike giving House Martell a hostage, but I suppose that could not be helped.”
  20. Yes like a dog... https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/die+like+a+dog#:~:text=die%20like%20a%20dog%2C%20to,To%20meet%20a%20miserable%20end.&text=In%20ancient%20Greek%20times%20dying,See%20also%20a%20dog's%20life.
  21. Blackfish has no idea if any Stark is alive and we was still carrying Robb's banner, and the same goes to the Blackwoods. Don't know, the fact is that I can find even enemies of Stannis and Robb praising them, but the ones that "loved Renly the most" never even looked back. Renly is not portrait in good light in the books. The advice was wrong and stupid. Where would Stannis even get more men to grow stronger?... Had he choosen Rowan he could be alive, and probably would be the king. He was given two options of actions, march against Lannisters or Stannis, he choose by his own will to go after his own brother and died for it. Is even dumber if he thinks that he can demand support without moving... he already made that mistake with Dorne and Stannis. Renly is not half as clever as he belives. No it wasn't, he died and lost. Renly counted on support he didn't have in Stannis that became his enemy and future murder, and Dorne that would pledge support to the Lannisters...Dragging the situation only gave time for Tyrion to get Dorne.
  22. Sure... because dragging a civil war for a longer period of time is always a good idea...Renly was a dumbass that was starving his own future capital and killing his own dam subjects in the process. He could end everythin in one move but died like a dog. Robb's bannerman were still fighting in his name until a AFFC, we still have the mountain clans fighting in the name of Ned, the Brotherhood without Banners fought in the name of Robert. Renly's bannerman did not even waited until his body was cold and those are said to be the closest to him... Excluding Brienne and Loras is almost impossible to find anything positive about Renly, and even using them, their comments are usually wrong, mistaken, or purely based on a romantic view of him.
  23. Without any positive result, or hope of one. So we agree that Renly choose the wrong man to listen? Stannis was small nuisance at most, Renly real enemies and threat were the Lannisters and he still choose to fight Stannis. Yeah, Renly would be far away from the witch if he had choosen to fight the Lannisters instead of fighting Stannis, he rided to his death... he has 80k men... he could send a minor attachment to lift the siege and keep his march, but choose not to, and decied to lead the battle that he hoped would kill his own brother. At a turtle or snail pace perhaps... There were no bloodless way to get on the throne, his claim was weak and based purely on strenght... he was ahead of the biggest army in the series, if he can't use the tool why bother to bring it? Stannis with only a portion of the same men would take the city in a single night, but Renly dragged the situation out. And yes Robb will support him if he acted, Catelyn before leaving tells Robb that Renly would want homage and still was send, If Renly had took KL he would hold Sansa, Ice and if lucky even Joffrey, he would hold several instruments to negotiate with Robb, but once again he does nothing and counted with the egg on the chicken... he did the same with Stannis and Dorne. Robb would not retreat north, he was claiming the Riverlands and was marching west... and even if he wanted Balon blocked him at MC. So they know that the Lannisters propaganda is BS and that they are using Renly's name only to save face and still let it carry on. Robb is only cursed by Freys and Stannis, unlike Renly we do have several quotes of characters going out of their way to defend him. And her relationship with Renly was just as void in the books as was in the tv show. her weaping is just a act like everything else she did during the PW. Tarly says nothing positive about Renly in this quote, he just enter in a piss contest with Catelyn and lose it.
  24. Ned was pissed enough to end the council there without any resolution, it's very clear that he took the japes as negative, just as when Renly mocked Shireen Ned also took it negative. Stannis putted SE under siege but had no hope on taking the castle, as even after taking Renly's army he still couldn't. Renly got two optios from his bannerman and choose to fight Stannis rather than the Lannisters. Catelyn is pissed for good reason, and as if things aren't bad enough with Renly ignoring his brother claim, marching against him while ignoring the Lannisters, Renly decides to hold her against her will to send her off with a threat... I do not like Stannis either, but both brothers went out of their way to attack each other, and that show a huge flaw on both of them. That is a huge flaw. When Caesar died and his faction started to fight among itself with bickering with Octavian and Mark Anthony, Brutus had the oportunity to strike and end both of them, but just like Renly he sitted on his hands and waited... we know how his story ends, and we also know how Renly story end. Renly had all the momento, strenght and position to end everything and choose not to act. Do they even belive on the Lannister propaganda? They surely do not seem to belive on ghost stories. The Tyrells cleary know is BS and roll with it to clear their own name in the process as Marg even cries during the song... is not genuine at all. Renly was their instrument to fufill their agenda. Can you show me the quote?
  25. Lord Renly laughed. “We’re fortunate my brother Stannis is not with us. Remember the time he proposed to outlaw brothels? The king asked him if perhaps he’d like to outlaw eating, shitting, and breathing while he was at it. If truth be told, I ofttimes wonder how Stannis ever got that ugly daughter of his. He goes to his marriage bed like a man marching to a battlefield, with a grim look in his eyes and a determination to do his duty.” Ned had not joined the laughter. “I wonder about your brother Stannis as well. I wonder when he intends to end his visit to Dragonstone and resume his seat on this council.” “No doubt as soon as we’ve scourged all those whores into the sea,” Littlefinger replied, provoking more laughter. “I have heard quite enough about whores for one day,” Ned said, rising. “Until the morrow.” Catelyn is angry because Renly has the power to stop the civil war, but chooses to delay his march and let the blood flow along the realm, and would rather march and kill his own brother than against this main enemy and threat, the Lannisters. And those as serious flaws of character that revel a very ugly picture of the man. We are told by Penrose that they liked him, but themselfs never showed any signs of it, if anything they were fighting for another king before his body was cold.
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