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    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Even so, they all finded it out. Renly never cared to investigate the death of Jon Arryn that one night was fine and the other was dead, he also didn't care about Stannis, the personification of duty leaving his post in the smal concil without justification. When Stannis send the letters Catelyn quickly conect the points, Renly refuses to acknologe it even there. He is starving his own city near the winter while he keeps parading himself. His waste of time gives the Lannisters time to fortify the city. He isn't letting his enemies bleed each other, he is letting the chaos run through the realms he intend to rule while he sits idle. A empty title is what he is offering. He promissed justice but he still delaying his march on the city, and he wouldn't compromise more, we know it because he intended to show Catelyn how he would deal with rebels... he is threatining Robb after this one came with a offer of alliance. He never tried to reach the dornish, but he did took them for granted. Renly had 20k there not his whole army. He ignores Tarly sugestion of a night attack, he replaces his best general in favor of his boyfriend, he let Stannis choose the time of the battle... Renly is so far away from reallity and actually playing a war, that he ask his men to capture Barristan Selmy alive, like if he could control who live and who dies in the middle of the battle.
  2. Arthur Peres

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Renly played his cards very poorly. When in King's Landing he is the only one in the small concil to not find out about the incest. Ned, Stannis, Jon Arryn, Littlefinger, Varys, Pycelle, all knew about it. He goes out of his way to mock his handicapped niece. His plan of setting up Margeary and Robert never seems to never be put into motion. He had the biggest army in the history of Westeros, but he chose to parade his way to Kings Landing in a slow march giving time for the Lannisters solve their other issues. The only reason the Lannisters look so weak at that moment is because Robb surprised everyone and destroyed half of their forces. Renly chose to starve Kings Landing by blocking the supplies to the city. This is the city that will become the capital of his kingdom in the future, letting the place rioting in the verge of starvation was a bad plan. He was very arrogant, he took Dorne and the North for granted, his atempt to ally with Robb was a empty title and he didn't even tried to look for the dornish (the biggest enemies of the Lannisters). He also decided to rescue Storm's End from Stannis, a castle that is in no risk of falling, he stop his parade to King's Landing, he let Stannis choose the moment of the battle, he ignores the the concil of Tarly and attack Stannis in the night.
  3. Arthur Peres

    Do you think Balon got off too light?

    Balon got off very easy. When Balon says that no Greyjoy sworn a vow to a Baratheon, he is also wrong, His father died fighting in the name of Robert during the rebellion. He also only joined the Rebelion after the Trident where Robert already made clear and public his intentions to take the throne. Robert should have named other Ironborn house to replace the Greyjoys and Lord Paramont of the Iron islands, kill Balon, and let Victarion Aeron and Euron take the black or die. Theon becomes Lord of pyke and he togheter with Asha would be fostered by Ned or other loyal bannerman.
  4. Arthur Peres

    How would a marriage between Brandon and Catelyn work?

    I don't understand the negative views of Brandon. He had many friends in the Vale, his father was a knight and he used to fight on tournaments, if anything he is more southerm than Eddard. I don't see why he wouldn't build a small sept for Catelyn. Edmure was his squire, he knew Catelyn better than Ned at the time of their marriage and they relationship wouldn't start with the Jon Snow to make things that weird. Even if Brandon came to have a bastard, he would probably be fostered away.
  5. Arthur Peres

    Best and Worst Marriages in Westeros

    Worst : Robert and Cersei. Best: Eddard and Catelyn