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  1. It was before the Tyrells join the Lannisters, but at this point the Tyrells already had made clear that they wouldn't join Stannis, Loras and Randyll had just retreat back with part of their force instead of stay and swear alligiance to Stannis. Stannis later sends a mensager to the Tyrell camp and he got imprisoned, Tarly also killed any men that wanted to join Stannis, but the lords still stayed at Stannis's side.
  2. it was both Ser Cortnay Penrose ignored him, preferring to address Stannis. “This is a notable company. The great lords Estermont, Errol, and Varner. Ser Jon of the green-apple Fossoways and Ser Bryan of the red. Lord Caron and Ser Guyard of King Renly’s Rainbow Guard . . . and the puissant Lord Alester Florent of Brightwater, to be sure. Is that your Onion Knight I spy to the rear? Well met, Ser Davos. I fear I do not know the lady.”
  3. The Fossoway already have turned against the Tyrells once. Just because they have a marriage alliance, does not mean it will hold up. Lord Stannis himself was still on the march, but his vanguard had appeared two nights ago during the black of the moon. King’s Landing had woken to the sight of their tents and banners. They were five thousand, Sansa had heard, near as many as all the gold cloaks in the city. They flew the red or green apples of House Fossoway The Hightowers are offering their protection to Alekyne Florent, even thought Garlan is reading a army to take his land.
  4. I had forgotten about this. Do you think the Hightowers will turn him or give him protection? Wyllis kind already let them deal with the Ironbonr by themselfs, and thanks to Cersei's the Tyrells are failling to protect the harbor and the shild islands. House Hightower was in opposite side of the Tyrells during the dance, and were present at both camps during the blackfyre rebellion, could they turn on their liege like the Boltons did ?
  5. The problem I have with this is that Randyll is so far the most loyal bannermen of the Tyrells. He stayed at their side when Renly died, he was the one that killed the men willing to follow Stannis at the camp, he is present at blackwater, he follows his orders against the northems at duskdale, he keeps the order at maidenpool and he is the first to return when he hears that Margeary is in trouble. Randyll also quickly demises young griffin as the real Aegon. I think Mathis Rowan is more of a turn cloak than Tarly, as he shows being upset about the death of Rhaegar's children, and could be deceived to join Aegon.
  6. But does he? Mace took the lands from the Florents and gave it to his son Garlan instead of Tarly's wife that has a claim to it, Mace also takes credit for the battle that he wasn't even present at Ashford.
  7. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Are you familiar with the Great Northeam War ? Peter and Tywin are both made man, they both crushed they major oposition in their realm by brutally suppressing a noble rebellion, they were both pragmatic, amoral and ambitions men and they both gambled against a teenager king and pay a heavy price for it. They both eventually won their war because they both had much more resources and their enemies were exausted. Robb and Charles also share very similar traits. They are both young kings, fighting against overwelming odds, winning everybattle, but still losing men that they can't replace (Charles due to battle and sickness, Robb due to his dick). If you belive that Charles was killed by his own men like some say, they were both killed by treason, they were both great general and they both had a great chance to win the war at some point but were screwed by an ally with his own agenda (Robb had Edmure and Charles had the Turks).
  8. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Don't know, but it was the correct move as everyone in Stannis camp pointed out. I've already said, Blackwater is not a impressive victory either. 70k Tyrells, +20k Tywin taking Stannis army of 20k in the rear. Tywin won the moment the Tyrells joined him, and this was diplomacy. Tywin has a reputation sure, so does other average generals in history that made their name famous. Montgomery for example is a very average commander, but he made his reputation beating Rommel in north africa. Mikhail Kutuzov made his name after stopping Napoleon, and he was not great general either. Hype and living to it are not the same. Jaime's army was 15k, he lost his 3.k cavalry in WW. 12k left in camps. Robb had 6k. 12/6 = 2. So yeah double of his number. It is the number Jon gave us. “What if we refuse the offer?” Jon had no doubt that they would. The Old Bear might at least have listened, though he would have balked at the notion of letting thirty or forty thousand wildlings loose on the Seven Kingdoms. But Alliser Thorne and Janos Slynt would dismiss the notion out of hand.
  9. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Diferent situations, Stannis was eating rats to survive, Penrose was in a stable situation about resources, and Penrose wouldn't be able to hold that long. He was offering single combat to resolve the situation. But the Reach is. And winning when it was not expected to. Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Napoleon, Charles XII, Oda Nobunaga, are all considered great commanders because they had sucess in dire situations. That he won by diplomacy, not on the battlefield. No one will ever say that Peter the Great of Russia was an impressive commander (because he wasn't), but he won the great northem war against Charles XII (a great commander). Tywin is not impressive in his military record. I never said that WW was impressive. Robb was more impressive in the battle of the camps. He wipped out 2/3 a army that was double of his size, he inflicted more casuality than the numbers of men he had with virtually no losses. and do you have the numbers for Fair isle? if you do please share them because I don't have the numbers. Sure, but it does not mean it is impressive. beating a smaller, tired army is the very minimal I would expect from any commander. I do. Stannis had 1.500 against 30k to 40k in a terrain he never knew, the fact that he caught them by surprise, routed them and captured Mance is impressive. Blackwater? taking a smaller army(1/5 of his size), with low moral, from the rear is not very impressive victory either
  10. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    We do know that there was fight, Donal lost his arm during the siege after all. And not anybody can hold a siege to that point. Rolland Storm for example failed to keep Dragonstone against Loras.
  11. Depends or what you want. Tywin is way more eficient, he get things done, but he has no moral limits, justice or honor, he is ruthless and pragmatic as possible. Jon Arryn would be much more fair and just with his subjects, but he wouldn't be that effective, he wasn't very pragmatic as he oposed the murderer of Daenerys and Viserys during his time as hand. Jon Arryn and his problems of conceinving a heir could also set up a future mess. Jon Arryn as king and Tywin as hand would be the best combination for me.
  12. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    He also subdued Great Wy during the Greyjoy Rebellion. It does count. he was charged with the protection of Storm's End and he managed it for a longer period than anyone else. He kept the order during the famine. It is a victory for him.
  13. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Not when this 60 years old outnumbers the young teen with 8 to 1 and win out of the battlefield. The threat is about battle commander and Tywin does nothing out of ordinary in this regard. Never said it made him bad, or detract from him, but it is not impressive. Never said it was...You have issues to differentiate between complement and critics. Again, never said he was incompetent, but it was not a impressive victory. Roose was outnumbered, without cavalry, his army was of lower quality and was tired after a forced march, and he still manage to avoid Tywins trap and retreat in good order. Tywin had all the advantages, he winning the battle was the expected result. It's not impressive as Stannis crushing the willdlings for example. Yep, and without Edmure to block his way he would be miles away from King's Landing when he was needed. Robb wanted Tywin to come west, and he did. Tywin is competent but he is not impressive. Want to see what is a impressive military victory,? look for the Battle of Narva, Battle of Hodów, Battle Of Okehazama. Those are impressive victories because they were unlikely to happen. Tywin victories are not, they are expected. And Tywin didn't choose to retreat because he was beat, he retreated because he was needed somewhere else more (Since you have problems telling apart complements to criticism, this is a complement).
  14. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Never said Tywin was bad, but his is not impressive very far from that. He won battles that he should have won. If Roose had beat him it would be impressive, Tywin was the favorite to win against a outnumbered, tired and lower quality army that had no cavalry. he was trying to cross the Trident and Edmure stopped him. “We were all horsed,” Ser Brynden said. “The Lannister host was mainly foot. We planned to run Lord Tywin a merry chase up and down the coast, then slip behind him to take up a strong defensive position athwart the gold road, at a place my scouts had found where the ground would have been greatly in our favor. If he had come at us there, he would have paid a grievous price. But if he did not attack, he would have been trapped in the west, a thousand leagues from where he needed to be. All the while we would have lived off his land, instead of him living off ours.” “Lord Stannis was about to fall upon King’s Landing,” Robb said. “He might have rid us of Joffrey, the queen, and the Imp in one red stroke. Then we might have been able to make a peace.” Edmure looked from uncle to nephew. “You never told me.” “I told you to hold Riverrun,“ said Robb. “What part of that command did you fail to comprehend?” “When you stopped Lord Tywin on the Red Fork,” said the Blackfish, “you delayed him just long enough for riders out of Bitterbridge to reach him with word of what was happening to the east. Lord Tywin turned his host at once, joined up with Matthis Rowan and Randyll Tarly near the headwaters of the Blackwater, and made a forced march to Tumbler’s Falls, where he found Mace Tyrell and two of his sons waiting with a huge host and a fleet of barges. They floated down the river, disembarked half a day’s ride from the city, and took Stannis in the rear.”
  15. Arthur Peres

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    Andrik the Unsmiling is the better warrior in the iron island.
  16. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    Robb was the one behind his plans, he was the one with the idea of spliting his army in two, freeing Riverrun from the Lannisters and stoping Tywin to join Jaime, he came with this plan before he even meet Blackfish. Robb drew a map across the table, a ragged piece of old leather covered with lines of faded paint. One end curled up from being rolled; he weighed it down with his dagger. “Both plans have virtues, but . . . look, if we try to swing around Lord Tywin’s host, we take the risk of being caught between him and the Kingslayer, and if we attack him . . . by all reports, he has more men than I do, and a lot more armored horse. The Greatjon says that won’t matter if we catch him with his breeches down, but it seems to me that a man who has fought as many battles as Tywin Lannister won’t be so easily surprised.” “I’d leave a small force here to hold Moat Cailin, archers mostly, and march the rest down the causeway,” he said, “but once we’re below the Neck, I’d split our host in two. The foot can continue down the kingsroad, while our horsemen cross the Green Fork at the Twins.” He pointed. “When Lord Tywin gets word that we’ve come south, he’ll march north to engage our main host, leaving our riders free to hurry down the west bank to Riverrun.” Robb sat back, not quite daring to smile, but pleased with himself and hungry for her praise. Catelyn frowned down at the map. “You’d put a river between the two parts of your army.” “And between Jaime and Lord Tywin,” he said eagerly. The smile came at last. “There’s no crossing on the Green Fork above the ruby ford, where Robert won his crown. Not until the Twins, all the way up here, and Lord Frey controls that bridge. He’s your father’s bannerman, isn’t that so?” It was also Robb that set the place where Jaime would be ambushed, Blackfish gave him the tip about Jaime being impatiente, but again is Robb who's make the call. “He is no man for sitting in a tent while his carpenters build siege towers,” Ser Brynden had promised. “He has ridden out with his knights thrice already, to chase down raiders or storm a stubborn holdfast.” Nodding, Robb had studied the map her uncle had drawn him. Ned had taught him to read maps. “Raid him here,” he said, pointing. “A few hundred men, no more. Tully banners. When he comes after you, we will be waiting”—his finger moved an inch to the left—“here. Later on Robb alone came with the plan to take MC, it was never put in pratice because of the Red Wedding, but it was a sound plan, and I belive that it would worked. Tywin is not impressive as a military commander. In the War of the ninepenny kings, it was Roger Reyne who lead the Lannisters in the war. against the Reynes it was more about ruthless. He marched against the tarbecks before their rally their support, and against the Reynes he outnumbered them 3 to 1 and the Reynes were tired after a forced march. Sound victory, true, but not a impressive one. At the green field he faced Roose's host, after the northem had marched all night, were outnumbered and without cavalry. His plan failed, as Roose was not fooled by his "trap" and Bolton manage to fall back in good order. Tywin was fooled once again when Robb drawed him west away from KL, and only made it back because he once again failed to beat Edmure having twice his numbers. Not a impressive record. Yohn Royce is only in the list because I couldn't find anyone for the spot... Theon taking Winterfell with 30 dudes seems very impressive but a lot of people would be against putting him in the top 10.
  17. Arthur Peres

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    1- Robert Baratheon 2- Randyll Tarly 3- Robb Stark 4- Stannis Baratheon 5- Brynden Tully 6- Eddard Stark 7- Khal Drogo 8- Barristan Selmy 9- Tywin Lannister 10- Yohn Royce
  18. Arthur Peres

    The Filth List...Who's the 5 biggest

    1- Craster 2- Ramsey Snow 3- Euron Greyjoy 4- Cersei Lannister 5- Gregor Clegane
  19. Arthur Peres

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    Don't know about top 10 but Greatjon seems to be pretty fierce, capable and strong fighter, even when he was dead drunk. “You shall have one task and one task only, Merrett, but I believe you are well suited to it. I want you to see to it that Greatjon Umber is so bloody drunk that he can hardly stand, let alone fight.” And even that I failed at. He’d cozened the huge northman into drinking enough wine to kill any three normal men, yet after Roslin had been bedded the Greatjon still managed to snatch the sword of the first man to accost him and break his arm in the snatching. It had taken eight of them to get him into chains, and the effort had left two men wounded, one dead, and poor old Ser Leslyn Haigh short half a ear. When he couldn’t fight with his hands any longer, Umber had fought with his teeth
  20. Arthur Peres

    Is there romantic love between Ned and Catelyn?

    From Catelyn Pov we can cleary see that she loved Eddard. “Bones, Catelyn thought. This is not Ned, this is not the man I loved, the father of my children. His hands were clasped together over his chest, skeletal fingers curled about the hilt of some longsword, but they were not Ned’s hands, so strong and full of life. They had dressed the bones in Ned’s surcoat, the fine white velvet with the direwolf badge over the heart, but nothing remained of the warm flesh that had pillowed her head so many nights, the arms that had held her.“
  21. Arthur Peres

    Tallhart and Glover Bowmen to man Moat Cailin

    Ned was political inept in the south but he managed the north without problems. He probably knew that lady Dustin was not his biggest support. Umbers, Karstarks and Boltons are too further away. Manderly is busy with White harbor, Roose is not a man to be trusted. Other than Tallhart and Glover, only Cerwyn and Hornwood would be equally fit for the task.
  22. Best case scenario: liberty to carry a sword, mounth a horse, lot of activities like hunting, feats and tournaments, health strong bealtifull kids and probably keep her close to her family since he is a Ned fanboy. Worst case scenario: rape, beatdowns, depression, debt, disapointment, bastards, misery, and if she is luck ealier widowhood.
  23. Sure, but my only point is that the North seems to be equal with regions about those rebellions. We only have the Reynes rebelling in the Westerlands and even during that period Tywin's orders were followed by most of the other houses, when Robb put them against the wall we don't see anyone changing sides or questioning Tywin. The Greystarks if I'm not mistaken were joined with th Boltons against the Starks.
  24. Wrong, it's never said that Cersei started to sleep with Jaime after finding about Robert and his cheatings, she just like to think that this was when Joffrey was conceived. As soon as Cersei closed her eyes, the king would steal off to console the poor lonely creature. One night she had Jaime follow him, to confirm her suspicions. When her brother returned he asked her if she wanted Robert dead. “No,” she had replied, “I want him horned.” She liked to think that was the night when Joffrey was conceived. in fact Robert did tried to give this marriage a chance and was constatly ignored, and Cersei sleept with Jaime from the earlier years of their marriage. In the early years of their marriage, Robert was forever imploring her to hunt with him, but Cersei had always begged off. His hunting trips allowed her time with Jaime. Golden days and silver nights. It was a dangerous dance that they had danced, to be sure. Eyes and ears were everywhere within the Red Keep, and one could never be certain when Robert would return. Somehow the peril had only served to make their times together that much more thrilling.
  25. Arthur Peres

    When did the Starks loose their military strength?

    When Robb went south and died with all his men