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  1. No, you think you understand him. I never claimed I did, and his actions were mad. He left a mess behind him starting the chain of events that finished his dynisty. So you do agree that the answer would be a flat, "hell no" ? Why do you think Rickard would take this as a complement then? Also, Varysblackfyre321 just posted a great explanation that polligamy would not be tolerated. We do know it. He(Rhaegar) stayed missed from the realm during most of the rebellion only returning before the Trident. Now this is you trying to give Rhaegar a clean slate that he doesn't have. You're the one going with your own theories instead of facts. Rhaegar shitted the bed and refused to deal with it. Considering that Ned went on to rebel and depose the entire dinasty I can safely assume he was not pleased by Rhaegar actions and their consequences. Ned does not show Rhaegar any respect or disrespect. He does not say anything bad of Aerys either, would you say that he cared about the mad kings? He did take Jaime for a Kingslayer and oathbreaker and had issues with his murder after all. Eddard stayed silent went Robert cursed Rhaegar, to compare a similar situation Barristan did not do the same when Dany bad mounthed Eddard and Arys also did not when Arianne cursed Robert.
  2. Not really. Greatjon draw steal in Robb's great hall and Robb thought he would be killed in his home. Rickard Karstark betryed Robb when the tides changed. Barbrey send as few men as possible and will not let Ned bones to reach Winterfell. Barthogan Stark was slain during a Skago rebellion Boltons are cleary not loyal. Blackwoods had to be exiled from the north Greystarks were extiguished after rebelling. The Starks are/were the powerhouse from the north, if they were anything less than it they wouldn't hold the power for so long. The Westerlands seems to be more loyal than the northem in general, besides the Reynes I don't remember any other house defying the Lannisters.
  3. Nor was Rhaegar. Even if I was inclined to give him credit(I'm not) there is a process to walk in. You know, go to the north, talk with Rickard, explain how things will fold, ask for Lyanna's hand and get the answer there. Rhaegar runned away without any explanation. This is not a rational either. Brandon's reaction is just the highlight of how offended the Starks were. 1-Barbrey wasn't betrothed to anyone when Brandon sleep with her. 2- Brandon wasn't married yet. And even if I give you this argument. Brandon being a hypocrite won't clean up Rhaegar's mess.
  4. Arthur Peres

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    I think the idea with Joffrey’s death was to make it look like an accident — someone’s out celebrating, they haven’t invented the Heimlich maneuver, so when someone gets food caught in his throat, it’s very serious. I based it a little on the death of Eustace, the son of King Stephen of England. Stephen had usurped the crown from his cousin, the empress Maude, and they fought a long civil war and the anarchy and the war would be passed down to second generation, because Maude had a son and Henry and Stephen had a son. But Eustace choked to death at a feast. People are still debating a thousand of years later: Did he choke to death or was he poisoned? Because by removing Eustace, it brought about a peace that ended the English civil war. Eustace’s death was accepted [as accidental], and I think that’s what the murderers here were hoping for — the whole realm will see Joffrey choke to death on a piece of pie or something. But what they didn’t count on, was Cersei’s immediate assumption that this was murder. Cersei wasn’t fooled by this for a second. She doesn’t believe that it was an accidental death. You saw the scene filmed, does it come across as he could possibly be just choking or is it very clear he’s been poisoned? link here https://ew.com/article/2014/04/13/george-r-r-martin-why-joffrey-killed/
  5. No. Everyone in the tourney saw that it was trouble. "Ned remembered the moment when all the smiles died, when Prince Rhaegar Targaryen urged his horse past his own wife, the Dornish princess Elia Martell, to lay the queen of beauty’s laurel in Lyanna’s lap. He could see it still: a crown of winter roses, blue as frost" Yes I agree, but still a very poor decision.
  6. Aerys is what by that time ? 40 ? Even if he died right away falling from the latter Rhaegar is still very young and healthy. how much time until he dies? 40? 50? by this time how many kids does Aegon VI has? Lyanna's child has very few chances to take the crow. yep, because this show how insulted the Starks were... "Rhaegar come out and die" is not a reaction you take over something that was light. Complement? It was a huge insult as Brandon reaction shows it. And settled? Rhaegar run away for months and let his crazy father to deal with the situation. Had he stayed to deal with his own mess I could agree with your point but this is not something Rhaegar did. Polligamy wasn't common even for targs, and ancient targs could get away with a lot more bs because they had dragons. Times have changed and Rhaegar "the hammered" learned the hard way. I remember some pov saying that Robert joked about it, but I pretty sure it was someone that wasn't at the tourney, Eddard remembers it very diferently. "Ned remembered the moment when all the smiles died, when Prince Rhaegar Targaryen urged his horse past his own wife, the Dornish princess Elia Martell, to lay the queen of beauty’s laurel in Lyanna’s lap. He could see it still: a crown of winter roses, blue as frost"
  7. Arthur Peres

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Royce, Mallister, Umber.
  8. More than you think. Rhaegar ruined a match that Rickard planned, suiled his daughter in the process and in the best case scenario he gets a grandson third in line for the throne with very few chances to become king. At worst a bastard kid that will be send to the wall to not become a future pretender. This insult cost Rickard his heir and later his life too. So no, it wasn't something that could be brushed off. Polligamy isn't common or accepted in westeros, even in Dorne it has a diference between a paramour and wife. Look at Oberyn and lord Yronwood. Also, Lyanna isn't from Dorne, she isn't from this culture that will let her be Rhaegar mistress. She could replace Elia like Renly tried to do with Cersei/Margaery and this is how she would be seen. Robert was insulted in front of the whole realm, Rhaegar runs away with his bride, and he becomes a joke, someone that will be mocked like the toothless lion was... You don't need to be creative to start jokes about Stags and their horns... And once again, look at Oberyn and lord Yronwood, Brandon "the unlucky" only happened to came before Robert.
  9. Tywin is alive. Aerys is not. Mad or not this is the guy that burned his father and brother alive and then asked for his head... If he won't bad mounth him, I don't see him doing it with anyone. Ned just moved on with his life, unlike Robert, he does not think about Rhaegar or Aerys much.
  10. It's not about hindsight. Eloping with Lyanna is one of the worst decisions in the series - the only one worst that I can think is Robb and Jeyne- Lyanna was daughter of a lord paramount promissed to another lord paramount, while Rhaegar himself is married to another paramount family. He is pissing off in one strike 3 of the 8 most powerfull families in the realm. It's even worst when you go away for a long time and let your crazy father in charge. Running away with lyanna is the equivalent of trying to cuckold a hellangel in his moto club. Does not take a genious to know that it will end very badly.
  11. Sorry, I remember Oberyn being harsh on Rhaegar, so I google "Rhaegar oberyn quotes" and this showed up in multiple results. Now looking at my kindle, I don't find anything. even though I finded this quote in multiple results. good dam fanfictions. Now i fell really embarased, and I blame those guys: https://www.quora.com/Was-Rhaegar-really-that-great https://www.quora.com/How-was-the-relation-between-Oberyn-Martell-and-Rhaegar-Targaryen-any-backstory-of-them now pardo me. I will hide under a rock for a moment...
  12. A paramour is not the same as queen/wife/lady. Lyanna wasn't dornish either, her costumes would be diferent and the dornish knows it. If she seduced Rhaegar she could replace Elia like Renly tried to do with Cersei/Margaery. Also Oberyn is pretty clear about his fellings for Rhaegar and Lyanna. The silver haired coward was fucking his wolf whore in DORNE whilst Dornish men fought for his kingdom and Elia and her babes was trapped at King's Landing until their grotesque death. I'll get to kill the others but i will have to wait for the afterlife for Rhaegar to meet my blade" -Oberyn Martell I doubt Rickard would pull out such a move, with his already bethrothal daughter without informing his heir about it. It wasn't "Rhaegar come down and honor my sister" it was "Rhaegar come out and die".
  13. if Lyanna went willing with Rhaegar she is a hypocrite. She chastise Robert for sleeping around and judge him on this alone, even though he wasn't cheatting or anything she calls out his potentional unfaithfulness, but at the same time went along with a married men father of 2. this is hypocrise. Plain and simple, being "willinfull" lady, rebel teenager, does not change it. Rhaegar is a awful husband, or do you disagree? Elia Martell always so frail gives him two kings risking her life in the process, was abandoned by him togheter with her kids to become a hostage of his crazy father, while he started this mess by eloping with a young girl and staying with her during most part of the rebellion, after public humiliating his Elia in the biggest tournament so far... Awful husband sounds a very kind of way do describe him, crazy delusional idiot with no concern for consequences of his actions also sounds accurate, but I do like to keep things simple. English is not my first language and some people get offended over nothing... Well, when you judge their words and they actions sound's accurate too. Eddard never bad mouth Aerys either, and I doubt anyone would have anything kind to say about the mad king.
  14. I think GRRM wrote himself into a corner if he wanted to paint Rhaegar and Lyanna as a good and romantic people. Lyanna if she went willing no matter the reason, she comes out as a hypocrite brat. Rhaegar comes out as a awful husband, that humiliated his wife and left her and the kids for a new younger girl. At the same time, when he chooses to place Eddard refusing to think the worst of Rhaegar, even though he is the most affected by this decision (losing father, brother and sister in the process).
  15. Arthur Peres

    Favourite chapter from each book

    AGOT - The King in the North! ACOK- Renly's death, complete unespected, we already had saw dragons, but here is where magic start to interfere with the plot. Everything becomes more imprevisible after it and show that no one was safe. ASOS- Tywin's death, probably the only moment of catharsis in the series, is the only vengeance that went somewhere and it was well deserved after all the crap Tywin pulled out. Tyrion also crushing Jaime's world in the process was a great bonus "Cersei is a lying whore, she's been fucking Lancel and Osmund Kettleblack and probably Moon Boy for all I know." AFFC- The Kingsmoot - We heard of Euron since ACOK and he finally shows up, and it is great, Aeron is cleary siding with Victarion and he called the kingsmoot that would be his own undoing. Asha speach was great, and shows how much dumb balon was, and then Euron shows up and steals the scene, the crown and the kingdom all at once. ADWD - Manderly and Davos.
  16. Arthur Peres

    Doran's shameless manipulation of Arianne

    Doesn't change the fact that she was dumb enough to ignore all the signs that were clear given to her. The moment Joffrey pulls a sword into Arya's direction is a no no situation.
  17. Arthur Peres

    Favourite member from the major Houses of Westeros

    House Tyrell - Margaery Tyrell
  18. Arthur Peres

    Favourite member from the major Houses of Westeros

    House Targaryen - Maester Aemon House Stark - Robb Stark House Lannister - Tyrion Lannister House Arryn - none House Martell - Oberyn Martell House Greyjoy - Theon Greyjoy House Tully - Brynden Tully House Baratheon - Robert Baratheon
  19. Cersei is the worst woman to marry for anyone. Cheating, violent, schemer, murderer, crazy, paranoid, refused to bed her husband and aborted any child of him out of spite. Anyone would be better off without her. We don't see Lyanna and since we don't know her, is hard to predict what would she become had she married Robert, but I doubt very much that she would sink to the levels of Cersei, I can't see Catelyn going on this path for example. Robert marrying Lyanna would surely turn him into a better men. I doubt he would be loyal, but this is not out of ordinary for westeros. Robert before marrying Cersei seems to be a great guy, he was mercyfull to a fault and capable of turning enemies into die hard loyal friends.
  20. If Lyanna went willing with Rhaegar (which I belive she did) than she is a big hypocrite, she didn't want Robert because he couldn't be loyal as husband but she was willing to be the mistress of a married men with 2 kids.
  21. Arthur Peres

    Do you think Victarion Greyjoy is a psycopath?

    Victarion is not a psycho, but he is a terrible person, even by the standarts of Westeros he still awful. He let a maester be raped by his crew, he wants to do a coup d'etat against his elder brother once he reaches Daenerys, he burned people alive, he killed his wife, and the list goes on and on.
  22. Arthur Peres

    Doran's shameless manipulation of Arianne

    Not do I. But the thing is, they killed her pet for no reason, and Joffrey also pulled a sword at her sister. This is too much to just brushes off. The thing is, Arianne was 14 when she learned about Doran wantig to replace her. Her on father, and she didn't denied her reality, she started to get paranoid and saw evidences of conspiracy even when where none. Sansa saw a dude that she meet few weaks ago getting on a brawl with her brother and now is trying to kill her sister and her future mother in law calls for her pet's head and still use this maniac family as confident. She is moronic. Her character arc is about growing and becoming more cynical as we see her actions around Harry Arryn but she was slow to grasp what was right at her face even before Ned execution.
  23. Arthur Peres

    Doran's shameless manipulation of Arianne

    So should Sansa after seeing Joffrey trying to murder her sister and Cersei calling for her pet's head. I do not turn a blind eye for Ned's mistakes, but if Arya with 9 years old was able to see the true nature of Joffrey and Cersei and Sansa the main victim still hadn't understand her position. This means Sansa is moroninc. She can read, write and sing, but she can't interpretate or handle a situation. This means she is educated, but she cant put her education to pratice. Look at Joffreys actions around her from day one. Provoking Robb in the court yard, ignoring and not giving any condolence to Bran's situation, trying to murder her sister and sister friend for no reason whatsoever, calling for her Wolf's head. All the signs were there. Jon Robb and Arya all saw Joffrey for the psycho that he was. Eddard should have called the betrothal out after the wolf incident, and Sansa should have noticed Joffreys true nature.
  24. Arthur Peres

    Doran's shameless manipulation of Arianne

    Arya was 9 and saw Joffrey for what he was. Sansa saw Joffrey trying to kill Arya and the butcher's boy out of nowhere, she also saw Cersei asking for Lady's head, even though it was the wrong wolf, and Sansa was still dumb enough to use Cersei as her confident. Yeah slow is a kind word, the correct one would be moron.
  25. Loras is dying Arys is dead Balon Swan will die on Dorne Osmund Ketteblack is imprisoned Robert Strong the Zombie and cannot be choosen Then we have to choose if is Boros the belly or Meryn Trent.