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  1. 2 hours ago, Baelor 'Breakspear' said:

    I think there is a Tyrell plot with Mace/Margaery/Olenna planning it so if we hada Tyrell POV it would spoil too much

    Maybe, I'm do not know where the story is going after all, but any plot that Marg had was at least post poned after she is made prisoner.

    Marg would bring us a lot. The Tyrell family dynimics, her relationship with Tommen, how close LF is with the Tyrells and her toughts after the PW.

  2. 6 hours ago, Hugorfonics said:

    Why would Jaimes value grow? Hes clearly not valuable enough to make Tywin or Joffrey stand down. 

     As far as him being a valued general, I dont see it. Hes as rash as the best of them and his impatience is legendary, as we see with his pitiful command at WW. I say give him a command and itll rival Stafford, not Tywin


    acording to Tyrion

    "That was when he knew. You have given him up for lost, he thought. You bloody bastard, you think Jaime’s good as dead, so I’m all you have left"

    Robb should have traded Jaime for Sansa and something else.

  3. Include:

    Blackfish: I do find interesting that the 5 Kings have no POV, this keep us from see their future moves, that said, I do think it was awkward how Robb simply vanish during ACoK. A Blackfish POV would give us more information about the lore with the war of the ninepenny kings, would show us Westerlands as a region, how the commanders saw Robb leadership, what did they know was happening and maybe give us a little about Robb and Jeyne relationship.

    Loras: Just like Robb I think that we don't need a Renly POV, but Loras would show us some light in his character. The only character that really knows Renly and we have as a POV is maester Cressen and he still think of Renly as a kid. Loras could also give us the Tyrell side that are a major players but have no POV on their own and their family dynamic. Loras also do not seem to be much of a plotter and would not ruin anything



    Asha: We have soo much Greyjoys as POV. Theon Victarion Aeron...Victarion and Aeron are present to build Euron as a character, Victarion would be enough if he was close to Euron, but since he is not we need Aeron to show us the action and not just rummors. Asha on the other hand is not really necessary as a POV, the most important moments of her story so far are saw through the eyes of other characters. The return of Theon, Balon's death, The kingsmoot, even her capture could be replaced by she meeting Theon in Stannis camp at Winds of Winter.


    Margaery/Cersei: The same events but from another POV. Cersei chapters are too unpleasent and bitter, I do not like the prophecy of Maggy either because if it happens we already expect it in a way, and if not is something that didn't pay off. Margaery could give us just as much as Cersei but she would also surprise us more since she is caught by surprise by Cersei's plot during AFFC. The down side would be a little similar with Sansa's chapters but Margaery is a complete diferent character, much more quickly and not so defenseless as Sansa was.

  4. On 5/12/2019 at 9:04 PM, Damsel in Distress said:

    Whose to say Lyanna would have been a better wife for Robert?  Lyanna had the potential to wreck the kingdom as badly as Cersei and Jaime did.   Robert's biggest sin was failing to keep the Starks and the Lannisters under control.  He failed because he was too close to these families.  


    I doubt very much that Lyanna would go out of her way to abort all of Robert's sons and daughters while trying to pass bastards as legit heirs and jeopardize the whole sucession crises and starting a civil war.

    Robert being miserable was the least problem with the Cersei's issue.

  5. Just now, Skahaz mo Kandaq said:

    Brandon was dickhead who deserved what he got from Aerys.  Jon Arryn should have executed Robert and Ned because his king ordered him to.  I can't stand the Starks so you and me are not going to agree on this.  


    because you're taking the side of the guy literally called "the Mad" and you think cruel executions without trial or evidence based on pure paranoia is the right side of story....

  6. What if Balon had accepted Robb's offer and invaded the Westerlands

    What if Ned sends Loras together with Beric

    What if Robert survives the boar

    What if Stannis had telled Robert instead of Jon Arryn

    What if the Purple Wedding happens before the Red Wedding

    What if Tyrion and Bronn are killed in the Vale by the mountain clan

  7. 7 hours ago, Lion of the West said:

    Because Ramsay is a very craft and exploitative individual and because he is needed in both the story to be an enemy in the North to the Starks after Robb has left

    This fit in "plot convenience".

    Ramsey should have been killed on the spot together with Reek. His disguise is even more dumb when you think about it. Why Rodrik was dumb enough to kill the son noble and potential heir to one of the strongest vassals of the Starks and let the peasant live?


  8. 4 hours ago, Lord Lannister said:

    He's the real Game of Thrones. Manipulating everyone into going against one another so he can profit. He probably hates the system as much as anyone in Westeros, but he's exploiting it's flaws to his advantage at every possible opportunity.

    Lord of Harrenhal, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Lord Protector of the Vale, he's amassing a lot of influence around himself and who knows what his real game is, if it's anything more complicated than a power play.


    This is the problem.

    In a series that even after 300 years there are still bitter vassals claiming to have more right to Highgarden than the Tyrells because they were "stewards" suddenly is fine with a nobody, there is there for 2 generations, getting Harenhall and becoming a lord paramount of the riverlands (he's not even from there), while also he takes the lord of the Vale as his ward, and is never around his castle...

    Littlefinger does have a very strong plot armor, no way the Tyrells involved at the purple wedding would let him alive after he stabbed Ned and Joffrey in the back.

  9. 31 minutes ago, Avalatis said:

    Not a single ambitious person within the Bolton and Frey's forces decided to use this knowledge to advanced themselves? All of them were 100% loyal? It's not like Walder and Roose treated their men and subjects all that well. If you were a Frey and 30th in line for the seat of Lord, you knew you would never have any power. Knowledge that your Lord is going to betray your King, could in fact make you Lord.

    Most of the ambitions players at this point would know that supporting Robb, would be supporting a lost cause. The war was lost and Robb was too stuborn to give up.


    31 minutes ago, Avalatis said:

    - Not a single man at arms or knight who had been fighting with the Young Wolf for months, bleeding by him and the other soldiers, took issue with murdering their brothers in arms at a wedding? None of them? They were all cold hearted 2 dimensional storm troopers? That's quite convienient for our conspirators. 


    You could also say that they would be angry at Robb for breaking his vows and pissing on the sacrifice made by the Freys. Stevron as far as we know died fighting for his cause and Robb went on to break his vows to marry a nobody.


    31 minutes ago, Avalatis said:

     - Not a single person in all of this grand conspiracy was inspired by Robb Stark? The King in the North? The Young Wolf who had outmanuevered the legendary Jaime and Tywin Lannister? Out matched and was far from home and has put the Lannisters on defensive? We are told in the books by characters in the story that he was legendary even in King's Landing and among the Lannister forces. Yet even the people who served under such a King all decided the ambitions of Roose and Walder were more inspiring? It's one thing for lords to conspire for their own gain, it is quite another for minor nobles, men at arms, and common people to be willing to accept betraying a figure as popular and inspiring as the King in the North.


    We have Olyvar Frey refusing to leave Robb's side even after the Jeyne fiasco, but he was left out of the conspiracy.

    Robb as much incredible and inspiring as he was, was also the man that beheaded his bannerman for killing his enemies, broke his word, let his mother walk free after comminting high treason and was "the king who lost the north". He would be a very divisive figure.

    31 minutes ago, Avalatis said:

    Being dishonorable seems to carry no consequences in the story. Where in their society it should show that they are not to be trusted. By both allies and those who serve under them. Dishonorable characters like Little Finger and Vary's do it in the shadows, not in the open. Yet Frey and Bolton seem to just get away with it. Lord's in a medieval society were trusted with ensuring justice was met. How exactly does Frey and Bolton manage that trust after such an action? We as readers can understand their motivations and why they do what they do. But their men and their people are reduced to 2 dimenional unthinking minions that do whatever they are told. We are to accept this for the "bad guys" of the series, yet such actions by the "good guys" wouldn't work out so well.


    I agree with this point to a certain degree, but the Freys and the Boltons are paying to a certain level for they actions. We have Manderly murdering freys left and right, the Freys are hated by the realm after the RW being insulted at every turn, Roose is about to be betrayed by lords that he summoned, while we still have men fighting under Eddard's name in Dance.

  10. 11 hours ago, RenlyIsNotRight said:

    I imagine this would have leveled the playing field when it came to the Stannis vs. Renly showdown, since Stannis + The North and Riverlands vs. Renly + The Stormlands and the Reach for sure would have been a fairer fight. Perhaps since the odds wouldn't have been stacked high in Renlys favor, he would have accepted Stannis' offer to be made his heir? And maybe Stannis would be less likely to have made the Shadow Baby? Idk.


    I don't think Renly would take Stannis offer anyway.

    Even with the back up of Robb and Edmure, they're still on the trident and can't help Stannis while Tywin sits on Harenhall, and I doubt Mace would take Stannis for his king.

  11. On 5/13/2019 at 3:28 PM, John Suburbs said:

    He's been outwitted and outplayed by everyone from Ned to Tyrion to Littlefinger to Arya to whomever killed Tyrek (unless that was Varys himself), to the point of him losing his post as MoW so that he is now reduced to skulking about castle waiting for others to put their plans in motion. He is not even as good as a half-shrewd lord with a few spies on his payroll.

    When does Ned outwited or outplayed Varys?


  12. not much.

    The support of the North and Riverlands, give Stannis some prestige and strenght that he can show off to the stormlords. With this he might sway some stormlords to his cause since he has the better claim against Renly.

    Stannis still need to take Edric to prove that Joffrey is a bastard. He still has to take Storm's End, he still end up facing Renly.

    Maybe Robb does not send Theon to Balon and this stop the events of the RW but Stannis still loses Blackwater.

    Stannis might not go to rescue the wall, since he has a new army in the riverlands and without the RW the fight does not stop.


  13. I never would have guessed the assassination atempt on Jon. I always saw him as a gary stu, so I never thought that he could be killed, and I still not sure if he really died, and if he did I still belive he will be brought back to life. But it was a shock when a read it.

    Aegon was a shock.

    The Pink letter came out of nowhere and did surprised me a lot, without the thousands of theories about who wrote it, when I read it I really thought that Stannis was being written off in favor of Jon... then Jon got killed and I was lost.

    Brienne turning Jaime to LSH was something I would never guessed either, this still needs confirmation at TWOW but we know she is lying to him.

    To Winds of Winter, I see Aegon being a new Robb. Just, raised to rule, young charismatic, will have a early sucess, and then will be set up to fail by someone close to him, Jon Con or Arianne.

    I expect LF to fail this time. Is the first time we learn of his plans before they are done. Every time this happens it fails, Eddard trying to cease the keep, Robb trying to take back the Moat. Tyrion trying to rescue Jaime, Cersei trying to frame Marg and so on... it always backfires.

    Have no idea what will happen in the north.

  14. 22 minutes ago, CAllDSmith said:

     If Queen Regent Cersei Lannister orders Lord Commander Jaime Lannister to break his vow of celibacy by having sex with Myrcella and when done he is to break his oath made while drunk at sword point to not take up arms against House Tully, and then to break his oaths of knighthood by killing the High Septon, and then break additional laws of gods and men by killing Tyrion what is Jaime to do?

    First, she didn't.

    Second Jaime is a grow men and had plenty of oportunity to leave the white cloak while Tywin is alive, he is serving because he wants it, he swore a oath without any intention the keep it from day one. Even Robert and Ned call Jaime Tywin's heir he would have no problem getting out of the KG.

    Third, in this no sense order, Jaime should imprison Cersei because she is acting against the interest of the King by soiling his sister that is bethored for no reason what so ever, and then ignored the rest of this crazyness. Cersei is a regent but not the King, if she act against his interest is his duty to stop her.

    Fourth what is the point of this no sense exercise of absurde? Not even Aerys "the mad" send such order.

    26 minutes ago, CAllDSmith said:

    So I quoted and was going to respond to your whole first post but it was mostly pointlessness because half of it was you refusing to read what I actually wrote. So I'm just going to put this out here and I want a simple answer. 


    I did read, I just can't agree with a single word you spoke.

    Jaime is not helding his promises, quite the oposite he is going out of his way to break them, while runing away from true responsability like Tyrion tell us. He can't take responsability and isnt mature or self aware enough to carry the weight of his actions.

    I could be wrong here, but he is the only character in the books that I remember comparing himself to gods... he probably is the most narcisistic of the bunch. 

  15. 4 hours ago, CAllDSmith said:

    Aerys was also an anointed knight, (knighted by Jaime's own father!) in becoming a knight both Aerys and Jaime sword to (among other things) protect widows, orphans, children, women and the innocent. Jaime's vow of protecting the royal family also extends to Rhaenys and Aegon who would have died in the wildfire plot. (He could not have known, and did not know, that Lorch and the Mountain were scaling Maegor's.) Jaime is also unable to follow the last order that Aerys gave him, to kill his own father, due to the laws of gods which supersede the laws of men. 

    Were I to defend Jaime in a trial for his kingslaying I would use the following: 

    1. The laws of the Seven supersede the laws of men, Jaime was an oathbreaker the moment Aerys ordered him to kill his father, because he could not follow that law. 

    2. Jaime was compelled by his knightly oaths and his oaths to the Kingsguard to kill Hand Rossart. Rossarts actions would not only have killed the High Septon, the people of King's Landing, Jaime's own kin, and Jaime it would also have killed Princess Rhaenys, Prince Aegon and King Aerys. The Kingsguard are sworn to both defend and obey. What should the KG do if the King orders the KG to assist the King in suicide? What should the KG have done in the case of Prince Viserys (Aenys's son.) or in the case of Prince Aegon the Uncrowned and King Maegor the Cruel? What about during the Dance of Dragons or at Redgrass Field? King Viserys declared Rhaenyra his heir, but the law could argue for Aegon, and Aegon the Unworthy's legitimization of Daemon technically put him in front of Daeron in succession. 

    3. King Aerys,  when taking the crown, swears certain vows and has certain roles required of him. He is to protect the Faith (Per Jaehaerys I's laws and oath.), defend the realm (He is after all the Protector of the Realm.), rule justly and wisely (as the Gods demand.), To quote Ser Davos Seaworth 


    And I know that a king protects his people, or he is no king at all. 

    When Aerys mocked the gods with Rickard and Brandon's trial by combat, and then demanded Robert and Eddard's heads he ceased to be a lawful king, contrary to what Joffrey or Cersei believe, being king does not put you above the law or give you free reign to do what you want. When Aerys commanded the wildfire plot and ordered Jaime to kill patricide he conspired to commit: genocide, filicide, infanticide, parricide, and deicide all things Aerys is not allowed to do. At that moment in time Aerys no longer had a right to call himself king or command Jaime. The laws of gods and men, and every oath Jaime has sworn demands that he stop Aerys from completing the wildfire plot and protects the life of the true king. Where Jaime made a mistake was in not protecting Aegon and Rhaenys after he killed Aerys. It can be argued that he needed to kill Aerys because there was no way he could subdue him that would prevent the Mad King from ordering someone who still (falsely) thought him to be king to  do what Rossart failed to do. 

     Also Jaime isn't really saying that because he wasn't wearing white armor (though still the white cloak) he could  not be held accountable for breaking his KG oaths.( At least in English he's not.) He's saying it sardonically, because there was literally no way for him to get out of that situation without being an oath-breaker in some form, he's saying he was essentially wearing one of his other "hats", similar to how there's Robb the Boy and Robb the Lord in Bran's perception. Jaime isn't making the arguments I'm making (at least not the way I'm making them.) because at the time he was seventeen and his lordly education ended at fifteen while I'm older than at least of fourth of Targaryen kings when they came to the crown (or died.). All of my arguments are ones that a skilled maester (or Tyrion.) could come up with. 


    All of this is pointless. It does not matter if you wanna play the devils advocate here or not. The fact is Jaime swore a oath of celibacy already with all the intend to break it, then he swore a oath to protect Aerys and he killed him. And is not because Aerys "failed to protect the people" or he "mocked the trial of the Starks" Jaime himself tell us what he thought about them

    “I made no such claim. The Starks were nothing to me."

    Jaime is selfish, he refuses to take responsability for his words and actions, he is a oathbreaker, a kingslayer, a guest right breaker and if the most fan theories about the valonquar are correct a soon to be kinslayer, and he still thinks of himself as the victim of the war he and his sister started when they usurped the sucession line...

  16. 3 hours ago, CAllDSmith said:

    Jaime never actually takes up his sword against any member of House Tully or their bannermen here's the exact quote of the vow he swore: 

    He commanded a army to take their castle... no matter how you try twist it, is what he did. He broke his oath.


    3 hours ago, CAllDSmith said:

    He specifically says he will not fight Blackfish unless he's released from his vow then: 

    And his words are meaningless like Blackfish tell us

    Ser Brynden laughed again. “Much as I would welcome the chance to take that golden sword away from you and cut out your black heart, your promises are worthless. I would gain nothing from your death but the pleasure of killing you, and I will not risk my own life for that … as small a risk as that may be.”

    “Are there any terms you will accept?” he demanded of the Blackfish.

    “From you?” Ser Brynden shrugged. “No.”

    his own camp agree with Bryden, Jaime's proposal is a joke.

    “Why would he deign to accept your challenge, ser?” asked Ser Forley Prester. “What could he gain from such a duel? Will we lift the siege if he should win? I do not believe that. Nor will he. A single combat would accomplish nought.”

    3 hours ago, CAllDSmith said:

    This is the one and only time Jaime threatens anyone with his own sword, when he's getting Edmure down from the Frey's stupid noose. He's threatening Freys here. And that leads us to the threat that Jaime makes to keep the siege bloodless from this point on: 

    Just like the other guy you are hanging around in Jaime's logic like he can command someone to slew you but he cannot kill you himself... this is not how his oath works. He was never to take arms against the Tully, but he did and he threatned to kill Edmure's Child, his friends, his folk, and his men like you quoted yourself.


    3 hours ago, CAllDSmith said:

    Jaime goes out of his way to get Edmure to yield without fighting, or even without Jaime making the threats he makes. Even in the threat Jaime makes, the worst Jaime threatens to do is pull down the walls and divert the Tumblestone and the trebuchet line (which we all know he was bluffing on.) Everything else is simply giving "the word" where the word is at most "I'm done here, you take command." 


    No he doesn't. He resolved the siege the easiest way for him, his own camp was against storming the castle. The freys hold the supplies and the majority of the men, and they didn't want to storm the castle, the riverlords loyalith is dubious and Jaime can't control anyone there, he only resolved his own problems.

    “They are my walls,” protested Lord Emmon, “and that is my gate you would break.” He drew his parchment out of his sleeve again. “King Tommen himself has granted me—”

    “Storming the walls will be a bloody business,” said Addam Marbrand. “I propose we wait for a moonless night and send a dozen picked men across the river in a boat with muffled oars. They can scale the walls with ropes and grapnels, and open the gates from the inside. I will lead them, if the council wishes.

    “Folly,” declared the bastard, Walder Rivers. “Ser Brynden is no man to be cozened by such tricks.

    3 hours ago, CAllDSmith said:

     As a final point, you seem to be unwilling to allow that Jaime's other oaths can supersede his KG oath. If this were true, you CANNOT hold him accountable for his oath to Catelyn ,who was a traitor in the Iron Throne's eyes, when it conflicts with his orders from the Queen-Regent. (Also interestingly enough if we're going by oaths, if Cersei ordered him to fuck her he would have to or be breaking his vow.) 

    Since you touch on this subject. Jaime is breaking both oaths... and he is going out of his way to do it. He could do the better for everyone, stay on Kings Landing, not take swords, and tried to diminish Cersei's influence over Tommen, but he just don't care about anything but himself.

    “It will be up to us to finish his work. You must take Father’s place as Hand. You see that now, surely. Tommen will need you …”

    He pushed away from her and raised his arm, forcing his stump into her face. “A Hand without a hand? A bad jape, sister. Don’t ask me to rule.”

    “Rule? I said naught of ruling. I shall rule until my son comes of age.”

    “I don’t know who I pity more,” her brother said. “Tommen, or the Seven Kingdoms.”

    Like Tyrion putted.

    My brother, Jaime, thirsts for battle, not for power. He's run from every chance he's had to rule.

    Jaime refuses to take responsability is quite amusing that a book series working around young teens being forced to rule and take hard decisions, we have Jaime running away from his own acts while blaming everything but himself.


  17. 4 minutes ago, silverwolf22 said:

    he didnt weild arms against house tully  he did everything he could to avoid that by  getting  brynden to surrender without breaking his oath  leading the army to take the castle doesnt break the oath  the only thing tat would count is if it  went into an actual battle that would be breaking his oath to catelyn (and to be honest the fact that he was drunk and had a sword at his throat means that it wouldnt be a legitimate oath ( and even then it would be a case of conflicting oaths which he brought up before  since  he was duty bounded to kingsguard () ( and his cloak did soil him he was forced to stand aside and watch aerys commit atrocities ( like with neds brother and father or raping his wife which traumatized him ( while seeing people touted as honorable do nothing to stop it  https://cloaksoiledhim.wordpress.com/ ) 

    This logic is flawed and laughble as Jaime's honor or his justifications that while murdering Aerys he wasn't in his KG armor.

    In his recollection he is fixated on the fact that he didn’t murder Aerys in his KG armor and that should count for something while he is conventinally forgetting that he swore a oath to protect the dude and ended up murdering him.

    The fact is he took sword against House Tully. He walked in push them out of they home, and went back with their lord in chains.

  18. 12 hours ago, CAllDSmith said:

    He specifically sword never to take up arms against House Tully again, which he didn't.

    He just lead an army to take the castle from the Blackfish, pushed Brynden out of his home by threatining to kill Edmure's child and then send scouts to kill the old Tully while he walked away with Edmure as his hostage.

    Yeah sure he is keeping his vows to Catelyn... the same way he keep them to Aerys.