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  1. 15 minutes ago, Nagini's Neville said:

    Is Tyrion the worst offender out the povs ? Or seriously across all the books? I guess you exclude ppl like Ramsey or the mountain then? 



    1 minute ago, sweetsunray said:

     Of the POVs that appear in all books.

     As to Ramsay and the Mountain: I won't shed any tear for psychopaths.

    What about Cersei?


  2. On 11/9/2019 at 9:44 AM, Here's Looking At You, Kid said:

    The point of the conquest was not about handing out apple pie and beer to the people.  The Targaryens saw a fractured land that was in a constant state of conflict.  The kings were constantly calling their banners and getting them involved in their personal conflicts and the majority of the people suffered.  The non-nobles made up the majority.  The only way at the time to stop the forever wars was to force the kingdoms into one kingdom and demote the kings to high lords.  One land.  One ruler. 

    Sounds very noble, until you realize that the Targ keep putting the realm and land under constand warfare but now bigger on scale with a major civil war.

  3. 7 hours ago, Nagini's Neville said:

    It was a burden for him, that he didn't ask for. But once he got it, he for sure also didn't want to loose it again.


    Not true, if anything Robb hated being King:

    “Bloody Rickard Karstark as well. And Theon Greyjoy, Walder Frey, Tywin Lannister, and all the rest of them. Gods be good, why would any man ever want to be king? When everyone was shoutingKing in the North, King in the North , I told myself . . . sworeto myself . . . that I would be a good king, as honorable as Father, strong, just, loyal to my friends and brave when I faced my enemies . . . now I can’t even tell one from the other. How did it all get soconfused?

  4. 10 minutes ago, Trigger Warning said:

    I don't believe there ever was this grand plan to defeat Tywin. Robb's risking his life, army and kingdom on one battle falling into place perfectly on Tywin's turf when Tywin has all the advantages. Moltke said no plan survives contact with the enemy and this plan doesn't sound promising in the first place, in my opinion the plan was bullshit made up by Brynden and Robb to get him to marry a Frey which was integral to Robb retaking the North, it's all too perfectly Edmure's fault, the guy they need to marry a Frey but won't unless he feels guilty... how convenient that he ruined our vague battle plans that he never knew of. 

    Just because you don't belive, doesn't mean it didn't exist...

    We already saw Tywin being beat by a army of half his size when the terrain was not in his favor, by a commander much less impressive than Robb and Blackfish, Edmure himself, we already saw Tywin being surprised by Roose Bolton with a army much less mobile than what Robb had, and we alredy saw Robb ambushing and beating bigger armies and using the terrain to his advantage.

    Tywin does not hold all the cards, he only has the numbers, but if the terrain is suited as Blackfish said it was, I don't see why not belive in him.

    Robb did not force Edmure nothing, the Frey marriage was Catelyn's idea, Robb talks about lands, gold and apologies, and a Frey is by no means a bad match for Edmure, they are his strongest and wealthiest  vassals.

    Von Moltke was referencing the modern warfare, medieval and ancient warfare have tons of battles that went on perfect with the original plan.

  5. 1 hour ago, Nagini's Neville said:

    Of course he should have traded Jaime for them. Cat had to do it that way, because he forbid it. He was very vehemently against trading them. And later even did admit, that it would have been the right thing to do. 

     It would have been a very easy and safe way to get her back, instead she was tortured in KL.

    No he couldn't. Look how Robb's banerman reacted to what Catelyn did, and the whole Karstark mess...

    If was Robb in person that did it or authorized it he would suffer mass desertion.

  6. 1 hour ago, Elegant Woes said:

    @Arthur Peres Based on her personality and in what kind of society she lives in Sansa's actions in AGOT is very realistic. In order to understand Sansa you need to keep in mind that she's a noble woman. When project your modern world view on her you ignore the nuance to Sansa as a character in AGOT. And more importantly Sansa makes a habit about suppressing memories of traumatic events in order to cope. You need to read between the lines when you read a Sansa chapter, especially in AGOT. Once you do that you can see that Sansa is straight up terrified of Joffrey. She knows deep down that he is a monster, but at that time she wasn't ready to face that just yet, because as far as Sansa knows she is still has to marry Joffrey. That's why she convinces herself that Joffrey is her dream prince. She's not a silly little girl who is dumb, but a child stuck in an abusive relationship. Looking from this perspective how can you not feel any sympathy for Sansa's situation?

    Well Sansa had no fear of Joffrey until he arrested and behead her father, she uses Cersei as confessor because she wanted to be close to him. 

    The Lady event is not realistic at all. Sansa is naive? sure, dumb? cleary, but she is also spoiled , proud and easily to anger. We see the events through the eyes of Ned, so we cannot know what Sansa though in the moment, but she cleary saw Cersei calling for the death of Lady. 

    The queen raised her voice. “A hundred golden dragons to the man who brings me its skin!”

    “A costly pelt,” Robert grumbled. “I want no part of this, woman. You can damn well buy your furs with Lannister gold.”

    The queen regarded him coolly. “I had not thought you so niggardly. The king I’d thought to wed would have laid a wolfskin across my bed before the sun went down.”

    Robert’s face darkened with anger. “That would be a fine trick, without a wolf.”

    “We have a wolf,” Cersei Lannister said

    That was when Sansa finally seemed to comprehend. Her eyes were frightened as they went to her father. “He doesn’t mean Lady, does he?” She saw the truth on his face. “No,” she said. “No, not Lady, Lady didn’t bite anybody, she’s good . . . ”

    Simpathy for Sansa? sure, in Clash when she is a hostage being abused over nothing, it's hard to read that, but in AGOT she is just a spoiled brat, blaming her sister for her own mistakes.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Rose of Red Lake said:

    People always want realistic characters, but when they get them, they fail to realize how realistic they are.  It is realistic for a sheltered 11 year-old girl who is obsessed with romantic fairytales, to not suspect her prince charming is a monster. 

    The level of awareness people expect out of Sansa is insane.


    Well my problem with Sansa's reaction to the Lady event is because it doesn't seem realistic at all.

    Sansa is a spoiled brat, this is fine, she is a noble 11 years old girl that always got everything.

    She throws major tantrum on Arya because Arya ruins her days with trivial bs, this is also belivable and fine.

    A person so easily to be pissed off, ignoring a major event like killing her favorite pet over nothing? Yeah I do take issues with that.

  8. 1 minute ago, frenin said:

    Arya would make as political pawn as Sansa was, Sansa would know how to survive in that situation, Arya would get herself killled.

     Sansa can't move on her own until she learns the game, she is learning the game, i just hope she don't become S8 Sansa, she is as trapped as Ceresi always thinks  she is, she is no warrior as Brienne or all the boys, she is not naturaly gifted in war nor do she have an army like Robb, Sansa can't do nothing more than survive, learn and wait for her moment.

    Agreed, but this also means that her action holds no real weight, she doesn't have a single moment were she could make a diference or decide her own future. Being clever as Tywin or dumb as Victarion makes not much of a diference in such a situation, so she is not under the risk of getting killed anyway. She actually provokes the only person dumb enough to not realize her importance as a paw (Joffrey) with the whole "Maybe he will give me yours".

  9. 1 minute ago, frenin said:

    Because she trusts her, because she's desperate, Sansa would not have survived until now being dumb as rock...

    Her survivor has more to do with the fact that she is a political pawn to be used by everyone around her, from the start, she is the most passive character in the books and her journey flows acording to the one that moves her, not her own will.


    4 minutes ago, frenin said:

    I never seen no on falling in love with a  prostitute but in Pretty woman, i did however see men that acted as if women  owed them something an invent stories to justify their behaviour, Tyrion did not make a dumb mistake.


    Fair enough. 

    thanks for the laugh though :) 

  10. 3 minutes ago, redriver said:

    No doubt she was dumb around then.Children frequently are, I find ,especially in emotional and political matters. But call me sentimental but, I don't blame children for doing childish things nor would I hold them accountable as a causus belli.

     Nor would anyone else in the history of the world ever.

    Only you.

    That's harsh from somoene that doesn't know me...what's next my mom?

    No, I not blaming Sansa for the war, don't know from what you got that idea... but I do hold her responsable for her stupidity.

    Sansa as yourself said was dumb, dumb as a rock, and her decision making makes no sense not emontionally not rationalizing either.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Rose of Red Lake said:

    And to this day, many women are convinced that men love them even if they beat them. Might want to think about social context here. This is Sansa's first real experience in a relationship, and she wants romance; Tyrion is older and should know better. The point is that grown ass men are making the same mistakes as a teen girl in their first relationship hahaha

    Abusive relationship exist sure, but usually the abuser poses as a ideal partner for some time. 

    What Joffrey did on the start of their relationship is a major redflag that would destroy any trust, before it was built.

  12. 25 minutes ago, frenin said:

    Not the same situation, Arya is misfit and is jealous of her sis, if Arya was as pretty as Sansa and did all the girly stuff she was supposed to do and she sucked at it, i grant you she would be dumber.

     And the Tyrion thing is stupider, Tyrion perfectly knew that Shae was only with him for the money and the man tricked himself into thinking  otherwise.

    Don't know about that. Margeary was raised as Sansa, but seems to be much more fit and self aware. Sansa was selfish, spoiled, delusional, imature, lacked selfawareness and good judment. Arya is cleary natural more clever, Arya judment was the right one in the end,

    Joffrey didn't just said something bad, he tried to kill Arya and her friend for giggles, and after failing takes revenge on something that has nothing to do with the past situation.

    Sure Tyrion made a dumb mistake, but it's one that we actually see people making it. Try to kick your girlfriend's dog or cat (please don't) and see how she reacts...

  13. 58 minutes ago, frenin said:

    Sansa is a 11 year old, raised to be the perfect pretty girl, perfect hair and less brains, it's no wonder that Sansa acts naively and it costs her a lot to understand that the world is full of Sandors and not of Loras.

    If you want to blame someone blame Ned and blame Cat for raising and consenting a stupid girl and feed her mind with illusions and princes, don't blame the 11 years old adoctrinated child.

    Cat and Ned also raised Arya, and unlike Sansa she was capable to see right through Joffrey.

    I can forgive Sansa for every wrong judment, until the execution of Lady. After that she should be aware of what Joffrey was.

  14. 2 hours ago, Angel Eyes said:

     That lies more on Robert and Ned agreeing to the match between Joffrey and Sansa. I personally don't like the match since I think it was stupid, but an impetus for the rest of the story? Not so much.

    Sansa was still pretty stupid. 

    Sure she doesn't have any blame for the match, but she was stupid enough to ignore every single sign that Joffrey gave her. Threatning her sister, demanding the death of her pet, seeking fights with her older brother... all signs were there early on. and she was still dumb enough to use Cersei as confessor.

  15. Just now, divica said:

     And anyone that knew anything about balon should know that he shouldn t send theon… We are talking about sending someone that knows almost everything about the north to someone that hates the north… And even if balon wanted to attack the north if robb ofered him a better target and the chance to get his son back he might accept… The problema is that robb sent theon in Exchange of nothing...


    Balon had every rational reason to side with Robb, they are both rebel separatists, trying to break free from the IT, Robb is Theon's best friend, and is willing to reconize Balon's own kingship and help him sack the Westerlands, the richest region in the realm. Without hindsight I would make the same decision, and with hindsight we know that Balon would attack him even if Theon was a hostage.

    Balon was the one not being rational here, and nothing would make him change his mind... he was dumb enough to pray for the death of his last son and clear heir, left a messed sucession when he died and is berated by his daughter, son, vassals, subjects and enemies alike, as bad lord, incapable of ruling, mad, blind and deaf.