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  1. baxus

    Football: What Football?

    What happens with players whose contracts expire on June 30th?
  2. baxus

    Board games!

    I've played a couple of sessions of Dungeons and Dragons online with my friends. One of my friends discovered this website called Roll20 which is quite helpful in situations like this one. It has some cool features, and it offers conference calls (video and audio), dice rolling, chat etc. They've had some reported connectivity issues yesterday and it felt during our session last night but the one before worked like a charm.
  3. Trying to stick with workout at home routine one of my crossfit coaches is posting online. Not doing it every day, obviously. Today we've had a break from cold weather so I thought about going running but decided to skip it because the wind is still bad and we have some insane air pollution. Apparently, some storms and winds and whatnot have brought some sand particles all the way from some desert near Caspian Sea to our neck of the woods. Sounds insane to me, but I'm no expert.
  4. Did a home workout last night. The main part was 21-15-9-15-21 of burpees and lunge jumps, with 70 jumping jacks after each set. I've gotten so accustomed to loud music during my workouts that it was weird to do it in silence which is how I had to do it since my daughter was asleep at the time. My shoulders feel a bit stiff during workouts these days. Nothing major, but it's a bit uncomfortable. Picked up some bare essentials from my crossfit box this morning. No barbells and plates, since I have no room to use those in my apartment and I do have neighbours on the floor below, but a kettlebell and a pair of dumbbells, plus some bands for warmups and an ab mat. Looking forward to using those. We had the return of the cold weather in the past 3-4 days with snow yesterday and today, which meant no running or other outdoor physical activity but I took some time (nowhere near as much as I would've wanted) to play in the snow with my daughter which was very much fun.
  5. baxus

    Football: What Football?

    Him being virologist, he's obviously more qualified to make such statements than I am but I don't think that a likely scenario. That might be the best way to handle this epidemic and the outcome he hopes for but I'm not sure how realistic it is to expect people and businesses to stay on lockdown for a year.
  6. Coaches from my crossfit box have started making videos for stay at home workouts. It's nice and it's a way to stay active a bit while in isolation but it's nowhere near as fun as doing it in a group.
  7. PB is always great, no matter how that result compares to someone else's result. If it's "not impressive to most" that just means you get to experience setting a new PB again and again and again. Enjoy your achievement and congrats!
  8. It's not crushing your enemies, see them driven before you and hear lamentations of their women? Live and learn, I guess. Went running again this morning. Fewer people by the river than there were yesterday, so that was pleasant. Running itself was ok. Still boring, but otherwise ok. If this quarantine lasts a while I'm going to significantly improve my cardio and lose some belly fat so clouds and silver linings, I guess.
  9. baxus

    Football: What Football?

    Has nothing to do with the victim mentality. I'd definitely prefer to have this season finished properly (as much as possible with all this going on) and see Liverpool win the title properly (again, as much as possible). Not at one point have I (or any of Liverpool fans on this board, as far as I can remember) said that it would be desirable to call the league off and count that everyone's current position is their final position for the season. It would be massively unfair to deny teams that can still qualify for Europe or avoid relegation the chance to do so. It's just this notion that it would be unfair to award Liverpool the title if the season can't continue that I find laughable. There's no team that I remember having it this much in the bag at this point of the season. I don't think even 2017/2018 City was this comfortable at the top of the table after 29 matches.
  10. baxus

    Football: What Football?

    Sure, that can happen but it would need to happen in 8 out of 9 remaining matches. Extremely unlikely, isn't it? Then I guess that even if Liverpool clinched the title by now, you would still think awarding them the title would set a wrong precedent because of what about the relegation battle? EDIT: I would love to see the rest of Premier League matches played as soon as it is safe to do so and this whole controversy put to rest. It's just that this whole notion of Liverpool getting the title being so out of this world plain stupid. If there is one team in Europe that is certain that their position in the league will remain unchanged after all the matches are played out, it's Liverpool.
  11. baxus

    Football: What Football?

    Let's put it this way then, if everyone has flat-out said that a team won the title for months and then the season gets interrupted then the team gets the title. Does that sound like a good enough precedent?
  12. As @3CityApache predicted, the half-marathon I thought about running won't take place end of April. Due to the state of emergency that was declared yesterday, all sport venues have been closed, including my crossfit box and my weekly basketball game. I think I have no more options than going running, at least until they ban that, too. After that, I guess I'll have to find some yoga classes online and do that, since I wouldn't want to inconvenience my neighbours downstairs by doing anything that would include jumping or things like that.
  13. baxus

    Football: What Football?

    They mention UEFA having a meeting about Euro's. I guess that cancelling Euro's would give everyone enough time to wrap up their national competitions before next season. Or they could postpone it for next year?
  14. baxus

    Football: What Football?

    Honestly, I don't mind Liverpool getting knocked out of CL. Haven't bought into the whole "it'll be a bad season if they ONLY win the League". Still, it's the way Liverpool got knocked out that bugs the hell out of me. Having everything in your hands and just dropping it like that is very frustrating to the fans. I mean, Liverpool were clearly a better team until that meltdown. That being said, congrats to Atletico. Everyone knew what their gameplan would be, they knew it was risky to play that way at Anfield and they managed to get the result. If any season had to be cancelled it's "good" that it's one with the first team in the table having such a big margin on the rest of the pack. Positions below that would be much more difficult to determine, though. Points per game seems to be the least bad way of determining this, but it's not that great either. I mean, one team in relegation battle could've played twice against all top teams while another had 3-4 games against those opponents. Still, that argument would be like saying that team A played team B when team B's best players were injured (or in quarantine in this case) while team C had no such advantage when playing team B. There's no way to have everyone happy with the outcome.
  15. In Serbia, the whole situation has been handled very poorly so far. At first, authorities were trying to calm everyone down with poor attempts of humour. I'm not kidding, sentence "Go shopping to Italy now, when it's not as crowed as usual" was heard on TV, as well as "drink more rakija (I'd say schnapps would be the most appropriate translation) and you'll be fine". After that, pure incompetence (and stupidity) was clearly displayed by statements such as "our genes are superior and we won't have as much of a problem as other countries". Yesterday, foreign nationals coming from areas where virus has been reported relatively widespread were banned from entering the country and many flights have been cancelled for the weeks ahead. Things went from joking around to really serious extremely fast. We still don't have many reported cases (12 is the latest number I've heard) but I'm quite sure that number is about to rise significantly within days.