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  1. Lady Jowana

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    Would it be possible that he could pretend to go to the wall and take the black but in reality he could go north and gather an army to take down Joffery? but of course this can only happen if Sansa and Arya left with their father as well.
  2. Lady Jowana

    What is Ashara's hair color?

    I wasn't referring to Kit. Jon is described to have dark brown hair, basically black, which was a Stark feature.
  3. Lady Jowana

    What is Ashara's hair color?

    Her hair was black, like Jon's, this was probably one of the reasons Cat suspected that she might be his mother. Well according to Ser Barristan, Ashara had violet eyes and was renowned for her beauty, just like Dany.
  4. Lady Jowana

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    I agree on most of your points but they don't really justify poisoning her husband just to please Petyr. And If she cared so much about her son why would she kill his father and put him at risk? Yeah, just imagine if their roles switched and Cat had to marry Jon Arryn instead. I don't think she'd remember her father fondly anymore.
  5. Lady Jowana

    Why would the alchemists be as suicidal as Aerys?

    Do they really have a choice? I mean I don’t think they could tell Aerys that what he is doing is suicidal and that they don’t want to die next him.
  6. Lady Jowana

    winter will not come in 2018

    That tiny hope I had for ADOS is now officially gone.
  7. Lady Jowana

    Fat Walda's Future

    True, I can’t see her surviving from Ramsay.
  8. Lady Jowana

    robb response to iron island invding north

    I dont’t think there was any better way to handle the invasion that would give a better outcome. The only mistake he did in that situation was sending Theon to negotiate with his father.
  9. Lady Jowana

    What if Jorah had children?

    I really think that he wouldn’t. Jorah has a sense of insufficiency in his life that could’ve been prevented if he had children. Even if he marries Lynesse, I don’t think he would put his child at risk just to please her.
  10. Lady Jowana

    What was Cat thinking kidnapping Tyrion?

    She believed that Tyrion sent the assassin to kill Bran so it’s easy to predict that she wanted justice or revenge, whatever she saw it. She has two great houses behind her and let’s not forget that she took him to the Vale so another great house will be supporting her. She was sure that Tyrion will prove guilty so she’ll not have to face any consequences after that, not even from Tywin.
  11. Lady Jowana

    Things you found oddly amusing

    When Tyrion slapped Joffery and the Hound just stood watching.
  12. Lady Jowana

    Food of ice and fire

    I was dying to try Sansa's lemon cakes so I searched around and found a recipe and made them, they turned out really good.
  13. Lady Jowana

    Dunk is not true knight. How does it affect story?

    Lol yeah, now I really want the Hound to know the truth about Dunk so he could mock knights once more.
  14. Lady Jowana

    Is Dany going to sack more cities?

    I don’t think so. Wasn’t one of her main motives is to free slaves? Sacking any of the Free Cities would be a total waste of time and resources, unless she finds some profit in doing so. She’d also have a great deal of trouble in ruling a new city and that will delay her Westeros mission.
  15. Lady Jowana

    Dunk is not true knight. How does it affect story?

    I totally agree, Aegon V probably wouldn’t even mind keeping him not knighted and still serving as Lord Commander given how much he respects him.