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  1. For those in the UK who want to see Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy) act properly in an great political drama, Borgen is now available on BBC Iplayer. Starring alongside him is Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Karsi - the spearwife at Hardhome), who also delivers a great performance. Just a brilliant show that I'd really recommend.
  2. I don't know who will get the lands or who is legally entitled to them. But I'd like it if everything went to Jeyne Poole. She could burn the Dreadfort to the ground if it made her happy or use all that money just you make her life a bit easier and a bit happier after everything she has suffered.
  3. Indeed, it becomes even more of a shame when it looks like that people like the Tyrells and Oberyn Martell were able to raise their children in a loving environment while still preparing them for the real world.
  4. Wow, Craster as the son of Maester Aemon, now there's a thought... In theory, you could alternatively suggest that he's Bloodraven's son. No evidence, although they certainly share a lack of morals.
  5. It's kind of hard to tell isn't it. Most of the weddings in ASOIAF are either royal weddings and/or take place in wartime. As such they're not really typical and other factors will be at work to decide the location.
  6. That is weird. Maybe Ned's disapproval of the tournament or maybe she just didn't want to be forced to sit next to Sansa for hours on end? However, I would have thought that Arya would be independent minded enough to get round those barriers if it meant watching the best knights in the land hit each other with really big sticks.
  7. Absoutely agree that not everything in ASOIAF will be important, in fact I think a significant portion interesting but ultimately unsignificant world building. I suppose the problem is that we don't know what will be important and what will be unimportant.
  8. I tend to think that Doran views Darkstar as 'dangerous' because of what he knows rather than how many people he can kill with a sword. Gerold Dayne is the right age to have been a squire to Arthur Dayne so maybe he know what happens at the Tower of Joy? Although I can't think how that would get back to Doran so maybe he knows another important secret? Just to note that there are also quite a few 'dead before their time' Daynes in our story. We know how Arthur died and we've been told how Ashara died (however some readers question this). However, we don't know how Edric Dayne's father died. Gerold also appears to be the knight in charge of High Hermitage which means that his father and/or mother is dead too. Maybe Darkstar is considered dangerous because there are rumours that he's a kinslayer? That he even went as far as to kill his own father and/or mother? I have no evidence for this, of course, but its interesting to think about.
  9. I don't think this is a clear cut question of right and wrong, good and evil. Jon shouldn't have killed Slynt but Slynt was no innocent and this all happened in a very grey, muddled moral context.
  10. That's not the same thing as confirmation, that's just you thinking the characters look the same. Lots of artists and animators show less diversity in drawing women than men. Lots of female characters in Disney and Pixar films have practically identical eye shape and facial structures, that doesn't mean the writers intended them all to be the same person, it's just an example of lazy sexism in animation.
  11. My unpopular opinion is that I find both Jon and Daenerys to be rather boring characters. I appreciate their chapters as Windows into the Wall and Essos but I could easily living with their deaths and replacement viewpoints.
  12. Yeah, but GRRM says a lot of stuff that doesn't work out e.g. how quickly he'll finish his books. Also he hasn't actually specifically said Larra=Serenei yet. This is just a theory based on observations you've made.
  13. It's not a fact, its a theory. These are fictional characters, their background and stories don't become set in stone until the author explicitly states it in a published work (or at a stretch an interview). Even IF GRRM intended for your theory to be true, he can perfectly easily decide to change his mind later on and then whatever story he replaces yours with becomes canon.
  14. But why would Ashara Dayne hide her own death to marry Howland Reed. There was literally nothing in their way that could have stopped them from marrying. He was an eligible lord, she was a lord's eligible daughter, as Elizabeth Bennett would say, so far they are equal. Some snickers that maybe she could do better hardly seem like reason to fake your own suicide.
  15. Cards on the table - I'm hoping Darkstar was framed for hurting Myrcella so that it's OK for me to have a crush on him. But that said, I'm struggling to see a viable alternative for the real culprit.
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