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  1. Jeremy Hunt? As Chancellor he can't really stand down during an election campaign and boundary changes mean he's a lot more vulnerable to the Liberal Democrats. Second election technically. We needed ID to vote in this year's local elections in May (although not everybody could vote in these).
  2. Random musing - I wish we had heard more from Gyles Rosby and Tanda Stokeworth in the story before they died. These guys seem to have lived in the Crownlands for 70+ years, they would have had first hand tales of Aegon V, Jaeherys II etc. Unlike Aemon and Barristan Selmy, they wouldn't necessarily have felt an obligation to the Targaryens of old and could have been a source of good gossip.
  3. Lord Quenton Hightower - carried out a harsh but effective lock down of Oldtown when the grey plague hit, thereby saving millions across Westeros and potentially even Essos. Then got his throat slit. Torrhen Stark - bent the knee and saved thousands of his own men. (Possibly) Daenerys - Sure she's killed some people and caused some deaths but she definitely saved some lives by ending slavery and by buying the Unsullied trainees, she's saved the lives of hundred if not thousands of new born babies.
  4. Oh I agree that the UK populist right can't use religion to bolster their arguments in the same way that those in the US can. My point was that in the UK we tend to assume and talk about those on the populist right being principally influenced by things like greed, racism and classism - they are influenced by all those things, but I feel some may be also underestimating the extent to which they are influenced by religious beliefs.
  5. I agree that we're less religious than the USA (thank goodness) but I wonder if religion is influencing the UK populist right more than people think it is. While the populist right isn't that verbally Christian and includes a few prominent non-Christians, it is noticeably anti-Muslim. It is also noticeable how right wing press talks about Muslim refugees vs refugees belonging to other religions.
  6. I was thinking about the S7 and S8 and realised that despite often being the most experienced battle commanders in the room, Greyworm and Tormund hardly ever get to input into battle strategy. I can't decide if this is just bad writing or bad writing + reflection of the hubris of medieval nobles who assume they are naturally better than the lower borns at everything.
  7. Interesting, what makes you think they aren't just alligators or caimans. We're just told that they look like logs when submerged, there's no mention of them being spotty like a leopard.
  8. Looks great. That area of Essos is so facisnating, I wish we knew more about it.
  9. Like this theory/ I know its been said before but the fact that the Others are called 'The Others' (synonymous with othering and general bigotry) makes me think they are actually not the evil villains of the story.
  10. The irony is that Theon, unlike most Ironborn his age, has actually been in real battles fighting real knights, not just bullying unarmed peasants and fishermen. He just needs to steal some stuff from knights killed in Robb's battles. Hell, why not show up wearing Jaime Lannister's armour and claiming that he was the one who captured Kingslayer - something not even his father can boast to. Don't tell me that Theon is above lying.
  11. My guess is that we're going to see some kind of Stark civil war between Sansa and Rickon (with both being used as pawns by Littlefinger and Manderly respectively). My hope is a resurrected evil Jon Snow
  12. Absolutely, for nobles who aren't really allowed to work, war is basically one of the only ways (other than marriage) that they can increase their wealth or gain prestige
  13. If Tywin did truely love Joanna, as is mentioned in the book then he probably wasn't rational when she died. Grief and ableist prejudices typical in the medieval era aren't exactly synonymous with rationality.
  14. To be fair, we only have hard gossip in story of him sleeping with Barbery. He may have slept with others but it doesn't sound like he was a massive man whore. If he was I would have thought Cat or Ned would have thought about it or that Lysa or Littlefinger would have mentioned it as a way to insult Brandon.
  15. I mean...just because something happens all the time, does not mean its not icky.
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