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  1. Random musing - I wish we had heard more from Gyles Rosby and Tanda Stokeworth in the story before they died. These guys seem to have lived in the Crownlands for 70+ years, they would have had first hand tales of Aegon V, Jaeherys II etc. Unlike Aemon and Barristan Selmy, they wouldn't necessarily have felt an obligation to the Targaryens of old and could have been a source of good gossip.

  2. Lord Quenton Hightower - carried out a harsh but effective lock down of Oldtown when the grey plague hit, thereby saving millions across Westeros and potentially even Essos. Then got his throat slit.

    Torrhen Stark - bent the knee and saved thousands of his own men.

    (Possibly) Daenerys - Sure she's killed some people and caused some deaths but she definitely saved some lives by ending slavery and by buying the Unsullied trainees, she's saved the lives of hundred if not thousands of new born babies.

  3. 18 minutes ago, mormont said:

    That's not the issue. Religion is certainly influencing the populist right in the UK. The issue is that, in the reverse of the US, that religious influence acts as a barrier to the populist right in the UK rather than an enabler. Centrist voters in the UK don't go to church much, and don't generally approve of mixing religion and politics.

    Oh I agree that the UK populist right can't use religion to bolster their arguments in the same way that those in the US can. My point was that in the UK we tend to assume and talk about those on the populist right being principally influenced by things like greed, racism and classism - they are influenced by all those things, but I feel some may be also underestimating the extent to which they are influenced by religious beliefs.

  4. 11 hours ago, polishgenius said:

    While I do agree that religious stuff in general won't fly, I think you're overselling how much the British react to bullshit. Over football, yes, but there isn't a tradition of truly mass protest and unrest against specific political issues in the same way you see in France or Poland. 

    I agree that we're less religious than the USA (thank goodness) but I wonder if religion is influencing the UK populist right more than people think it is.

    While the populist right isn't that verbally Christian and includes a few prominent non-Christians, it is noticeably anti-Muslim. It is also noticeable how right wing press talks about Muslim refugees vs refugees belonging to other religions.

  5. I was thinking about the S7 and S8 and realised that despite often being the most experienced battle commanders in the room, Greyworm and Tormund hardly ever get to input into battle strategy.

    I can't decide if this is just bad writing or bad writing + reflection of the hubris of medieval nobles who assume they are naturally better than the lower borns at everything.

  6. The irony is that Theon, unlike most Ironborn his age, has actually been in real battles fighting real knights, not just bullying unarmed peasants and fishermen.

    He just needs to steal some stuff from knights killed in Robb's battles. Hell, why not show up wearing Jaime Lannister's armour and claiming that he was the one who captured Kingslayer - something not even his father can boast to. Don't tell me that Theon is above lying.

  7. 4 hours ago, Raksha 2014 said:

    I have the impression that Daemon likes Rhaenyra both as his niece and as a potential future wife (he's definitely hoping that his current wife dies) - he's both fond of her as an uncle and more and more as a man who goes for any attractive female and also as a man lured by power.  This is not as icky as it sounds because in this culture, older men marry young women/girls all the time; and Targaryens marry their close relatives, i.e. sisters, first cousins, so an uncle is not much of a stretch. 

    I mean...just because something happens all the time, does not mean its not icky.

  8. 12 hours ago, Sothoryosdragon said:

    They brought up the threat to the north in the episode and they also brought it up multiple times in the look ahead teaser. I feel like they're going to try and fix the end of game of thrones somehow and maybe redo it. Is anyone else getting the same feeling?

    I don't see how they can and for it to fit into the rest of the story, but I can't think of a reason why they would bring up this prophecy if it wasn't going to play a bigger part later on. 

    One thought I did have,  that I hope doesn't come true is that Rhaenrya spends the start of the war, stuck on Dragonstone, recovering from childbirth. That may not make for great TV, so the writers might decide to send her North to tackle a new Wight walker threat. The implication being that Rhaenrya damages her chances of getting the Throne (and maybe her sanity) in order to save the realm, drawing a parralell with Daenerys. 

    I hope that's not what happens, its lazy writing and I prefer my targaryens (and other fictional Lords) to be selfish rather than noble

  9. For those in the UK who want to see Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy) act properly in an great political drama, Borgen is now available on BBC Iplayer. Starring alongside him is Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Karsi - the spearwife at Hardhome), who also delivers a great performance.

    Just a brilliant show that I'd really recommend.

  10. 1 hour ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    Speaking of tourneys, does anyone find it weird that Arya didn’t attend the Hand’s Tourney? That seems to be something that tomboys in Westeros love (Brienne, Lyanna, etc.)

    That is weird. Maybe Ned's disapproval of the tournament or maybe she just didn't want to be forced to sit next to Sansa for hours on end?

    However, I would have thought that Arya would be independent minded enough to get round those barriers if it meant watching the best knights in the land hit each other with really big sticks.

  11. Krysten Coombs (one of the dwarf entertainers at the Purple Wedding) is currently competing for Britain in badminton at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. He's lost out on a chance for gold or silver after he was defeated by India's Krishna Nagar, but there's still a chance he could get a bronze medal (match takes place early tomorrow morning). At the very least, he's going to come in fourth place :)

    He's previously won silver at the 2017 World Championships.

  12. I'm currently reading 'A Fistfull of Shells' which is on West African history (would really recommend) and came across the name Heinrich Barth. Barth was a 19th century German traveller and scholar.

    Immediately I thought this is where Septon Barth comes from but a quick Wikipedia search shows that there are multiple historical Central European intellectuals named Barth.

    Does anyone know if Septon Barth is named after anyone in particular or do you think GRRM just thought it was a good name for a Westerosi scholar?

  13. On 2/11/2021 at 5:23 PM, Megorova said:
    • Serenei of Lys and Larra Rogare is the same person;

    Really??????????? You think Larra came back to Westeros decades later, in disguise, and became her own son's mistress, even going so far as to have his child. And all this based on no evidence. I know this is ASOIAF but really??????????

  14. 8 hours ago, Jaehaerys Tyrell said:

    Living at court is more exciting and gives you more opportunities for the advancement of your house. The prominence of the Stokeworths at court may be influenced by them being so close if anything, as it doesn't present much issue in continuing to administer their nearby lands. Lady Tanda was also trying to find a husband for Lady Lollys, so was likely also at court especially frequently to find a match for her.

    I can understand why the Stokeworths want to live at court but why do Robert (and then the Lannisters) let them. What does the Royal Family get out of housing and feeding a minor noble family of the Crownlands? They're can't just be an open invitation to all lords (or even all Crownland lords) to come and stay in the Red Keep for as long as they want - if there was the palace would be swamped with nobles jockeying for favours and influence.

  15. 8 hours ago, Jaehaerys Tyrell said:

    How did Rickard and Brandon Stark's bodies come to be interred in the crypts of Winterfell? I can't imagine Aerys II returning them nor bothering to give them graves.

    I could see a young Jon Connington returning the bodies as it was the honourable thing to do. I could also see Owen Merryweather (described as aimiable) returning the bodies. Merryweather was Hand when the Starks were murdered and returning the bodies may have been a desperate attempt to prevent war. If he did, that might have contributed to Aerys believing Merryweather was conspiring with the rebels and getting rid of him.

  16. Why are the Stokeworths living in the Red Keep? They don't appear to be friends or family of the Royal Family, they don't have any official court positions and are not hostages or exiles. Lady Stokeworth has a perfectly nice castle down the road so why do Robert and the Lannisters house them for free?

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