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  1. For those in the UK who want to see Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy) act properly in an great political drama, Borgen is now available on BBC Iplayer. Starring alongside him is Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Karsi - the spearwife at Hardhome), who also delivers a great performance. Just a brilliant show that I'd really recommend.
  2. I don't know who will get the lands or who is legally entitled to them. But I'd like it if everything went to Jeyne Poole. She could burn the Dreadfort to the ground if it made her happy or use all that money just you make her life a bit easier and a bit happier after everything she has suffered.
  3. Indeed, it becomes even more of a shame when it looks like that people like the Tyrells and Oberyn Martell were able to raise their children in a loving environment while still preparing them for the real world.
  4. Wow, Craster as the son of Maester Aemon, now there's a thought... In theory, you could alternatively suggest that he's Bloodraven's son. No evidence, although they certainly share a lack of morals.
  5. It's kind of hard to tell isn't it. Most of the weddings in ASOIAF are either royal weddings and/or take place in wartime. As such they're not really typical and other factors will be at work to decide the location.
  6. That is weird. Maybe Ned's disapproval of the tournament or maybe she just didn't want to be forced to sit next to Sansa for hours on end? However, I would have thought that Arya would be independent minded enough to get round those barriers if it meant watching the best knights in the land hit each other with really big sticks.
  7. Absoutely agree that not everything in ASOIAF will be important, in fact I think a significant portion interesting but ultimately unsignificant world building. I suppose the problem is that we don't know what will be important and what will be unimportant.
  8. I tend to think that Doran views Darkstar as 'dangerous' because of what he knows rather than how many people he can kill with a sword. Gerold Dayne is the right age to have been a squire to Arthur Dayne so maybe he know what happens at the Tower of Joy? Although I can't think how that would get back to Doran so maybe he knows another important secret? Just to note that there are also quite a few 'dead before their time' Daynes in our story. We know how Arthur died and we've been told how Ashara died (however some readers question this). However, we don't know how Edric Dayne's father died. Gerold also appears to be the knight in charge of High Hermitage which means that his father and/or mother is dead too. Maybe Darkstar is considered dangerous because there are rumours that he's a kinslayer? That he even went as far as to kill his own father and/or mother? I have no evidence for this, of course, but its interesting to think about.
  9. I don't think this is a clear cut question of right and wrong, good and evil. Jon shouldn't have killed Slynt but Slynt was no innocent and this all happened in a very grey, muddled moral context.
  10. My unpopular opinion is that I find both Jon and Daenerys to be rather boring characters. I appreciate their chapters as Windows into the Wall and Essos but I could easily living with their deaths and replacement viewpoints.
  11. Arya can be perfectly compliant when it's in her own (or her friends/family's) best interest. Just look at what a dedicated student she was for Syrio Forel. If someone credible that Arya could trust, told her that help her cope better with all the trauma that has happened to her, I'd bet she'd take that offer in a heartbeat.
  12. Oh, so I sort of assumed that Slaver's Bay was GRRM's somewhat racist version of medieval Middle East, given that its pyramids, climate, more advanced technology and history that goes way, way back. Its also in the middle of Westeros & the Free Cities (Europe), Southryos (Africa) and Yi Ti (China).
  13. Some medieval Western hospitals, churches and monasteries did take care of the mentally ill, so in theory Arya being in a temple setting is exactly where she should be (it's just unfortunate that her particular temple is run by paid assassins.) Of course some of the best healthcare (including mental healthcare) during the middle ages took place in the Middle East. As such, maybe Arya should head to Slavers Bay where the doctors are probably a lot more advanced?
  14. Krysten Coombs (one of the dwarf entertainers at the Purple Wedding) is currently competing for Britain in badminton at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. He's lost out on a chance for gold or silver after he was defeated by India's Krishna Nagar, but there's still a chance he could get a bronze medal (match takes place early tomorrow morning). At the very least, he's going to come in fourth place He's previously won silver at the 2017 World Championships.
  15. I think book Tywin was probably counting on the Lannisters vast resources to subdue the North. Think about it, if Tywin cut off all trade and just left the Northerners to starve for a few years in Winter, (with the Bolton as their overlords), some Northerners may not care too much who Tyrion and Sansa are as long as they bring plenty of food with them. For any hold outs the Lannisters would have a stronger better equipped army. Of course none of this would be possible in the show where the Lannisters are skint.
  16. I'm currently reading 'A Fistfull of Shells' which is on West African history (would really recommend) and came across the name Heinrich Barth. Barth was a 19th century German traveller and scholar. Immediately I thought this is where Septon Barth comes from but a quick Wikipedia search shows that there are multiple historical Central European intellectuals named Barth. Does anyone know if Septon Barth is named after anyone in particular or do you think GRRM just thought it was a good name for a Westerosi scholar?
  17. I really don't understand the Pilou thing. He was great in Borgen and I was really excited when he was cast as Euron because I thought we were going to see an amazing depiction. After all his Borgen love interest (Birgitte Hjort Sorensen) was great as the wildling leader in Hardhome and Sidse is amazing in whatever role she's in. What went wrong? Did he suddenly stop listening to directors? Were the showrunners such huge Borgen fans they just let him do whatever he wanted?
  18. Really??????????? You think Larra came back to Westeros decades later, in disguise, and became her own son's mistress, even going so far as to have his child. And all this based on no evidence. I know this is ASOIAF but really??????????
  19. Yep, they're like every other house and feature those who are good, bad and all shades inbetween
  20. It would be interesting to know. I'd like to know why they didn't go pack to Essos and make a play for power in the power vacuum that is the Century of Blood. After all they are suddenly in the newly rare and powerful position of having dragons. Why not try and found a new Valyrian freehold? Maybe the reveal of what the Targaryens were up to on Dragonstone will be an important plot point later on...although I can't think how.
  21. I can understand why the Stokeworths want to live at court but why do Robert (and then the Lannisters) let them. What does the Royal Family get out of housing and feeding a minor noble family of the Crownlands? They're can't just be an open invitation to all lords (or even all Crownland lords) to come and stay in the Red Keep for as long as they want - if there was the palace would be swamped with nobles jockeying for favours and influence.
  22. I could see a young Jon Connington returning the bodies as it was the honourable thing to do. I could also see Owen Merryweather (described as aimiable) returning the bodies. Merryweather was Hand when the Starks were murdered and returning the bodies may have been a desperate attempt to prevent war. If he did, that might have contributed to Aerys believing Merryweather was conspiring with the rebels and getting rid of him.
  23. Why are the Stokeworths living in the Red Keep? They don't appear to be friends or family of the Royal Family, they don't have any official court positions and are not hostages or exiles. Lady Stokeworth has a perfectly nice castle down the road so why do Robert and the Lannisters house them for free?
  24. What title do you give a highborn male who is not a lord/knight/king etc.? For instance how are characters like Tyrion, Bran, Rickon introduced formally - are they Mr Tyrion, Master Bran, Monsieur Stark?
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