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  1. Ser Rhoddry of The Hill

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    ... and while I'm at it I'll let Justin Sullivan of New Model Army make a plea for me with his eotds from their song Winter: Bring me the snowfall, bring me the cold wind, bring me the winter [bring me The Winds of Winter]
  2. Ser Rhoddry of The Hill

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    I just listened to Sting's "Something the Boy Said" for the first time in ages. When I awoke this morning The sun's eye was red as blood The stench of burning corpses Faces in the mud Am I dead or am I living? I'm too afraid to care, I'm too afraid to know I'm too afraid to look behind me At the feast of the crow We spoke our fears to the captain And asked what his son could know For we would never have marched so far To be food for a crow Had to come back here and share it.
  3. Ser Rhoddry of The Hill

    Wyman Manderly warships

    You don't need 200 sailors to crew a ship. A galley would require something like 8 seamen 12 marines and 180 oars. You don't need any skill to pull an oar, do you?
  4. Ser Rhoddry of The Hill

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    I must say Epilogue of ADoD. I missed it on both my 1st and 2nd reading. I didn't find it until I decided to re-read the Daenerys-chapters starting with the last summer of 2017. I was so devastated by the stabbing of Jon that I thought the book ended and I didn't pick it up for a couple of years. =)
  5. @Sly Wren You always create interesting topics. Skål. @Seams Something for your wordplaying. It's kind of funny. Porcupines are named Pigsvin in Swedish. 'Pig' translates to 'peg', but is rarely used and 'svin' of course is the same word as schwein in german or the English swine. But when we talk about pigs in Sweden nowdays we usually use the word 'gris'.
  6. Ser Rhoddry of The Hill

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I do agree. He is sorely missed. I'd expect George to pay some sort of homage to him in Winds. I did what I should have done before asking, I checked Youtube and found Symon Vance reading "V for Vendetta", by Alan Moore. After almost 3 hours of listening I understand your praise. Regarding the Hedge Knight I found both Lloyds and the version I was referring to on Youtube. The one I got is read by Frank Muller. I can't stand it, but maybe some do. PS I like your added note. EDIT: First quote appears twice and can't remove it. Something I don't understand...
  7. Ser Rhoddry of The Hill

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Hello. I've been a lurker on and off for years. Well I got a few question now. I read that Simon Vance will be narrating Fire and Blood. I generally don't listen to Audiobooks so I wonder if he's any good compared to Ser Roy Dotrice? I tried to listen to The Hedge Knight but the narrator had a terrible American accent. Does SV "act" when he reads like Ser Roy? SV reading Fire and Blood does this indicate that he will take up the microphone left by Ser Roy?