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  1. Ylath's Snout

    The impact of normal seasons on the North!!

    I was talking about whether the ducked up seasons on Planetos are magic or not.
  2. Ylath's Snout

    The impact of normal seasons on the North!!

    How do you know that? Summers and winters vary widely in length so clearly there isn't a longer season-cycle. Planetary mechanic and their effect on the seasons don't work like that.
  3. Ylath's Snout

    The impact of normal seasons on the North!!

    Eeehh, you can still die from a regular winter if you are stuck on a medieval tech-level. That said the fact that the North must have nearly magical food preservation tech to gather food for years before each winter the Starks and their smallfolk will likely have a easier time of than folk did in ye olden times on Earth.
  4. Ylath's Snout

    Who Should Have Married Who?

    Nope, No matter what certan Dornishmen might think on this forum fanfiction is defined as a written story with literary narrative. Speculation about how things might have turned out differently is fine by the rules of the forum as long as nobodies starts writing actual fanfiction with dialogues, character or what-nots,. The way the word fanfiction is thrown about on this forum to shut down descustions that are totally fine by the rules really bothers me as it isn't anything but intellectual bullying. Taking that logic to it's extrem any sort of theory thread or alternative character interpretation could be argued to be fanfiction and thus removed.
  5. Ylath's Snout

    Who Should Have Married Who?

    Wouldn't Lyanna have the same concerns about a marriage to Oberyn she had about her match to Robert? Both of them seems to think that monogamy is some that happens to other people.
  6. Ylath's Snout

    Who Should Have Married Who?

    Yeah! This is a legitimate idea and it isn't like Robert's dad could say no but the bad history between Dorne and Stormlands might get in the way.
  7. Hey now, I'm all for the Robogadra stratagem in the Petyr v Brandon fight. Just become a cybernetic spoof of Robocop from Ireland. Robopetyr could have easily taken down Brandon with the one two punch of his fooking hammer and a dead-on Marge Simpson impression. Because frankly that makes about as much sense as Petyr having the skill to do what Bronn did when we are given no indication that he had any aptitude for sword fighting back then.
  8. How is this thread still a thing?
  9. Ylath's Snout

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    More to the point they could have just let Ned see his damn sister. Seems pretty handy when a bunch of edjets with shanks come after you. = P
  10. Ylath's Snout

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    Yes but you see that is sensible and fits with the story so clearly you are wrong, evil evil-wrong and a Stark-apologist. You mean in-univers right? Because Hightower and Dayne come off as far worse than Ned in my book when it comes to being honorable fools that needlessly let people die for principles. Yeah but to an extent that's on Jaime for his pigheaded pride not allowing him to say "Aerys was going to kill a million people and I wasn't okay with that".
  11. Ylath's Snout

    Is Jon to blame? #NotMyKing

    This is such a good point. I'd like to add that people that follow the rule 24/7 can't be saint. Just looks at the King's GUard standing by as Aerys raped his sister, commited all sorts of atrocities and doom his dynasty by setting of Robert's Rebellion. They might have followed the rules and been "honorable" but I hope most most folk won't call them saints. Jon was in a lose/lose scenario and he picked the option that would hopefully reduce the total number of zombies trying to eat all of Westeros.
  12. Umm, why would you like that as Jon Snow's origin?
  13. Rhaegar and Robert were cousins. So Aegon and Tommer are close-ish relations. Well if you ignore the whole one is tots-not-a-fake and the other not being related to Robert at all.
  14. Kinslaying isn't a crime but a sin as I understand it. So if you kill your kin on the battlefield that is fine-ish but killing them unjustly makes everything worse. It isn't like the Targs or Black Fyres got called kinslayers for fighting each other.