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  1. Ylath's Snout

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Qyburn going full necromancer on Joanna Lannister might have work TBF.
  2. Ylath's Snout

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Considering the Maseters' are the primary caregivers to all the families mention and their pretty godawful results maybe they need to let other people have a try?
  3. Ylath's Snout

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Hey now, Sandra come highly recommended.
  4. Ylath's Snout

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    That's assuming she went willingly with the understanding that Rhaegar wanted a child with her But let's assume she did go willingly and knowingly. That was a legit family problem. Clearly her trust in her father to make good match for her was very low and the only way out was to run away. I could deffenetly see a family therapist improving the situation there. The fact that Robert might have been the only lord outside of Dorne to allow her to do the things her enjoyed is just an extra bit of sadness. Ehh, all of this is more lacking political smarts and impulse control in very bad situations. Not really something a family therapist can help with. I don't think Sansa understood that was going on in King's Landing or how dire the consequences would be. It isn't like she ran to Cersei and begged her to kill Ned. I hardly think that is a psychological problem just naivete. Arya being a killer in and of itself isn't all that problematic considering what a violent and dangerous world. Her father performed on his own excursions on the regular. That said her father's death and all the other shit she has had dealt has obviously traumatized her. Not a family dynamic or psychological problem. Just making a decision you disagree with. The one thing the Starks got screwed by was fate and the consequences of their actions. Fumbling the ball in high stress situations isn't anywhere near the sort of toxic family dynamics and mental health problems that say the Lannisters and Targs have.
  5. Ylath's Snout

    Would a family therapist help the Greyjoys out?

    Really? you think the Starky bunch needs therapy more than the Lannister? Sure once Ned gets chopped everyone gets more than a reasonable chunk of trauma but wouldn't say the Targs deserve this slot a whole lot more? Cat's treatment of Jon and his resulting issues are a problem sure but not really that big a deal compared to some of the mentalists in Westeros.
  6. Ylath's Snout

    Elia Martell: Yes, another Septa Lemore speculation

    She'd be a shit tier mom for leaving Rhaenys to die during the Sacking. I can sort of buy the idea that only Aegon could be swapped but if Elia could escape then why not her daughter too?
  7. I think part of this might be because there is a huge fandom that have done a lot of thinking over a long ass time about these books. So some people came up with Stannis the Mannis and it just kinda spread. Same thing with Dorkstar. I don't think GRRM intended him to come off as a try-hard edge lord but he just come off like that to some people and their impression can spread to others it rings true for.
  8. Ylath's Snout

    Orphans of the Greenblood Conspiracy

    I don't think that is the important information the Greenblood Orphans might be holding on to. The Orphans might be keepers of ancient Rhoynar anti-dragon lore. Dorne was the only Kingdom that resisted the dragons and it took a lot of effort for the Valyrians to conquer the Thoynar.
  9. Ylath's Snout

    Orphans of the Greenblood Conspiracy

    Not everything in the books has to be directly linked to the main story. Planetos is a whole new world so including some world building to make the place seems more varied and real just helped readers get drawn into the books. Also it helps obfuscating details that will be important for future revelations.