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  1. History

    House frey wealth

    How wealthy is house frey since from the tv and books it seems thst their fees to use bridge are high and walder frey never spends money, he like the westeros version of scrooge?
  2. What if viserys and daenerys had been captured by stannis instead of escaping to essos?
  3. What if renly was killed in kinglanding instead of having fleed ,maybe he attempts his coup and fails or the lanisters kill him before he able to leave king landing?
  4. History

    Strengh of night watch

    What if the strenght of the night watch had not dwindled and was still 10000 strong at the begining of the war of five kings?how would this change the north and the wilding attempt to get across the wall?
  5. History

    Smarter mace tyrrel

    What if mace tyrrel was smarter and was more aware politically and planed to increase power and influence of the reach and house tyrrel by marryng elia martell to gain alliance with dorne and married his sister janna to robert barenthon and his sister mina to jaime lannister to gain alliance with stormlands and westernlands.
  6. What if the tyrrels have declared for the targayens in war of five king after renly killed instead of lannisters and mace name himself regent and hand of the king for daenerys and planned to have willas tyrrel or loras tyrrel as consort?
  7. Would you consider the targayen family and its loyalist after robert rebellion the westeros version of englands jacobites that are awaiting the chance to reclaim the iron throne for house targayen.
  8. History

    Honor and starks

    Were the starks always so honorable and dutiful or was eddard stark time as ward of john arryn what made im to have more honor that comon sence?
  9. Was eddard stark a good head of house stark/lord of the north or did his time as ward of jon arryn and marriage to catelyn tully turned him into a southerner in his vassals eyes?
  10. History

    Essos ambition stark

    What if instead of southern ambition,rickard stark had essos/free cities ambition and wanted to expand the north and the stark family prsence in essos that would bring more people and wealth to the north and stablish northern trade with essos so it was no relyng on south for food and trade.
  11. What if walder frey died before the war of five kings?would it be civil war over who should be lord of the crossing or would it a peacel transition to his heir stevron ?how would this affect war of five kings?