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  1. What if walder frey was pro targayen from start in robert rebellion ,would the northern troops be able to help the vale/riverlands or be stuck in north?
  2. What the military power of riverlands houses which is the weakest and the strongest?
  3. What the reasoning behing pycelle and twyn actions?
  4. Who or what is behind aerys madness from the choices? Bran Maesters Twyn Unknown character Paranoia/mental illness Blackfyres Defiance of duskandale Varys
  5. History

    Why no stark spies

    I find it hard to accept that eddard stark had no spy system to keep an eye of his nobles and specialy the boltons since most lord paramaunts would have some kind of system to keep an eye on his vassals specially ones they have a history aka boltons or in the line of sucesion like karstarks or royce.
  6. History

    Steffon baranthon as king

    Twyn lanister was a old friend of aerys but he turned against aerys after aerys insults and actions so there a chance steffon would opose him id he disliked/oposed aerys actions/behavior.
  7. History

    Steffon baranthon as king

    What kind of king would steffon baratheon be if he and wife survived and the ship did not break up in shipbreaker bay and robert rebbellion still happen?
  8. History

    Inavsion of iron born

    Why was the invasion of the iron born in war of five kings a surprise for the northern lords since they should have known it was a posibility since they no longer had theon as a hostage once robb sent him to talk with balon greyjoy?
  9. Why does robb not orders that another army be created before he marches to help the riverlands and rescoue eddard stark or after he defeats jaimes specially with the casualties of battles of whispering woods,battle of green fork,battle of camps losings 5000+ troops ?he knows there still thousands of posible troops and that the extra troops can either reinforce him at the riverlands or guard the north against wildings, or ironborn raids and the lanister show that they created new army to cover previous loses but robb seem ok with a army that is getting smaller battle by battle even with the riverlands army suporting him.
  10. What if jaime was imprisioned in winterfell after he was captured to make it very difficult for him to escape or rescue since there was risk of him being rescue if the location he was imprisioned in riverlands was captured and it would be almost imposible for lannisters to invade north and rescue/release jaime or jaime escaping.
  11. History

    Securing hand position

    How would you secure your position as a newly appointed hand knowing you face oposition from the lannister and other unknown persons as well as increasing corruption and debt and very few or any people you can trust.
  12. What if renly agree to support stannis in war against lannisters and had the stormlands and reach with him ?
  13. History

    North centralized

    How would you abolish feudalism and centralize the north to the same level as france of louis xiv?
  14. History

    House frey wealth

    How wealthy is house frey since from the tv and books it seems thst their fees to use bridge are high and walder frey never spends money, he like the westeros version of scrooge?
  15. What if viserys and daenerys had been captured by stannis instead of escaping to essos?