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    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    These are some really good conversations here. But no, I don't think Sansa telling Cersei about Ned's plans to ship her and her sister back to Winterfell did much of anything. Cersei's plans were already in motion. Neither Arya nor Sansa were on the ship or heading to the ship at the time of Robert's death and the coup. The ship Ned wanted them to put them on (the Wind Witch) was supposed to go to Dragonstone first. So, in the end, Sansa and Arya would have become hostages of Stannis Baratheon. IF the Wind Witch went straight to White Harbor instead (thus disobeying direct orders from its employer), then the Stark girls would've made it to Winterfell just in time to see their home be invaded and captured by Theon. And I think that we are all forgetting that Cersei likely already figured out Ned's plans concerning his daughters. It's not hard to imagine that maybe, just maybe Eddard Stark would want to make sure his daughters are far, far away from a all-but-guaranteed political crisis. This is the same man who angrily protested the assassination of a girl who is around the same age as Sansa. It's all moot anyway. Arya V from A Game of Thrones clearly communicates the fact that the ship had been compromised. For quite some time. It's not so simple as the two of them getting to leave the city and making their way back to Winterfell without so much as a hitch. All of what Sansa's snitching did is endear herself to Cersei and reaffirm Cersei's belief that Sansa is worth keeping around (unlike Margaery) because she could prove herself to be a valuable pawn. I disagree. While I do think Catelyn will die again (once and for all this time) and Arya might be the one to do i, I don't think Catelyn is dying before reuniting with Bran, Jon and Littlefinger. In fact, I think Lady Stoneheart is the ace in the hole when it comes to killing Littlefinger.
  2. Jabar of House Titan

    Fall of Storm's end

    Do you think that there will be a Jon Connington chapter that chronologically takes place in between Arianne I and Arianne II. A Connington chapter that sees Aegon arrive at Storm's End? Or do you think that the first Connington POV chapter will be the pre-game and then the battle of Storm's End
  3. Jabar of House Titan

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    I'm afraid to say this but I don't even think it will be a war. The war will be between Dany and Aegon. Jon will treat Dany like the brothers of the Night's Watch treated him (awful!!!) before he lets that happen. There's no way that Jon and his allies can beat Dany and her forces (no matter how many men she loses) on the battlefield. No way.
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    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    You really think that the a last scene of the books will be a conversation between Tyrion and Bronn about how their first order of business is to rebuild the brothels of King's Landing?
  5. Jabar of House Titan

    Lose Your Purpose, Lose Your War

    That's not exactly right. The point of the series is that if you try to make the world a better place, you're probably going to be a tyrant who needs to be put down. It's better to just accept the way things are and build more brothels...instead of say, more homes and schools.
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    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    Ew I don't see Jon surviving the series at all, much less have a happy ending. Killing Daenerys makes Jon both a queenslayer and a kinslayer. Not only am I 100% sure that Daenerys will be Jon's lawfully wedded wife, but (given that the Daenerys pregnancy plot was abandoned at the last minuted) she might even be pregnant with his child. All in all, it will be a horrific and complicated situation. On par with the Red and Purple Weddings. The Starks can't let Jon off the hook without completing nuking their reputation as the realm's new first family. I think that's a situation that won't happen in the books. GRRM has his flaws but he is not an idiot nor is he a cruel nihilist. It's yet another reason why the final season sucked. The people who design, build and do maintenance on all those monolithic castles and keeps do have to do complicated math. The alchemists and the maesters likely have to do some intensive work. And while accounting seems simple enough, accounting is actually quite difficult. Particularly on large, demanding scales such as running a castle as big as Casterly Rock or Winterfell, much less an entire country the size of South America. Precisely! Although I do think more weirwoods will pop up in southern Westeros under Bran's reign, there won't be many of them and Bran won't even need weirwoods by the time we get to the final chapters of A Dream of Spring So that's why my 11th grade Algebra II teacher told me geometry isn't really math. She never really (adequately) explained why but there it goes. I wish I had you as a math teacher at some point. The history and purpose of math makes the actual number-crunching math make more sense. Although I never ever personally struggled with the concept of negative, irrational or even imaginary numbers, maybe Sansa had math teachers similar to mine (who did nothing to help). Maybe Sansa being the history buff she is needed a math teacher like you. This is really off-topic but weren't the Egyptians the first to discover and utilize "0" without going even further into the realm of negative numbers? Here is where I disagree. I think Arya would make for a better chief law enforcer, chief of public relations, head of intelligence than a master of coin. Arya is good with numbers but her passion and talent lies with the smallfolk, espionage and fighting for justice. I definitely don't see Arya just leaving Westeros for parts unknown willy-nilly in any case. Jon is not going to be part of King Bran's government. Even if Jon is spared (a big if), Bran can't afford such a gross miscarriage of justice to become a political liability. He'll have to be cast out. Sansa is going to really struggle though. I think she, as the resident Lady of Winterfell in A Dream of Spring, is going to have to manage extremely finite finances and resources in a very difficult situation. Jon and Dany definitely have what it takes to be good rulers and governors. It's just that they have major personality ticks and political flaws that I don't think they will live long enough to correct. I think you are underestimating exactly how desperate and superstitious/magic-worshiping post-apocalyptic Westeros. By the end of it all, Westeros will have endured: the Others and their monstrous, zombie minions the Greyjoy family (the worst of them being Euron) and god knows what Patchface saw under the sea Daenerys Targaryen, her dragons and her foreign armies Religious war (the red priests vs. the Faith Militant) with maybe the CotF and the followers of the old gods getting involved Varys and his scheming...which is obviously pro-Blackfyre Littlefinger and his schemes (Lysa Arryn being Littlefinger's plus-one) Tywin Lannister and the never-ending fuck-ups of his darling children years of nonstop civil war and unrest greyscale epidemic "regular" wintertime diseases Lady Stoneheart and Nymeria, the She-Beasts of the Riverlands extreme famine the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding and similar events a scandalous chain of events that results in the king (Jon) murdering his wife and queen (Daenerys) in their own home over some stupid misunderstanding And on top of that, winter has only just started. And there are no signs of it coming to an end anytime soon. The sentiments of many - lowborn and highborn alike - would be "Bitch I'm tired!" Just choose someone young and strong with a good name. Magical powers to defend us is a huge plus. Anyone will do. I don't care. I just want to be able to live a life as misery-free as winter will allow it without having to worry about dying of greyscale, being raped by the Ironborn, being burnt by dragons, being eaten by zombies or being enslaved by walking icicles with an attitude problem.
  7. Jabar of House Titan

    How should 'House of the Dragon' go?

    Okay. I'm just saying that the succession talk makes for an very ambitious first episode. A Jaehaerys and Alysanne series would be stellar. As as matter of fact, I think this whole House of the Dragon series can adapt the entire F&B installment if they wanted to with its climax being Aegon V's reign and the Tragedy of Summerhall.
  8. Jabar of House Titan

    How should 'House of the Dragon' go?

    I see what you're saying. But the succession of Jaehaerys I and how his daughters were ineligible was the root of the marital strife between the king and the queen. Marital strife that ultimately went unresolved. Notice how Aegon and his sons had very different views concerning women in power than Jaehaerys and those who would come after him. I agree: but I feel the western Greyjoy/Lannister theater of the story does make for good TV.
  9. Jabar of House Titan

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Yeah I don't have no problem with King's Landing being destroyed. The city is broken beyond repair: Aegon is not and - more than likely never be - equipped to fix it, Kevan and Stannis were prevented from fixing it, Tywin, Robert and Cersei refused to fix it. And Euron (when he takes the Iron Throne) is going to make things worse. By the time the heroes finish things with the Others, King's Landing will be a Lovecraftian death trap. If the theories concerning krakens and twisted mermen are true (I think they are) and the city becomes ground zero for a greyscale plague, the city may be filled with monsters. Setting King's Landing ablaze may be the best solution. Especially since Daenerys has personal experience with city-wide plagues. But with what they went for... It's a joke. Honestly.
  10. Jabar of House Titan

    [TV Show Spoilers] A theory about the ending.

    I think the Wall is going to be completely destroyed so there's not going to be a real Wall to send anyone to... I think Tyrion is going to die too. But I don't think Jon is going to get off so lightly as to be allowed to be the Lord of Winterfell. That's crazy. More likely than not, Daenerys will not only be Queen at that point (making Jon a kingslayer) but Daenerys will also be his wife. For a husband to kill his wife...in her own home. It's awful. It's almost beyond a violation of guest right. And there's also the not-so-small matter of Jon and Daenerys being blood relatives: killing Daenerys would make Jon a kinslayer... Yeah, if Jon murders Daenerys like I think he will, Jon will be screwed. Tragically, it will be over some sort of misunderstanding that is made massive by Tyrion's lies and schemes. But yeah. The bittersweet ending will be for Bran, Sansa, Arya, Sam, Brienne, Melisandre and maybe even Daenerys and Jaime. Definitely not for Tyrion. I can't see how Jon's story doesn't end in tragically without the Starks irrevocably destroying their entire reputation. The realm is sympathetic to their plight because of the horrors of the Red Wedding and the fact that the daughters were married by swordpoint to hostages. If Aerys can't torture and kill his own subjects without suffering from massive social repercussions and if Rhaegar can't elope with a daughter of a great lord without there being a huge issue...then why should Jon be able to lure his wife into a false sense of security and then kill her. And there's no way Daenerys is going to completely break character and destroy her own city for no reason whatsoever. Justice demands that Jon be punished. And I am willing to bet money on there not being any Wall to send anyone to. Where Jon is concerned, it is either death, a lifetime of imprisonment/house arrest or exile. And exiling a man with as much clout as Jon is dangerous.
  11. Jabar of House Titan

    I'm still having trouble with Ned's thought process.

    I don't think Catelyn is stupid. I never thought she was either.
  12. Jabar of House Titan

    [TV Show Spoilers] A theory about the ending.

    Tyrion is guilty of kinslaying -- the worst of the worse -- and (falsely) confessed to kingslaying. A king who happened to be a close relative of his. And his father was the essentially the Prime Minister of Westeros. Which means that Tyrion is not only guilty of kinslaying, but he's also guilty of high treason. In the books, Tyrion has a deep loathing of Catelyn Stark even after her death. And he is nowhere near as nice as he was in the show so Robb, Arya and Bran have a different take on him. And somewhat friends with Jon is correct; Jon doesn't really like him that much. Tyrion was quite mean to Jon. And you also forgot to mention that Tyrion also got jumped by Ghost on the way to the Wall in Game of Thrones. I think that there will be a Great Council meeting after Daenerys is murdered and Jon is killed/imprisoned in the books. Tyrion, the mastermind behind the murder of Daenerys at the hands of Jon and thus Jon's imprisonment, will make his big play. But the Starks, particularly Sansa and Bran, will be ready for his bullshit and turn the tables on him. So, in a way, the Great Council meeting becomes a trial and he gets Littlefinger's death. Tyrion also is bound to make a move on Sansa and Winterfell because - as of Dance with Dragons - Tyrion still considers her to be his wife. And Tyrion (in a stark contrast to Jon) was seduced by his desire to be the Lord of Winterfell. And Tyrion is still angry she left (lolwut). So, Tyrion's return to Westeros is not going to make Sansa feel happy or secure. Her instinctive reaction will be abject fear of becoming another Lannister hostage
  13. Jabar of House Titan

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Just read through this thread again after a couple months have passed. And a lot of the responses are... This thread is a joke
  14. There's also the matter of the locusts. They were poisoned. They were clearly meant for Daenerys (Hizdahr gave them to her!!!) but Belwas ate them. He barely survives the resulting illness and it is clearly pointed out that only his body size and composition saved his life. And even then, by the end of it, he has lost a lot of weight. Clearly, it would have killed someone of a smaller size and perhaps a more delicate age than Belwas.
  15. Jabar of House Titan

    How should 'House of the Dragon' go?

    Not very optimistic though. Even though the cast is smaller and the premise simpler, this can still be a hot mess. Because it's so complicated and intricate and takes place over such a longer period of time.
  16. Jabar of House Titan

    How should 'House of the Dragon' go?

    I think this show should include Jaehaerys and Alysanne. Perhaps in their later years. Because the true beginning of the Dance starts with Jaehaerys' belief that women cannot (or should not) rule, Alysanne's reaction to Jaehaerys' deeply flawed belief system and the complicated lives of their children and heirs.
  17. Jabar of House Titan

    House of the Dragon Series Order Announced

    Okay I see your point
  18. Jabar of House Titan

    House of the Dragon Series Order Announced

    But that episode was faithful to the source material though...
  19. Jabar of House Titan

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    Agreed I agree. The proper term for someone like Tyrion would be "anti-villain." https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Analysis/AntiVillain?from=Main.SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AntiVillain
  20. Jabar of House Titan

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    He is. I don't. Anyone who kills a man to protect secret not-romance (something Tyrion had no business doing to be begin with), feeds said person to starving poor people and acts coy about it is not a good person at heart. GRRM didn't say that Tyrion is a villain from anyone's perspective. He just said he's the villain and pointed it out as a reminder. Which means...he's the villain. Probably not to the extent that Euron will be, that Lysa was or that Cersei is but yeah....
  21. Jabar of House Titan

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    @[email protected] I stand corrected on the points of Jon's conservatism. You're both right. Well I did. Arya didn't have the benefit of a tutor yet she regularly wargs into Nymeria over vast distances and teaches herself how to skinchange cats to the point where no one knows what she is doing except for her....that's something which Varamyr has said is very difficult. Bran did what was previously thought impossible by skinchanging into another human. Eventually, he learns to do it with frightening ease. That quote you brought up earlier makes a valid point: what DOES Jon want
  22. Jabar of House Titan

    TWOW in July 2020 seems ever more likely

    I agree. He admitted that years ago. But I thought we have moved past that novelty regret to another, bigger regret that has really hampered the writing process
  23. Jabar of House Titan

    Events you are most looking forward to see in TWOW

    He's not that conservative. Less than the likes of Stannis and Marsh but more as far as Dany and the Summer Islanders are concerned. He is also not willing to accept Stannis' offer because of his more traditional views concerning the Night's Watch (Stannis as king could technically relieve him of his oath), the Lordship of Winterfell and the godswood therein. He is also very averse to exploring his skinchanging powers; he doesn't want Melisandre's help but he takes no steps to teach himself. And he's known about his nature as a skinchanger since A Clash of Kings. We don't know for sure. But there are very, very big hints. There's Shireen the Ticking Time Bomb at the Wall and we have no reason to disbelieve Val or the other wildlings about the dangers of greyscale. Jon Connington's greyscale is active and getting worse: unlike Shireen's parents, he has no intention of making himself non-contagious. And he's keeping it secret. And he's on the move...everyone who is coming in close contact with him or his infected clothing is in danger. Chiefly the servants and their families and neighbors. Jon is unlikely to feel safe in his own bedroom in Winterfell after he comes back to life. Everywhere will be dangerous come A Dream of Spring as far as he will likely be concerned. Then why not have a Catelyn POV return. She's clearly still very active and she's not a literal brainless zombie. She has a clear agenda and is capable of reason
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    The Regret of Killing Characters

    Not necessarily. We could pick up with Cersei the same night as the Small Council meeting Kevan held the night of his death. Or we could pick up earlier that day or the previous day with Cersei. Because, in Kevan's chapter, Cersei has completely changed in character. Kevan notes it and finds it strange, saddening and comforting all at the same time and the audience is supposed to find it odd just as well. It would help. I think Pycelle's death is ultimately necessary though because with the maester and the Lord Regent dead, the Red Keep is left effectively deaf and blind as far as the ongoing affairs in Westeros. A situation that will likely become more complicated if the Citadel refuses to send another maester to the Red Keep until Pycelle's murder can be solved and the perpetrator brought to justice. And yes: consistent rhythm. The first third or fourth of Winds is going to feel and read very differently from the last two-thirds or three-fourths of the story. I mean, what is the first third of the book going to be dominated exclusively by the Battles of Meereen, Winterfell and the Redwyne Straits? Can you put a Sansa chapter in between a Tyrion POV in Meereen and a Victarion POV at the shores? What about Arianne? She's supposed to be travelling to Aegon in the beginning and is only just leaving for Storm's End as of the beginning of her third chapter. A break in the action from the attack on Winterfell and Euron force-feeding Aeron a hallucinogen to Arianne prancing around the Stormlands? That's rough. I know that A Feast for Crows has an overall theme of the cost of war and A Dance with Dragons is about the cost of peace but...dang. He should've cut Tyrion's Dance chapters in half and moved some of the Dance chapters over to Feast.
  25. Jabar of House Titan

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    Ohhhhhhhh Okay. Got it.... Yeah, Jon and Dany would never work (not even in the books) and I have only ever see it working long-term once back in season 6. Jon is rather conservative whereas Dany is the ultimate progressive liberal...to her detriment. That's always been her problem: she moves too fast for most people.