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  1. OneEyed-Aegon

    What would Robb do if Ned took the Black?

    Robb would do his best to send joffrey to take the black
  2. OneEyed-Aegon

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    He is a Stark!
  3. OneEyed-Aegon

    King's Landing Garrison

    3000 City Watch 2500 Lannister Garrison
  4. OneEyed-Aegon

    Is Rhaegal completely useless?

    he can torch up some wights!
  5. OneEyed-Aegon

    What will Florents do when Shireen is roasted?

    They have ~20 Not-so-Good Men, they cant do sh--!
  6. OneEyed-Aegon

    When will Wiki Account be up?

    When does it normally be Up and Ready to use?
  7. OneEyed-Aegon

    Greywater Watch

    They're almost like tribesmen!
  8. OneEyed-Aegon

    Why did Gendry...

    Because The Tullys are allied to the starks and are their friends
  9. OneEyed-Aegon

    Are There any Unicorns in Skagos?

    Are There any Unicorns in Skagos? people mention it a lot but is there a source for this info?
  10. OneEyed-Aegon

    Westeros Military Strength

    Game of Thrones Military Strengths as of 7x7, that means after all of S7 here are the remaining forces of each House and Kingdom: The North: 10K Men from all houses including 400 Skagosi Axemen, 700 White Harbour Knights, 700 Crannogmen. The North: 2K Knights of The Vale under Yohn Royce, 400 Waynwood Knights. The Riverlands: 3-5K mostly from house Vance, Bracken, Mooton, Smallwood and Other houses. House Frey: 3400 Infantry, 600 Cavalry, 300 in Riverrun. The Iron Isles: 12K under Euron Greyjoy ,Less than 50 Men under Theon and Yara The Free Folk: 450 Wildling warriors, 100 Thenns. The Vale: 28K From House Corbray, Waynwood, Arryn, Belmore, Redfort, Shett and Sunderland. House Royce: 4K Knights, 2K in Winterfell. The Night's Watch: 39 at castle black, 20 at the shadow tower. The Westerlands: 11K From Most Houses, 3K Riverlands Peace-Keeping Force. The Crownlands: 8K from all houses, 1.9K Men from the city watch, 19K from the Golden Company, 20 Mountains Men. The Reach: 42K from all Houses But Every House is Now Independent as their is no ruler. Dorne: 11K Men from all Houses but under no ruler, 400 Starfall Cavalry. The Stormlands: 2K from House Tarth, 5K from remaining Houses. Daenerys's Army: 62K Dothraki Cavalry, 5.6K Unsullied,100 Warriors from Meereen, 250 Lhazareen Spearmen,2 Dragons, 400 Lannisters and Tarlys that joined her. The NK Army: 1 Dragon, 89K Wights, Many White Walkers, many giants! The Brotherhood Without Banners: 32 Men
  11. OneEyed-Aegon

    Essos and Beyond Military Strength

    Essos and Beyond Military Strengths of (S6E01), most of these are based on my imagination, it took me 3-4 hours to get this done so take time to read it. The Stepstones: 1400 Men under Aurane waters, 3 Warships. The Stepstones: 620 Men under Salladhor Saan, 14 Ships. Tyrosh: 14K Levy, 3000 Tyroshi City Watch, 300 merchant guards, 250 Ships. Lys: 13K Levy, 3270 City Watch, 400 Lysene Pikemen, 300 Ships. Myr: 15K Levy, 2000 City Watch, 2300 Crossbowmen, 430 Ships Pentos: 1900 City watch, 20 Warships, Pentos is Forbidden from raising an army except for the city watch. Braavos: 18K Levy, 400 Titan Guards, 3000 City Watch, 1000 Ships. Lorath: 4K Levy, 2200 City Watch, 60 Ships. Norvos: 9K Levy, 760 Holy Warriors, 2500 City Watch, 50 Ships. Selhorys and Valysar: 700 Heavy Cavalry, 300 Archers. Volantis: 21K Levy, 3000 Slave Soldiers , 4000 Tiger Cloaks,140 War Elephants, 400 War Galleys. Qohor: 4300 Levy, 3300 Unsullied(City Watch),200 Heavy Cavalry,70 Ships. Saath: 1400 Levy, 50 chariots, 14 Ships. Omber: 1300 Levy, 20 Chariots,10 Ships. The Rhoynar Remnants: 1300 Infantry,180 Archers, 60 Cavalry. The Dothraki Sea: All of the Khals Combined could raise: 84K light cavalry, 8K horse Archers, 2K Heavy Cavalry,7K Outriders, 3K Infantry Raiders. Mantarys: 6K Levy, 1K Slave Soldiers, 500 Archers, 70 Ships. Tolos: 4K Levy, 800 Slingers, 34 Ships. Elyria: 5K Levy, 400 Crossbowmen, 300 Island Axemen. 70 Ships. Bhorash: 400 Tribesmen, 200 Archers. The Targaryen Host: 8K Unsullied, 2500 Untrained Unsullied, 2K Windblown, 7K Freedmen, 500 Stormcrows, 500 Second Sons, 190 Pit Fighters,26 Squires, 20 Dothraki Cavalry, 2 Dragons, 300 Brazen Beasts, 1K Lhazareen Warriors, 50 Meereen Guardsmen, 300 Korsak Archers, Total is 22K. The Slavers Alliance: 50K Including: 34000 New Ghiscari Legions, 100 War Elephants, 3K Company of The Cat, 800 Long Lances, 7K Yunkai Soldiers, 300 Elyrian Crossbowmen, 400 Tolosi Slingers, 500 Qartheen Cavalry, 2K Mantarys Infantry, Large Fleet. The Astapori Empire: 1000 Levy, 300 Unsullied, 500 Butchers, 30 Ships. The Lhazareen: 2K Levy mostly spearmen. Qarth: 8K Levy. 400 Camel Riders, 50 Jade Palace Guards, 200 Ships. Great Island of Moraq: 17K Levy, 400 Camel Cavalry, 400 Archers, 300 Ships. The Island of Ib: 6K Levy including 3000 Axemen, 400 Axe-Throwers, 100 Ships. Bayasabhad: 7K Levy, 300 Warrior Maids. Kayakayanaya: 6K Levy, 300 Bone-Archers. Shamyriana: 4500 Heavy infantry, 1200 Archers. The Jogos Nhai: 3000 Zorse-Riders, 4K Cavalry, 2K Archers+infantry. The N'ghai of Nefer: 3000 Levy mostly Cavalry. The Thousand Isles: 5K Tribesmen both men and women warriors but very light armored. The Empire of YiTi: 58K Levy, 5K Palace Guards, 200 Ships. Island of Leng: 7K Levy, 300 Panther Guards, 70 Ships. The Asshai: 3K Men, 400 Shadow Archers, 40 Ships. The Last Lament: 3K Men, 100 Lotus Point Spearmen, 29 Ships. Tall Trees Town: 700 Levy, 2K city watch, 50 Merchant Ships. The Three Exiles: 1300 Levy, 23 Ships. Naath: 2400 Men, 300 Naathi Archers, 20 Ships. The Basilsik Isles: 4200 Corsairs, 100 Pirate Ships, 10 Skull Catapults. Sothorys: 11K Brindlemen, 2K Corsair Colonists.