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  1. This is really really stretching it. First of all how did Littlefinger even know their relationship would become sufficiently strong enough that they'd start scheming together to advance their own power? Did he even meet Renly at that time to have an accurate assessment of his character (a shallow and impressionable young man). Or that Loras would even fall in love with Renly, when he could just go home without any special attachment to his Lord like Jaime did with Sumner Crakehall? And why hatch the plot to match Margaery to Robert when he expected Robert would die anyway? If he was the one to spread the rumours of Margaery looking like Lyanna, then he'd have to know that was a false claim and that he would be deliberately misleading Renly. Renly wasn't exactly secretive and his efforts to supplant Cersei were known to everyone in court. So Littlefinger hooked Loras up with Renly so that years down the line, they would plot to put Margaery on the throne, which he would then deliberately foil because...? So that Cersei would become paranoid when she knew of Renly's plans and kill Robert sooner? What?? That is unecessarily complex and convoluted. About him and Mace being friends. When Littlefinger is sent to negotiate with the Tyrells, he says that he knew Loras Tyrell "passing well" at court (ACoK, Tyrion VIII) , and suggests they had an amiable relationship, but makes no mention of Mace. He also suggests using Loras as leverage against his father, as he is Mace's favorite, but does not say that he has any particular influence of his own over Mace, as is suggested by this theory. As for the Myrish link, the Tyrells are rich, and Myrish products are held at great value, so there's nothing particularly incriminating about the portrait being done in the Myrish style. At her second and third weddings Lady Margaery wore a wedding gown “of sheer ivory silk, Myrish lace, and seed pearls” (AFfC Cersei III), so it is not as if Myrish products are unknown to the Tyrells, or that it is a special indicator for Littlefinger. Myrish items seem to be coveted by rich nobles, due to their costly and precious nature. Daenerys, Kevan, Tyrion, Cersei, Doran, Daario, all own Myrish items. The much likelier version is that Littlefinger caught wind of Renly's plans to supplant Cersei, and spread the rumours/dropped some hints as you say (to disturb his plans, as Littlefinger thrives on chaos). And I could even buy that he had a part in Renly's decision to crown himself, by flattering and praising him, but the part I find far less likely is that he suggested that Loras squire for Renly, or knew enough about Renly and Loras' personalities (and gayness) or have such a clear eye into the future to see events unfold as it did it canon. Loras squiring for Renly makes perfect sense, as a way for Robert to get the Tyrells back into the fold after the Rebellion. Lastly, what does this even add to the story, to its overall themes and narratives? Everybody else is just a puppet being played by Littlefinger the puppet master? Renly and Loras can't fall in love of their own volition? They can't have their own schemes and plans alongside Littlefinger own schemes and plans? And how would this twist even be revealed? If there are any hints, they're barely adding up.
  2. Uh when did Littlefinger do that? Renly hooked up with Loras because they were together for many years, he was his squire at Storm's End. And there's no hints that he came up with the Margaery plan. If Margaery became queen, it would improve Renly's own standing in court since he has a personal connection to the royal couple, plus it gets rid of a hated enemy, and it benefits Mace too, he gets to have his grandchildren on the throne. Mace and Renly were behind the plot.
  3. Peach King

    Renly Gay?

    George also confirmed it in an SSM. I'd like to add that Renly is just gay. He wasn't bisexual nor was Loras an "exception" to his straightness (that yaoi trope seriously makes me roll my eyes).
  4. Peach King

    Aerys was right about Rhaegar

    Agreed. Rhaegar was a creep and a loser. Viserys is also a creep and a loser, but he's smarter than Rhaegar. He kept his sister alive as a kid while on the run all the while on the lookout for assassins, even taught her High Valyrian.
  5. Peach King

    Favorite POV Character

    My overall favorite? SANSA. She's at the centre of all the juicy politicking, she herself is an interesting character, and her growth and journey is so well done. I get that she was annoying in AGOT, but she grew past that, and she shows empathy and kindness even after being through so much. So proud of her :') Second, Catelyn. I like her intelligence, even though she does make me groan with her decisions at times, and I can understand her world weary attitude.
  6. Peach King

    Loras Tyrell is not on Dragonstone?

    He is banging Aurane Waters.
  7. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    Agree, also in that moment Loras was a frightened kid who was powerless in the face of The Mountain's cruelty. This might have stirred some powerful memories in Sandor, recognising his younger self in Loras and thus he felt obligated to save him from Gregor. And kinda irrelevant but I can't think why people get mad at Loras for playing that trick on the Mountain. "The most terrifying moment of the day came during Ser Gregor's second joust, when his lance rode up and struck a young knight from the Vale under the gorget with such force that it drove through his throat, killing him instantly." Like did they forget this just happened earlier that day? The Mountain is a gigantic brute who has no problem killing innocents. Loras is a small dude plus he's 16 and is said to look even younger than that. Cheating was the smart thing to do.
  8. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    Yeah it's weird he doesn't hate Joffrey so much. I think the Blackwater gave him PTSD and he hated Tyrion for it cause he tells Arya Tyrion should get burned alive in wildfire. But after Sansa marries him he hates him even more of course.
  9. Peach King

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Agree with all of this, and there's also that Renly is fascinated by Robert and kind of tries to emulate him. Probably he views his usurpation as his own version of Robert's Rebellion. As he said "Robert won the throne with his war hammer" so Renly is just following in his footsteps. But I also find it hard to blame Stannis too much. I mean he was busy serving the realm and Robert. What should have been done is that Robert should have brought Renly to court from an early age, that way he could be groomed so he'd be more fit for his position as Master of Laws and also have strong ties to his own family. Giving Renly's Storm's End and letting Loras be fostered there was one of the biggest mistakes of the series in hindsight. (Though I wouldn't change a thing cause their relationship is so darn sweet)
  10. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    "Bugger Joffrey. Bugger the queen".
  11. Peach King

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Can you tone down the condescension.
  12. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    Yes I agree, but I also think he dislikes Tyrion that much more.
  13. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    So what if he did? He didn't like Joffrey either.
  14. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    It's not just that. He has a particular revulsion for Tyrion. He doesn't shittalk Joffrey or Cersei half as much, or even his brother. I suppose I should have sourced those quotes. But the only context is, he's talking to someone and suddenly he's talking shit about Tyrion.
  15. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    I think you've got it. The most vehement statements (about wanting to see Tyrion burned alive and tortured) were after the Blackwater. I can definitely see the Hound being ticked that Tyrion, a monster just like him (in his eyes) could lead such a priveleged life and still have the audacity to be all "woe is me" about it.