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  1. You're one of my favorite people on here even though I wasn't active when you were around. Hope you still ship Bambi and hope you see this :D

  2. What type of music do you think the characters would listen to? Here's some of my headcanons: Bran - Dark ambient Arya - YouTube remixes Jon - Bright Eyes, Phoebe Bridgers (which everyone teases him about), has Deathconciousness by Have A Nice Life on loop Sansa - Top 20s, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan Victarion - Sludge metal Aeron - Whale sounds Stannis - Hates music Robert - "Dad" rock like Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan Renly - 80s pop rock, Queen, Sparks, Cyndi Lauper Ned - Blues and folk Catelyn - Fleetwood Mac, Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton Tyrion - Wide and varied taste, but I think he would like musicals and gets really into character while singing songs
  3. Peach King

    ASOIAF characters + Greek Mythology

    Also Thor is a Norse God not a Greek God.
  4. Peach King

    Gender relations in Westeros: II

    Oh okay. Thanks for the correction. Still, Wylla Manderly, a second daughter is of higher rank than Walder Frey, who is the son of the ninth son of the great Walder Frey so the point stands. So to summarize: Vassals can't interfere in a married couple's business. The Stark vassals all heard "Arya's" screams and cries but did not do anything about it. This is even though Arya should be higher up in the social ladder than Ramsay. Family can help, but only if they're significantly powerful and in the same area of residence. I don't have Fire and Blood so I read the wiki. Rogar Baratheon was still able to forbid Alyssa Velaryon from going to Dragonstone even though she was Queen Regent. So a husband still can command his wife even if she is Queen Regent, she's not able to discard his wishes because of her position. But Alyssa was also able to strip his position of Hand from him. And in Dorne where people are more egalitarian, Arianne Martell would be able to rule in her own right and her husband would be considered only a consort. In Westeros: Hyle Hunt bluntly tells Brienne that he wants Tarth in exchange for her having children which probably means men are able to administer their wife's castle and lands from behind the scenes and do so often. And Shireen could probably never be Queen Regnant. Since she has greyscale, lacks charisma and is a girl I don't think the lords will ever accept her. Whoever her husband is will probably be seen as a leader more than her and so will have more power than her. Stannis being king would be enough of a threat to keep her from being mistreated, but if Stannis died her husband would probably be able to push her around. As for Lysa Arryn, she was regent to Sweetrobin which is from where she derives her power. What if she had no children? Could Littlefinger rule in her stead? Probably not because he is not well liked in the Vale and is an outsider. Cersei's regency was revoked in favour of Kevan so one assumes a male family member could claim Lysa' seat from her. So ruling ladies are theoretically the only ones who have more power than their husbands. However the husband can still order them around, so they would also need to have strong personalities.
  5. To expand upon this post, where power imbalances between women and men in Westeros was discussed, what examples are there of a woman wielding more power and being the dominant partner in her marriage with a man? There is Genna Lannister. Genna, although married off as a child to Emmon Frey who was 8 years her senior, bullies and controls him. This is presumably because Emmon Frey is only a second son from House Frey, while Genna comes from the powerful Lannisters. There's also Marsha Heddle, the innkeeper who refers to her husband just as "husband" and who clearly runs the household. (Thanks to cyberdirectorfreedom for the mention). Daenerys Targaryen and Hizdahr Zo Loraq would also be a case where the woman wields more power than her husband. But this is an exceptional case of a woman ruling as queen in her own right, who also has dragons as a form of weaponry. The unnamed Princess of Dorne also had a consort who is not mentioned at all. In Dorne women have more rights so she must have been in charge and not her husband. The day they were betrothed, he warned Brienne that he would expect her to be a proper woman once they'd wed. "I will not have my lady wife cavorting about in man's mail. On this you shall obey me, lest I be forced to chastise you." - AFFC, Brienne II Rhaegar Frey: Marriage will soften her, I have no doubt. A firm hand and a quiet word. - ADWD, Davos II However these passages clearly imply that a husband's authority is derived from law and society itself, not the hierarchical position of his family in relation to his wife's. Humfrey Wagstaff was a knight and castellan, lower in rank than Brienne, heir to House Tarth, but he expected to claim his rights as husband. Sigorn would also be lower in the rung than Alys Karstark, as she is heir to House Karstark and owns a castle and lands while Sigorn is a freefolk. But Rhargar Frey's comment suggests he has the authority to control her. (Thanks to R2D for relevant passages) So in this intersection of legal power of the husband vs the wife's power stemming from her position in society, which will win out? Has a family ever intervened on a daughter's behalf because her husband treats her cruelly? Can a woman seek help from her vassals in case of an abusive husband? Could Lysa Arryn throw Littlefinger (after they married) out of the Vale if he ever angered her like how Jeyne Arryn threw Daemon Targaryen out of the Vale? Suppose Princess Shireen was married off for an alliance, could she count on protection from the Kingsguard if her husband ever struck her? If the answer to these questions aren't in the books, what's your opinion?
  6. Peach King

    Did Ramsay actually geld Theon?

    https://emiliosandoz.tumblr.com/post/91408667498/why-booktheon-still-has-his-dick-and-what-it I was sure he was a eunuch, until I read this great post on why he still has his d*ck.
  7. Peach King

    The Baratheons Reanalyzed- Copper, Iron, and True Steel

    I find Renly a really fascinating character. Something I don't get about him: Is he actually a cold and cunning character who puts on a mask of being cheerful and carefree? He did advocate for killing Daenerys, starved KL, took Catelyn hostage, etc. But I'd also hesitate to label him that way, as there are clear indicators he is spoilt and out of touch with reality: see his battle plan against Stannis and how casually he treats war with his feasting and tournaments. So is his going to war and callous remarks an action borne out of his lack understanding for the gravity of war and the suffering of people? That's also the view that seems to be espoused by several characters like Tywin, Stannis, Catelyn, Olenna, Jaime and as mentioned, Donal Noye - that he's someone out of his element. But then again, this could also be a case of that realistic scenario where someone who's a rising star dies before they could accomplish anything and people go "of course he did, he was always a shmuck etc etc" cause it's easy to say that now they're dead. As for your assessment: It's interesting, and I agree somewhat. Renly should have bent the knee to Stannis and let him do the dirty work and then assassinated him. But a combination of pride/desire for attention/dislike for Stannis prevented him from doing so.
  8. Peach King

    Daemon Blackfyre

    He groomed his own niece.
  9. Peach King

    The Wiki-Timeline Project v2

    Please see this thread, and the circumstances in which Arya thinks to herself that Gendry is 5 years older than herself.
  10. Peach King

    Book characters lookalikes

    Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up.
  11. Peach King

    Book characters lookalikes

    Well, considering that GRRM said he pictures Nicole Kidman as Cersei (who's incredibly beautiful), and Jaime looks like Cersei's replica except male, and Sansa met Jaime before meeting Renly, but she still thought Renly was the handsomest man she had ever seen, I think Renly must be pants-droppingly hot. Theon is described as handsome, so I do think Tyler Blackburn fits the bill. You're right that Jon isn't noted as particularly attractive though, maybe Ben Barnes is too good looking for him. Kyle Allen? And Cat isn't a knockout like Cersei, she's pretty in more of a homely way as you said. Jennifer Ehle would be better. (I think she actually tried out for the role but didn't get it) And yep, Disney's rules suck. That's what happened to a Peter Pan a while back I think.
  12. Peach King

    Book characters lookalikes

    That's actually how I imagine Jon Snow. Giulio Berruti, an Italian actor and model, is another one of my fan casts for Renly. And Tyler Blackburn as Theon, Young Sharon Stone as Cersei, Connie Nielson as Cat, are some other picks of mine.
  13. Peach King

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Er, I obviously agree that women suffer because of the patriarchy even today, but that doesn't mean we have to support rich white women in positions of power like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. (And a rich racist war criminal in a position of power, in Hillary's case).
  14. Peach King

    Gender relations in Westeros

    @The Young Maester How about from from diseases, if it's supposed to be realistic? Wrong, 1 in 3 women died during their childbirthing years, it wasn't that 1 in 3 women died during childbirth. You're not even reading what I'm writing and deciding these ladies' personalities for them. If Ned's mom wasn't 60, she would have been around 50. And we know nothing about whether she was capable or not (cause we know nothing about her). Selywyn tried to marry Brienne off to men until he gave up and accepted her being a fighter. The same could have happened with her mom. Catelyn is an example of a traditional noble woman who came to respect Brienne. Catelyn was never Lady of Riverrun. She was groomed to be Lady until Edmure was born, was married off to Ned, became Lady of Winterfell, went south with Robb and Edmure acted as Lord, then when Edmure left she freed Jaime. None of these actions required her to be Lady of Riverrun. And it takes a second to make Minisa Whent ambitious and cold like Hoster (or at least a woman who feels it's her duty to do whatever her husband says). Her personality isn't set in stone. All we know is that she has a warm smile. Apart from that, we know Joanna was sexually assaulted by Aerys. We get it GRRM, this is a terrible world for women. Rickard Stark has the Southron Ambitions theory, for such a small character he has a lot of political influence. And we should have learnt what the Princess of Dorne's name was in TWOIAF. Daenerys could have heard heard more about Rhaella from Viserys. Barristan would spend a lot of time with the queen, or the princess, he's a Kingsguard. Jaime as well, and we know he did because he talked about Aerys visiting Rhaella. And we could have heard more about them in TWOIAF. I already said I can forgive Ashara, but I'd like to point out Brienne replaces Renly with Jaime, but Barristan kept on idealizing Ashara. As for Ned and Robb, those aren't good examples, they get plenty of page time in the novels lol. Men get motivations, objectives, depth, women get "she was beautiful", "she was dutiful", "she was gentle" etc etc I'll quote joannalannister here: "the Dead Ladies Club, at least for me, isn’t “omg a woman died, let’s be outraged!” and it’s not “we know nothing about this dead woman, let’s be outraged!” and it’s not “omg this woman died in childbirth, let’s be outraged!”, it’s more about, “this woman was clearly denied her humanity by the narrative and there isn’t a good reason for it.”
  15. Peach King

    Gender relations in Westeros

    You keep citing "historical accuracy" but as I keep saying, women dying in childbirth in droves is not historically accurate. These women seemed perfectly healthy as well, and they have c- sections in Westeros. Why couldn't they die from diseases, or from accidents? Nope, it always has to be childbirth. And women weren't this maligned in our actual history. And I'm not talking about these women being recorded in history, I'm talking about them being remembered by the people in their lives. But we should at least have some idea about Catelyn's mother, Ned's mother, Brienne's mother, for Arianne to have some idea of what made The Princess of Dorne an effective ruler. Arianne doesn't even think about her mother Mellario. In real life history, kings and lords and other noblemen shared or preserved information about their wives or mothers or sisters or w/e, in spite of the extremely misogynistic medieval societies they lived in. Ok, so you don't want representation. But ASOIAF should not be upheld as a well researched portrayal of women in Middle Ages. And the rape is not accurate. The Right of First Night is not accurate. That a Lord could rape any peasant woman under their jurisdiction is not accurate.