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  1. I've got a few. Ellaria Sand - Liya Kebede Obara Sand - Bhumika Arora Tyene Sand - Jasmine Sanders Sarella Sand - Ajak Deng Elia Martell - Golshifteh Farahani Willas Tyrell - David Oakes Garlan Tyrell - Francois Arnaud Margaery Tyrell - This art, or this art Loras Tyrell - Whoever this guy is Steffon Baratheon - Robert Dudley Renly Baratheon - Disneyland Loki, Guilio Berruti, or this fanart if you squint. Robert Baratheon - Clint Walker (Yes, I know he and Renly are supposed to look the exact same but I'm ignoring that) Joanna Lannister - Annabelle Wallis Cersei Lannister - Sharon Stone Joffrey Baratheon - Max Thierot Tommen Baratheon - This art Jon Snow - Kyle Allen
  2. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    “No,” he thundered in a voice that drowned out all other speech. Sansa was shocked to see the king on his feet, red of face, reeling. He had a goblet of wine in one hand, and he was drunk as a man could be. “You do not tell me what to do, woman,” he screamed at Queen Cersei. “I am king here, do you understand? I rule here, and if I say that I will fight tomorrow, I will fight!” Everyone was staring. Sansa saw Ser Barristan, and the king’s brother Renly, and the short man who had talked to her so oddly and touched her hair, but no one made a move to interfere. The queen’s face was a mask, so bloodless that it might have been sculpted from snow. She rose from the table, gathered her skirts around her, and stormed off in silence, servants trailing behind. (AGOT 207) Definitely a well kept secret. Wrong, it was LF, and he said he heard of it through "whispers".
  3. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    Yep, that was a failure on his part, he should have sent the men loyal to the crown instead of his own. Ned was trying to be subtle but he alerted Cersei himself and told Sansa who's obsessed with Joffrey, that they were leaving. Gotcha. Were talking about a scenario where Ned will make an offer to Slynt so Slynt would support Ned. He's not immediately giving him anything. Slynt supporting Ned means that Ned would be Regent, meaning Ned can give him a lordship. It also means Ned would have the manpower to sieze the treasury. And Stannis isn't immediately going to be there, nor does Slynt know that Ned knows about the incest, which is the only reason why Ned would put Stannis on the throne. Ned had his household guard with him, are they not loyal? So because Ned is a stranger, that means he can't fill King's Landing with his own soldiers? Not very persuasive. Oh yeah, and Tyrion hired sellswords. Why couldn't Ned do that? Agree, it's on Ned. What was most idiotic was him insulting Littlefinger the whole time yet still expecting him to be loyal to him anyway. Do one or the other, Ned. He tried to confirm himself as Lord Protector only in the morning. The will decreed Ned would be Regent, Joffrey was underage. If everyone knew, it would be very hard for the Lannisters to call him a traitor unjustly, because Robert was very loved and people would want to follow his last testimony. Or he could have made the incest public, like someone else suggested. Wrong, the Hand can give the Small Council orders. And Tyrion got rid of Pycelle and Slynt. They were Cersei's men, and Cersei was Regent, so "Ned couldn't do anything since Robert wouldn't allow it" simply cannot be argued. He could have seized on the moment when Renly said Slynt could not keep the peace, to replace him and bring his own forces into KL. When? At any time. He could have appointed his own men in important positions, he could called in men from other places in the Realm if the North was too far away. Ned was dissatisfied with the Lannisters, but he didn't do anything about it. It's not the benefit of hindsight. Ned knew Jon Arryn was killed, he knew the Lannisters were dangerous and that they might have tried to assassinate Bran, but he didn't try to strengthen his position at all. Even though he knew he was wading into dangerous territory he brought his children with him. If Ned said he wants more people on the Council, I see no reason for Robert to refuse him. He's not firing anyone. Those scenes show him trying to advise and persuade Robert. This I somewhat agree with. But again he doesn't have to fire anyone, he can just make sure he has loyal and competent men with him and give them posts. But this isn't even relevant to this whole thread so imma stop right here. Uh no, that quote indicates that Stannis knows that LF cheats and embezzles, and that LF is the one who's a bad influence on Robert, not the other way around. We have LF himself saying he doesn't want Stannis on the throne, we have LF taking steps to combat Stannis ever becoming king, we have Stannis wanting to ban brothels, we have Stannis saying he wants to scour the court clean, we have Stannis saying he knows of Littlefinger's corruption. Yeah, I'm very sure all of this is meant to indicate Stannis and LF would have a very happy and loving relationship.
  4. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    Sorry, I swear I don't have a victim complex, it was just a bad morning. But to answer your points: He could have seized the treasury. And Ned can offer coin and lordships/knighthoods, not just coin unlike Littlefinger. Barring that, he could have replaced Slynt with his own loyal man, like Tyrion did. It wasn't really Ned's fault though, it was Catelyn who told him to trust Littlefinger. But he didn't have to put himself in a position where he needed LF, which he did by sending almost all his men away. By "publicize" I mean make it known to the people of Kings Landing before morning comes, and he should have made the Small Council acknowledge it immediately. Does he? I'm pretty sure the Small Council answers to the Hand. If Ned needed his own private military he could have raised his own armies or brought any number of men to the capital, he could even have made new seats on the Council or made new appointees to combat the Lannisters. And I'm not specifically talking about the time period after Robert's death, but his tenure as a whole. I read a great essay which said Ned's problem is that he saw his position as Hand as being Robert's friend and advisor only, instead of a legal power in it's own right. I also found another quote: Stannis knows Littlefinger is corrupt. And Davos got his fingers chopped off when he saved Stannis' life so what he does to Littlefinger isn't going to be pretty....
  5. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    Let's acknowledge that the original quote itself was wrong. I really hate this "gang up on one person" thing you guys do around here. "Everyone trusts Littlefinger". Nope, they don't. A lot of people don't. Yep, he painted himself into a corner because he was an idiot, exactly. If he wanted Littlefinger to stay on his side he shouldn't have needlessly insulted him all the time. He could have bought Janos Slynt himself instead of relying on Littlefinger. He could have publicized Robert's will. He could have utilized any of the powers which came being Hand instead of stumbling around like an aurochs.
  6. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    Whatever, the main thing is that Stannis would not like Littlefinger and would not keep him in his court. Catelyn only trusted him because he was her childhood friend, Ned because he's an idiot, and also because he was her childhood friend . And the Lords Declarant were shamed into giving him a year because LF bribed Lyn into attacking him. They didn't like him at all.
  7. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    But most of the other POV characters dont trust him. The Vale Lords didn't trust or like him either. It makes more sense to say Littlefinger is underestimated. No one thinks he's powerful enough to do anything of real damage so they keep him around because he's useful.
  8. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    Here you go, I can quote more than 3 times. And obviously they were not plotting anything during a Council Meeting. They were probably talking shit about Stannis. And that quote is just wrong. Everyone finds LF slimy and no one likes him. Stannis would def want Littlefinger gone. Littlefinger is the personification of corruption and Stannis hates corruption. He also wanted to ban brothels, which are Littlefinger's main source of income. Myself, among others, think Littlefinger was sincere in his offer to Ned. With Ned as Regent relying heavily on Littlefinger, Littlefinger would have become the de facto Hand of the King. It's the highest office he could hope to ever achieve short of being King himself. He could marry Lysa, and even betray Ned down the road. Littlefinger would know how to hide his tracks from Varys, he has his own spies. In that same quote Varys says he has no idea what Littlefinger was plotting. In the scene where Ned is beheaded, Ilyn Payne and Janos move immediately to kill him, hinting Littlefinger paid them off. Varys was shocked. He didn't know about the Purple Wedding either. That means he doesn't know all of Littlefinger's plans. I was wrong about them not knowing each other at all but it's still weird for the Tyrells to know he's trustworthy unless they didnt already engage in high risk politics before. And maybe I'm totally wrong about them working together. But it's not far fetched to say Littlefinger could drop some hints for Renly to pick up. The wiki says the gold cloaks fall under the authority of the Master of Laws. Renly threatens to get rid of Janos. It'd be strange if the Master of Laws had NO authority over the goldcloaks. The goldcloaks are the enforcers and upholders of the law after all. And yeah, great. Its just a theory. But saying nothing supports it is going too far.
  9. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    The other stuff seems to have already been argued against in this thread so I'll just answer this one. Aha! Exactly. Littlefinger went to negotiate with Loras who is Renly's lover. Why is Littlefinger's closeness with Renly brought up again and again? Talking about what, I wonder? We see them joking around in court, we see them betting against each other for fun, Littlefinger says he knew Loras "passing well" (I.e very well) while he was at court. And Littlefinger suggested putting Renly on the throne. He doesn't want Stannis on the throne because Stannis hates low lifes like him. And if Stannis knew of the incest, that makes it a very real danger he might be heir and then king one day. Wouldn't Littlefinger take steps to mitigate that, apart from killing Jon Arryn? Hm? Like perhaps dropping hints to Renly or flattering him and saying he would be a better king, and etc? And sorry Bernie Mac, but working on a very dangerous king killing plotting plot is different from borrowing loans a few times. And it was Olenna who did it, supposedly the cautious one, the one who didn't want to support Renly. This could be a big hint she was in on the plan to wed Margaery to Robert, and worked with Littlefinger cause she's worked with him before. Renly didn't factor in the goldcloaks at all. The goldcloaks were supposed to be under his control as Master of Laws but he didn't even utilize them. By all the laws they should do what he ordered but he didn't even think of that. He only thought about the personal guards. Renly's mindset is "might is right" the Hand of the King would have the most power in his mind because of hierarchy. And Ned would never betray him unlike Littlefinger. Anyway, I might be very wrong but nothing is canon until the author says so. Al Qaeda will never prevail! Adios
  10. Peach King

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    None of this proves Renly didn't know anything. Sure, maybe Cersei could be set aside, but it's not beneficial for the Tyrells to go along with it if her children are not removed from the line of succession. In-universe characters don't know Renly's reasons for wanting to replace Cersei. But we know he was working with Mace and Mace Tyrell always wanted his grandson to be king, not just his daughter as queen. It's also strange that the Tyrells would plot regicide with a man they hardly know (Littlefinger), but if they and Renly had worked with him before it would make more sense.
  11. Peach King

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    I completely forget about Alerie Hightower! Of course, she must have been on it too, since she tried to pass it off as Joff choking on his pie. As to Butterbumps being the culprit, this line from The Princess and the Queen might be a hint of sorts in that direction:
  12. I'd say, yes. Its true that Stannis doesn't have a great introduction. In ACOK when we first meet him he looks harsh, demanding, entitled, and a religious fanatic to boot. But GRRM later subverts all of this when he makes Stannis the one to answer the call of the Night's Watch, and in doing so becoming "a righteous man". We see Stannis through the eyes of the Davos, who worships him and sees everything he does through rose colored glasses. I believe Davos is meant as a lens for us to show why Stannis does the things he does (some of which might seem morally wrong to us), and to lend some sympathy to the character. (Also I find it hard to buy that GRRM doesn't mean for us to like/dislike some characters: We are obviously meant to like the Starks, and dislike such characters as Cersei or Renly).
  13. Peach King

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    Joffrey had already drank the wine when Margaery tried to pull him away. Its said nowhere that the strangler needs a lot of time to activate. Cressen immediately hands the drink to Melisandre after poisoning it. The poisons works very fast so it's not as if Margaery would be standing around idle for any long period of time. Margaery was probably banking on him dropping dead immediately. Even if Joff told her to drink Margaery simply says "No u first, my king" very simple :-) And I wasn't throwing a tantrum, I just didn't want this thread to be sucked into the black hole of "It was the wine" "No, it was the pie" series of postings.
  14. Peach King

    Small Questions v. 10106

    I have a question, does anyone have any idea where I can find the first drafts of the story/what changes GRRM made from the first drafts of the story?
  15. Peach King

    Who were the Tyrells involved in the Purple Wedding?

    Yeah ill get back to you.