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  1. Peach King

    Aerys was right about Rhaegar

    Agreed. Rhaegar was a creep and a loser. Viserys is also a creep and a loser, but he's smarter than Rhaegar. He kept his sister alive as a kid while on the run all the while on the lookout for assassins, even taught her High Valyrian.
  2. Peach King

    Favorite POV Character

    My overall favorite? SANSA. She's at the centre of all the juicy politicking, she herself is an interesting character, and her growth and journey is so well done. I get that she was annoying in AGOT, but she grew past that, and she shows empathy and kindness even after being through so much. So proud of her :') Second, Catelyn. I like her intelligence, even though she does make me groan with her decisions at times, and I can understand her world weary attitude.
  3. Peach King

    Loras Tyrell is not on Dragonstone?

    He is banging Aurane Waters.
  4. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    Agree, also in that moment Loras was a frightened kid who was powerless in the face of The Mountain's cruelty. This might have stirred some powerful memories in Sandor, recognising his younger self in Loras and thus he felt obligated to save him from Gregor. And kinda irrelevant but I can't think why people get mad at Loras for playing that trick on the Mountain. "The most terrifying moment of the day came during Ser Gregor's second joust, when his lance rode up and struck a young knight from the Vale under the gorget with such force that it drove through his throat, killing him instantly." Like did they forget this just happened earlier that day? The Mountain is a gigantic brute who has no problem killing innocents. Loras is a small dude plus he's 16 and is said to look even younger than that. Cheating was the smart thing to do.
  5. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    Yeah it's weird he doesn't hate Joffrey so much. I think the Blackwater gave him PTSD and he hated Tyrion for it cause he tells Arya Tyrion should get burned alive in wildfire. But after Sansa marries him he hates him even more of course.
  6. Peach King

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Agree with all of this, and there's also that Renly is fascinated by Robert and kind of tries to emulate him. Probably he views his usurpation as his own version of Robert's Rebellion. As he said "Robert won the throne with his war hammer" so Renly is just following in his footsteps. But I also find it hard to blame Stannis too much. I mean he was busy serving the realm and Robert. What should have been done is that Robert should have brought Renly to court from an early age, that way he could be groomed so he'd be more fit for his position as Master of Laws and also have strong ties to his own family. Giving Renly's Storm's End and letting Loras be fostered there was one of the biggest mistakes of the series in hindsight. (Though I wouldn't change a thing cause their relationship is so darn sweet)
  7. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    "Bugger Joffrey. Bugger the queen".
  8. Peach King

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Can you tone down the condescension.
  9. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    Yes I agree, but I also think he dislikes Tyrion that much more.
  10. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    So what if he did? He didn't like Joffrey either.
  11. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    It's not just that. He has a particular revulsion for Tyrion. He doesn't shittalk Joffrey or Cersei half as much, or even his brother. I suppose I should have sourced those quotes. But the only context is, he's talking to someone and suddenly he's talking shit about Tyrion.
  12. Peach King

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    I think you've got it. The most vehement statements (about wanting to see Tyrion burned alive and tortured) were after the Blackwater. I can definitely see the Hound being ticked that Tyrion, a monster just like him (in his eyes) could lead such a priveleged life and still have the audacity to be all "woe is me" about it.
  13. These are just some of his quotes about Tyrion. I would think they'd get along, both being twisted malformed creatures shunned by society.
  14. Peach King

    Renly was a dummy

    This is a very late reply, sorry for the bother. But This is what Littlefinger says: Since Renly has 30 men in his guard and the rest fewer, let's assume they each have 15 (which is already an overestimation since even Tyrion has only 2 men in his personal guard) . So that's Loras + 15 = 45, Bronze Yohn + 15 = 60, what about the rest? Yeah I think it's a stretch. People willing to incite war for a "paper shield"? (as Cersei says). The Marq Piper quote was after Tywin was ravaging the countryside via Gregor Clegane and Joff was already king and executing people for fun. They acted charming and kind whilst in Robert's court, so charming that Sansa was fooled even after Cersei ordered Lady's death.
  15. He does mock people for their appearance, was ok with killing Dany and Viserys, believes in might makes right, etc. But I believe a lot of this has to do with him being thoughtless and unmindful rather than being deliberately cruel. Renly says a lot of things, but it's all careless and flippant, and we're told he's a summer child who doesn't really know what he's doing over and over again. So to see him denounced as a monster (more than a few), self worshiping tyrant (true words), or terrorist (yeah I know) is just ridiculous because he's just a nobleman who's a little spoiled and self centred beacuse of his upbringing, hardly the "evilest" character around.