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    Is Craster a Casterly? - Now with plot-relevance!

    Not sure if anyone has checked out the High Valyrian Etymology Casterly Kasta = blue, green Ly = one which (is) One which is blue / green There is mention that castamere is named after the nearby pool that tywin used to flood the mine. Kasta = blue, green Mere = one Blue / Green one
  2. Ice dragons are said to roam the Shivering Sea and the White Waste. Reportedly, they are far larger than the dragons of Valyria and are made of living ice, with eyes of pale blue crystal, vast translucent wings, and breath of cold. translucent [transˈluːs(ə)nt, trɑːnsˈluːs(ə)nt, tranzˈluːs(ə)nt, trɑːnzˈluːs(ə)nt] ADJECTIVE (of a substance) allowing light, but not detailed shapes, to pass through; semi-transparent. "her beautiful translucent skin" synonyms: semi-transparent · pellucid · diaphanous · colourless · glassy · glasslike · gossamer · clear · crystalline · see-through · limpid · transparent · transpicuous · translucid antonyms: opaque Origin late 16th century (in the Latin sense): from Latintranslucent-‘shining through’, from the verb translucere, from trans-‘through’ + lucere‘to shine’. Dragons are scaled,[1][2] reptilian creatures. They have four limbs: two wings, which are used as forelegs like bats Bat Wings without membrane to give the idea of a "see through" wing https://inkslingereditorialservices.com/bat-wings-skeleton/ Looks very spidery to me